The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 16, 1968 · Page 23
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 23

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1968
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

Palm Death Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 16, 196823 I FEEL LIKE DOlNr ) 'OW ABOUT THE PICTURES. W uuatIc ts,moenr A FEW BEER'S. A FISH An' WAantirTUATo! A ABOUT THAT?jY CHIPSUPPER, THENAR 1 WIFE 7 PUZZLE CORNER DAILY CROSSWORD Your Birthday By STELLA 19. Small arm of the sea 20. Mountains I chiefly in Missouri I 21. SOWETHIN'A BIT MFFERENTT5NISKT, r ID... ANV SUGGESTIONS? VXDY CAPP IT I DON'T USUALLY CARRY iilOO AROUND IN MV POCKET, SONNY. 3UT, IF YOU'LL MEET ME AT MY BANK srf MONDAY--- v i m km you don't tfll me i need j Such , jj Unhappy 1 1 'jfTr, : -:Ji S IT YmtPnUj ' Answer 34. Indigo source 3". Castaway's 22. Polynesian herb 24. Something left out 2a. Horn 2. Old times 2K Walking stick 30. Wind indii ator '.',2. Sharpened .13. Hobble locale SR. 43,500 square feet 39. Marries 41. Mother of Irish gods 42. Understand, beatnik version 41. Music note I ' IS'-? I DON'T WANT YOU INVOLVED IN THE MATTER. YOU MIGHT- MAKE WAVE L0N6. AS WE SHAKES, WHAT'S GRABBED THIS, TAKIN IT.' i v ti i y t 1 -.iv 'wv ACROSS 1. Fabric used on billiard tablps 6. Oozes 11. Proprietor 12. Opening word 13. Chess tail 14. Vertical support 1. ri. Tournament term Hi. Container 17. Yea's cousin 15. Theater district 21. Shells out 2. "i. Temperate or Torrid 27. Usher's beat 2. Llama's cousin 29. Appointment for Saturday, perhaps ,'SO. Altered 31. Gratitude 'Y.. Burmese hill-dweller :!". Dollar bill ,'!7. Old maxim 4D. Mad 12. Gambler's cubes 4.".. "Winnie- thc-Pooh" author 44. Norwegian version of 19 down 4-". Impor tune 4'. Actress Moorhead DOWN' 1. Opening night fiasco, slangy stvle 2. Absent 3. Hobby, for example 4. Ex, wve, r. Hesitant remark 6 Garment "lost" in a financial reverse 7. Klong.ited fish 8. Little Kleanor . Vehicle for Broadway 10. Aching 14. Damon and Pythias 10. Green stone DAILY C UYPTOQl OI ll l i -ca.uu -"J vh WMW WAA 1 1 1 I I mm !y"i J - i fifT pi' IsTEVE ROFER WHAT 70 YE (Y1ERM TulC i irr'; mi i a v V STROLL ALONG THE CANAL BANK? A rd I'lilj Mirror, Lofulon TM ft -lb CAN'T WAIT, STEVE WRITE ME A CHECK -MADE OUT TO "CASH ' - M HfllWlE HOW IT'S PIVIPEC.' mi w - u. T7 'J I 1 ' ...OUR AUTOMATIC ' SPZINKLBRS CC ANTON.. THAT TEWPEKA - NOW t;FAMES sure v.amt to why you thiS-iij a hurry? Li: 1 VOU PTONE'S CAPN KATE? y &&&fffi&i3 lifetime may be yours for the taking just now. Don't allow timidity to do you out of it. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Time to take intellectual exercise. You may have been allowing yourself to grow stale in the tools of your trade, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) Appeal to others for the aid you need but don't be surprised if you don't receive all you'd exjiected. PISCES i Feb. 20-March The spirits rise and benefi from morning worship. Don't :A1 a iaise raea ot sopmstication keep vou from it. ARIES (March 22-April 201 - Take advantage of some of the! written matter on hand. Vou m a y need t o h a v e further knowledge in order to make gains. TAf'RUS (April 21-May 21 1 -Don't wail for cnanges to come to you. Get up and meet them halfway. Preparations should be made at once. GEM I XI (May 22-June 21 1 -Focus your attention on those matters most vital to your happiness within the family circle. Don't try to stray far afield. (,'ANCKH (June 22-July 23) -This should be an excellent day for Cancer. Many agencies are at work behind the scenes to make it so. LKO (July 24-Aug. 23) -Practicality should be well laced with sentiment if you are to achieve a proper balance in what you do at this time. VIRCO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) -L'e at the right place at the right time and you can add to your social and professional reputation without really trying. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) -Not all that you hear this morning in the way of advice was meant for someone else. Pay attention to morning services. j . 9 I ri I ,( ' 7 Uiccuuxj. yli ''4 Vfa I 7, ij A --J'Al Ml I Y 1 m yt PTTT7 37 I A X Y I i. A A X R is I, () N (i V K I, I, O V One h Iter siinply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Kueh dav the code letters are different. CPTALNK.TE . PnLlllb about the 6r'3Ck knows Others f know.' I h GASOLINE 4 LLM i w 1 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 i - Born today, vou are a! healthy, active, generally happy! person, who needs to be "on the go" to feel in shnpe either; mentally or physically. You' have a great love of life and an instinctive desire to win at what- ever you undertake. Not for you the doubtful satisfaction of the "also ran" or even the "close; second." If you cannot be first, you would rather not enter into the activity involved at all. Take care, however, that such an attitude does not keep you out of things you could become I very g'X'd at with tune. Vou: easy frustrations over ; nut being on top. when such j is the case, your unceasing desire to beat other people even at their own games, and your native drive that carries you fa! beyond the line of duty, so j to speak, in your effort to j succeed: all of these do not go j toward making you easy to live with. They do, however, make j you interesting and exciting, j It would do you no harm to! soft - pedal some of your drive Indeed, unless you do learn how 1 jto lose gracefully at times, ou; will never be able to relax completely in an air of calm.j Those who have tied their lives! to yours would be grateful for! the relief from tension that at more easy - going attitude on your part would give them. j To find what is in store fur' you tomorrow, select your! birthday and read the ; corresxmding paragraph. Let. your birthday star be your daily guide. ; Sunday, November 17 SCORPIO (Oct. 24-N'ov. 22) - Prudence should he yourj password for the day. Don't! make the mistake of being' foolhardy thinking you are being brave SAGITTAJUUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) The experience of a TH5? wirirs MOTHIHe KUT A fs'UL ESfATC 3 mhi&i Llffl-E ACfOj- OH, I'M " NOTHIN' CO1 LU A . 7 ?'-:;y -.'S ) 1 hwj, mm ', AT M 33 rj r PE Kfi LIAM h I 6eT LoSfR BEFORE THIS!?!' 1 A Cryptogram Quotation A Q Y W Z V H V R S F K W YFW D Y R DRY M E R M W R O O Y K G D Q Y P KYJ W N -KGRYJ. RHUNR TVVl'Y i Yesterday's Crvnloqiioto: IT (INK'S J'RINCIPLKS THAN TO LIVK UP TO THEM ALFRED ADLKR (M69. King features Syndicate, Inc.) NOW OB5EKF, 1 lfr THINK ANY WILL PROTEST SOTTEN YOU ARE a P ;' If , , ,A. StCMCMNff PMAP5 TIE- 3 M&X CRITICAL. r Of LAMP T& THIS C(9L!jrKy 0WCWC TL CCWMZUTAL- . GO 'M-Q THEIR ACTION CUOTHINg a " i T5 OF THE LIMITED 5TAi rtK! 5 VC'li V.'AMfMf,. VJ A .?!i.fci.(irii ll-lb work it: Here's how to 0R ; IS EASIER TO FIGHT ' pyiiM-P. TUTI'5 UITHIS.' PAS wuu MAN.P050- :'m tain' , corpse soiN',6'es"v.) t V(9D ililLL. I .. si .. . V N: O w v) V. ' A MISSY AGflTHfl, ME flrtD SF-rqND M WHO'S GOT T' BE brrtSHtOWfly' SOMEWHERE Ll'TCfl, A'&THER , a'B K?B A'X ixjj& TO 65 TIMMR FOP T.Jil,V.,no:A-. lliUAT CAJ ll!C PjIDU VlC .71 ' CWtVSBQ WITH AUCTHfrR aAPVS ffXA.&ED TO VOU STUM8LEP OJTO Tri t!',i.'S IT'S APTER FIVE O'CLOCK-AND -I'VE GOT TO SEE A FELLOW K RFCdF Civ .. uii;T uc T.o DROP YOU OFF AT VOUR MENT-Pk AT "PROOF ALL tiET IT IY1ATTEK? ' SO I'M movect' Now is the time to do A -I THE MFWGIPL-WHiU'S SHE Like SHE'LL BE HO Ri IHf fcj !J YfXI-ITL Pi vt ro mm' lT, r8 13 iPn m . US F;P P C VV1EH ik;t just fot' ruy ill OPEMitjrj ' 2M Vfc IO Lt VA, ?wwi& DFmC'C rIK!MFP' ARE COMBING Tlf AREA f0 7I i7 S6EME! Tr" r u; Vz HATCHET? u .iy BORN LOSER ''t?INYDi;PwTN0 88SAPi8ST M on vTf must ee six e'e wckM mm 5T 5CK,1 Kii iii. c,rit( I WHO NLEPS " "i5U CAT J 7 7IJH, THE' SEFAE1? TO BF PE-'AL PLES,FD (TOMKAPE AS THE 'JKc "5 a llf. iJOHNNYHAZAEr. - s. frj- K 1 THEY GOT HUNDPEDS O' ROOMS IH 1HIS ) GRUESOME SHACK f i SrtHDY- BUT THE b i OtltY LIVIM' THPrtGS- I i ic vmi ran r.ii i H 'EM LIVIM '' ---""is Af.V' ,1 T ORPHAN ANN IE 5 SET THE TARI F. t' WILLIE ' r f MOON' ML'LLLNS C7 L -x YOU?5EEMTO X TIW-AlDS" I HAVE 5UPVIVER J APE GCEAT NIOHTOWL MPS J ' Z7 I you've fctriPFD 1 FVfM SHOW BIZ Zt 1 Atou r T at the "SAYTFiAr AfjAlN ' J yeAH?fHAT'56cop ... BUT, WHAT THE HECkf.... ,fn x-?, TW&"'(5lTTIN THp IMPOBf Am'AlL-"SJ1 60TTA AO .Tl "til USE 4 . &TAnotfl KAb ! SPtAK to bUR Do5iONE I WILLYOO? I POLICE I fCJ wOPic WHEN HIS QIPL'SA V 1 un;- in - '- r - f X JUST TOOfc r""" OMBOV' fX, Wl ' CMD IT OUT OF THE TT scjna cut TKi V -rV"4 C'i' -- CtTB piece asm cir1 w AN' x o ' A BEETLE BAILEY 1 7 1 XN Lxi. ...Jl- ? '"BUT WE TONKA MtANWUtteYOUHC, SHtLIN' JACK , LATBR M IS PACKING FOR ) S4 UC A VICIOUS RlMti IS FINISHING A SEINES OF C , A VACATION ,- f'lsf STRETCH, I GUESS I'VE OF; SMtKiGLERS.' MINI-SUB TESTS- -, T IN MEXICO- LOST EVERYTHING-- 7 . i J T2 (.'r y i 'RiH 'H v .u',! 7 J C riA ' V ' PV-. ' l ,1 TTnJ JTHE DOFSNT ' r ' -0 I' " ! , (il f OREAH now UNUSUAL SMILIN' JACK ( ) .''- . ms vacation 1 I BETTER HAVE DOC PRITCHART LOOK AT THAT PORE YOUNG-UN-HE MUST BE AILIN'TO BEGOIN' TO TH'SCHOOLHOUSE POT on SATlDDy hi- HA9 MEVER 77, r C....,k 'i -rjT YOU HAVE A POUBLtf SHORE WILL, r IF JAMcY COMES LO0K1N' f ER ME, AUNT LOWEEZV-- HONEY TELL HIM I'M DOWN ATTH' SCHOOL HOUSE '2 -'.' or BARNEY GOOGLE LAWK5, IT HE'9 AFTER E..SUr ) T JAT -7 lt I HE LVK I EN YCU. PAMJ eo GET RC OF THAT OW-5EPHiM gEfORC HE WAKE THE INW- SUSPECTS-ESrECIAUV STiWC-EiW .TORSET I 'EAR FEE LIN' 15 KUNNIWG ''OH .Al' aW: ROOM, MAW? OHV ' V. HAVE YOU 5EEN TWO CHICK IN A REPJM jm-r7 6P0RT5 CAR? T I- it. ... -y- THAT MAY V rp . '--fn 4 , ' "-' - BE THE TWO I T txll' Ij KEAUTIE5 FUUNP 1 -r'll fl ' f THROTTLE? W I ijCZJ .ABi.?.T T.-VsiV. 1 MUST HELP IN LAKE; NOW f j OHe ANARCHIST A:17' & GErriMd M v ? ,W0' ' V. s . " TH'FAlOTWy VfA 7i, .'A rr fl CAFTAIN EASl'l, '1

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