The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 16, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1968
Page 22
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L 23 Palm Beach Post-Times. Saturday, Nov. 16, 1968 DASoor). STnEQE ' 'VES I COUi.0 SO PO. )! ' . i r .. vl I MUST VE BEEN il !ae sooo a3 you might Tf What's Missing? OUT OP MiNO ) THE LITTLE WOMAN SE'OPE I SET 'NTO BED' AMD A O BCZ OP J HEAT UP TiE RE5TOPTl TO AS A QLCSTlON ) AlWJBMMl 1 . ".-HAT CHOCOLATE K-"$i THAI UiA W. HAU J POR SUPPER v SS b LIKE THAT' ' ACROSS and vigor I isn't 44 Pins all! 46 Those wlm h and seek heal .jjyiABa'2Ax! V... wm. a i c , , T OLrjBSN F'-'V uh UVSSE TEji F i QN'Y 9 tide 12 Opulent I t In a line 1 4 Swiss canton 15 Intrude 17 Thieves' 1 'I Japanese city 1't Sea nymphs Italian cilv .3 Uncli 24 Exist 21 Male deer I AnKlo-Saxon throw 'VI Fireplace shelf 34 Thoroui;h- fare .1i KxaKgerate :)7 AHitation M Milk wheys .!!) and void 41 Coterie 4? Full of- 49 Diminutive of Angela 5.1 Month (ab ) "i4 Means ol (pi ) 5G Pronoun 57 Venetian resort 58 Languish 59 Goddess of dawn fit) Garden of lil Samtes (ah ) DOWN 1 Group ol three 2 Give a htlli 3 Oflicial acts 4 Here ami fr jnTnjraf.-iioiAi n ill 3TAM Anser to f'fioul Puule t e. ?T7 nickname company 6 Presser 31 Pedal 7 Opiate extremities (slang) 33 Sti aggie 8 Pitchers 35 Boorish 9 First steps 40 down 10An,:ered 43 Australian 1 1 Fasteners cattle dog l(i Moved 45 Winter hastily 4KFlexih!e 2(1 Alleviates pipe 22 Claw 47 Reverberate 21 Hook of the 48 Incursion Bible 50 Walk 25 Rant 51 Otiose 2G Saps 52 Suffixes 28 Set the 55 Diminutive 3(1 That's a of Alonso BLONUIEtfJJJ rw- 'r-i. . n j-c. ii ib T- i - ; 1 i M5UVE60T -v .k 5 Masculine Tfl HW 15 NOW MERE WITH HER! i .'WW jsrs rs i sji rrw u in . . - ruy t ur ncrx ni-rr i i i- lit, 4? 'v' "I found the statistics you wanted. She's 36-23-36." tULUtJJCj I 1 L l L-m pi. mww"' wi r ' i I redeye I I r L " " I 2 13 14 15 16 17 8 9 10 11 12 13 U 15 16 17 18 19 20 ' ' 2l 22 21 Tj !4 25 26 rT27 28 fH 30 31 I I a-iJ 32 33 F"34 35 36 37 rWp" KMi . . fewwJ mtaim - tm2k ,J 42 43 p44 45 p 46 47 48 W 50 51 52 mm 'J-Ul 53 54 55 . i i 59 60 61 : I j I I I I I I 1 I ifj - I f "1 EiT C 1 r HUMAN HAIR FORWICSll NWLE TRACY HAS BEEN W I 0ROP ) i H AT $45 AN OUNCE IT'S ABSORBED WITH HIS FIND, tfP V IT- BROTHER! THE W I J MORE VALUABLE THAN THE OPPOSITE ROW OF ) , ' a JACKPOT! Ar iCjOLD! SHELVING HAS MOVED OUT. Vlxi Mis DICK TRACY Z7 f YOU'LL SEE ) II I ( WF. WON'T NEED I I PLFA5E STEP ) READV7 ) I DON'T V 1 'TnT ( V i-VJ. I THI5 WATER NOVV INTO THh KNOW. fty J V j Hr ) ) -7 j '-' K-UNLES5 n BUCKET. J j Zf WHAT AM I X M-M ) THE FLIXTSTON'ES JirJ (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) JACOBY ON BRIDGE Squeeze Better Than Finesse FOR TODAY long-range plans are concerned. Domestic siiuation needs revision. Make necessary change. LEO (July 2,'1-Aug. 22 : Take special care during short journeys. Avoid excess speed. Exercise caution also with messages and what you commit to writing. Conditions today are erratic, subject to change. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Keep eye on possessions. Overcome tendency to be careless. Not wise to take chance where money is concerned. Financial conditions are erratic. Be perceptive. LIBRA (Sept. 2.'!-0cl. 22): Personal affairs demand a! tention. Tendency is to change your mind at crucial time. Be aware of rules before attempting to break them. Key is to be thorough, knowledgeable. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov 21): Restrictions could fall away. You gain greater freedom. You may not be positive of direction. Best course is to ask, check. Hidden aspect of project is brought into open. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Friends could have falling out. Try to remain neutral. Play role of peacemaker. One close to you is upset. Avoid argument. Make concession. You will be repaid. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. llli: One in authority shoud be placated. No day lo press major point. Key is lo ride with tide. You are not seeing situation too clearly. Know (his and respond accordingly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Ft'b. IS i : Statements received today must be placed under scrutiny. Mistakes could be made in transmission. Don't lake things for granted. Travel plans should also be i (-viewed. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20 i: Check financial transactions. Take charge of investment program. One who usually handles money may not have facts. Know this and step in. You could save the dav. IF TODAY IS' YOUR BIRTHDAY you are desirous of perfection. You never leave a project half-finished. Might be better to accept persons, situations us they exist. Constantly striving to improve could lead lo frustration. Recent domestic change proves favorable. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Erratic day which features lack of stability. Jimmy Hatlo club finesse and made three club tricks. Of course, if East had held the club king there would have been no squeeze and no story, and if West had restrained Ins impulse to signal, the chances are that Tim would have tried the spade finesse and pone down one. V HOROSCOPE s rmmtsmrwrnsmmmmmumm'' November 16, 19M By SYDNEY O.MAKR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Avoid committing yourself in manner that ties you down. Many paint rosy picture. But just as many lack facts to hack statements. Let others set pace. Plav waiting game. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Associates tend to act in unusual, manner. Not wise to push issues. Be gracious. Set example of maturity. Avoid excess at any celebration, social affair. Steer clear of disputes. (i KM IN I (May 21-.!une 20): Practice restraint. Avoid actions based on impulse. Tendency is to throw caution aside. Kxcilement prevails, but so does confusion. Key today is moderation. CANCKR (June 21-July 22): Conditions which appeared settled prove to be opposite. New policy necessary where CARMICHAEL IT MUST k "BrEA? BUTTER" LETTER FROtvl THE J0H1SOkS--- IT EVERY TIME! By v.emfol coat CA.RE OF Then howcwa many sue there's never. ! 1 ALL BACHELORS TAKES OFF AT TH' FIRST SHOT AN' NO OUMPIN' IN FRONT O' TH' BULLET TO AVOID MARRYIN' ONE O' THESE DOG PATCH -UG(-.r- BELLES .v (J The bidding has been: West North 1 A 3 A 4 East Pass Pass Pass South 1 A 4A Pass Pass You, South, hold: A()UI5 I VAIO 53 7G51 What do you do now? , A Bid four hearts. You arc still bidding along with the minimum values you started with but your minimum is beginning to iook up. If jour partner docs go to a slam, he should have a play for it. i TODAY'S QUESTION I Instead of bidding three clubs, your partner bids two diamonds i over your one spade. What do ' you do now? 1 Answer Monday Oswald Jacoby shares his bridge tips I ond techniques in his booklet, "Win ' At Bridge." You'll be a winner, too, it you send lor your personal copy. ; Available to readers at Name Paper) 1 by sending your name, address with I zip code and SO cents to: (Nome Paper, Address, City, State) or (Name Paper, Box 489, Dept. A, Radio City Station, New York, NY. 10019). ! THEY'LL Mystery Dept- when the l:6mt oot there's a dozen -lAMGERS FOR tGK TO TAKE L DO cC : . , L'lL ABNER ( bOI, AM I FULL ( Of ENERGY TnriAV ' CaCL Coj-" NOKTII (D) 1(1 A Q J 0 5 V 9 fi 4 2 K A Q J 7 it F.ST FAST A K 8 4 2 A S 7 QH VAKJKI7 !l 8 7 3 2 . K.i:!2 K198 4 SOVTII A A 10 3 5 3 AQJ 10(15 4 A') Neilhi'i' vulnerable VVtst Ninth Fast South 1 A IV 2 2 A IV. 1 4 Pass 5 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Today's band was played in an important team match. At one table North and South were content to play in three diamonds with South making four odd. At the other table South reached five diamonds. The contract is reasonable because it appears to depend on a spade finesse. As you cm see, the spade finesse does not work, yet Australian expert Tim Seres managed to make the contract in spite of the unfortunate position of the spade king. The defense opened with three rounds of hearts. Tim ruffed the third heart high and noted that West discarded the eight of spades. Tim might have played this for a false signal but he decided that West was an honest, straightforward plaT and would be telling the truth. Then Tun proceeded to make his contract. It wasn't really too if Tim was willing to risk a set of several tricks. He simply ran off all his trumps while discarding down to a small spade and the ace, ipieen and jack of clubs in dummy. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, poor West was having considerable trouble with his discards. He could only keep four cards. If he hi Id two spades, he could only hold two clubs, if lie held three clubs he would have to unmiard his king of spades. Actually, he unguarded the king of spades, whereupon Tim cashed three spade tricks and did not need the club finesse. On the other hand, had West kept his spade guard, Tun would have taken the GIVE ME A HANDFUL f LET'S SEE- N ' ' '' ',', lti OF JOB SLIPS FROM 7 WHICH ONE SHALL YJ.j) j THE JOB JAR y I DO FIRST? Ry s N V fS. 1 ........ - K - t i r no matter mow puts back- that night one for her own coat" f AND I EVEN XL, ril 'BROUGHT TOUR LvT' i K,,i..,. i i .u,..- h ' ; 'hp j it HI ANLOI' ( V r-S- I I AM "f WHICH REMINPS F fc!NPA LIKE HUACKIN T ONLY VOU TWO 4WEETIE A2 j"5 A PLAY ACTOR ' V.,RP HAT... I A PLANE PN'TAKIN' GONNA BE MUCH WISER WHEN II MAW FOOLEO 'EV. ' -My PAY i FLY EAST I A L ITT0C3BA) j YOU SET BACK THAN THcSE AIR- FN MAW J 1 1 SHOULPA BEEN ) 4TAYIN' AL T.1 J HAVE CO-V.E 600P LINE STEWARPES.1 IN FACT V' I A PLAY ACTOR'' J V 3 CONNECTIONS ON pT "'" YOU JUS' AM6HT NOT WANTA A. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By Nejc Cochran t &E HlT WM AftXINlT WAS Utii I 6eAKjP,A- X VFAH-I KNOW A COUPLE OF PLAY- 1 THE ANKLES 3USTAS7BLA-STIN' ! ( wlTr hat ) boys havf bffm stuffs wy hat- 1 BUC GAVE- HIM A 6HOT ff A WHALE S ;l ' TA BANR LITTLE B.y LIIiS WMATZ AROWTrXlMPWE.'WoUTOFTHe ' f VCSwro WEMT OLO QOi VV A PERFECT X WATER WITH for the blockbuster VwRONCti 1 LIFTOFF.' 'A DEPTH . StJnlf V -V J CHAKiSE.y fTI!!!Tr' r"1 t i 1 1 7 i - - ii 1 ' '" NOT IF I HAVE TO HOW ELSE CAN I 1 I ...AND I BUT IT'S -Jn'ats RK3HTI OUlL P6' YCXJ WOM'T iSZT INTO T'-IAT WE PROVE THE DONT COULDKJT ABSOLUTELV AND NEVER KNOW Tn LEr US FWE ELECrKOCUTION AUTHENTICITY V.KNOW.- CARE V HAKMLE&S ( PAINLESS,) WHAT HIT tOU J l CUR TIME- CHAMBER OF OUR PKOCUa? , , LCSS.' V A TUO A fish lw f CJ iuiSaidL, J HM fill 1 bHg.L'Ll I H Jl-,M tl

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