The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 15, 1968 · Page 47
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 47

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1968
Page 47
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Page 47 article text (OCR)

4 PalmBi-ach Post, Friday. Nov. 15, 1968 Cuba Puts Emphasis On 1970 Sugar Harvest Boost U'ANA l AP - The eov- of man hnnrc ni.nti ,, m: h k....- ...... C " VJ J & , HAVANA (AP i The of man hours planting and fer mat he government and the Communist says believes the gov more clinical view: "There is tilizing new cane, building dams, laying irrigation lines and channels, strengthening transportation facilities and schooling technicians. Partly officials lash back at anyone who suggest the 1970 goal will not be met. A diplo parly an' selling off this month the "ninth sugar harvest of the people," the'har-vesl of 1W9. But all-even, and most of the effort, remain fixed on 1970 when Frime Minister Kide Castro savs Cuba eminent will make it because Castro has committed himself too deeply not to succeed." He adds: "after all, this is a Communist government. They can sacrifice 1969 for 1970." A sugar expert with years of practical experience takes a The government says about one million more acres of cane will be harvested in 1970, a total of 3.6 million acres. The grinding capacity of the coun-' try's 152 mills is estimated at about 7.5 to 8 million tons annually. The Sugar Ministry-says that with plant expansion no doubt they have the cane. They have planted lots of cane. But everything will have to work. They cannot afford any breakdowns in grinding or transportation problems like they have hau in previous years." and remodeling, production will be increased tons by 1970. Earlier Castro harvests also have been plagued by transportation problems getting the cane to the grinding mill before it loses sugar content. Some sugar experts contend stalks hardly are worth grinding unless they are at the mill within 48 hours after they are cut. This year some cane lay In the fields up to two weeks. In the past the government has built Its cane-cutting force around a nucleus of 75.000 permanent cutters. For 1970, even w ith increased mechanization, it plans to put 400,000 cutters in the fields. The Soviet Union buys the bulk of Cuban export sugar for just over six cents per pound. The world market price fluctuates around two cents per pound. will produce a record 10 million metric tons. The 19fi9 sugar harvest seems almost forgotten in the nationwide drive to make the 10 million goal a year later. Castro has said both his government's ability and credibility can be judged on whether l ii nr a z- Smoothly sanded, beautifully grained KNOTTY PINE COLONIAL READY-TO-FINISH FURNITURE BOOKCASE 1H95 m inn i a iki i fj i tf i va i n f & orw a ku h i is I ii i ti i fj h i n "- jr What attractive decoratina Bnr( nr. r,,;uui v...' , REG. 36-INCH HIGH; 38-INCH WIDE. 391 M $22.95 so you do EXACTLY what wVdSKS varnished! Knotty Pine can be done In so many ways KNOTTY PINE CLEAR VELVET PINE p 1 c LMmr 4-DRAWER DESK ri47 BEG. Knot y Pine VANITY TABLE CIV? 18-IN. DEEP, 36IN. WIDE, 1 30 INCH HIGH. NO. 171 DRAWER $10.47 CHEST "l0w W SHELF KIT Cuba makes it. Political implications aside, the harvest has vital importance tor the country economically. Cuba earns 80 per cent of its foreign exchange from sugar and this year's disastrous crop plunged the island into deep economic trouble. The l!t harvest, Woai not anounced, is being billed as Mrutegic practice for lifflj. Unofficial estimates say the government would be pleased to get seven million tons in !l, two million less than originally planned. The record in Cuba is 7.2 million tons, set in 1952 seven years before Castro came to power. The scaling down of the 19(i9 goal follows the drought-affected harvest this year of just over 5 million tons, ,15 million below goal. Castro says the 1970 harvest will meet its goal "with or without drought." To do this, the government is preparing the biggest labor mobilization in the island's history. It has invested $200 million beefing up its' sugar refineries and spent thousands Sand.d.n.oih... For utility room, adr lor you la Hniih. aarage, etc. REG. $3.98 298 EA. 4 fT. HIGH, 3-FT. WIOE CLEAR WHITE PINE 4-SHELF BOOKCASE 1 VELVET KNOTTY PINE r mil i I ' U- Th I A 1111 'I f m " t. " . ..." " A NIGHT STAND 32-Inch high, 27-Inch wide, 15-Inch deep. 98 r, ft i 28 IN. HIGH 13 IN wmr 10 i SAVE $1.00 ' REG. ' $17.47 F I f f f f "" ' 1 17 Inchei high, 36-tach.i ; y z r-xt wld"' 10''"chM d,,'- ' 13 IN. DEEP. (NO. 8320 or 302 Our Option.) REG. $11.98 i SP GEORGIA-PACIFIC SBeauHtuI Mahogany Matching ' PREFINISHED PANELING wood stains 1 "RIVIERA" BIRCH Prefinished PANELING Factory finished In itylUh, random grooved paflernt providel an txotlc background lor all typei of room sellinqs. "TROPICANA" i 11 iff m Genuine hardwood with a tough modified polyurethane finish. This durable surface is easily maintained. Will withstand abrasion and common household chemicals. Choice of colors. Royalcote 4x8-FT. g)Q damcic czw:r Uzo I fill bli J HONEVT0WN ffl PANEL CHESRT Ml Royalcote 4x8-FT. gri PANELS II04 I ftllLkJ SABLE WfllNUT EJ fkHtl iw n ' t f i- urn if 111 Ml I lit 11 '"', I . 1 lit : W V , 4x8- 111 V li !ul 1 v4X8-Kaneling 4X8-FT. ii i . 171? FOOT PANELS panels uiuTeau wainur rnntw IIMIIiUI oruain s Deficit Worsens (C ) 1 m New York Tlmm Nrwi Service LONDON Following two months of heartening improvement, Britain's troublesome trade deficit took a turn for the worse in October. The government reported that the excess of imports over exports doubled last month to $158.4 million from the revised September figure. Exports fell and imports rose to a near-record. Foreign exchange traders were disappointed. The pound dropped to $2.3885 from $2.3899 on the news but closed at $2.,'i891, possibly with Bank of England support. The big deficit was disturbing especially since It was announced near the anniversary of devaluation on Nov. 18, 1967. That drastic move was Intended to turn big deficits into big surpluses, but improvement has been a long UJK ii i i' " (tit 11 vvyy nr caki CtfIL ' SML St(t JIG SAW POWFR THE DELUXE M88 11 A. DRILL NO. 503 -SEG. $16,88 Kllb 7'4-IN POWER SAW Thli popular SKILSAW Ii VAinn l.'. in 11 . 5H-IN. Inch blado culs 2-inch dred lumber al 45 ven alter itveral blade iharpenlngi. Hai law- I dun election eyilem lhal keeps line ol cut clear, f Varl-lorque clutch prolecU motor, qeare II blade f' 2688 EmJ ea. tami in cut. : POWER SAW NO. 533 -REG. $28,88 time coming. $29.88 y 7 u t 1 IA 11' , no. w S(l 6'2-IN. POWER SAW OVER Vh H.P. MOTOR J X I- A complete Kit 'hal has populir Skil Model 514 Jig Saw , , ' nr ' ' plus ! blades lor utling wood or met'l. lets you cut J '' ltb. any material, any shape, accurately, easily. Includes rip . 4 t1i OO i:.. 1 lnr anft rirrle riittino aniii Cnm nrLA in 0788 Mm I EA. Jk a a f convenient carrying ease made o( durable plastic, t co- uv.w NO. 534 REG. $29 em DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD ii Coma mm a (jimlily mill' ' 2x2-IN. LUMBER ; c CALIFORNIA REDWOOD REDWOOD BOARDS 1 Price Example: 1 x 4-INCH I per RUNNING FOOT " ML : w -SMS "SHASTA. JR." The foreign exchange market has been unsettled also by persistent speculation on a forthcoming devaluation of the French franc and a revaluation, or increase In value, of the West German mark. The franc was at its floor of 4.974 against the dollar, and the mark was at its celling of 3.9725 against the dollar. French authorities were obll gated to buy francs with dollars and German authorities were obligated to sell marks for dollars to maintain fixed parities. "Something's got to give here," a London foreign exchange dealer said. "We've got lots of speculation, and the whole thing is building up into a very uncertain situation." Another dealer said "I think it looks awful." For once, the pound did not appear to be the chief worry. Despite the disheartening trade figures, there was little speculation against the pound, and the three months forward discount has remained at a low 1 per cent on an annual basis. 2 x 4 - 8-F00T WOODLATH J80 4x8-FT.,y!lNJ9S : i . , INCHx Pa INCH Kiln Dried so piece bundle jlalj SHASTA I I WB'iejr Ii! r 1 1 Hi " """"" I J It il ; CHOICE i I I 79 i t x Z IN. "Blue Lake" i ' tID UtaiDrn , i Kiln dried. Eoiy It taw and ; noil. Double end-trimmed; eased r 28c Colliomiu BFDwnnn . m 111 II lil I I! 1 W i FOOT LENGTHS EA. VI 11 W THRIFTY perlor to all lor durability! World iamoui lor Hi laillna ', 4 ' quallH... V . . ttttWJftnn DrtCTC 8-F00T - .J 39 2 can eeieci the bed lor i 1 1 I n"iivvi( I V4IJ rou,,.bi yrl 4.4.,N.8.FTiL0NG ? ' 00 j,ART on ground end! J7 i 6m XtFASHION-RIGHT OEPT.!jp VERSATILE HERCULON ( OLEFIN FIBER . w ne i iuun Rectangular Rayon f nciitaiiutdi najuil ROBBINS PIICC UIMVI m IND00R-0UTD00R CARPET IZlEGS 106 1 EACH Hi i ni'w i u& rrFL00R TIL or 24 x 36-Inch i tfl I f i l! 1 S1J III H ki ll V..-- Made oi purt vinyl . (not vinyl asbestos). IBX24-.N. "VELDURA" ! ,-)Pf DOOR MAT J66 . i !, , i etlrt outiHi. pimintntli treitil . M '-" A , te atttict and rttim ,rt. )tF J M'JkS If -T.A new modern, designs. , Stop-in our Floor De- partment ior the right ! tile tor your home. I CHOICE OF: INDIAN; SIERRA; GREEN; CATA-LINA BLUE. .4. Juet cut Sun A Shade ( , ' with eciseort or knife! Re- iit fading: will not eup- t" port mildew or fungil Cleane with vacuum or hoe! Does not abeorb wa- ter; driee rapidly. t 12-FT. x M-FT. ROLLS" ' CUT TO YOUR SIZE i. AS LOW 3 M - ! 1 !! Vv-w IT ovufiRc "Pago Pago" Rush Square mD RUGS REG.M.63 9 FOOT WIDTHS Completely reverible! Government economists put a bright face on the figures and pointed out that the trade deficit for the last three months had averaged $90.8 million a month, compared with $172.8 million In the preceding three months and about $400 million the worst ever for the devaluation month of November, 1967. Recent government statements have brimmed with confidence, despite the Nov. 1 clampdown on installment buying In yet another attempt to stamp out the consumer boom. Consumer spending, apparently an almost intractable product, is sucking in Imports and taking up domestic production that might otherwise be exported. Imports last month climbed to about $1.6 billion, just shy of the July record. At the same time, exports dropped from the September record of $1.3 billion to $1.26 billion. INCH TILE FOR v MAYFAIR OR MONICA, r SO. FT. 'UtT"" Gasoline Pcwered P I AWN FflHFR M TPIMMPD KJIl'lll I t i ' Quality "Pemco indsley 'r uanl mid iipim-riali' your business! umber This is the design that doe not inrow stones, grass etc at t,e operator! Cuts an iven clean frnch PALM BEACH COUNTY STORES Open Sunday, in one trip with its 10-inch austampere. ileel blade! UKt PARK: 140 10th Sf. - Ph. MM45 Jflll GLADE: S.L 3rd . - ph. W6-S2f (BELLI GLADE STORE CLOSED SUNDAY) 0CA RAV0N: 1(50 N. Federal Hwy. - Ph. 395-202 LAKE WORTH: 2745 lake Worth React - Ph. HS4T79 DELRAT: 1115 N. Fed. Hwy. - Ph. 27MI27 (DELRAY STORE CLOSED SUNDAY) EL OWIDIcct Million ii UIH Model51 REG. J59.9S '57.95 Water Loan Eyed VERO BEACH A special meeting to determine if Vero Beach can provide water to. the Glfford area was set for 2:30 p.m. today In the Vero Beach City Hall. The FHA wants to be sure Vero Beach cannot serve the Glfford area before approving a loan of $327,000 to a Gilford group, Urban Development Utilities. NO MONEY DOWN - ONLY $5 MONTHLY!

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