The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 16, 1968 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1968
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

26-Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 16, 10G8 Noted Theologian Tells Why He Believes In God snse theorerreaUy, expeTrea tially and pragmatically." "I for one am prepared to 1 . . '.- . ... . t than a projection of man's de-tre to have somebody take over control of his lifp and preserve him from thp need to makp responsible decisions. "Or take Hip Idea ol a 'rulli-less moral dictator' who demands utter obedience to laws sel up without regard to what the subject is like . . . That sadistic deity pxists, so lar as I can see. only in the frustrations ol jaundiced moralists. "Or lake the conception or Cud as a sort ol pinverlul rein fon rriicnt of our national, racial or class prejudices . . . Such a deity has no existence save as a sanction tor our on n less u oi l Ii v insl hie Is." The ( iod in whom l'ilten::er believes is "Ihe at lie and lov-uiK ( en! about u limn the liiblp speaks." "Thai l iod is no despotic i liter, nn ruthless mmulist, no suppai ior o! human prejudice, lie is the i i;i':. d namic personal l.o e w ho is c el at u oi k human history. "There Is an 'increasing purpose' running through history," he said. However balky men and nations may be, something seems to bp "forcing us to live together in justice and charity, in ever larger communities, so that we may share the good things available to us." Pittenger finds further evidence of God in thp overriding importance of love as "the Integrative force in human life." There is much wisdom in the popular song lyric, "You're nobody till somebody loves you." he says. "The awareness of being loved not just by our follow men but also by something deep in the cosmos itself is a persisting and indestructible element in human life. "Such an awareness of being loved helps to make sense of existence. And to live on that basis is to have faith in God a faith much more serious and genuine than Is evidenced by repeating some set of pious words or affirming some creedal formula." Finally, Pittenger says, "(iod is known through Jesus Christ and through all who live in his Spirit." In the life of Christ and in the lives of devoted Christians, "we experience the moving power and the inexhaustible resources of a love which is Indeed human but is also more than human, precisely because it is inexhaustible." "1 am not proposing that (iod is demonstrable, like a mathematical exercise." Pittenger concludes, "(iod can be known onlv through the sell dedication which we call faith." But those who have made or wish to make that self-dedication can be sure that, in the light ot all modern knowledge and experience, "belief in Cod todav makes : Is: .:;'.. $. --' -'s.j'- . - " 1 I i , $ li ii' i ' 1 1 t ':: 7 I ' s c t ; " f " - NEWS OF RELIGION to establish ill the world more line and cnodness, hencp more justice and righteousness." What evidciH c is I here for tracted to ihe Moslem faith, and in the process have become pro-Arab and anti Israel. These long lei in trends have been greatly accelerated in New York Cilv in recent weeks because of the school strike, which grew out ot a dispute between Negro school aullinrilies and Jewish teachers in one Brooklyn dislrict. K en in this age ol air (ravel and antibiotics, Ihe lite ol a missionary is slill lull of nazal d. On Oct. 1.1, three ouug American missionaries set out in a light plane on w hat should have been a Won in it le flight' over the dense rain lorest of central Congo. if Jew-Negro Alliance Breaking Up LIFE BEYOND DEATH - Episcopal Bishop lames A. Pike, often criticized for discounting; some aspects of Christian doctrine, has become a firm and outspoken advocate of its primary belieflife beyond death. b i-onsrAssKi-s I nitpd Pm International A noted thonlojiian srt dnwn in simple and ploqurnt language Ihp reasons why hp hrliovrs in God. Thr Iheolngjrin is Dr. Xnr-m;in Piltonficr, .in Kpisrop.dian now te; hint: .it Kncland's Cambridge University. His testament of taith, in the Christian Century magazine, is a rcirrshin rhanj;e from Ihp str ident icon-miasm ol nimh rontcmpin ary theological urilin. '"J'nd.iv there ari' some u hn sav that '(aid is dead.' " I'il-trriyer observes. "Will, sump 'cods' arc (lead bec ause tlicv never existed in the lirsl "1 akc the llntinn nl a d( jmt-ii i njiT, a soil nl Oriental sultan w tin determines everv-1 hum in the wnrld and leaves Ins creatines no tieeilnni. I see nu rcasnii to t lnnk 1 1: i! mii ii a 'ami' is ;in tiling oilier 16 Will Go To Mee.linif In Miami Five adult delegates and 1 1 ' nuns n-plr u ilh lileil' sponsor, ol the l-'iist Christian liureh el West 1'alni Br,nli, will atlend the Southern District meeting in Miami Sunday. 1 f i . i ( ii hl; the adult delegates to the I' ll si ( 111 r-lian Cilil 1 1 ll nl North n.idouiil he liuvir .1. ( ii'ei n. ueiiel al silporintenileiil ol Hie Sunday school, tov.elher with Mi s. l.tu a U altenbarmi', eiiii! i-h si houl Mi-rcl.iiy; .Mrs. ( o ecu and Mr. and Mi s. I 'red "J'he ui 11 u people anil sponsor. Airs. Alee ( hanee, will alii ml l he oiilh sect inn inert-inI in t he ( iood Shepherd Kpis-eopal Chiireh. Miami. They will join Hie adult section in Ihe fM-tiinu, wilh Ihe jining prnpie in cliai ur ol the closing session. Orhl Prayer SI'IMNCI'IKI.I). Mo. (CIM l More than r.n.iioo persons throuehout the u m Id u ill join Nov. 17 in the annual prayer nwltllff oryaiued by "llrvi-alliine." ollieial international broadcast service ol I he Assemblies ol ,ol. The "anchor" pi i or service will be conducted in t he Assemblies nl ijod District Audiiiii ium in Oklahoma City. Hundreds o additional croups in the I'niii d States I several loicinu ('outlines represent mo, 1 housanils ol imlivi-duals indicated their intention to participate. I J NITAHIAN U MVKKSAUST 401 Hibiscus Sired, W.P.B. Dr. John Rose Mincter 10:20 A.M. "What Unitarians Believe About God" Air Conditioned Church School 1 0:15 A.M. VISITORS "SCIENCE CHURCH OF GOD 709 NO. T St., LAKE WORTH Sundoy School 9 4i A M Morning Worshio 1 1 00 A M wH , tP 6 30 P.M. Wed,, Fomily Trommo, Hour (YPE) 45PM Dewy Herndon, Pastor Christian Church Seen Amicable For Two Races the existenct of this "Cosmic. Lover?" Pittpnger finds tpstimony to God in the kind of world we Hvp in. "Thpre Is chance, thorp is risk, there is prror, thpre is recalcitrance. Yet goodness is known, truth is obtainable beauty is present within that world and above all, love is experienced thpre. God is not the only explanation of it, sinep there is a radical freedom in the world, .straight down to the minutest bit of energy and straight up to man's capacity to accept or refuse the best that is available to him; hencp crealurely Yes and creaturely No play their part in explaining how things are. But chief among all the decisions is the decision made by the 'pure unbounded love' which is (iod. Pil tenner bplipvps thp hand of (iod also can be discerned in the long-range direction of Their plane never arrived, nnil intensive search has turned up nn sign of it. The ai ea, straddling the equator, isdilliciill to traverse on loot. The missing missionaries are Max I.. Myers, ill, of Mo-line, III., a Methodist layman who volunteered lor a short hitch in Ihe Congo as replacement lor a missionary pilot on liulough; Mrs. Harrison M. Good. ill, ,'!a, ol liirmhighani, Ala., wile of a Disciples of Christ missionary doctor: and Mis. Hirnoy C. Ilovl, of Port Union, Mich., wile ot a Human Catholic missionary denlist Dr. (ioodall and Dr.-lloyi work together in an ecumenical hospital in theCongo. The Niitional Catholic Re- Paul convinced local church leaders that the gospel should be carried to the Gentilps as well as to the Jews. To most scholars, Ihe significance of this council was that the religion of Jesus came lo be formulated not in the poetic and coin l etc language of the seimon on the mount but in the lolly metaphysical categories of (ii eek philosophy. Thus were born doctrines such as the Trinity. ('or black theology, however, the issue was not Jew versus (ientile but black versus white, and the change meant a distortion of a previously all-black gospel. "Paul was taking the religion of a black nation to white people who had no background in religion," says Cleage. To restore the purity of original Christianity, "black theology" wants to roll back many ol the major characteristics of Christianity. First on the list is its "othcrworldlinc-ss." Next is. its emphasis on individualism. According to Cleage, Ihe concern with personal molality was a way of directing attention away from social injustice. The Negro was kept in his place, and the slave owner did not have to feel guilty about his sins so long as he didn'tdrinkorsmoke. Likewise, in 1hp theology of black Christianity Jesus died not for the eternal salvation of the individual but for thp rebirth of Ihp lost black nation. "Thp resurrection that wp celebrate is not the resurrection of the physical body of Jesus but the resurrection of the black nation which he Or. iMr Q- Mrn Mtnnlaf FIRST UNITED 1415 9.30 9 30 & 7:30 Fink Again Named To Two Boards Alfred Kink of 'JHI Klwa Place was re-elected to the ex-rcutivc board of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods and to Ihe hoard of Jewish Chautauqua Society at their l!'Jnd biennial convention in New Orleans last week. Fink is a member of the hoard ol Temple Israel. He is past vice president ot: Temple Israel. Temple Israel linilliei-hood and of the Southeast Federation of Temple Brollier-hoods. He Is a member of Palm Lodge No. ,'fJ7, F&AM, West Palm Beach; National Association of Life Underwriters; Life Underwriters ot the Palm Beaches, and the Youth Baseball Association of Palm Beach. Catholic Schools l ace Problems R()( IIKSTKR. N.Y. (I'Pli Bishops, religious superiors, school superintendents and parents must cooperate in solving the problems lacing the nation's Catholic .schools, Msgr. William M. Koche ol Ihe alional Catliolic Kduc.ilional Assoeialion (('i;.i said here. Msgr. Koclie, President of Ihe M.'lvVs Deparlment ol School Superintendents, told a meeting of superintendents that to provide a complete education within a Christian atmosphere there is "a more positive need tor Catholic schools today than the reasons which brought them into existence HKI years ago." SOUTHBORO CHURCH OF CHRIST 4101 SOUTH DIXIE HWY., W.P.I BBAIllB CLUt BUIIDING) Robert E. Henn Evangelist SUNDAY 10 A.M. - 11 A.M. -i P.M. Ph. OI3-74I0 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 215 CONGRESS AVENUE WEST PALM BEACH I. H (PP11NO - MIN'SHB BIBLE SCHOOl 9.30 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 10.45 AM. YOUTH MEETINGS 6:30 PM. EVENING WORSHIP 7 30 ?M pol ler, an independent and outspoken weekly published in Kansas City, Mo., has had a net gain of more than 2,000 in circulation since it was officially condemned by Bishop Charles H. Helmsing of Kansas City. Bishop Helmsing accused the newspaper's editors and contributors of falling into heresy with articles criticizing Pope Paul's birth control encyclical, and questioning the whole concept of papal inlalli-bility. During the two weeks fol-lowing the bishop's condemnation, the National Catholic Reporter lost 'M'l subscribers by cancellation, and aeqiiied 3,227 new subscriptions. started, the resurrection of hi ideas and his teachings," says Cleage. Jesus was thus not thr traditional "Lamb of (iod who takes away the sins of the world." He was a "revolutionary black leader, a zealot, seeking to lead a black nation to freedom." The implications of this arc practical as well as theological. Negro arlisls have ollen portrayed Jesus as black, just as medieval arlisls depicted Mary and Joseph in the cos-tunics of the courts of their day. Now, however, blackness is being tied to a whole new black theology, 8.000 Leaders MINNEAPOLIS UPI) About 8.000 religious leaders from throughout North America are expected to attend a World Congress on Kvange lism, to be held at the Minneapolis Auditorium Sept. 8-11, V.W.K The meeting is a U.S. counterpart of the lti World Congress on Evangelism, held in Berlin. The seven-day pi ugram will focus attention on Ihe need of America for the (iospel of .Ip-sus Christ. The Minneapolis Congress Is one of several planned since the Berlin session. Christian Business Men's COMMITTEE LUNCHEON STOUFFH'S RESTAURANT HOUDtr INN, DOWNIOWN W t . IMS Ivitf Tmufor No Rt.trvolioni men. ary Info . J32-3566 I5 I.Ot IS ASSKI-S Jewish liberals were valiant lilies of Negioes in the cai Iv il ivs ol the civil rights movement. liul the alliance between two ot Arnci iea's l.iruest tninoi itv tit mips is rapidlv l.illins apai I. Jew i-.h leaders ai c now deeply concerned about evidence of u iilcspread antiSeinitisin .minus Negroes and a grow-i nu backlash ol anti-Nemo sciiiiinents amonu .lews. In Ins Mrs! pronouncement as president ol ihe American Jewish Committee, former Culled Nations Ambassador Arthur J. .oldbcry said it is "imperative" for Jews to continue supporting Negroes in their light lor lull equality. He expressed conlidence that "Ihe gieat body ot Negroes do tint share Die opinion of the lew e.NtremisIs wilhin their nun rnmmiinitv" who are vocalic anli Semitic. Kabbi Arthur .1. Lelyveld of Cleveland, president ot the American Jewish Congress, acknowledged thai "the bonds thai have traditionally linked the Jewish people and Ihe black people in their common sn uggle lor justice and equality have been strained." But he said Jews must not read to anii-Jewish Ingot! v with anti-black bigott v. "We must seek to keep open our lines of emn-tnunicalion with the Negro i niuinunilv." said llabbi I.ely-cid. "We must nol leave the b'ld to CMiemisis nn both Sides." Many laoim s ha e ennlrih-ii'cil to the deterioration in Jewish-Negro relations. Jews, along with other while liberals, have been shunted out of Negiii riglns groups by black mili ants determined o run their own show. Jewish-owned sancs have been special tar-gels ol allack bv looters and arsonists in gliel to riots. Some black militants have been at Christian Church of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE 1601 East Hillsborough Blvd. Deeitield Chombtr of Cenmir bundoy St'vic (00 PM. Hfnlirtg, Divin Worship and Mnag tv Porl ftrnndei. Pallor and Co-Workm of MIND" LE (. - -H- KTi risk tverything I am and ev. erything i have en that faith," says Pittenger. t 4 f Haverhill: Rev. David Cobb G St.: Rev. Ed Oram CHUUCH iiif.rif.'ic1 W IT H N0RTHW00D BAPTIST CHURCH 3900 Broadway . cm ncii inn; lit: n i;hoi; is someom; in jesvs ciirist is lord. Wayne L. Burtcher, Assoc. Pastor David Morris, Youth Coordinator Wilton Hardy, Music Director Sunday School 9:30 AM: Training Union 6:30 PM -OUR MISSIONS Grammercy Park: 45th & lakt Worth 12th & FIRST CHURCH of RELIGIOUS SCIENCE FBNISl HOlMfS, fOUNDHI - Non-Dnominolionnl JOHN PABON MINISTER 811 N. OlIVE AVE , W.P B. Phone 833 -9566 OPFN DAIIY 9 In 1 II .l. 'lli I I ic I he N irnrc ol Mind" Kcciiiniiij: Iter. I a Secmiil ViiM' ' In I It A.!l. Hear John lirlin ) A.M. VVJNO 1l'.cr.v Sunday , Public Pmyer Room Open 9 to 7 topics, Gifts ROYAL P0INCIANA CHAPEL Whitehall Way, Palm Beach Inter Drnnminnliiirinl M . -H "IC By IDWAItllB. KlsKH (( l lx Nrw nrli'l lines Ni h s Srr icp Ms'W YORK -In thr face of (he current mood of racial sep-aiation in the country, liberal uhile churc linien have tended tn lake coiiilort in the laet that the Christian Church is one place where blacks and whiles can live touelher under a single I'lllll. To the Rev. Albert fi. CIca.L'e J r. , liowevei', a powerl ul and mililant leader of the black community in Detroit, this assumption is passe. As pastor ol the l.linii-rnein-ber Central United Church of Christ now renamed Ihe Shrine of the Black Madonna Cleage has set out to restore Christianity to what he considers to be its "original" identity: A black man's relifiion. In "The Black Messiah," a series of sermons lo be published shortly by Sliced and Ward, the 5li-yeai'-old preacher spells out the first thoroughgoing "theology of black power." KorCloage, the Negro's religious problem began with the end of slavery. The Christianity that the while man taught him had been useful because it provided emotional escapp and the knowledge that the oppressors of this world would meet their due judgment in the next. Cor the emerging blacks of today, however, escapism will no longer do. Black religion, Cleage says, must "reinterpret its message in terms of the needs of the black revolution." The rebuilding process begins with the observation that none of the great figures of the Judeo-Christian tradition Abraham. Moses, Jesus had the Caucasian physical features that are seen in most Sunday school literal ui e. Cor Cleage non while is virtually synonymous with "black." Thus Jesus, a member of the "non-white" tribe of .ludah, was "a black rtiessiah born to a black woman." lie came to a "black nation Israel" at a time when it was struggling for independence from a while empire centered in Rome. Christianity, he adds, has always described (iod in human terms as a personality capable of love and concern. Thus "Cod must he a combination Of black, yellow and red with just a little touch ol white, and we must think of (iod as a black ( Iod." he sa s. The black identity was lost, however, at the first-eenturv Council of Jerusalem, where Unity of Lake Worth 631 N. H St. ill 3569 IMI) COMillHiATIOVll. ( Ill ItCII (United Chun h Of Christ) 7727 GEORGIA AVE., WEST PAIM BEACH South oi Belvedere Rd. Re. Allyn K Wadle.qh, Pastor Dr. Samuel M. Lindsay Will Preach 11 A.M. C. Russell Henderson, Musical Director hjomi; to we CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH CHURCH OF CHRIST NORTH "K" STREET LAKE WORTH A.M. Church School 1 1 :00 A M. Morning Service P.M. Youth Fellowship Sernmn: " lnim (loines f! II i,r- Srniir II AM. Chun It t W W K Silitml 'hMI il. C.l.ihl ( air J NJiBieTOWN COMMUNITY tooeonoocwvooooQooococoooociooocwooouo"'jJ" f I The People's Church V ej 1 273 So. Military Trail V'r 9:45 Sunday School 11:00 A.M. 4 7:00 P.M. W 7:30 P.M. Thursday Prayer Service 1'mi'l.i. OF All, FAIIIIS M.WOSIF. REV. CARl GOLD , pas f OR 967-2525 683-5103 SALE 20 OFF ON ALL STOCK (IIUISIIW BOOK STOIII. 3701-A s. DIXIE WKST I' AIM HF.ACIl 'I'lilnit tK tlin A A Friendly Church with a Total Program For The Whole Familv S.W. Ith Avenue .V. ilh SI. Bora Raton Ph. 3)5-2100 10:45 A.M. DR. TORREY JOHNSON This Service Broadcost 1 1 AM WVVOG 99 9 U K M- Unity ol Oelioy leodi 01 NW 2?nd St. 26 696 UNITY reaches 7:00 P.M. DR. TORREY JOHNSON FINEST GOSPEL MUSIC PRESENTED BY THE SANCTUARY CHOIR BERNICE COBER, PIANIST AND DORIS NEWMAN, ORGANIST. TiiimniiiiiialiiijJ uilh the Drad" " Dim The Bible Say" MINISTERS Terrey M. .InhiiMin John Diii!las, Visitation Dnnald f!. .wman Music William Hediper, Education ,si M)AV SCHOOL 9::i(t A.M. There'll I class for you MiRSLKY 1():4., 7 P.M. Jli.MOR CHURCTf 10:45 A.M. COMMl'MON First Sunday of the month 1(1:45 A.M. Other Sundavs b:(HI P.M. mm; s tklns Kor all T(Tniiprs ir.'Mt P.M. MIDW i ; I k m rmci: W pdnesdav 7:.l(l I' M. Mrnmnal Hall - t$t 1 ' "TAKl WORTH I LAKE WORTH North Federal Church ot Chriit Tenth Avenue Church of Christ 720 North Federal Highway 3846 T(mth Avf nu Nwth Bible Study 10 00 A.M. Bible Study 10 00 A.M. rVwrnino Wor-SV ...1 1.40 A.M. Morning Worship ... 1 1 00 A M. Eremng Worship 6 30 P M. Evening Worship 6.30 P.M. J.M. Morril, Minister j,m Dondo, Minister Phone 58S 0389 Phone 683 3 176 PALM BEACH GARDENS DELRAY BEACH Nerthtide Church of Chritl South Federal Church of Chriit 4436 West Lake Perk Rood 81 SE 6th Avenue B.ble Study 10 00 AM. Bible Study 10 00 A M Morning Worship ...11 00 A.M. Morning Worship ...II 00 AM. Evening Worship 6 30 P M. Evemnq Worship 6 00 P.M Nelson R. Alsop, Minister O E. Moss, Minister Phone 848 081 7 Phone 778-3871 TUNE IN TO OUR DEVOTIONAL BROADCAST WQXT - 1340, A.M. - VYWOS - 97.9 F.W MOW., .FBI., 7:15 A.M. (.oil is the sourer of a mighty stream of subslanrr, and you are a tributary of that slrram. a channel of expression. Messing the gubManre increases its- flow. If your money supply is low or your purse seems empty, take it in tour hands and bless il. See it filled with the living substance ready to become manifest. As you prepare your meals bless the food with the tlioimht of spiritual substance rrnily to become manifest. Vr hen you dress, bless Minr garments and realise that you are being constantly clothed with (.od's substance . . . The more conscious you become of the presence of the living substance, the more it will manifest itself for you and the richer will be the common good of all ... Identify yourself with substance ... ami ou will soon begin tn rejoice in the ever-present bounty of Cod. Charles Fillmore FIRST CONCERT OF THE SEASON Thanksgiving Nov. 28th 7 P.M. Feolunng TONY FONTANE, Suired Recording, Concert and T.V. Artist with 100 Singers ALL SEATS FREE Unity ol the Palm Beoibn 1957 S. Flogltr Dt. 833 6433 CENTERED MINISTRY

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