The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 187
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 187

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 187
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Page 187 article text (OCR)

mm IrfrTn Wan? tea? VMfl tarii fetaato EM THE IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ORDINARY SPARK PLUGS AND JET-FIRE FUEL IGNITERS Spark plugs are obsolete! Now there's a far better way to run your car. With conventional spark plugs, only a fraction of the fuel that enters your cylinders is turned into power. The rest escapes through your tailpipe as unburned vapor. That is because their spark is so narrow only 35-thousandths of an inch wide that it cannot possibly ignite all the fuel mixture in the cylinder. As plugs get older, their sparks yet narrower and less elluient till they have to be replaced. New Jet-Fuel Igniter! do a far better job of turning gasoline into power. Instead of a narrow spark, they send out a wide swath of flame (hat "walks" across a semi-conductor tip, fanning out in all directions and exploding far more fuel in your car's power comes from tlnf eiploslont ol gasoline vapor and ir In tour cylinders. The bigger the explosions, trie lull' you go. SPARK PLUGS NARROW SPARK Will deliver up to 30 more horsepower, 5 more miles per gallon starts . . . and that means less drain on your battery, and no drain on your patience as you try to get started. NO REPLACING OR ADJUSTING EVER The more you drive, the better your Fuel Igniters perform. They don't become eroded, wear out or require adjusting. And carbon but Id -up the natural enemy of old fashioned plugs actually makes fuel igniters perform better, Carbon becomes an additional carrier for the igniter's big jet flame. So there you have a third saving. One set of fuel igniters will last the life of your car! Invented To Save Air Force Lives Now They Can Save You Money Jet-l ire Fuel Igniters were first developed, to save airmen's lives. During World War II, there were times when more men were killed by spark plug malfunction than by enemy action. A failureproof replacement was needed, and Fuel Igniters did the job. Roth the Navy and Air Force have approved them for jet engine use. Now at last they have been modified for automobile use. They won't save your life, but they can save you big money up to $I(H) a year with ordinary driving. Some day, all cars may come equipped with Fuel Igniters like these. Hut why wait when you can install a set yourself now. Just mail the coupon with the make and model of your car, and we'll rush you a set with full instructions. Just $12.80 per set of 8 ppd.f $9.60 per set of 6 ppd. I JAY NORRIS CORP., Dept. M-J, using only regular gas! THEY NEVER WEAR OUT CONVENTIONAL PLUGS ex-plod Ihli miilure with spark jumping acrott an air gap. The spark It uil 5-lhousandths ol an Inch acroaa nol wide anough to explode all the fuel In the cylinder. Unburned gai escapea through your exhaust. In lime, the electrodes become eroded and caked with carbon. The gap widens, the spark gelt narrower, you lose more power, waste more fuel ... and finally have lo replace your plugs. JET-FIRE get up to 5 more miles per gallon of gas add up to 30 more horsepower to your engine save $100 each year for you, FUEL IGNITER WIDE SWATH OF FLAME the cylinder. Proof That You Get Up To 30 Horsepower More i Jet-F ire? Fuel Igniters look like spark plugs mere- ly because they have to be strewed into the spark plug socket. But what they do is far dilferent. Here's how to prove it: l I. Run your car till MS fully warmed up. ; 2. Slop on a perfectly letel stretch of road. 3. Put the car In Drive (1st (tear with manual Iransmissbinl, and see how fust the cur rolls at idling speed. 4. Remove pliijjs and install Jet-Fuel Igniter (a 10-iiiinute job). 5. Now see how fast your car rolls at Idling speed. You can cvpert U to go 4 TO A Mil FS FKK HO UK FAS I FR without touching the gas iH'rial dramatic proof that Jet-Fire Fuel Igniters increase engine KPMs by 100 to 150 wild no Increase In gas consumption. (At high speeds, KPMs increase by MM lo 350.) So, first thing, you can reduce the gas flow by adjusting the idling screw, and start saving money before you've even driven a mi lei (At the same time, you can make your air-togas mixture leaner. Fuel Igniters require only a 15:1 ratio instead of the conventional 9:1. It's a simple adjustment that you or your mechanic can make in one minute. It provides even greater economy.) Start driving and you'll notice even more improvement up to M) more horsepower of acceleration power, climbing power, and passing power. All this while burning less gas! SWITCH TO REGULAR The next time your gas gauge gets near the "Fmply" mark, tell the attendant to fill it up with KhdUI.AR! Chances are you'll no longer need premium which costs four to eight cents more lh, in regular gas. And this second saving is only the beginning. Jet f-nc I tiel Igniters provide easier cold-weather year after year while you use the cheapest grades of gasoline! YOU'LL NEVER 31 Hani Ave., Freeport, N.Y. 11520 I Please send me the following under your t 4-way guarantee. j Enclosed ia $9.60 for ( (gnllera (ppd.) I $12.80 for I Igniters (ppd.) ! CLEAN, ADJUST JET-FIRE FUEL IGNITERS use no tparkt. Instead a fanning swalh of flame walks across a semi-conductor bridge from one electrode to another, exploding far more fuel, gelling far more power. There Is no gap that can widen, and carbon deposits actually Improve performance. They do not have to be adjusted or replaced -ever OR REPLACE PLUGS AGAIN! I 1 You are protected by thlt 4-WAY GUARANTEE 1. GUARANTEED for the Hie of your car (or 30,000 miles) without cleaning, servicing or replacing. 2. GUARANTEED lo increase milespergal-lon ol gas on regular gas! 3. GUARANTEED to Increase horsepower, Increase engine RPMif 4. GUARANTEED to Improve ease of starting and acceleration! Year Make Modol Q For boat engine, $1 60 per Igniter. Givo series no. of boat: Print Name Save $100 a Year With Jet-Fuel Igniters! II you drive 15,000 miles, you can easily save: $50 by switching lo regular gas. $40 on your better mileage. JfO by not replacing plugs. -Zip.. State- JAY NORRIS CORP., 31 Hanse Ave., Dept. M- 3, Free port, N.Y. 11520 23

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