The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 16, 1968 · Page 19
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 19

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1968
Page 19
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday. Nov. 16. 1968 19 Dcta From U.S. Dubcek Policies Flayed Deaths And Funerals William Henry Dyer Jr. Services Set For Monday WATHf8 BUSfAU fSSA lain Shown TT!TO Snow f-.'-::.-l FlurrlM 1"1 F ' 1 FIgurM Show High TmpraturM Exptd Far Doytimo Soturdoy Italattd Precipitation Net lntiatd Caniult Lol FraM (APllrepkMo) tier of states. It w ill be warmer in the Plains and South Atlantic Coast States and colder in the Plains and Plateaus, Ohio and .Mississippi WARMER IN SOUTH Rain is expected today in the East, Great Lakes area, the South and Southwest and in the Pacific Northwest with snow forecast for the northern Moon Trip Animals Showing Changes Weather Table H Tin- Asswijli'd Tr.-ss Hi l..i I Alt- in . in Jl Allnlqurniui 11 X' All, ini,i ill. .Ii, lllsiii.uik II 11 It.ii,.. in 14 Hi.sli.ri II .17" ... il I'l .". IT H I I Kit inn. ill '.s ij l.-M-l.uiil VI U lli-inci tu l"i Drs Mnincs in .11 lli'H'.ll i.i II l-'.iiih.inks I 1.1 Foil U'ulti hi ij II. -I. n,i Ii. J I lnili.univ.ii, -,s 1 .lun.-.iu in 11 K.nis.ts l'i' II I'l I.iis , Mm, I, - Mi M l.niilsi ill.' .... ,, (IT '.T M.'tiiuhis 7J ill Itli.iuki-i' In in Mpis St. I' U i rw Otli-dlls ,7 'il i'ii V"ik ij II tkl.i ( in . . 17 in mi.ih.i 17 1.1 I'hll.illrli.'lllj ii U l'h".lli V- I'l I'illsliui'uh il .1.1 I'llnil. Mi' Ill ii, I'llii'l. ( In- li, 11 It.illl.l ( ll'. II !!n lilii"iiil '. 1.1 S l.uilis i'l 1 , S,ili l.k i il'. . II S.II1 Iiiil-'i is il S,in Ft, hi i.l "ill SiMllli- li .ii. .ishiniiliin ti:i li WillliirL! 17 l'i .Is 111 H.oitinv mil t: Beaches in the 1930 s and served on the port commission from to 1957. Me was also secretary-treasurer of National Chapels Mortuary, 1540 Hy-poluxo Road, Boynton Beach. Survivors include his wife, Mildred; a son, Thomas of suburban Boynton Beach, two daughters, Mrs. Marjorie Shriner of Dover. Mass., and Mrs. Cynthia Fnright of Cape Cod; a sister, Mrs. Mildred D. (iill of Boston, and 10 grandchildren. Friends may call today from ( 1I ARLKS L. W ILLI AMS Charles L. Williams, .', of 224 Vallowe Court, West Palm Beach, died Tuesday. Survivors include one sister, Mrs. Fdith I.udwig of II Ingham, Mass. Funeral services will be held at 1:.!0 p.m. Sunday at Quattlrbaum Hoi leman Burse Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 0 p.m. today and from noon until service time Sunday. JOHN KIKKWOOD VEKO BFACH .John Kirk-wood, 70, of Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, died Thursday at the home here of his daughter, Mrs. Ruth E. Hughes. Other survivors include his wife, Deborah of Willowdale, and three sisters, all of Scotland. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. today at the Co.x-Oif ford-Baldwin Funeral Home Chapel. MKS.OMAC Bl'TLFK DFI.RAY BFACH Mrs. Oma C. Butler, 72, of 290 NW 22nd St., died Thursday. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Virginia B. Jackson; and one granddaughter, (iinger Jackson, both of Delray Beach. Funeral services will be at Coulter Funeral Home, Chattanooga, Tenn., today. Interment will be in Chattanooga Memorial Park. Scobee Ireland Potter Funeral Home is in charge of local arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to Lakeview Baptist Church, Delray Beach. MRS. Sl'LA PHILLIPS JUPITER - Mrs. Sula Phillips, 52, of Roebuck Road, Jupiter Highlands, died Wednesday. Survivors include her husband, Herbert; three sons, Ill-ton, Estes and Lester, all of Jupiter; and one daughter, Mrs. Muriel Clements ot Okeechobee. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Jupiter Tequesla Funeral Home. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. today and Sunday and from 11 a.m. till service time Monday at the funeral home. MOSCOW i ITI i The Russians reported Friday that they had rocketed several forms of life around the moon and back and some of the specimens had undergone major bodily changes. The announcement, in the Communist parte newspaper Pravda, said the lunar probe zond "i had carried turtles, wine flies and various plant lile on its single loop around the moon last month. All the specimens survived the half million-mile trip, I'ravda said, but the turtles incurred altera Hons in their internal organs. lust last week Soviet scientists had expressed concern at a possible radiation hazard in Ihe neighborhood of the moon. I'hey said then that no cosmonauts would fly to Ihe moon until scientists had learned more about such dangers. As the news ot Zond .Ys delicate cargo was revealed, Zond (i hurtled back toward earth with whal could be a similar life package. Zond li, an unmanned ship reportedly able lo hold several spacemen, is due to land or splash down about noon Sunday, according to British space observers. Zond 5 splashed down in the Indian Ot can Sept. 21. I'ravda said Zond 5's turtles "were very active" upon returning to earth. The creatures "moved around a lot and ale w ith appetite," it said. The paper also reported that 'during Ihe experiment they lost about In per cent of their body weight." and that the tissue in their spleens and livers underwent changes. The precise nature of these changes were not reported, i'ravda added thai the turtles' blood did not show "any substantial deviations." While the Russians rarely repeat a space experiment lo Ihe letter, they said alter the return ot Zond "t they were .corned about possible radiation hazards for man on lunar lights. Thus, while there was no cord about the contents of ''.ond li, space experts here said it Wits likely that the huge capsule's mission was to lur-ther probe lunar radiation. The United States is scheduled to send three men around the moon late next month. So far American space scientists have not indicated concern with possible lunar radiation. III. "I.i . .," Is I l.uM'.n 7'' vi l),i-.l"ii.i Hi-.u h ,1 il Del., mil 77 17 I-'i'll l,,IUlli-!'liill' Sll 7.1 Furl .MM'is ,'i i.i .l.i'-ks'invilli' 71 1.1 Ki'i Ui-si -'i i,v l..iki'l.uiil 71 il Mi. mil si ,M N.i'.iii-s si i ; Oi ..I.i ii ;i i In, imlii 7ii il IVik.ii-iiI.i 711 17 SI, Pi le! shum Tli ix IjlLllKissi'i- 71 IJ T,!l!ll.l . 7i il Win llr.irli 7S 1,7 W I'.ilm ll.-.n ll 77 hi 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. at National Chapels Mortuary. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the Sanctuary of the (iood Shepherd Chapel, Palm Beach Memorial Park, with the Rev. Samuel M. Lindsay, pastor of the Royal Poin-ciana Chapel. Palm Beach, officiating. Memorial Lodge 26, F&AM, West Palm Beach, will conduct services at the Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd Chapel immediately afterward. MRS. AD AY. MARKS VERO BEACH Mrs. Ada Y. Marks, 83, of Vero Beach died Wednesday. Funeral mass was at 9 a.m. Thursday at St. Helen Catholic Church here. Cox Giffotd-Baldwin Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. MRS. LOLTSK B. BILLS WINTER PARK - Mrs. Louise B. Bills, 82, of Winter Park died Thursday. She was the widow of J. C. Bills, a long-time attornev in West Palm Beach. Survivors include three sons, John C. of Okeechobee, Louis B. of Lake Park and Douglas (i. of Mexico City, Mexico; three sisters, Mrs. Laura Chapman of Ovid, N.Y., Mrs. Grace Cross of Fayette-ville, N.Y., and Mrs. Anna B. Mall of North Pembroke, Mass.; 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Private services were held al Winter Park Towers Friday. Burial was to be in I he family plot at Ovid, N.Y. MRS. JAYMK CARDOSO Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Jayme Cardoso, about (io, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Rome, Italy, Thursday. Survivors include her husband, a retired Brazilian foreign service officer in Italy; two daughters, Mrs. Ballard fSoniai Donnell of West Palm Beach, who left Friday for Rome, and Mrs. Vera Cirrin-cione of Rome, and three grandchildren. Funeral services will be in Rome. Hafalis rites I)ru; Booklet TALLAHASSEE UPI Sen. L. A. Bafalis, R Palm Beach, announced Friday he had written a booklet on the problems of drug abuse which he planned to distribute to teen-agers throughout the state. "I have drafted a series of bills to be introduced into the next session of the legislature which may help, but 1 feel that education is the most valuable tool that we possess in this struggle," Batalis said in a prepared statement. He said the bills had been pre filed with the secretary of State Senate and the information contained in the booklet was gained through research done in drawing up the proposals. Balalis did not say who will pay the cost of the booklets but an aide to the senator said they would not be printed at slate expense. Kebel Leader Listed As 1-A IRVIN'GTON, N'.J. (CPU -The Irvinglon Selective Service Board said Friday Mark Ruild, rebel leader of the Students lor a Democratic Society, SDS, taction at New Yolk's Columbia University, has been classified 1 A. Draft board chairman Clil-ford P. Day said Rudd. 21, who lives in Maplewood, has appealed I he classification on Iho grounds lie is a "revolutionist." He has asked for a 2 A classiticatiiin. Day said, which applies to occupational determents. Rudd, as leader of the leftist SDS movement at Columbia, has been an outspoken disciple of ending the draft and his group has ardently protested the Vietnam War. Day said the action on Rudd's draft status came alter Columbia officials disclosed he no longer was a student TOIGi'lT Johnson Designates Holiday WASHINGTON U'P1 President Johnson said Friday that in the coming Thanksgiving holiday period Americans looking back on the tumultuous events of 1W8 "may be more inclined to ask God's mercy and guidance Ihan to offer him thanks for his blessings." The events this year "deserve our remembrance, and give us cause for Thanksgiving," he said in the annual presidential Thanksgiving proclamation. In formally proclaiming Thursday, Nov. JS, as Thanksgiving Day, Johnson cited such events as: "The endurance and stability of our democracy, as we prepare once more for an orderly transition of authority. "The renewed determination, on the part of millions of Americans, to bridge our divisions. "The beginning of talks with our adversaries, that will, we pray, lead to peace in Vietnam. "The increasing prosperity of our people, including those who were denied any share in America's blessings in the past. "The achievement of new-breakthroughs in medical science and new victories over disease." Johnson said those events "inspire not only the deepest gratitude, but conlidence that our nation, ihe beneficiary of good fortune beyond that ot any nation in history, will surmount its present trials and achieve a more jus! society for its people." "In this season." he added, "let us offer more than words of Thanksgiving to God. Let us resolve to offer Him the best that is within us tolerance, respect for life, faith in the destiny of all men lo live in peace." Miami versus Alabama ri t: t MY THREE SONS 8:30 PM l ' - '. , . -1 " i i -s J PRAGUE (AP) Czechoslovakia's Communist rulers engaged in a full-scale policy-debate Friday in speeches before their Central Committee. As hard liner orthodox members attacked the policies of party chief Alexander Dubcek. others demanded to know who invited the Soviets and their allies to invade the country. Broadcasts by Radio Prague Friday gave the first) glimpses to the outside world of the struggle going on in the meeting, which began Thursday. The session was called after the Aug. 20 invasion to determine national goals and priorities under foreign occupation. Frantisek Pavlicek, manager of Prague's Vinohradv Theater, demanded to know which members of the Central Committee or government had appealed to the Soviet Union for assistance "including armed forces assistance." The Soviet Union at first said the invasion was in response to an appeal for help. The broadcast quoted a Dubcek foe, Jan Pelnar, who became minister of the interior 11 days after the Soviets invaded as criticizing Dubcek's leadership for lacking "political courage" to root out anti-Soviet forces. Prague has been the scene recently of several anti-Soviet demonstrations and flag burnings. Pelnar said that after last January, when Dubcek took power and began his liberalization drive, there was an "intentional, organized procedure to weaken and to disintegrate the security forces. Some of the events of the l!ir0s were tendentiously exaggerated." This was an apparent reference to criticism of the harsh Stalinist years that surfaced In the liberalization drive. In a reference to the Communist takeover of 1M4H, Pelnar said, "The remnants of political forces defeated after l!ilo became the bearers of anti-socialist tendencies and the forces whieh were hostile to socialism." Pelnar's remarks were among the strongest statements criticizing Dubcek's liberalization movement in the excerpts read by radio announcers. Drahomir Kolder, another conservative and hard-liner who was accused by some Czechoslovaks of being willing to collaborate with the occupying Soviet troops, was also quoted as making personal criticism of some of the reform programs. But the broadcast did not say whom he criticized. Nanier's Release Ordered I V V. Times News Sen Ice NF.W YORK Ahmed Ra-geh Nainer, one of the defendants in the alleged plot to assassinate President elect Nixon, was ordered released Friday on a$2r),llilO bail bond. The order was signed Injustice John It. Slarkey a day after the Brooklyn district attorney employed a rarely used law that permits the withhold ing ot bail tor up lo IS hours while the prosecutor investigates the backgrounds of those who put up bond surety. "Having examined the surety we lound there was no legal basis to challenge bail," said Klliott Golden, the acting Kings County district attorney. The release order was signed a few hours after Gold en issued a formal statement saying he had never questioned the reliability, orcon-lirmed the ideti.ity of, an informant in the case. On Thursday Golden told the New York Times thai "there is already some reasonable doubt about the inloi mailt developing." At that lime he also confirmed the name of the secret witness as being Mohammed Algamal, who shares an apartment with the Name is. "I made no such statement nor did I confirm any such identity," Golden said Friday in his statement. "Understandably." he went on, "much public attention has been directed toward the arrest of these defendants. Nevertheless in the interest of jus tice to the defendants' rights and to the prosecution's case, I have steadfastly declined to comment upon the existence or identity of any so-called mystery witness, and have urged the news media lo refrain from publicly speculating as to such identity. "In reply to an inquiry as to what action I would take if subsequent evidence established either serious doubt as to the defendants' guilt or clearly established their inno-cense, I stated what probable course of conduct I would follow. That is, 1 would ask that bail be substantially reduced or the defendants paroled until a Jury verdict was rendered in the first instance, or I would move to dismiss the indictment in the latter Instance." Golden emphasized that the reporter's Inquiry and his own response were phrased In the conditional tense and that this was misunderstood. LAKE WORTH Funeral services are to be held al 2 p.m. Monday for William Henry Dyer Jr., 7,'i of the Oulf Stream Towers, (iolfview, former member of the Fort of Calm Beach Commission. Mr. Dyer, who died early Friday, was founder and president of the Palm Beach Memorial Park. At the time of his death, he was an exec utive of Milk-rest Memorial Park in West Palm Beach. A native of Providence, K.I., Mr. Dyer retired to tlu Palm M AXC. K.VSl I.KI Max (.'. Kasulki. XII. of 52X6 F.adie Place, suburban West Palm Beach, died Friday. Survivors include one grandson. Carl l.iebe: and one granddaughter, Mrs. Sally Turner, both of West Palm Beach; and one brother, l.eo, ot Wuterbury, Conn. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Tillman Military Trail Funeral Home, West Palm Beach. Burial will be in Manchester, Conn. LAW KKNCK F. McARDI.E Lawrence F. .MrArdle. xil, of Lourdes Residence, West Palm Beach, died Friday. Survivors include one daughter, .Mrs. Audrey Rob erts of West Palm Beach; one brother Charles of Valley Stream, L.I.. N.Y.: and one granddaughter. Miell Fa ville-Zern South dale Chapel will announce arrangements. MISS IDA TfOMI I.AKF WORTH - Miss Ida Tuomi, To, ot .'!(! N. Kit k Road, died Friday. Survivors include one broth or, lljalmar 1'ullian, of Ilanov, B.C., Canada. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday at Lakeside Chapel, Lake Worth. Friends may call from 1 to li p.m. Sunday at the chapel. KAKI. 1". BINGH AM Karl P. Bingham, 71), of .'!!. Eastview, Ave., West Palm Beach, died Thursday. Survivors include his wife, Harriet S.; and a sister, Mrs. Clan-nee 0. Simmons Sr. of Troy.N.Y. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Mi-zell Favillo Zern Soulhdale Chapel. Friends may call at the chapel from 2 to 4 p.m. Sun-dav. I.KCiAl, NOTK'KS Nil. ."XMI NO TICK Ol SI'Kt I M. UK I KKKN in vi i;i.i.( tion C i It.- Ill lit l)n I ili'sit.i . l- i-nilicr 1(1. IH in the TOWN OK I'M M UK ti ll SIIOItKS, I I.OIUDA As iriir. liv ( h,,pt,-r .,s- rj.t l..iw, nl h'lnnd.L Kxtt .1 "nlin.nv Si'ssiini ldi.s Mi,, iuu n ( 'iirimiissiuimt I'.ilin Bimi li shutes. Lir-id. i passi'il Mii- lullnu mi: Hi-sriliitiiiri i .tiling tin- ,i sii-, i.ii ii-lni'tiilum i'!i-i t ii mi KKSdl.l I'll IN n l"4 I'. KSdl.t'THlN li F THK TOWN I iF I'AI.M HKACH SHlil'.FS .U TIti HIlINC A SI'Krl.U. HKFKHKNDI'M KI.KlTlDN AS HKLJI'lliKI) HV CliAI'TKI! US m LAWS "K Fl.ill'.IDA KXTUA "li IHNAKY SFSSIUN l!ii,v STATINC I'I'I'.l'iisK AM) DA'I'K "F KI.KCTInN )KS K.NATINi; III K I'lll.l.IM, I't.-M'K AND l)ILF( TINI, I'l'llLICATION (IF NnTK'F. V SAID FI.FCI'H IN BY TI1F TOWNCI.KKK WIIK'iKAS. Die lire "I the Sf .it I' ill FlnniLi i-ll,tt ti-(l I ll.ljlti-r lis l'JI I.,ius,,t Fl'ind.i i-,tr,i oriliiurv Si-smmii rts u (in ti .inii'tnli-il ('li.niii-i JI7"'.: !..!, .it Finn. 1. 1 S.i-i mi ,. Is "I l!i 17 Suti si'i I ion ' in i 1 , 1 1 ut Sri tmii : Attn li- V t'-r l lie pin msi' ut ili-lr (nm Mii- unrits ' iii'uti.itili- cim in m' ' mil pi nviiliim tin ,1 til ,i i m u rn llltl'f rst nil miltni lp.ll linllils Issued .it six prl i i llHim Ju l .tiimilli . ,111(1 WHKKKAS IIh- .itnri'iiii'iitiuiii-.l rti.ipti-l lis 1JI li,-i ,imi- law mi .lulv J-l 1"'S .nut n-jiiir.-il a villi- nl i"' i l, i i.iis ut Hi.- T.,wn in ,( ri'li-i.'ii (Icin i li-i linn In oli- mi s.nil ,n I u itli MI s I 111 "l! fls ili'lll lis ll" ' til I- (1,1 1 1- N' W TIII-.KKFnr.F 1IF. IT 1!F IsiilA KD ,1 spi-i M ii'liTi'iiiluiii i-ri turn will III' Ili'lll III llli' Tiiwn nl I'.ilm Iti'.K li Stiuii-s hi vnti' mi rii,ip iter lis 1 J t Laws nl Fliirula Kxti.i nr itllUlV S'-ssKill 1'iiis w fin li .imi-iiils l 'tuptiT J IT'iJ s nl Fl'Tiila. S,.' . i.ii A' ts nl l'i7 Sub si , linn . In i - , 1 1 "! s.-, iiim : Arn. li- V. In ili-li'taii; i- Mclils ll'-iictialilr i ntipi'll ' .111(1 pin ;d'-s Inr a maximum nl six jut i imi In 111 prr .ililllllll nit.'li'st rati' (ill IiiimiIs issued h l !u- low n HF IT FIT: I IIFI! Ll-:Si H.VKD t said i-li-i lion w til In- lii-!d on Tui'mI.iv tlli- 1'itti d.ii -it In-, i-mlii'i I'lt.s Tin-ii'ilimv. plan' ili-sivinati-'l is tin- i'.ilm H.'.H ll Shori-s lov-n Hall JIT Fd wards Lane 1'aim Hi-.u h Sll"it-s Florida HF IT FI'ltTHFK IUsSI H.VFD that I)i'iii; A Lliitnn and I'.ussi'M : Wlii'lstniH' an- licrrl.v appointt'd as inspi'i luis anil I'atru k f ll.u.i is .ipi"inli'il as i Icrk tor tin- piirpnsi- ol ilns i'Ii'i lion In 'hi- i'-i'iit auv imi- or Iliofl' (It llll'Sl' pi-lsiifls is un. tlii, In si-ic in Ins ri'spi" tn-t- apa. dv tli.' T"wn roinmission shall havi- Iho an I In it It to appi'inl a nualltli-d sulistl lutr w ithout lull hi'! not ii i' UK IT FIT'.THFH I! F.Sl il.VFI) (hat llli- Town Clt'ik is aulhoiii-il and ill ris t.-.t 'o putilisli nolii . ol tin' spis ial ii'li'li'iidiinl t'lri tion oni r ,i wi'i'k loi lour i ons.-i nti.' w.-.-ks in a iii-wspa p.-r ot u.-ut' . in illation in tin- Tow n P'lor to the date ot said ele, tion anil !u posl notu c ot said cli-i lion in ten prominent plai es Ihtouiihout (lie Town DIT.Y I'ASSFI) AND ADul'TFD Ihls .'llllll.n i.lDi toiler llll-H l' .1 Wolle M.uit Walti-t M Dillon I 1. Klanliard Ft. ink W M. in ik (aisf Drut ATTKST Friiest I, Aliel. TownlTerk The polls at said elm tion will lie open tiom 7 on tu lin k A M until 7 ml n i lot k 1' M nl the same (lav. and all dulv remster.'.t ele, tors o the Town are ('livable to vote in said eli'ition Ketostialiiin books rnainlain.'d tiy the Tow n CTeik nl the Tow n nf Calm Heai h Shores, at the Town Hall. .'17 Fdw.uils Lain- Palm He.u h Shore FI"i Ida ' ii! be , losed at 5 i Un k P M on the l.'th dav nl NovcnTier t!t'S The purpose nl the prnpus"d ameiiilnu 'it f tit strike (mm the .1 Ii, i e i lied ., . Hon nl the Tnw n Char (,i (he words neiiotiable tnupon The piesent Town ('harter limits the Town to the issti.uue nl ni'Kotiabl.' i oiipiin t'.u ds onU This amendment will nive the Town mon' .atitude in determinini; what tvpe ul tionds should be issued alter thpv are law-ullv aiijit nved bv reterendum The et ond purpose lor the amendment is a raise the maximum interest rate rum 4 tier i t'nlum per annum to H per eiitutn per annum to insure matket-ibiiitv ot anv bonds dulv authorized bv a freeholder s reterendum Dated this HI h d.iv "1 November. F.rnest L Abel TovvnClerk Anitus .1 Campbell Tow n Attnrnev liai Harvev Buitding West Palm Beai Tv Florida Pub Nov ! li. 2.1. Id. I Dogs Go Fon Hunter GAINKSVIU.K, Ga, (AO A pack of wild dogs attacked a deer hunter in Lumpkin County Thursday, and the hunter shot and killed two ot them. Ihe Stale Game and Fish Department reported Friday. A spokesman lor the depart menl said three (logs in a large pack attacked Ray llul sey of Tucker, Ga., who toiight them "II with his deer rifle. Hulsey said Hie oth'T dogs in Ihe pack lied when he began shooting al them. Hulsey said he was not hurt, but that "I was terrified. They looked like big I ierm.m police dogs." Wild dogs have been a ma jor problem in Georgia, and I his is Ihe second instance it hunter has been attacked this Kill. The f ieorgia Legislature has been asked to consider legisla lion providing lor some con Irol of wild dogs throughout the slate. Report On Pill LOMX)N I AIM Free issue of the Rill and other contraceptives to unmarried girls by Britain's National Health Service has not increased sexual promiscuity, the British Family Planning Association reporti d. Its annual survey said It out of every liKi new patients at birth control clinics get oral contraceptives by re quest or prescription. V YOU DON T HAVt TO BE UNDEH 30 TO SWING. T' 3VaT AND MR. ONE-AND-AH-TWO-AND-AH-THREE PROVES IT. pjr FooJLl Y Wnn JTTTiX x,Vv-" yv4r , The Lawrence WfelkShcw I fe TONIGHT F'li LKGAI. NOTK'KS NO. 'iH'-IK Public nutii e is herebv Kiven that the undersigned intends to r.'toster with '.he Clerk nl the Circuit Court ol Palm Beach Countv. Florida, pursuant to Section Si,.'ni9, Florida Statutes I!tli7. the fn tltlous name, to wit It AND .1 F.NTFKPI'.ISFS under whu h we arc cnttaited in a business at :tu(i MAKL BOHC'I'tiH PLACE. UF.ST PALM BKACH, FLORIDA lOHNC WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILKINSON Pub Oct , Nov 2 9 Id 1!,S NO. ilt'.'tt I -ii ri I it notice is hen-bv ttiven that the undersigned intends to register with the t'l, i k ol the Circuit Court ol Palm Beach Countv, Florida, pursuant to Section kii!, ml, Florida Statutes I9HT, the fictitious name, to wit WILLIAM (I IIDHItS YACHT SALES under whu h I am ein:at;e(f in a business at HiT. 0th ML! I. I EST PALM HEAI H FI.OK1DA HAROLD D STOKER Pull Oi t Jh. Nov J. . Hi, lm.x Nn. Public not it e is herebv tiivcn that the unilersii;!Hd intends lo register with (he ( 'lei k ot the i -in ait court ol Palm Il'-at Ii Countv Florida, puisiianl to S.- (ion si,', n'l. Flotilla Statutes I'd, 7 'lit- In titious name towit HLI'E Hi-' RON REST M'RANT whu li we ale eTmancd in a business at :it', E ItLFE HERON IIOIT.KYARD. ;1VI ERA HEAI H FLORIDA s MII.I.YEW JOHNSTON s I.AWREM'EV JOHNSTON Pub No 'l li, I III I'hik Nu. '."IKK Publit null' e is lictebv liiven that the Ullielsii;iii'd iiilenils to ri-nlster With the ( Jerk ol llu- ( in ml Court ol Palm Heai ll Courilv Florida, pursuant to Sti Hon si,;, u'l .-o, id,, stalutes IHK7. (he In litmus name to wit Hot . RA TON l'.-IHKl; sl'.Wi: SERVICE un del w lilt li we an- eni;ai;'-it in a busi ness a! OFFICE Icn N E STREET, line A R ATI IN FLORIDA SIR t- lm, N W ll'h STR.EE I- Hi K A it vroN I-l.i'RIDA s STCARI'M MOCI.E s I'YN I II 1A 11 MOCI.E Pub Nov It Hi, w. in, i'lnh NO. ilKSK Public notice is herpby given that the undersigned intends to register with the Clerk ol the Circuit Court ol Palm Beach County, Florida, pursuant to Section SS5.09, Florida Statutes 1987, the fictitious name to wit: LORRAINE'S POODLE SALON under which I am engaged in a business at 2111 NORTH DIXIE. LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA. ( signed ) LORRAINE CARTER Pub : Nov 118. U. im. no. 'Juno Public notice is herebv Kiven that the undersigned intends to register with the Clerk ol the Circuit Court ol Palm Beat h County Florida, pursuant to Section Si,", nil. Florida Statutes 17. the fictit'ous name, to wit THE SANDPIPER APARTMENTS under whu h we are enijaited in a business at :4il PARK AVEN'l E, SINUEK IS LAND, RIVIERA BEACH. FLA, Pat Williamson C, M J Kainienieckl Pub oitober.'i; Nov 2. . 16. 19B8 N fl. '.'SSHU NOTICE I MKR KKTITIOI S NAME LAW NOTICE IS HEREBY CilVEN that the undersigned, desirmi; to eiiKauc in business under the fictitious name of OCEAN PA ITO APARTMENTS at number 4M7 So Ocean Blvd . in the Cltv ol Highland Beai h. Florida, in tends to register the said name with the Clerk ot the Circuit Court ol PALM BEACH Florida Dated at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, thtshth dav ot November, IK. s- Joseph F Atanasio s Marttaret T. Atanmo Jansen, Cobb Haines A Baxter Jai k A Baxter Attornev lor Applicant 4"..lii North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale Florida Pub Nov S. lh. 2.1. 3. l!iS TONIGHT Mi '( A,j M MIW ijpi. D. JWMHIflM I 'll m I -m m E . V,, . there. I.F.iiAL NOTK'KS ISO. HOI 1 Public notice Is hereby Riven that the undersigned intends to register with the Clerk of the Circuit Court ol Palm Beach Countv. Florida, pursuant to Section!). Florida Statutes m, the fictitious name, to wit SANTANA CAMERA CENTER-STUDIOS under which we are engaged in a business at (KHI SOUTH M1UTAKY TKA1L. WEST PALM BEACH, FLOKIDA JAMES M HUMPHREY CYNTHIA W HUMPHREY Pub : Nov. Hi. 23. J0. Dec. 7, IVHH NO. HIII2 NOT IC E OK SALE TOWHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that the following ttttil Pacemaker House Trailer Serial No.: :W1H will be sold at publit sale at HUH) am on the 2hth dav of November. ltttiH, at clreen Acres Trailer Sales Jo.l.'l N. Military Trail, Lake Worth, Florida The proceeds of the sale will be ap plied to the pavment of the cost of retaking, storing and sale of said house trailer and the cost of publication of notice of sale, and then to the satisfaction of the balance due under the contract with Robert and Eva Salinas Kt 1 Box xo7. Lake Worth, Florida covering the financing of said house trailer Any surplus will be paid to the above mentioned and they will remain liable for anv balance remaining unpaid under said contract. First National Bank of Delrav Beach K L Banaszak. Ass t. Vice Pres. JH2 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach. Florida Pub. Nov. 16. m 6:30 PM HAWIIAN EYE 7:30 PM The JACKIE GLEAS0N SHOW NEWS WEEKEND 6&11PM ERSKINE CALDWELL, author of the best-selling novels "Tobacco Road" and "God's Little Acre" is Larry King's special guest this weekend. Del Frank is News anchorman, Bob Halloran presents the sports, Dick Fennel updates the weather. Katie gives birth to identical triplet sons and Steve must adjust to the fact that he is grandfather. . . three times over. WTVJ

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