The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 188
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 188

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 188
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advertisement READ BELOW why this Hard-Hitting Volume has racked up the incredible sales figure of: HOW TO 215, OOO COPIES SOLD IN AMERICA ALONE! 'Sales figures Include adult version TURN YOUR CHILD INTO A CLASSROOM WIZARD m Here at last is your chance to make such an overwhelming difference in your child's performance in school-in as little as five short minutes of your time every day that the teacher may actually call you up to see what happened! Let me eiplafn! I donl cart whether your child It til years old or twenty boy or girl in grade school, high school or college! It makes no differ enco how difficult it is for that child to concentrate today . . . how poor his memory may b . . . how much a prisoner he is of crippling mental habits . . . how terrified he may be of mathematics, or grammar, or social studies, or tvn the hardest science course) EUGENE M. 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AND PUT HIM ON THE RO.tD TO THE COLLEGE AND FUTURE OF HIS I HOICE TOO A Y! EXECUTIVE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC., 119 Tilth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 beliexe that vour child's mind is work' nig totlm at onlv HALE ifx true power -umpl because he has neer been taught the right mj to make hit subeels half-truth themselxes! Simply because he ha never been shown i he lew simple secrets of Speed Heading, that are taught in almost every university in the country tday and that let him flmh through the printed page 1 Wli E AS E A S I as he tan read today with absolute understanding of .' try word! .Simply became he doesn't know the right way to feed hi, mind mathematical problems--ly ilearly and luRuallx that ihoxe problems HALF-SOLI E THEMSELVES before he een louche them' Simply because he doesn't know (he right way to piepare for his tests so completely that he actually knows ai many at EOLR OUT Or FIVE of the aues-tiont that his leather mint axk him on that leu. 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EXECUTIVE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC Ilepi.PA-21 I 1 19 Kiflh Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10003 IOcntlemen: Without obligation, please rush me the brand-new, IWK edition of HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR CHILD'S ORADES IN SI Hf H)L. 1 amenUos- I Ing only ?3.V8. I understand this bonk is fully guaranteed. If I am not com- ' Iplelely delighted within 10 days. I will return hook lor money back at once. i If you wish your order sent C.O.D., check here. Enclose only goodwill I deposit. Pay postman balance plus: C.O.D, postage and handling charges. Same 1 J money-hawk guarantee of course! READ THESE THRILLING TESTIMONIALS: From ffevJews and Letters Receded from Teachers and Prfvate Tutors "I am t retired teachtr-who, after 35 yean at a regular hi Michigan. entinw at a sub-itttutt and tutor ... I lika your book tor ft I nth reasons, primarily! it vindicates my S years Of practical Your Ideas betonc IN THE SCHOOLS. This summer I tutored a boy who had tailed In Math and earned a D (70 or less) in tnglish In the eighth grade. He was accustomed to coniidenni himself "stupid". This tall, he is not concerned with passing he Is going after A il We have a new boy on the way, thanks to you " S.R.ff., tlaade, Fieri "I am an educator of thirty (30) years standing. I recently purchased a iopy of yow booh. I found it eicellint, with many line suggestions for Improving not only my child's learning, but my own as well. In fact I thought to highly of the book I give my copy to a friend as a gift. May I order another copy to keep as a peimanent reference on my desk." Mentor at Seard af EiMcatitn ef werM'i largest city. "I'm convinced that any parent eould take this book, and mcjtutably improve bit child's grades." I. . Imsm. k High Sckal Art Teacher, Madfe, HI. "Mr. Sthwarti has done an eicellent lob . . . His book Is easy to read. Ha arranges our job systematically, and spells it out in detail. We race through the book saying "This Is a good Idea," or "Now there's an idea that will work. "tht author has told us mttl what the child must do to improve his grades. He pulls no punches. ... He has spelled out in plain English the techniques that wifl turn the trick In Improving the pupil's grades, there's no doubt about it" fnm ICMOUITIC MagafiM Name Please Print Addrexs City State lip fcsvvutjw KiHurth lrMiiuu. Inc. IN 24 PARADE NOVEMBER 17, 18

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