Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 21, 2015 · Page B5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page B5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Page B5
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USA TODAY—DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE WEDNESDAY,OCTOBER21,2015 E3 5B IN-DEPTH MARKETS COVERAGE USATODAY.COM/MONEY TOP 10 MUTUAL FUNDS Fund, ranked by size NAV Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1 COMMODITIES Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD FOREIGN CURRENCIES Currency per dollar Close Prev. ! mo. ago Yr. ago FOREIGN MARKETS Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD % MORTGAGE RATES Type Close 6 mo ago INTEREST RATES Type Close 6 mo ago 1 – CAPITAL GAINS AND DIVIDENDS REINVESTED Vanguard €€Adml ‚ƒ. -€.„ƒ +….‚% +€.„% Vanguard TotStIAdm €.‚… -€.€ƒ +….% -€.% Vanguard InstIdxI ‚.†‚ -€.„† +….‡% +€.„% Vanguard TotStIdx €.‚ -€.€ƒ +….€% -€.„% Vanguard InstPlus ‚.†‡ -€.„† +….‡% +€.…% Fidelity Contra €.‚ˆ -€.…‡ +„.€% +.€% Vanguard TotIntl . -€.€ˆ +….‡% -€.‚% American Funds GrthAmA m ˆ….‡‚ -€.„ +.% +….€% American Funds IncAmerA m „€.ƒˆ -€.€„ +….„% -.†% American Funds CapIncBuA m ƒ.‚ -€.€ƒ +….†% -€.ˆ% Mkt Vect Gold Miners GDX †.…… +€.†… +ˆ.€% -.„% SPDR S&P€€ ETF Tr SPY „€….€‡ -€.„‚ -€.% -.„% Barc iPath Vix ST VXX ‚.‡ +€.†… +….ˆ% -…‡.‡% iShs Emerg Mkts EEM ….‚ƒ -€.€ unch. -‚.ƒ% CS VS InvVix STerm XIV ….ƒ -.„€ -….†% +.‚% PowerShs QQQ Trust QQQ €‚.‚ -€.† -€.% +ˆ.‚% CS VelSh …xLongCrude UWTI €.ˆƒ -€.„„ -„.% -ƒ‚.†% US Oil Fund LP USO ˆ.ƒ… -€.€ -€.ƒ% -„ƒ.ƒ% SPDR Financial XLF „….†ƒ +€.ˆ +€.†% -ˆ.…% iShare Japan EWJ „.€‚ -€.€ƒ -€.†% +ƒ.% Prime lending ….„% ….„% Federal funds €.…% €.…% … mo. T-bill €.€% €.€%  yr. T-note .…‡% .…„% € yr. T-note „.€ƒ% .‚‚% …€ yr. fixed ….ƒ‡% ….ƒˆ%  yr. fixed „.‚†% „.‡ˆ%  yr. ARM „.†€% „.ƒ€% / ARM ….‡% ….€†% Cattle (lb.) .ˆ€ .…‚ +€.€„ +.ˆ% -.ˆ% Corn (bushel) ….ƒƒ ….ƒ… +€.€ˆ +.€% -.% Gold (troy oz.) ,ƒ‚.€€ ,ƒ….…€ +ˆ.ƒ€ +€.ˆ% -€.% Hogs, lean (lb.) .†‚ .†† +€.€„ +„.‡% -†.ˆ% Natural Gas (Btu.) „.ˆ‚ „.ˆˆ +€.€ˆ +.ˆ% -ˆ.…% Oil, heating (gal.) .ˆ .ˆ unch. unch. -„.†% Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) ˆ. ˆ.‚‡ -€.…ˆ -€.ƒ% -ˆ.% Silver (troy oz.) .‡ .‚… +€.€‚ +€.% +„.„% Soybeans (bushel) ‚.‡† ‚.‡ +€.€ +€.†% -„.% Wheat (bushel) ˆ.‡ ˆ.‚† +€.€ +.% -†.ƒ% British pound .†ˆƒƒ .†ˆ† .†ƒ€ .†‚ Canadian dollar .„‡‚ .…€„ˆ .„„…„ .„‚… Chinese yuan †.…„ †.…†€… †.‡ƒ€ †.„…€ Euro .‚‚„€ .‚‚„‚ .‡…† .ƒ‚€ƒ Japanese yen ‡.‡„ ‡.ˆƒ ‡.… €†.‚† Mexican peso †.ƒ‡ †.ˆ‚‡† .ˆ†… ….…ˆ Frankfurt €,ˆƒ.†‚ €,†ˆ.… -†.†… -€.„% +….% Hong Kong „„,‡‚‡.„„ „…,€ƒ.† -‚†.…‡ -€.ˆ% -„.†% Japan (Nikkei) ‚,„€ƒ. ‚,….„… +ƒ.‡„ +€.ˆ% +ˆ.…% London †,…ˆ.… †,…„.…… -ƒ.„€ -€.% -….ˆ% Mexico City ˆˆ,†….‚† ˆˆ,„….€„ +…€.‚ +€.…% +….% DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE MAJOR INDEXES S&P 500 STANDARD & POOR ' S NASDAQ COMPOSITE RUSSELL RUSSELL 2000 INDEX DJIA COMP -1.03 SPX -13.43 CHANGE: -.1% YTD: -605.96 YTD % CHG: -3.4% CHANGE: -.1% YTD: -28.13 YTD % CHG: -1.4% CHANGE: -.1% YTD: -41.43 YTD % CHG: -3.4% CHANGE: -.5% YTD: +144.92 YTD % CHG: +3.1% CLOSE: 17,217.11 PREV. CLOSE: 17,230.54 RANGE: 17,147.99-17,264.88 CLOSE: 2,030.77 PREV. CLOSE: 2,033.66 RANGE: 2,026.61-2,039.12 CLOSE: 1,163.27 PREV. CLOSE: 1,164.30 RANGE: 1,159.07-1,169.60 CLOSE: 4,880.97 PREV. CLOSE: 4,905.47 RANGE: 4,866.60-4,909.37 -24.50 -2.89 SOURCES: MORNINGSTAR, DOW JONES INDEXES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM Dover (DOV) 61.53 +3.82 +6.6 -14.2 Monster Beverage (MNST) 139.61 +6.91 +5.2 +28.9 SanDisk (SNDK) 75.19 +3.19 +4.4 -23.3 Range Resources (RRC) 35.88 +1.39 +4.0 -32.9 United Technologies (UTX) 95.62 +3.57 +3.9 -16.9 Ensco (ESV) 16.66 +.58 +3.6 -44.4 Lam Research (LRCX) 70.03 +2.39 +3.5 -11.7 Allegion (ALLE) 61.99 +2.01 +3.4 +11.8 Navient (NAVI) 12.66 +.39 +3.2 -41.4 Starwood Hotels & Resorts (HOT) 69.64 +2.02 +3.0 -14.1 Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Harley-Davidson (HOG) 48.25 -7.80 -13.9 -26.8 Micron Technology (MU) 17.09 -2.07 -10.8 -51.2 Western Digital (WDC) 74.86 -5.62 -7.0 -32.4 Endo (ENDP) 62.83 -3.96 -5.9 -12.9 IBM (IBM) 140.64 -8.58 -5.7 -12.3 Mallinckrodt (MNK) 64.07 -3.55 -5.2 -35.3 Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) 110.25 -5.63 -4.9 -7.2 Varian Medical Systems (VAR) 75.30 -3.17 -4.0 -13.0 Allergan (AGN) 263.42 -9.89 -3.6 +2.3 Marathon Petroleum (MPC) 47.34 -1.72 -3.5 +4.9 YTD YTD SOURCE: BLOOMBERG AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS S&P 500’S BIGGEST GAINERS/LOSERS RUT LOSERS GAINERS Tops third-quarter earnings, jumps early. McDonald’s is testing Monster drinks. In talks to be bought by Western Digital. Makes up loss on weak rating as natural gas rises. Directs cash toward $16 billion of stock buybacks. Rated buy at Citi, seen OK until spring. Up after Intel’s China plant announcement. Strong Tuesday makes up loss since September. Keeps buy, rises ahead of earnings call. Aloft brand continues its growth. Dips after reducing shipment forecast. Falls after Intel’s China plant announcement. Tumbles as it leans toward all-cash bid for SanDisk. Nears 2015 low after Valeant announcement. Shares drop as profit forecast is cut. Shares lower after Valeant comments. Slips as Cystic Fibrosis challenges heat up. Falls after rating cut and earnings. Dips after Valeant’s subpoenas announcement. Rating cut to neutral at Simmons. AMERICA’S M ARKETS ALL THE MARKET ACTION IN REAL TIME. A MERICASMARKETS.USATODAY.COM Here’s how America’s individual investors are performing based on data from SigFig online investment tracking service: USA’s portfolio allocation by trade activity 5-day avg. : -0.16 6-month avg. : -3.38 Largest holding : GE Most bought : MRK Most sold : BAJFF 5-day avg. : +0.59 6-month avg. : -11.05 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : AAPL 5-day avg. : +0.95 6-month avg. : -12.00 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : GPRO Most sold : FCX 5-day avg. : +0.57 6-month avg. : -12.91 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : CPXX BUY AND HOLD Less than 10% turnover ACTIVE 11%-50% turnover VERY ACTIVE 51%-100% turnover AGGRESSIVE 100%-plus turnover POWERED BY SIGFIG How we’re performing NOTE: INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SIGFIG IS STATISTICAL IN NATURE AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A RECOMMENDATION OF ANY STRATEGY OR SECURITY. VISIT SIGFIG.USATODAY.COM/DISCLOSE FOR ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES AND INFORMATION. POWERED BY SIGFIG More than half a million investors nationwide with total assets of $200 billion manage their investment portfolios online with SigFig investment tracking service. Data on this page are based on SigFig analysis. DID YOU KNOW? Facts about America’s investors who use SigFig tracking services: In December 2014, a third of SigFig investors made catch up 401(k) contributions at the end of the month. $$ Yum Brands The giant restaurant company pleased investors with its plan to split its struggling Chinese unit into a separate company. China brings in half of Yum’s revenue, but growth has been challenging. STORY STOCKS 4-WEEK TREND $60 $100 Sept. 22Oct. 20 4-WEEK TREND $100 $120 Sept. 22Oct. 20 4-WEEK TREND $100 $200 Sept. 22Oct. 20 $140.64 $113.77 $73.03 Price: $73.03 Chg: $2.36 %chg: 3.3% Day’s high/low: $75.22/$72.95 Apple Shares of the digital gadget maker gained on CEO Tim Cook’s comments about the company’s view of the automobile market at a technology conference. Investors are eager for the company’s next move. Price: $113.77 C hg: $2.04 %chg: 1.8% D ay’s high/low: $ 114.17/$110.82 Price: $140.64 Chg: -$8.58 %chg: -5.7% Day’s high/low: $140.27/$140.27 International Business Machines The tech firm skidded after reporting quarterly revenue of $193 billion, missing expectations by 1.8%. Adjusted earnings fell 5.7%. A: Harley-Davidson (HOG) shares stalled out Tuesday after the company’s disappointing quarter. But analysts still think the stock has room ahead of it. The motorcycle maker disappointed investors Tuesday after announcing flat quarterly profit of 69 cents a share, missing expectations by 10%. The company’s quarterly revenue of $1.14 billion was less than 1% higher than it was a year ago. More concerning, though, was the company’s less-than-bullish guidance. Harley now expects to ship between 265,000 and 270,000 motorcycles this year, which is flat to down 2% from 2014’s levels. Investors are worried about the comp any losing market share in the U.S., largely from Japanese manufacturers. D isappointment after disappointment p ushed the shares down roughly $8 a share, or almost 14%, to $48.25 Tuesday. A nalysts may need to readjust their models following the company’s disclo- s ure, but so far, most are seeing this as just a bump in the road. Analysts are calling for adjusted profit to jump 17% in fiscal 2016 and give the stock an average rating of “outperform.” And thanks to the stock’s big fall, that leaves more room for potential upside. Analysts think the stock will be worth $65.79 a share in 18 months. INVESTINGASK MATT Q: Does Harley have any vroom left? Matt Krantz USA TODAY Motorcycle maker should recover from bump in road Facing pressure from activist investors, Yum Brands announced Tuesday that it will spin o its China business. T he announcement comes after Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed told analysts this month the comp any would take “immediate action” and acknowledged its p romised turnaround of its KFC and Pizza Hut brands in China h as failed to take hold. The possibility of a spino ap- p eared all but a done deal last week after Yum announcedit had n amed activist investor Keith Meister to the company’s board of directors. Meister, managing partner of Corvex Management, had been among the most vocal proponents of spinning o the China business. Meister has a 5% s take in Yum. “Over the past year, our management and board have thor- o ughly evaluated a range of value-creating opportunities,” C reed said in a statement. “Following the separation, each s tand-alone company will be able to intensify focus on its distinct c ommercial priorities, allocate its own resources to meet the needs o f its business, and pursue distinct capital structures and capital allocation strategies.” Yum shares closed at $73.03, up 1.8%. The company operates about 6,900 restaurants in China, including KFC, Pizza Hut and the L ittle Sheep hot pot chain. As part of the transition, Yum China will have the opportunity to l aunch Taco Bell, Yum’s strongest franchise in the USA, in China. T he transition is to be completed by the end of next year. T he new China company is expected to have no significant d ebt, with substantial financial c apacity to invest in its business. The China businesses, which a re about 93% company-owned, will pay a royalty fee to Yum B rands. Yum o cials are still discussing with regulators in China and the U.S. what the tax implications of the deal could mean. The China business generates about $1 billion in operating cash flow and has been growing at about 7 00 new restaurants a year. Yum Brands will continue to be led by Creed, and Yum China w ill be led by Micky Pant, who was named CEO of the China u nit in August. The company said it will divulge more about its Chin a strategy at its scheduled investors day conference in December. Yum Brands plans spino of struggling China business Aamer Madhani @AamerISmad USA TODAY BRENT LEWIN, BLOOMBERG Yum Brands has seen the turnaround of its KFC and Pizza Hut b rands stall because of the slowing economy in China. With not a single economic data point set for release Wednesday, Wall Street’s eyes will be turned to profit reports from three brand-name U.S. companies from the iconic blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average. Investors will get results from soft-drink giant Coca-Cola, aerospace player Boeing and financial services firm American Express. Like the big-picture earnings season, expectations aren’t exactly sky high for any of the blue chip companies. Earnings per share vs. the same quarter a year ago are expected to dip slightly for both Coca-Cola and American Express, according to earnings tracker Thomson Reuters. Wall Street analysts are forecasting Coca-Cola to earn 50 cents a share in the just-ended third quarter, down 5.6% from the 53 cents earned in the third quarter of 2014. American Express is seen earning $1.31 per share, or 6.4% below the $1.40 it earned a year ago. Expectations are higher for airplane maker Boeing. Analysts are expecting Boeing to earn $2.22 per share, or 3.6% above last year’s $2.14, Thomson Reuters data show. The Dow, which finished virtually unchanged Tuesday after a big plunge in IBM shares due to its downbeat full-year outlook was o set by gains in Dow components Travelers, United Technologies and Verizon, will probably need some solid earnings beats Wednesday to keep chugging higher. What to watch Dow Jones stocks headline pro fi t releases Adam Shell @adamshell USA TODAY

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