The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 15, 1968 · Page 35
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 35

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1968
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Friday Nov. 13, 1968 35 Justice Choice Rumored FABULOUS DEPARTMENT STORES LOOK FOR WE CREEtl CLOVER FOR "EXTRA SAVINGS , Y -- FABULOUS DEPARTMENT STORES E S FABULOUS DEPARTMENT STORES i mm mmm. mil' is x x i i i mi i m i i i i m - i i mm 11 I 3 " '..V II III illl II I I J I I I I I I I I I An LOOK FOt THE CSCCK CIOVU FOK "EXTKM SAVINGS .... . H i New YurkTimpsNewoSmirr WASHINGTON Henry J. friendly, a Federal appellate judj;e who has been mentioned as a possible Nixon appointee to the Supreme Court, has proposed a constitutional amendment to reverse a number of liberal Supreme Court criminal law decisions. The Supreme Court has expanded the fifth amendment's privilege against self incrimination fai beyond its intended scope, he said to the point that it "seriously impeded the state in the most basic of all tasks, to provide for the security of the individual and his properly-" "The time has come,"-l-'riendly said, "when the nation should face up to the hard task ol considering an amendment to the self-incriminating clause that will preserve all thi' frameis said and some of the court's extensions, modify others, expunge some altogether, and guard against accretions quite obviously in the making." His statements were made in a series of three lectures delivered recently at the University of Cincinnati l,aw School. Friendly, a member of the United States court of appeals for the second circuit, which sits in New York, has for several years been critical ol sortie of the Supreme Court's extensions of criminal defendants' rights. During his campaign, President-elect Richard M. Nixon criticized some of the same rulings as friendly and prom ised to appoint only "strict constructionists" of the constitution to the high bench. Some persons close to Nixon have said that Friendly could be Nixon's first appointee to the court. In his lectures, Friendly argued that the Supreme Court has treated the self-incrimination clause "with almost religious adulation." j I J y$MJ SHIFTS : all i j " :74:$$ f'-- : - ":ff M float dresses MVW BEACOH WESTMINSTER V "fyfwf) Sfdf-- 4 sin o"$1 :! mv, lu ;. IW rail ,J DRESS PANTS f(j DlfMO LABEL MAKER ! k V;- 1-1 - :r fcflTJ I II i OTCWsar. r:'::- am W : if ru,- . 1 WEATHER OR ROT ... i i - GIRLS' S LI'L GIRLS' SPORTSWEAR JLL WEATHER COATS UDIES' WCITI,,G NEW Lm' miOS - SHORTS - BLOUSES SHIFTS SHORT SETS - SLACK SOS 88 REHRO SLACK SETS JACKETS I SHIRTS $3 $2 I W V3 CL4IR01 HIIR COLOR I liii' )J Z) Vfefl NICE n' EASY ! j 8 50' i $1 1 1 f4ijwMWsm-N luj TM: ni,. ?:::v-L-r, i. li :W.l M ar" I' - im-. l V. imi Mllll RAKTI HOSE I" miHiiT nisi GIRLS' DRESSES 150 : iS Jl' $77 P, f vl I "WRUFKTUREII IT ORE 0F 1 Mmi I mm HfllRSPRAY ,n7 im ui wiun g g g ihmihu ii ni-imii mi 2' ASSORTED SIZES i TIER CURTAIRS FOLTESTER I cfc AREA RUGS 3U 2 FOR $ Q ' UTCHIM 1UMU J j 25' ii( ioti' tun sainrs sc iria 9 LITTLE lOt! SHIIlt fi i rat w ion1 conoi ruuii $ WUIH't LDUIIt SO LWM! iiimas gQc UILCLITII UIH! CIIULS 11 rami UirMB LMK '" PILLOWS RYLOR JACKHS $1V4 388 imi ILULUS HHIfIT - ml LIMI LOU I SUM! HIKE Hi 01 j 3 J unir inn iuci im iy uiiei' iiuhiti y ye TMHIl fUMIL rUUII $ IHUT't CIUWOT CMWLIII OOt im mil imin mi ...... V Vi: H I II j V KIDDLE KOLOGNES !S 'M:'::y W 111 99c gf$$ R J 5?l3 TRANSMISSION FLUID -A ilfK 114. MESH CASUALS II. s MIT 1 1 V II I K IV Mill I II IHIII. Mil III . IMIII Mill 1 1 MUMI IIKM II I'll M lllll II MIIKhv UIII!' CtTTH I FUKItl lll fimini mill I tr tm susm OXFORD SHIRTS ! BRA SLIPS in s IMIII HIT 1ICKIE SPORT SHIRTS MER'S KRMARERT PRESS SPORT SHIRTS He praised the liberal application of the privilege to shield Individuals from governmental bullying over their political and religious beliefs, but he argues that the same liberality in criminal cases can shield the guilty from punishment for no good reasons. The self-incrimination clause declares that "No person. . .shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself." Friendly asserted that the Supreme Court has tended to read this as protecting defendants from cooperating with the police, before orduiing a trial. He critlcl.ed Miranda V. Arizona, a Willi decision that gives suspects a fifth-amendment right not to be questioned outside the presence of counsel. 3", 4" 2" mlJi&my&riuuiiiM i 1 i CABULOUS DEPARTMENT STORES : ' f FABULOUS DEPARTMENT STORES ith self-in-to law-disba r- He also disagreed w sions that extend tin crimination privilege yers threatened with w '.10 il MH iook rot the cmem ciovit rot "Em savimqs , S'' vv, 100K fOt THE CHEEK C10VU T0t "EXTtM SAVMQS" R. MTITM UT merit and to public employes facing discharge for corruption. He proposed a .Tilt-word amendment to the constitution that would specify that the self incrimination clause shali not be construed to prohibit: Interrogating persons or requesting them to furnish evidence or records without warning them that they have a right not to comply, so long as the person has not yet been arrested or charged with a crime. The use of subpoenas to compel persons to produce records, papers or other physical evidence. .laL-W. i El I I FIRLARDIA 40 PC. PARTY SET t 199 BURUli BRASS I BLACK FINISHED IETAL UTILITY RACK ASSORTMENT RICH IMPACT POLTSTTRERC FRANEB WALL & DOOR MIRRORS EniSIZiLiLi r "" " ""O " i.V-V-' li'i'j' I TI J" J "MIIM! MKTMIMI fHKIM Mil IWimin IMIISI IIMI1 Kill I1 f I CWlft 1 ITU" ' "" ' ' l,M "! '' !" '" I l IMIIIII iWrv "",10!.. ..5. ... ,1" , j S44 10" 15M j. 11 !M llfi I "!" " MmiTm BilhiM. mTnlann. Mim-m. j I'T'iiJlTtr I """" iMiimwi iiniimiifii iuiii.1,., luiiiHim. iTIiiKmii iEI'Mil J J$ ?3". 2H. , 19H I i'li 1 1 fi ' ii F f Km "" ,mma ,mmm eMKiil Mmn nnim ! im urau hmmim nmtm U't'"tt H ' ' I tTU UN Mill UMUILU IHIMWU IMIMXU , mil Hllll I IUCIIIC UUIII fmm 18" i2- s- I? iy i r muttm imi STEAK KITCHERMATE SH 99 3 YNR CHOICE iiut auuiR iui tuii iinn u lua nunni mil iuii i uui mm iiim u,wm i- mm J I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 I B 1 1 1 1 11 1 , 11, III III II 1 II J IIMII !.(.. JILL. Ml U mmm BUFFERIH LAVORIS I I BUCTTE I S0HIU ! PREULIOOIB F0... mhliiki I SHAMPOO SHAVIHG CIFU init Dismissal or discipline of Individuals employed by the government or licensed by it for refusal to answer questions about their official or professional conduct. Such individuals should have to be warned of the consequences and granted the right to counsel. Requiring an arrested person to identify himself and submit to line-up or other identification and reasonable sci enfitii' or medical tests. Requiring reasonable record-keeping or reporting to the government, provided that none of the required material could be used as evidence of a crime. . Comment to the Jury by a trial judge that the defendant refused to answer questions by the police in the presence of a magistrate and the defendant's lawver. S0WRU Turns ii'i EPFIUfll MITMI CtUIUI IULI1I nuns tori I noim wash nil rum MUM 97c 97e I 47?,- 51 37c 77c 47e 67c 97e MTH RtWCnS I Li. CAR SPORCE WITH WILMI SOAP 67e 77c 6 PLAY I WCR TMIRt PLAY GYM $18 VltlJI I 151, I HMUmiliK. I MVHXt MVII I t? JSm I l VARtTY FAIR PKt. If IM , 1 PAPUTIWEU PAPURAPKIRS 27e 27e . . , YARITY FAIR FACIAL TISSUE BATHROOM TISSUE r"""W ;. . K " J,,. 'f nuiueiM afciuHim iunniina nr wmm i numum ttm, -m mmb wiuhiu ua mm uimhi umi miihuiu luiaiiu 10" 7" 6" 9" 9" 6" 0..,. l-..u... V , mm , may I Mini uwn i -. -y 1 ' IWIUIUrTM HHilM MB MUMIll IWIITU 1 I u ' 1 :i il - 16M 21" 24" 13" V J i1 I ' " I Um IKM j IISMM HUMl V. IrH, , 1 ,.?!., 1 ..23",-v m mn m TuntiMiiR aountu himuiimi bim 1 imiuu UM hi run mm ikiiuuum nniw miuuuM im.nw 22c 44 BLACK I DECKER Vt" DRILL KIT 19" SUM LINE SHOPCRAFT TEA CAMT ' IN. DRILL 99c 5" TEFLON COATED 2 PIECE SERVICE UTENSILS SRAtlR BOWL SET iS -9c. 64c iii PRICES EFFECTIVE TODAY 10 A.M. THRU SAT. 10 P.M. WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. Consultant To Aid Cities In Iran ST. LOUIS (AP) Former Mayor Aloys P. Kaufmann leaves soon for Iran to act as consultant to the minister of the Interior In organizing the municipal administrations of the country's five major cities. Kaufmann is making the trip for the International Executive Service Corps, a nonprofit, business-supported organization, which supplies specialists to give advice on management and technical problems in underdeveloped countries. Last year Kaufmann spent six weeks as consultant in San Salvador. He helped reorganize that country's Chamber of Commerce. SHOP ZAYRE FOR FABULOUS SAVINGS ZAYRE WEST PALM BEACH 901 CONGRESS AVE. 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