The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 5
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 5

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 5
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 17, 1& - A3 Eitra Bonut Pltcn Include: 8 Iced Tea Spoons 8 Cocktail Forks B t t t t f f Roy Wiikins State Civil Rights Control Can Nullify The Program rawest look in Stainless Flatware Exclusive at Zale i f i i r r t i UUbUJLUJ precisely because many of the individual states grievously shortchanged them. Like other Americans, they are citizens both of their states and of the United States. Iiut in their ii 1 1 i ill! I Illy i i f i : y i fl ! if ill! New Drive Dangerous Editor: I am writing this letter in a desperate plea to someone who can force a necessary bit of safety upon our blundering city's traffic department. Unfortunately, I am a little too late. Two people, who should be alive, were killed last night as a result of the terrible engineering of New Flagler Drive (cove area). How such a dangerous road could be built in this day is beyond me. Whoever is responsible should be doing all they can to insure safety, now, a little late. To date I know four people who have lost control of their car on the very curve where Mr. Martin and Mrs. Tucker needlessly lost their lives. Could someone at least have a curve sign put up, or I can guarantee some more serious accidents on our beautiful new road. B. HOWELL West Palm Beach Infringement Editor: The gun law that prohibits interstate sales of guns by mail, is a direct infringment on free enterprise and therefore unconstitutional. The Florida Constitution states that the state has the right to say how guns shall be borne, e.g., not concealed, must be holstered, etc. The constitutional law has nothing to do with registering or licensing. This infringes on the rights of the people to carry arms. LOIS REAMSNYDER West Palm Beach 1 Tho People Speak Big Brother! Editor: Your editorial on consumer protection Is worth a lot of thought. It seems that too many people In this country are all too willing to let the government take over their problems. But your "typical ultimate end" of a few grey packages approved by the government would be, really, only a beginning. A more typical end would be a special Federal Bureau of Voters Protection to put its stamp of approval on all candidates running for office. In a sense, aren't we all voting for a certain product every time we check It out at the supermarket? Mistakes have been made in voting, just as they have in buying, but I think most people still reserve the right to make their own mistakes, and to correct them too. I, for one, don't want the government spending my taxes to tell me what I can buy. CAROL M. RICHERT W.P.B. The fears of Negro citizens are being given substance by the first planning talks out of what will become the Richard M. Nixon administration. According to the speculation, one of the principal Tsixon moves will be to return to the states the responsiblity and control for carrying out programs on education, welfare and other social services. Thuse are the programs which directly touch people. In past administrations most of these programs have been guided by the federal government. President-elect Nixon is said to be committed to the system of bloc grants to states instead of the pin pointing of federal monies into specific localities. If this is the plan which he will propose and which his followers in the Con,', ess will push, then, as far as the Nct,ro is concerned, the race will be getting a slightly modified George C. Wallace plan. It is true, that unlike Wallace, Mr. Nixon does not propose to repeal the 14 Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act or to nullify almost completely the 1954 Brown ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. But if he sends federal funds for education, for example, in a lump sum to, say, Alabama, he will be turning Uncle Sam's back while the states do as they please about both distribution and enforcement. It ought to be remembered that the whole fight of black Americans for seventy years has been for federal legislation, federal executive action and federal court decisions push public education, welfai and other services back to :l whims of intrastate rivalries and prejudices, disillusionment will be spee.ied and ihe cry for change will rise more insistently. Congressman Albert Quie R-Minn. failed in his effort to put all federal aid to the states in bloc grant form, leaving the states to determine the shares to be allotted to whom. But Congresswoman Kdilh (jreen of Portland, Ore., (lit. succeed with her amendmen; for bloc grants to the Teachers Corps. Previously, the federal government sent Teachers Corps members directly into school districts containing children from low-income families. Under the Green plan, the states will decide which districts will get extra teaching help and how much. The statistics on how the states allocated funds are too voluminous to be cited here, but anyone who studies them will be struck with wonder that Negro children in some states managed to get any education whatsoever. The GOP plan, if adopted, will set black Americans back at least .'10 years and force them to fight a weary war all over again. In today's critical infighting, far removed from the headlines, the black community needs desperately the energy, courage, imagination and alertness of its youth. Exposing and defeating the bloc gi ant is more important to the race as a whole than taking over a college buildng or issuing a manifesto. f." e'Pf'f-l'ff ' '., 'a '.. '.. ', '.. Popular Serving Pieces Include: 2 Tablespoons -Gravy Ladle 2 Pierced Servers Butler Knile Cold Meat Fork Sugar Spoon 72-Piece Service for Eight $2988 Choose From Five Patterns CONVENIENT TERMS OPEN AN ACCOUNT Today's new look in stainless flatware has a rich black oxidized design and we have a pattern to match any decor. This unusually large set of new heavyweight flatware is dishwasher safe and never needs polishing. REGULAR SERVICE FOR EIGHT INCLUDES: 8 Dinner Knives 8 Soup Spoors 8 Dinner Forks 16 Teaspoons Zales JEWELERS Palm Beach Mall 313 Clematis Ilcnn llalill Election Reform Needed Before The '72 Campaign ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY " ITEM - EXTRAORDINARY VALUE-EVEN FOR PEI1HEYS , The narrow margin by which the presidential election was saved from a deadlock in the electoral college, the still narrower popular margins by which Ihe entire electoral voles of Individual stales were thrown to one side or the other as well as the other arbitrate gambling elements that distorted the outcome and might have distorted it still more all combined to make painfully clear Ihe necessity of reforming the system by which the United Stales chooses ils Presidents. Most recent discussion ol el oclion relorm has been about the need for abolishing the existing electoral college sys-ti in. Hut there are two other reforms hardly less urgent, and two more that are highly desirable. Mere are the live: 1 Abolish the electoral col-lc ge. It does not lollow that the pi esidential election should be decided directly by the total national popular vote. An attempt to make this particular change would needlessly arouse the stubborn opposition ol the congressmen and senators from si, lies with less than average population, lor all these ai e now proportionately over-coiinled inlhe electoral col lege. Hut this opposition could lie removed by a small compromise that would still effectuate the essential ee li.: relorm. This compromise could pro vide that each slate's populai vole would lirsl be converted into its electoral vole (equal as now, to that stale's eombhi ed number ot representative An aid UCMw V fa ; case, many states have rejected federal direction. Federal court . decisions have been bypassed or ignored. Attempts to enact federal civil rights legislation have been fought down to the wire. Thus Senator William J. f'ulbright, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, can shed crocodile tears over the blocking of attention to civil rights and urban problems by the expenditures for the Vietnam War all the while having a 100 per cent anti-civil rights voting record. There has been much talk about the failures of the American democratic system. Young white and black Americans are said to be losing faith in it. If Mr. Nixon and his followers (whether Republicans, Democrats or Wallaceites) and senators l, but each state's electoral vote would then be divided into exactly the same percentage for each candidate as he received of ils direct popular vote. The dlvi- y" sion in the national electoral vote, so counted, would seldom (litter by more than a negligible percentage from Ihe div ision in the overall popular vote. '1 Abolish the Vice Presidency. It is absurd to compel the voters to choose for their highest of i ices not between two individual men but between two inseparable pairs of men. The Vice Presidency is in any case unnecessary. Few countries have it. II a President dies in ollice, the Speaker ol the House could serve as Acting President for a couple ol months just long enough lor the count ry to hold a new election; or a joint session of Congress could elect a President lor Ihe unexpired term, i I he 2ath Amendment was ill-considered, i Abolish the presently rigidly fixed interregnum of two and ,1 half months between the hasn't intimidated President Thieu or Vice President Ky. It's just made Saigon's position tougher." "What does the Air Force s.iv about that?" lb 1 '1? S s ' "They say we've been bombing Ihe wrong targets in South Vietnam. II they could bomb the port at Camranh Hay and the city of Hue, then they're sure Thieu would see Ihe light. Hut since they've only been permitted to bomb selected targets below the DMZ and on the Ho Chi Minn Trail, there is no reason for Thieu and Ky to talk peace." "Then the American military are .nsisting on all-out victory in South Vietnam?" I asked.' "They say we shouldn't have gone into South Vietnam unless we wanted to win." "Is there any other way of getting the South Vietnamese to come to the conference table?" "We were considering closing up all the U.S. Army PXs j"Www J ,A,y" 8 Salad Forks " (f ELASTA - FIT BOTTOM I ........ as? a "'' P ,71.,,! i -i - C : BIG HH. Penneys w election of a new President and the day when he takes office. This lengthy period before changeover can create dangerous uncertainties and paralysis. Allow the outgoing and income Presidents to fix an earlier day of changeover by mutual agreement. (The same option should be given to every outgoing congressman or senator and his successor.) The official presidential inaugural ceremony could remain, as now, .Ian. 20. 4 Provide for more frequent elections. The terms of members of the Hosue of Representatives should be extended to four years, but one-fourth should be elected each year, so making the federal government more closely responsible to public opinion. T Finally, allow every voter lor President (or any other ollice) to vote an alternate choice if he wishes to. In this way, even with a strong third candidate in the field, it would still be possible to determine the real majority choice of the voters and to elect that choice. It would require a far longer discussion of each one of these proposed reforms even to explain the chief reasons for it, let alone to justify it. But our present methods of voting and counting votes frequently distort the people's real wish as much as the intentionally warped mirrors in an amusement park distort the image they reflect. It is time we reformed these methods. The very future of our democracy may depend upon our success in so doing. in South Vietnam, but that is a very drastic step and could turn world opinion against us. Without the black market, South Vietnam would not be able to survive." "It's probably against the Geneva Convention," I said. "Are there any alternative suggestions?" "We could threaten to de-escalate the war, but that has Its drawbacks. If we de-escalated the war, then we'd be dealing with Hanoi from a position of wea kness." "It looks as if you're not in very good shape." "I guess our mistake was assuring South Vietnam they could win the war. Now they believe it." "Couldn't you ask Ho Chi Minh to intervene and use his good offices on our behalf?" "We have, but he says It's not his problem. We got ourselves into the mess; he claims we have to get out of it." "A lot of people are wondering why we agreed to the bombing halt when we weren't sure Saigon would come to the peace table." "It was a calculated risk. We assumed that once Hanoi agreed to peace talks, the Thieu government would agree also. Now it looks as if Hanoi knew Saigon wouldn't, and that's why they did. It shows you what dirty negotiators the North Vietnamese really are." Getting Saigon To Paris Toughest Part Of War Pennevs own Penn-Prest sheets created a revolution" in sleeping and bedmakingl $ilky$mooth, luxury blend of polyester and combed cotton. No ironing! Just machine wash and tumble dry. They stay smooth and resist wrinkles. It's like sleeping on freshly Ironed sheets every night. 5jPenn-Prest sheets even wear longer than cotton percales. WASHINGTON - After five years ol doing practically eve I Whing. the United Slates finally got Hanoi to come to the ( oitlerenee table. Hut the only trouble is that although Hanoi has agreed to come to the conference table, Saigon is refusing to come. This leaves Ihe United Stales in one bad spot, because it's always harder lo deal with your friends than it is illi your enemies. The pioblem thai eveivone is working on now is, how do you gel President Thieu lo send someone to Paris ' My friend at the State Do-part men I has been working on this trickv problem lor three weeks. There'', a division ol opinion on In w to deal with South Vietnam." hi said. "The Hawks v. ant lo bomb Saigon." "What on earth for?" 1 ask ed. "To save lace lor the South Vietnamese. It we bomb Saigon, then they can say they won't go to Paris until ve stop the bombing. That's liow we got the North Vietnamese to agree to talk, so there is no reason why it wouldn'It work for the south." "It makes sense. What's wrong with it'.'" "The Doves say if you bomb Saigon it will just strengthen the South Vietnamese determination to keep fighting the war. They maintain we've been bombing parts of South ietnatn for vears now and it prices defy cornporison ! white, twin it ios flat or elasta - fit bottom 3.19 38' 2 FOR 2 1 9 4.19 PILLOW CASES 42" x WHITE, FUtl 81" x 108 FIAT OR PENNEY'S Open Monday thru Saturday 10 to 9:30

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