The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 15, 1968 · Page 42
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 42

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1968
Page 42
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Page 42 article text (OCR)

411 Palm Beach Post Friday, Nov. 13, 1S j HvIruN " " "(but these: I i-i wellI 1 f sot stuping j 1 1 is that something I Antr to freiooi fuiile : 1 1... Aa6 'i JUSTGVE ME i f ISNT V. CONRJCUS SAID. S Antagonists pil THE LITTLE WOMAN i Tdtuke) a" , ' ,p its or i oa d-o voo just ) CM I Ml i M4 ap ; AT ram n?n mmmwmmmm' Mwm ACROSS 48 Cut with 1 Knemies scissors 5 Competitor 50 World War 10 Photo II event 12 English 52 Antagonistic dramatist 55 French (1855-1934) impressionist 13 Resist 59 Weirder authority 60 Foe 14 Warlike 61 Feat (coll.) 16 Prima dunna 62 Man's 18 Polio vaccine nickname inventor. D0WN 19 Watering place 1 Distant 22 Cap part 2 Hullfight 25 Compass cheer point 3 Recede 26 Narrated 4 Brought to 28 Link court 30 Be against 5 Grande 32 Dinner 6 Elected ones course (coll.) 36 Positive 7 Ex-soldiers feature (coll.) 37 Crime 8 Operatic 38 Musical show solos 41 Italian city 9 Hangs 42 Arab loosely country (ab ) II 1,054 45 Less (Roman) 47 Knight's 12 Stage title 15 Piece out ffii 'M O II ran iBLONDIEP- .- fl- " -y.1- V,5 - J I RCWn cJF I A w'tI R 1 0m WHAT K ,3 wrwL. J liW f? ! 11 V -ll ABOUT THNW "ameonswhatkind fmiQi- -uaXo iiucc: RllMlScftPE FOR TODAY i 'r yaj'TTgra projects. Don't insult relative. 12 3 4 lb 6 7 8 9 10 IT 172 13 14 nT 1 1 1 : is 17 rrrm 1 . 2 19 20 21 F7J22 23 24 1 25 26 27 pj28 29 tJ ,,, J mmmmmmmmmm 30 31 532 33 34 35 31 rruT 38 39 40 41 42 143 44 p" 45 46 4l 48 49 rTH 51j 52 53 54 r-55 56 57 58 59 60 6l " 62 ' I 1 I I 15 ;.i,A.H5 t r. i ,.a... .APBTN: I U L L A.KI i jn 17 Liana 19 Greek portico 20 Explosive sounds 21 High mountains 23 Beast of burden 24 Trick 27 One who 40 Beneath 42 Free nation (ab ) 43 South American mountains 44 Fasten firmly 46 Notorious marquis, De accomplishes 49 South 29 Bargain American event 31 Flower part 33 Perdition 34 Against 35 Colorer 37 Deadly quarrel 39 Feminine nickname country 51 Desires (coll. 53 Japanese measure 54 Coterie 56 Obtain 57 Wine cup 58 Together (comb, form) Enterprise Ann.) turned the suit to West's jack. A third club went to dummy's 10 and South ran off his eight spade tricks and conceded the last two. A diamond opening lead would have beaten him but there would have been no way for him to bring home 10 tricks at spades. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn) Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 A Pass 1 A Pass 3 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VA10 53 7654 What do you do now? A Hid four clubs. You would like to bid three hearts to see if your partner can try three no-trump but you are too likely to get way too high with this heart bid. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid four chibs and your partner bids four diamonds. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's I ' "A (Newspaper ..,l........l...1.,' r'srvy j & f layoff v. ) 7- u( ) 1 J .1. H x'c ' ; : - I)I(K'lkW V " soX VMyJn J i j - 'JEmn.mwtfrt'w'i 1 1 1 -"rnnrlS Vim f ittftalv. uty.iM,i ifrwlK-wrii ' 1 .- 1 K . -i O HOW DID yOUN IMSIDE THIS CAVE 15 HOW DO YOU GET H .i Jill SHOW you, DIANA . IkJ m ) 1 BOUGHT YOU WEkE ) A COUNTER-WEIGHT UP ON THAT? HOW & IT VVA5 BUHT AGES f- aT VsySTEM BUILT fO DOES IT WORK? Af fek A&0. - . . sr!v 'kiw? 4T dvylmaAi. DOWN DRAW WATER FROM v. !'; P W yCL ftW'. I, another S Iff r - --!irj,-,fcit Mil jji T iZeLAAJ- pH.NTOM'e -WvyL i'j 1 W$l lOyjSj ' j wmo TH bucket. I l1-"-1 x NEEp TO BE " V TO HAVE 3 I F .:;':;;' .BuTWHObV I VE SEEN FREE... EARN 1 WY OWN If ;1 M ( CHANGE V ( THINKING OF I AAY OWN WAY... J APARTMENT... A f 'Jf Sk CIAPER6 ? V C5ETTINC5 A V INDBPENDBNT J DRIVE AAY fi ft- ?V' V Aw Zp ; m rffe r ,ri THE KLINTSTONES (Q O ) kJ O i i -Tj t , , O I ( "doM'T LET TH'V-T-Tlt- I -GOTO VORE HAIP, DEAR.) ( YES, DEAR. '! (-ALL j DON'T LET TU'AZj- -GO TO VORE HAIP,DEAR. ) ( YES, DEAR.' .r (-ALL 1 JACOBY ON BRIDGE Luck Helps No-Trumper November 15, l'JWt By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." Alt IKS I March 21 April 19 1: Routine may be upset. This is no reason for family dispute. Make adjustments. Be gracious. Treat lovt i jncs with due respect. Kmphasis on work, health and sudden changes. TAURUS (April 2()-May 20 1: You learn truth about affair of heart may not be entirely to your liking, but it is necessary. Face facts as they exist. One you Ihink you know does an about-face. Be ready for suprise. (iKMINI (May 21 Juno 20): Future plans are subject to revision. Money consideration enters picture. Pay heed to apparent minor details. Important to be thorough. The more comprehensive your view, the better for CANCER (June 21 July 22): Avoid unnecessary journeys. Confusion exists. Check messages, instructions. Day to finish rather than to embark on CAHMICHAEL 11-15 MEDICAL CENTER fA$ of Me Afs PATOT BUT A5 A CAREER They'll Do It Every ) I Minor dispute could become major. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Past responsibilities could pul (lent m budget. Heed one who has fresh viewpoint. Discard outmoded methods. Trim waste. You mav "ot realize value of what ycu possess. Take time to think. VIRGO (Aug. 2.!-Sept. 22): Personal ambitions are subject to change. You gain added information. Use it wisely. Steer clear of one who drives in absent-minded manner. Protect vourown interests. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Secrets are revealed. Maintain poise. Don't permit argumentative person to ruin your evening. Accent social activity. Expand horizons. Differentiate between fact and rumor. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 2U: Friends could act in erratic manner. Be self-reliant. Depending on others today is not wise. Tendency is to permit emotions to engulf logic. Overcome it. Think before acting. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Communication from one in authority could highlight day. Express your views in gracious manner. Change of routine is distinct possibility. You are given an unusual task. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Not wise to reach too far afield. Stick to familiar ground. Find for entertaining at home. Keep communication lines clear. Someone may have important message to transmit. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. IS): Individual close to you may act in stubborn manner. Affects financial plans. Best course Is one of caution. Don't force issues. Stay away from get-rich-quick schemes. PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20): Study AQUARIUS message. Take special care where contracts, agreements enter picture. Look for hidden clause. Consult one with experience. Don't try to do everything yourself. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are romantic, possess much personal magnetism, attract members of opposite sex. Recent changes prove beneficial. You can now complete future travel-vacation plans. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Conditions affecting basic services tend to be upset, revised. Time INTOXICATIN' , DON'T FO'GIT.'.'YO' IS HUMANITY N THAT ) f sr'sst. (RHYTHMS O' LEONARD I SUFFERIN' FUM SENESCENCE J CONDITION, VOC v V CORKISTEIN AN'THV y " WHICH 15 ATERRIBLE r-V IRRESISTIBLE ) (fuT L DOGPATCH PHIL- L CORN-DISHUM TO BE IN - JX IGNORAMUS.'.') J cy ' HARMONIC-J ;' iwi, , tfvCN TC -J -h' - r'ly- L'lL ABNKxi -- --C-iD'-.r: I 2 WTV'. 2ZlJ f yes, i wonder if 1 1 n . I rrr f 50 WUCH roR, VCAN STILL DO IT' j C " ( HSCH6J By Oswald and James Jacoby NORTH 15 A943 VKQ7 4 I09G4 K 10 2 WEST (I)) EAST A 10 A 82 VA832 VJ1064 Q2 KJ875 QJ9865 AA4 SOUTH A AKQJ7C5 95 A3 73 North -South vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass 1 3 NT. Dblo Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Q The late Walter Malowan of New York was famous fur his no-trump bidding. He bid more no-trumps than anyone and although he was set manv tunes, he also made a lot of Karnes that other players missed. Smith's three no-trump ca!! could almost be taken right out of Malowan's book. South could be sure of eight tricks with a diamond lead and decided to bid three no-trump rather than four spades. There was an additional reason for his apparent madness, lie was vulnerable and his opponents weren't. He could visualize a possible sacrifice against four spades and felt that no one would sacrifice against three no-trump. When West doubled South decided to stand by his guns, lie felt that he would also be doubled at four spades and that he would not make that contract any easier than he could make three no-trump. When West opened the queen of clubs South wished he had run to four spades, or had merely bid two spades and stopped. Then he looked at dummy and things appeared far better. The king-10-small of clubs represented a stopper in this suit, the king-queen of hearts took care of any danger there. He could see the sun shining brightly and hear the birds twittering in the treetops. He played dummy's king. East took his ace and re C.jrf S: y -ViHlisIl f I KNOW WE 1 f I'M GONNA, yOU WANT TO , L PUT UP SMsYTAy r,UV FILE MY 1969 FILE E-ARLY? WE f ORVIE IS ACTING 1 Rl6 EARLY'M will FILE 3 INCOfAE TAX EARLY HAVENT GOT THOSE ( f LIKE THE TAXPAYER 1 BUT WHO J Zon i vh 3 WAV I HAVE f FORWS YET-MAYBE y is A SU5PICIOU5 READS 'EM' fj ZnruMM SOME FORMS-THE VOU COULP USE LAST J CHARACTER INSTEAD mi L BE W ONES? A YEARS ANP JUST A 0F JUST AN ECCENTRIC Aj?A ft!l NlTNGSTHEPAT5 M,LL.ONAIRE:?,p ) IJSJ, Nim-w MK 1MB . , j 1 Sm W, T T ! W M ( A) J HOW XXI USED ? ,ixi i Sh n IM tdsjinthis lvsr , C SL R I JL HISH CHAIR WHEN AO OX ' , JA T j -'ifC chip was a ix f) uvi . (M, yy r ,yh I i j rSSSSiflT'wETDO, Whello-o-o! IT',.. ITS TTIS HE li THE NATIVES WUE TcoAvi MV00Lp'noW TAKE OFF W J PoTEET,' ft MP-HAT.' I HM GOLDIE' WAlTIN' WITH TM6IK ' 9ENTAL BRIP&E BAgy J YOU TWO II BIT5V, I'M STILLJ? HOLD THE fjk' J "V- AIN'T YOU MA5 AN'JUN TO 6ET THEM BOYS WAVE PEETTYTO " TS SHAKINfi! STIZETCHEH TWl JiiT60TNO FOE YOU T' TAKE To CAREY ME AN? THE NICE TROOPS' . jirTW l WHIU I TURN f97?f rjl Wif-'fl EPICATION BACK AN'ELL.1 I LIE To THE MOMEY OUU IT, RED-HAT J ll.tifflHStjCV AKOUNP... VSSi J'A, ? 4 IT'S THEIR MONEV A WLP.EK5! r--OB 60LDIE&ETS feS? P'MJ JP'- yr IT !N THE EAR; mA1 -? yy ' k VII luorAAiiuA rue itirconi oecunc y f V.r' . " Villi M nnjwfTtiii'v ins lP4l&PMNrU rvtwtMWU Irf -v'-. v'Vll . SERVICE IWTO A TIZZY- AN EARLY V'. BIROU PO IT EVERY TIM6- U V ,. -i-, 'l&VtiOffl R'M' BAUR'. B3SWsr. Ujj'flH STEVE CANYONS By Neg Cochran OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OX.ON.X BONE AW, H6 U 6IVE ITXtcRtlUPRy) CmiLD f?E- 1 YOU'VEVTHAT MU6T M ?-OL)6H -1 iW-&5pk' ykMUl -IE?.E5 how I avoid the SlOCK AMD 6ET THE 'u i i. X'ARTEKSACK: BUT OF WON'T "m T'l I .11 KT TAA H0RT Jim iK'trrf.r, rr aaaiiM(5 Vt V,oi ' ALL BE WHEM HE-Vl'D HATE TO ZP6CHWZ) HAE ALL CWM FOOT THAT Blubber ( LANUOM M& mm lbkm mm MM YES, MR. POOr-LEsI I AMAZING... WE'RE I I ...IF "YOU'LL ) YOU MEAN GET INTO '7 t A t3 ? . K'i f t" 4 "A f THIS IS IT CAN TAKE US BUT I PONT ) PREPARED COOPERATE! THAT THING AND LET RIDICULOUS! -x J'U,!,-,. JU. J V"W TM fVtA I A TIME- 1 ANYWHERE IN BELIEVE IT.' TO PROVE VOU PUSH BUTTONS ( I WOULDN'T V i'i 1 I i J I -f o HjT il7'- 0 V MACHINE?- HISTORY V V0URCLAlM. U V. ANO PULL LEVEKS?! THINK OF IT.' ' x ' 1 ' A XJ A V yLV f AHHIWV VtwISDIET19 V THAT MOOCHES. .'( THAT DIETS FAVORITE! J MURDER.1 1 I HE ALREADY GOING IN DOUBLE Z WON'T SURVIVE ATEOMEOE REVERSE ' CHOCOLATEA ONTHAT V&jS'S SAND-y LIKE THE v. CAE) J SKIMPY LUNCH WtCHES.HIS SAYING GOES, r- i At I HAD. HOW APPLE, NOW THE RICH V? CM ; i ABOUTAPIECE HE'S TRYiMG &ET RICHER'N' A 'A OF THAT FOR THE THE POOR A ' V CAKE ? y AvSET P00RBfy ill hm ' 1 - r$AAV, &j2s -r HIGH CALORIE DIET ,. ,H ., .. , 1

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