Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 22, 2015 · Page B5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page B5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Page B5
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Page B5 article text (OCR)

USA TODAY—DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE THURSDAY,OCTOBER22,2015 E3 5B After a big rally, the U.S. stock market is running into “resistance,” a Wall Street term that describes what is akin to a price ceiling the market has trouble cracking after finding buyers there in the past. The Standard & Poor’s 500 has rallied about 9% since its late August low. But the easy money o the bottom of its first 10%-plus price correction already has been made. Now the benchmark large- company stock index has stalled out around prior price levels that launched rallies in the past. After a relatively unchanged session Wednesday, which left the S&P 500 trading around 2,020, the index is again stumbling at a key resistance level: the 2,040-to-2,045 range that marks its average price over the past 100 days and lows touchedin March and July, according to Robert Sluymer, a technical analyst at RBC Capital Markets. Resistance works like this: If buyers bought in at those levels in the past, only to see stocks fall, they may be inclined to sell when they get back to even. That selling makes it harder for the market to trend higher — until, of course, it breaks out above that level and investors think there’s money to be made. The problem? The S&P 500 made a run at 2,040 for four consecutive sessions but can’t take it out. The index closed within 3 points of 2,033 the first three days of the week, notes Andrew Adams of Raymond James. That action, he says, is a “definite sign of consolidation and possibly of (the rally) stalling out.” What to watch S&P 500 stock chart putting up resistance Adam Shell @adamshell USA TODAY 5-day avg. : +0.57 6-month avg. : -12.91 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : CPXX Here’s how America’s individual investors are performing based on data from SigFig online investment tracking service: USA’s portfolio allocation by risk 5-day avg. : -1.68 6-month avg. : -4.83 Largest holding : TSPCF Most bought : DXCM Most sold : BAS 5-day avg. : -0.03 6-month avg. : -6.26 Largest holding : TSPCF Most bought : GPRO Most sold : PACB 5-day avg. : -0.04 6-month avg. : -6.52 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : NFLX 5-day avg. : +0.82 6-month avg. : -7.78 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : WWAV Most sold : MSFT CONSERVATIVE Less than 30% equities BALANCED 30%-50% equities MODERATE 51%-70% equities AGGRESSIVE 71% or more in equities POWERED BY SIGFIG How we’re performing NOTE: INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SIGFIG IS STATISTICAL IN NATURE AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A RECOMMENDATION OF ANY STRATEGY OR SECURITY. VISIT SIGFIG.USATODAY.COM/DISCLOSE FOR ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES AND INFORMATION. POWERED BY SIGFIG More than half a million investors nationwide with total assets of $200 billion manage their investment portfolios online with SigFig investment tracking service. Data on this page are based on SigFig analysis. DID YOU KNOW? Facts about America’s investors who use SigFig tracking services: Older SigFig users paid more of the funds’ expense ratios in their 401(k)s. Those age 50-plus paid a median of 0.17% versus 0.07% for users age 30 and under. FEES AMERICA’S M ARKETS ALL THE MARKET ACTION IN REAL TIME. A MERICASMARKETS.USATODAY.COM IN-DEPTH MARKETS COVERAGE USATODAY.COM/MONEY TOP 10 MUTUAL FUNDS Fund, ranked by size NAV Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1 COMMODITIES Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD FOREIGN CURRENCIES Currency per dollar Close Prev. ! mo. ago Yr. ago FOREIGN MARKETS Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD % MORTGAGE RATES Type Close 6 mo ago INTEREST RATES Type Close 6 mo ago 1 – CAPITAL GAINS AND DIVIDENDS REINVESTED Vanguard €€Adml ‚ƒ.„„ -.€… +†.‚% -€.‡% Vanguard TotStIAdm €.„ƒ -€.‡… +.ˆ% -€.‚% Vanguard InstIdxI ‚„.ƒ† -.€ƒ +†.‚% -€.‡% Vanguard TotStIdx €.„„ -€.‡… +.ˆ% -€.ˆ% Vanguard InstPlus ‚„.ƒ„ -.€ +†.‚% -€.‡% Fidelity Contra €. -€.ƒˆ +€.‚% +„.†% Vanguard TotIntl .€ -€.€ +‡.„% -.% American Funds GrthAmA m „‡.ƒ„ -€.‡„ +€.‚% +†.†% American Funds IncAmerA m †€.… -€.€‡ +‡.€% -.‚% American Funds CapIncBuA m ….ƒ† -€.ˆ +‡.% -€.‚% SPDR S&P€€ ETF Tr SPY †€.‚ -.†„ -€.ƒ% -.‚% Barc iPath Vix ST VXX †€.†ˆ +.‡„ +….% -‡.ƒ% iShare Japan EWJ †.†„ +€.ƒ +.‡% +‚.ˆ% Mkt Vect Gold Miners GDX .‚ -€.„‚ -†.ˆ% -‡.‚% iShs Emerg Mkts EEM ‡.‡ -€.† -.„% -€.€% SPDR HealthCare XLV ƒ‚.†ˆ -€.ƒ† -€.ˆ% -€.% CS VS InvVix STerm XIV †ˆ. -†.†€ -ƒ.ˆ% -.†% iShares Rus †€€€ IWM ‡.…† -.…ƒ -.% -„.ˆ% CS VelSh ‡xLongCrude UWTI ˆ.‚‡ -€.ƒ„ -ƒ.% -…ˆ.ˆ% PowerShs QQQ Trust QQQ €….† -€.ƒƒ -€.ƒ% +„.% Prime lending ‡.†% ‡.†% Federal funds €.‡% €.‡% ‡ mo. T-bill €.€% €.€†%  yr. T-note .‡ƒ% .‡‡% € yr. T-note †.€‡% .ˆ% ‡€ yr. fixed ‡.…ˆ% ‡.……%  yr. fixed †.‚% †.ˆƒ%  yr. ARM †.ˆ% †.…% / ARM ‡.‚% ‡.€% Cattle (lb.) .„€ .„€ unch. unch. -.% Corn (bushel) ‡.‚ ‡.…… +€.€„ +.% -„.% Gold (troy oz.) ,ƒ….ƒ€ ,…‚.€€ -€.„€ -€.ˆ% -.„% Hogs, lean (lb.) .ƒ… .ƒ‚ -€.€ -.†% -….% Natural Gas (Btu.) †.„€ †.„‚ -€.€‚ -†.ˆ% -ƒ.‚% Oil, heating (gal.) .„ .„ unch. unch. -†.% Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) „.†€ „. -€.‡ -†.„% -.†% Silver (troy oz.) .…€ .ˆ -€.† -.‡% +€.‚% Soybeans (bushel) ˆ.€ ‚.ˆƒ +€.€ˆ +.€% -.†% Wheat (bushel) „.ˆ „.ˆ +€.€„ +€.…% -ƒ.% British pound .ƒ„‚‡ .ƒ„…… .ƒ…€€ .ƒ†€‡ Canadian dollar .‡ˆ .†ˆ‚ .††‚ˆ .††‚ Chinese yuan ƒ.‡„ˆ‡ ƒ.‡† ƒ.ˆ…„ ƒ.†€ Euro .‚‚† .‚‚†€ .ˆ‡ .…‚‚ Japanese yen ˆ.ˆƒ ˆ.ˆ† ˆ.…€ €ƒ.‚ Mexican peso ƒ.ƒ‡‡ ƒ.…ˆ .„ƒ„ ‡. Frankfurt €,†‡‚.€ €,„….ƒ‚ +ˆ€.„† +€.ˆ% +„.„% Hong Kong ††,ˆ‚ˆ.†† †‡,€….ƒ -‚ƒ.‡ˆ -€.„% -†.ƒ% Japan (Nikkei) ‚,„.†‚ ‚,†€…. +‡„….‡ +.ˆ% +ƒ.‡% London ƒ,‡„‚.„† ƒ,‡„.‡ +‡.†ˆ +€.% -‡.‡% Mexico City „„,„†ƒ.€… „„,ƒ‡.‚ƒ -††….…ˆ -€.% +‡.€% DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE MAJOR INDEXES S&P 500 STANDARD & POOR ' S NASDAQ COMPOSITE RUSSELL RUSSELL 2000 INDEX DJIA COMP -18.32 SPX -48.50 CHANGE: -.3% YTD: -654.46 YTD % CHG: -3.7% CHANGE: -.6% YTD: -39.96 YTD % CHG: -1.9% CHANGE: -1.6% YTD: -59.75 YTD % CHG: -5.0% CHANGE: -.8% YTD: +104.06 YTD % CHG: +2.2% CLOSE: 17,168.61 PREV. CLOSE: 17,217.11 RANGE: 17,153.13-17,314.99 CLOSE: 2,018.94 PREV. CLOSE: 2,030.77 RANGE: 2,017.22-2,037.97 CLOSE: 1,144.95 PREV. CLOSE: 1,163.27 RANGE: 1,144.90-1,167.01 CLOSE: 4,840.12 PREV. CLOSE: 4,880.97 RANGE: 4,836.46-4,904.85 -40.85 -11.83 SOURCES: MORNINGSTAR, DOW JONES INDEXES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM KLA-Tencor (KLAC) 63.98 +10.12 +18.8 -9.0 General Motors (GM) 35.42 +1.94 +5.8 +1.5 Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) 499.41 +26.40 +5.6 -5.6 Biogen (BIIB) 276.34 +10.53 +4.0 -18.6 Baxter (BAX) 35.60 +1.34 +3.9 -9.5 Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) 54.61 +1.67 +3.2 -58.8 Target (TGT) 76.40 +2.00 +2.7 +.6 United Technologies (UTX) 97.97 +2.35 +2.5 -14.8 ACE (ACE) 113.58 +2.53 +2.3 -1.1 Baker Hughes (BHI) 54.41 +1.24 +2.3 -3.0 Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Endo (ENDP) 54.46 -8.37 -13.3 -24.5 St. Jude Medical (STJ) 62.30 -6.06 -8.9 -4.2 Range Resources (RRC) 33.30 -2.58 -7.2 -37.7 Consol Energy (CNX) 9.65 -.68 -6.6 -71.5 EMC (EMC) 25.77 -1.72 -6.3 -13.3 Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 665.67 -39.96 -5.7 -2.8 Mallinckrodt (MNK) 60.48 -3.59 -5.6 -38.9 Amphenol (APH) 50.43 -2.98 -5.6 -6.3 Citrix Systems (CTXS) 71.92 -4.00 -5.3 +12.7 Southwestern Energy (SWN) 12.40 -.69 -5.3 -54.6 YTD YTD SOURCE: BLOOMBERG AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS S&P 500’S BIGGEST GAINERS/LOSERS RUT LOSERS GAINERS Lam Research agrees to buy at $10.6 billion. Third-quarter earnings beat estimates. Rises as third-quarter profit tops. Raises forecast as it cuts 11% of jobs. Reaches October’s high as it announces new leadership. Up another day after solid national coffee sales report. Breaks losing streak as it teams with MIT. Up another day as direct cash to stock buybacks. Posts record underwriting income. Third-quarter loss narrower than expected. Hits 2015 low on Citron Valeant report. Revenue fell short by slower heart rhythm product sales. Gas output growth has slowed, dips. Extends losing streak since earnings call announcement. Demand slows for storage devices. Third-quarter profit misses estimates. Another day negatively affected on Valeant report. Misses fourth-quarter forecast and cuts yearly forecast. Beats earnings, yet drops as it announces new leadership. Shares dip on lower oil prices. General Motors With strong U.S. truck sales and a minor decline in China, the automaker beat third-quarter earnings. GM also plans to team with South Korean electronics company LG to accelerate electric car production. STORY STOCKS 4-WEEK TREND $25 $40 Sept. 23Oct. 21 4-WEEK TREND $60 $80 Sept. 23Oct. 21 4-WEEK TREND $80 $120 Sept. 23Oct. 21 $102.54 $70.79 $35.42 Price: $35.42 Chg: $1.94 %chg: 5.8% Day’s high/low: $35.87/$34.72 Lam Research The semiconductor company agreed to buy rival KLA-Tencor for about $10.6billion to bolster its position in consolidating the semiconductor industry. The transaction is expected to close mid-2016. Price: $70.79 C hg: $0.76 %chg: 1.1% D ay’s high/low: $ 77.36/$70.50 Price: $102.54 Chg: -$1.30 %chg: -1.3% Day’s high/low: $104.25/$102.08 McDonald’s The fast-food franchise helped Monster Beverage by testing Monster drinks at about 20 locations, but shares retreated another day since hitting the year’s high on Friday ahead of the earnings call. A: Now you know the risk of buy-and- holding individual stocks. The best thing to do now is to not repeat this mistake. In your note, you explained you’ve lost more than half of your money on computer chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices and also video-game maker Zyn- ga. Both of these stocks have been wealth shredders. You paid $6 a share for AMD, which is now trading for about $2 a share. And you paid $4 for Zynga, which is trading for about $2 a share, too. When you’re down this much on stocks, there’s not really a happy ending. Atax preparer would suggest you sell the stocks by the end of the year so you can at least take the capital losses for this tax y ear. Just remember you’ll have to wait m ore than 30 days before you buy them b ack — although it’s hard to imagine why you’d want to own them again — or you r isk triggering the wash-sale rule and precluding you from taking the loss. T he key is learning from this mistake. When buying individual stocks, you are speculating and need to behave accordingly. Selling individual stocks when they fall more than 10% from your buy point is a good adage. Otherwise, diversify by buying a broad index. That way you can buy-and-hold as your risk is spread over avariety of companies and sectors. INVESTINGASK MATT Q: I’ve lost 50% on two stocks. What now? Matt Krantz USA TODAY Learn from your m istake and diversify portfolio Wednesday’s decision applies to tax breaks given to Starbucks a nd Fiat as a result of what the EU called “artificial and complex” tax methodologies. “Tax rulings that artificially reduce a company’s tax burden are not in line with EU state aid rules. They are illegal,” EU antitrust C ommissioner Margrethe Ves- tager said in a statement. “I hope that, with today’s decisions, this m essage will be heard by member state governments and compa- n ies alike.” “All companies, big or small, m ultinational or not, should pay their fair share,” she said. T he European Union demanded Wednesday that co ee chain Starbucks) and automaker Fiat each repay up to $34 million they received in tax breaks from Lux- e mbourg and the Netherlands. The ruling, which follows an investigation launched last year b y the European Commission — the 28-nation bloc’s executive a rm — could mean that global multinationals will face fewer opt ions when they look for countries with favorable tax deals. S tarbucks plans to appeal, said spokesman Corey duBrowa. “ Starbucks complies with all OECD rules, guidelines and laws and supports its tax reform process,” he said. “Starbucks has paid an average global e ective tax rate of roughly 33%, well above the 18.5% average rate paid by o ther large U.S. companies,” he said. The Dutch government said it w as “surprised” by the ruling because the arrangement was in l ine with international standards. Arepresentative from Luxem- b ourg’s national tax authority was not immediately available for c omment. Fiat said ahead of the an- n ouncement that it “never sought any derogation from the general (tax) law.” Starbucks shares closed the day down 0.6% at $60.53. Fiat Chrysler shares closed down 4.6% at $15.20. T he EU’s case is based around how Starbucks and Fiat establish taxable profits. “ They do not reflect economic reality,” the European Commiss ion said. Vestager said the EU is investi- g ating similar tax practices elsewhere in the EU. EU: Starbucks and Fiat profited from illegal tax breaks Kim Hjelmgaard USA TODAY DREW ANGERERGETTY IMAGES Starbucks plans to appeal Wednesday’s decision, a s pokesman said.

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