The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 16, 1968 · Page 21
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 21

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1968
Page 21
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 16, 196821 NEA's Chamber Member Teachers Fair cloth Rules Leasing Jet For Kirk Is Legal Youth Beat THE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING Goal Expected is a near-immemorial practice or dates at least from the ad-minstration of the Hon. Doyle E. Carlton," the attorney general said. O'Neil had asked Faircloth for his opinion of a proposed lease between the department and Gates Aviation Corp. of Denver, Colo., which provides that the state will pay $1.68 for each nautical mile flown or a minimum of $.0(K)-a-month from November, 1S. until January, 11)71. The lease states that the department shall pay the salaries of two jet pilots and that the company will carry a $r0 million insurance policy on lives and property in the plane. New Martin Zoning Designation Okayed STUART The S15.II0U nu-mbiTship noal of the Stuart Chamber t Commerce is expected to be reached when all members are contacted, chamber Wticials said Friday. At the close ol the three-day drive, S1.'I,(W.' had leen collected in cash and pledges by volunteer campaign workers, according to drive chairman Robert M, Johnson. Injuries Prove Fatal jTo Shores Traveler " A I'. dm Heard Shores man died Thursday morning in a ;liospiial in Kvansville, Ind. of injuries sultered Saturday at-i noun in a two car accident, ; Indiana Stale Police reported. .lark U.ivis. t,S. of Ta - ma l.ane and his wile Irene, ft, were in the automobile ' when the accident occurred ' eiuht miles north of Kvans-'iville, Ind. on U.S. IliO. Mrs. Davis, who sustained .,::, ul injui ies, taken to the (Sfital and later released. l-uiieral arrangements are .lit' handled by the Colvin i)'. Son Funeral Home Princeton, Ind. The funeral 'will be held Sunday at the tu Corral home with burial in Magpie Hill Cemetery in I'rinee-ton. Psychedelic Sounds AC "Dark Shadows" was a close second. The Raiders headed the "group" category. A question, "Would you buy, use and serve spoof labels such as 'Papsicola' pasted over real soft drink cans?" came up with a 50-50 vote. Meanwhile, the miniskirt is riding high. Maxi and midiskirt lengths barely showed on the radar screen. MAIL FOR MALES: Lee Michaels is a name to remember. His new album and his West Coast opening match his appeal to young gals'. The "Coat of Mail" he often wears has his agent worried. "Doesn't want it to be a fixed part of Lee's image." Anyone who wears mail must be male. Frog's hair sweaters coming next? MEMORY PRINT-OUTS: Your memory can now be committed to a computer . . . for a small fee, of course. A Chicago company, Memory Minder, will send its subscribers computer print-outs each month reminding them of things to do-buy-send for the month. Everything from roses for Aunt Mary's birthday to the car payment can be included in your monthly print-out. It's a great service for the would-be thoughtful people who are otherwise forgetful, but it doesn't help the lazy who still have to go to the florist or write the check. STUART A new zoning classification iR-20 was approved by the Martin County Planning and Zoning Board at its meeting this week. Assistant zoning director Thomas Higgins said the new classification provides for a T),()00 square-foot lot but no septic tanks will be allowed in the category. In other action, the board approved : A request for rezoning an area west of the Florida Turnpike and near Philips Park from agriculture to trailer park (TP). By ROBERT M ACLEOD Editor, 'Teen Magazine ONE-SHOT FUTURE: Are-search virologist has developed a "single shot" vaccine to induce protective antibodies against measles, mumps and German measles (Rubella). Twenty-eight thousand young ones felt the single needle in the testing that prompted 100 per cent response against measles and German measles and 93 per cent against mumps. The wear and tear on young arms and-or thighs is significant! Great too, for underdeveloped nations where acute shortages of medical "needlers" exist! CANADIAN STOP SIGNS: Canadian drug manufacturer redesigns entire packaging line to minimize accidental drug poisoning. Red, green and yellow traffic signals plus "X" are worked into the packages as determined by the relative safety or hazard of the product itself. U.S. drug and toiletry industry is groping with the growing "sniffing" problem. The use of color-coded warnings makes international teen sense! POLL DAZE: Recent poll of teen girls turned up Sidney Poitier as No. 1 male actor, closely followed by Paul Newman. Cary Grant showed "surprising strengthen the 800 return analysis. Other results: "Laugh-in" No. 1 TV program, but get this, soaper Actors Workshop presents , BLACK ROOSTER LOUNGE BRIAN Fit! EL S comcdv siurcxs IMIILADKLIMII A, II Kit K I COMIC! directed hy KINC PACK Wed. thru S-t. Nov. 2( 2.') 8: Ml p.m. tickets $2.00 members ! KF.r 832-5191 Forest Hill 5 Congress a!M:W.l,'lrIU:lHIH::U HUIUUUjiMUdMiL CLUB LOUNGE 1412 SOUTHERN BLVD. WEST PALM BEACH "ACTION" 24 HOURS -NOW APPEARING- JERRY JOHNSON 1 1 A.M. TO 7 A.M. COCKTAIL HOUR 5 P.M. TO 7 P.M. Our Hrstannmt h Open 24 Hours, Serving The Finest In Food IWIS PRESLEY Ij vii A Little Djove i Little -en A request for rezoning an aiea between L'.S. 1 and the Florida East Coast Railway (l-'ECi in the Port Salerno aiea Irom agriculture to nailer park. A request by Hanson Til-ton for iwoniitg Irom K-2, residential, to E l, estates homes, an area north of SK-707 in the Jensen Bearh-Rio section. A request by Tillon for rez.o-ting a section north o! SR-707 in the Jensen Beach area from to R-T, both residential, was tabled until the December meeting. 5 FIRST SNOWING miM BBflCH llu COLOR College Players HERE I COME!' 8:14 PM. STUDENTS $1.50 Dirt.d by FRANK LEAHY CUNI EAllWtXJO "COOUN'S BLUFF" STRANGLER Panavmon Color by DeLuM J R Vegetable Gifts Distributed TALLAHASSEE (API Atty. Gen. Earl Katrcloth says it is legally proper for tile Road Department to provide a jet plane for Gov. Claude Kirk. "Without comment upon the policy considerations underlying such lease agreement or the financial consideration 1 am prepared to state that the lease is legally acceptable," Faircloth said. In a letter to Road Board Chairman Michael O'Neil sent Wednesday and made public Friday, Faircloth said it is common for the Road Department to lease transportation for the governor. "Departmental provision of transportation to the governor 4 Chamber Members To Attend Session Four members of the Greut-r West Palm Beach Chamber )f Commerce will attend the tate Chamber of Commerce innual meeting and business "onference in Orlando Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They are Charles G. Hays, executive vice president: Robert Zimmer and Philip D. Lewis, directors, and Max Nowlin, president of the Merchants Division. Martin County Court Report VI AimiAOhl.K KYSKS Oscar H Kokits. .11. .ind Mcld.i K. Kov. 21. bolh of Sluurt. 1..HTV Dale Dvkcs. 2.1. and Maiv .Id S).-cdv. 2. ball) af l. Arlhur K. Km-hlnu. and Vlrvlnia A. Kascllt'. -12. balll (if t an t'larra. Itov (irllfls. 2.1. Wcs! Palm Uracil, anil Donna .lunr Burbank. 2.1. Lake Worth Philip H. Bradv. ,'ln. BrookKn N.Y., mil K athcrlnc Shll li'v. 27. Mm Hi'acll. KIN l. ll DO VI KM OKDIVOKI K Donna L. .VIoodv vs. Ulcliard I). Mnndv. itivom ii'n,i:n Nora C . Moore vs. Kcllh Motn iv William M. Hanson vs. Murv K. H ut .oil. l.uc' Williams vs. .losopli Williams. FIKSi-ltlL Relax! It's only a movie! JAMBS JAMII JAMII "COBURN MASON FOX -ANN AH in YORK C&TCHNICOLOIf CI 0IL IT 2-4-1-1-10 m PARENTS: BECAUSE OF CERTAIN REVEALING SCENES. ..WE SUGGEST you see v5? "HEtGniRST'C Helga THUFt SIARTtlNGt! I inn at UK riarufttirt "PUHET OF lift" STARTS TOMORROW JUUF GEOPCr c. CI IPISTIE SCOTT sums . - S3 4 Todcuf Palm Beach Jr. P'liWllitggl Johnson and Ralph Randall, chamber president, both expressed confidence of reaching the goal "when incompleted calls are made on members not signed." The three-day drive officially ended with a steak and beans dinner Thursday night at the Klks Club sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. (). C. (Jerry) Smith. Top salesman in the two-team competition was Kenneth I.. Ferguson who was captain of the losing team. Ferguson received a $25 gift certificate which will be honored at any chamber member firm. Second place winner was Jack N. Sailer who received .1 Ma gilt certificate. James K. Harper was captain ol the winning team and placed third in the competition and received a Silt certificate. The total number of members enrolled during the drive was 31 W. Jolted Hv Quake MOSCOW 1 Ul'I 1 The city of Ashkhabad in Soviet Turkmenia was locked by an earthquake Friday but no damage was inflicted, the Soviet news agency Tass reported. A Slihts ot Soul 965-9945 SIGHT PLUS ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY INK West Palm Beach m COUNTRY CLUB 1, POMPANO BEACH FLA Hewn afmni iWnli ore Appointed In Martin STUART Appointments, resignations and transfers were approved by the Martin County School Board at its regular meeting this week. Appointments include: Mrs. Berta Alvarez. Spanish teacher at Warfield School; Mrs. Delores Nelhers, home economics teacher at Murray School; Mrs. Ethel Smiley, guidance counselor at Stuart Junior High; Mrs. Katherine Houg and Mrs. Florence Hendricks, both lunchroom employes; Mary Marcus, aide at instructional center; Willie Dennis, L. C. Howard, Forrest A. l.ove and James Johnson, all maintenance department. Resignations were accepted from Kloina Memendez, Spanish aide, county wide personnel; and Aileen Lamb, librarian at Stuart Junior High. And Mrs. Lucretia (iarcia was transferred from Warfield School to the adult migrant program. Theaters Today BOCA RATON TV BriMim StranuliT," J:, T'I'i, 7:5,:25. CAREFREE "IMfy'J:!!!. 1:11, 3::'HI. 7: IS, 3: til. COLONY "Inli'lTuili',"7:'l),::l(l. FLORID l imi: A Spai-o OtKsscy." 2:(l. S:IW. LAKE "With Six Von ,ri EuBroll." .l:.'!r). S-40, 7:4"). ( : ",0. LOEW S CINEMA BOY NTON "Cinpcth.iKcr1,," 4:15, !t:irj, "Ncv;!tla Smith," Ml. LOEWS (INEMA 70 "Hcl(;a,"2-.U(l,4:(l,ri:IXI. H :()(). tl):ll. PLAZA "Boslrai SlranKlcr," 1:11. 3: 111, 5:'20, 7:.'l(l.3:4ll. I'l.WHOV "Come I'lav With Mr." 2:00. I:(KI, 6:00. 8:11, 10:00, "Sugr Daddv," 3;W, 5:00. 7:(l.fl:(MI RIVIERA "Duffy, "2::i5,5:(l,7:20, 9:40. BEACH (DRIVE INI "Shaklcsl (iun In ihc West," 7:110, "Hang 'Km Hifh," 9:IK), "Rrturn of the Srvi'n,"1l'.iK), "The Way West," 12:. BOl LEVARI) (DRIVE IN) "Invasinn of Animal t'l-oplc," 7:00, "Conquernr Worm," 8:40, "Ten'or of ihr Blood Hunters," 10:15. DELKAY (DRIVE INI "Barbarclla," 7:lm. 10:25. "Manic 7," SKYDKOME (I)RIVF IN) "LI'o a Little Love a Little," 7:00, 10:30, "Buckskin," 8:51). TRAIL (DRIVE IN) "Youne Runaways," 7-011. 111:25, "Spin-out," H:S. ' IN CENTER OF IAKE WORTH I .... llll.l.A. nuAkte COO MATINEE EVERY DAY 1ST SHOW 2:00 ADULT HITS fir I' resen I ermrrfiifar I mm I f NOW APPEARING "PHILADELPHIA, TONIGHT JR. COLLEGE AUDITORIUM ADULTS $2.00 - BOX OFFICE PHONE 965-8000 ( Tony Curtis SOUTH BAY The first courtesy baskets of vegetables were distributed by the police department here Friday. Recipients of the package containing sweet corn, celery and radishes were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Andrews of Montgomery, Ala., who are visiting in the area. Making the presentation in front of the City Hall was patrolman Leonard Tyson. The packages are being made available through donations of fresh corn by South Bay Growers, Inc., celery from A. Duda and Sons cooperative association and radishes donated by Grossinger and Sons. Merchants and city officials defrayed the cost of a printed card welcoming guests to this oskR Lk'M ... must it Ihaddfn CIonce to WRyoNrE?: Hbmm MS, I Menryhonda George Kennedy Mike Kellin Murray Hamilton THE TRUE STORY OF THE NIGHTLY BENNY LATIMORE WITH FREDDY SCOTT and the "Kinfolk" EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION "CARMELITA" BOSTON western Palm Beach county community. Police chief J. C. Andrews said the gifts will be distributed throughout the harvesting season. First Snow BELGRADE ( UPI) - Much of Yugoslavia was under the winter's first blanket of snow Friday. However weather experts forecast above-freezing tomperalures in the near future. Maw iK? ni Mavinw nun. t f OR f F A I U A t-' TIMtl few iirllil OPENS DAILY j "i " it i y: I Latin American ft m,.,'..-,,, nwvi f toMr Dancing St V l I-rTTv: nn i ... An astounding entertainment experience a dazzling trip to the moon, the planets and the stars beyond. CRYSTAL LAKE fit 1 Ml 1M IN STEREOPHONIC SOUND-METROCOIOR SAMPIE ROAD, 2'l Ml. WEST OF U.S. TUT prvst'iils ALA CARTE DINNER SERVICE ALSO BOUNTIFUL BUFFET $3.95 siAsrnoML HELD OVER SAT. & SUN. NOV. 16 & 17 RAY EBERLE Formerly with Glenn Miller Band 2 Shows - 8 and 10 P.M. No Cover - No Entertainment Charge Reservations 942-2533 JIM PICKAKD COUNTRY ROAD RUNNERS Fmturing JOKY WAYNK TRIO Olvl I IIOBSI I HAH (i:tO OktM'fliolH'f Ituad COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC For Your Dancing & Listening Pleasure TIKI RS., FRI AND SATURDAY NIGHTS SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT SEATS ARE NOT RESERVED 3 PERFORMANCES DAILY 2:00 - 5:00 AND 8:30 P.M. J" COMING-WED. NOV. 20 THRU NOV. 27 THE FOUR SAINTS OUTSTANDING MUSICAL COMEDY QUARTET Doris Day Brian Keith NU rilUB INSTtNT MWII V "With SixYou Get Eggroll" SEE M O V I f TIMi ClOCK " RALPH CHICK ORCH. FOR DANCING 3 SENSATIONAL HITS 1- ' CONQUEROR WORM" 2- "INVASION OF ANIMAL PEOPLE 3- "TERROR OF BLOOD HUNTERS" Co-starring Fat Carroll, Barbara Hershey, Thi' 'irass Knots folorh)' li'-hixi- pius' mn jONKNt ppiisiiB m m I OHM I J 41 OPEN 1.30 Today thru Tuesday , . i 1 -'im V , with 1 iliWT" 1 Hi Vim A 4 iUUOM U 1 NO I "Shakiest Gun in lh Wet" "Hang 'em High" ON U S NO ) D11IAI (MCM 2 adult entertainment JANE FONDA "BARBARELLA UN US NO I ll woe IK 2 BIG ..iiC V - i I. i V 111 w 11 Action Hiti Swap Shop Sun "Return of the Seven" "The Way West" BIG COLOR HITS GENE BARRY MAROC 7" 967-2500 C ELVIS PRESLEY 0 KCDiuniiTu i Duffy Starring James Coburn James Mason James Fox Susannah York HITS ELVIS PRESLEY & MICHELE COREY rm J "LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE" Barry Sullivan & Wndell Corey "BUCKSKIN" liCHNlCQLOfi' A MULTI-MILLION . vO f D01LAI (RIME CAPER! 1ST WPB SHOWING PATTY McCORMACK i "YOUNG RUNAWAYS" rmwui o Cornet lake Worth A Dovn Roadt lake Worth R &m&ss8s .-jaaiait'.i

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