The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 15, 1968 · Page 14
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 14

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1968
Page 14
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4 Palm Beach Post, Friday, Nov. 15, 19fi8 ..;t Only You Make Things Happen Children's Letters To God w 1 i 1 X love yaw yepy bore to me and I finally gave up in despair. I'm through with my earning davs, I thought. "Later, a little restaurant where I ate with a group of girl friends every week needed a cashier. They noticed I was the one who had to figure out what each person owed. I was always quick at figures, but never thought of myself as a potential bookkeeper or cashier, until they offered me the job. It's now a year and so far I haven't short-ehanged them or the customers." Or you might look into VISTA or the Foster Grandparent Program, both of which pay-modest sums to their workers. '0 By HENRIETTE KISH NEW YORK (WNSi "I'm waiting for something to happen," a woman told a friend. "When summer's over, things have to change. I can't look forward to the same dull, aimless fall and winter I've lived t hroug h t hese past few years. " Her friend wished her luck, and added, a little cynically, "Something will happen when you make it happen. That's the way It was for me. That's the way it is for most of us older women. Who's going to come and pull us out of our cozv little corners?" Maybe your cozy corner suits you. But if it doesn't, some sort of job may be the means of moving you out into the world of action. It can be paid, it can he volunteer. It can be full-time or part-time. The important thing is that it should be within your skills and strengths, and interesting enough to make you want to stay with it. One woman wrote about her experience. Widowed and childless, she took a refresher course and went hack to work, at 55, as a secretary. She had never liked shorthand and typing, but in younger days had been able to adapt herself. "Now it was a great j : Gi ; S - W'J I -., . A h t - I ' ..' . ... '. ; -U ifft . - j (hi,' t . . i A- -J- 1 ' 'j "i - .- t - - m.-. k. ' ' i hibrics Little Misses Trend-Setters For Mommies By PATRICIA MCCORMACK NEW YORK (I'PI I Little girls, take a bow. Many of the nation's trendsetting designers have peeked into your closet (or inspiration when putting together spring and summer clothes for big ladies such as your mommies. They liked the jumpers and white blouses and school ties. They flipped over the princess dresses and little smocked numbers. Their eyes sparkled over ruffles on other dresses. While they were at it, they looked at what some little girls wear in the comics. What they adored was that white collared and cuffed one that Orphan Annie has been wearing for decades. All these things they adapted for big ladies. They made the dresses larger, used very expensive fabrics and put price tags on big enough to pay for a little backvard merry-go-round. The designers also gave your little brother's closet the once over. They liked his school blazers. Back at their drawing boards they worked out blazer shapes suitable for women. Designers who have done some of these things include Larry Aldrich, Chester Weinberg, Oscar de la Kenta, Donald Brooks, Pauline Trigere, Mollie Parnis. Beene's jumpers had the biggest ties. They were worn with long white sleeved shirts, a la parochial school uniforms. They stal led small at the neck and widened out nearly to bib size at the end near the waistline. The designers initials. were embroidered on I hem. Beene frequently showed these junipers over bell-bottom trousers. He called the pants "Beene bottoms." Since first claim on bell bottoms belongs to the Navy, I wonder if he is going to "Beene" some other Navy things coming out with "Navy Beene soup." Some of the childlike influences were not as innocent at the back as thev seemed at the front. A "saintly front and sinning back" dress in the Beene collection had a serene and very modest choir boy front, complete with collar. When the model wearing this turned to show the aft part, her back except for the back rim of the collar was bare all the way to the waist. And speaking of bare, Hudi (iernivich, award-winning California designer who invented the topless bathing suit, proved he's still on that track. In a collection of togs lor Harmon Knitwear, the designer had a number of ghillie tie touches. In these, he used narrow strips of fabric to lace over fronts or backs of tunic dresses with daringly deep cutouts. Back slashes, six inches wide, rode down to buttocks on some of the dresses. Front openings showed the navel and were so widely cut that a lot of bosom showed. Matching ghillie cutout treatments were on boots, calf-high. (Jhillie-laced cutouts under arms to hips were featured on other dresses. He used the same ghillie tie treatment at top of briefest bikini bottoms to swim suits with cut out tops. His one-piece swim suits, almost tank style, had the lattice cutouts from waistline to low on the pelvis. Internationale imuHiiwiii'ic i! y rr-'.l?ilj Kmj Feiturej Syndicate. Inc.. Ib8. NOW OPEN 10:30 - 4:00 Closed Soturday h:xci.rsivh: ; DlilNWUMM, niilll(.S 833-5171 326 Peruvian Ave. Palm Beach SALVATION ARMY PICK UP YOUR ! 1y Sound like orith-A I metic to you? li t not! This U newspaper talk for a 1 column by 1 inch ad. Think it's too small to be noticed? You're reading it . . . . . aren't you? Post-Times Advertising pays! SALVAGE FURNITURE, CLOTHING I APPLIANCES. PHONE 832-2835 0k IB IVlliM llltP by Debutogs Swaggered with know-how in bone poplin ! LITTLE GIRL LOOK - Geoffrey Beene must have peeked into a little girl's closet for inspiration in his spring collection. This outfit has the jumper look with a wide signature tie. 21 (AM AI.I.I IIKI F STORKS IJt SPORTS HOP What. . . Where. . . When. . . Second Floor Cy Downtown Plus sized for lucky you to wear when you want to . . . casta pretty spell in Oriental style! Rich, colorful metallic embroidery trim on bright ST. A(iNi:S CHAPTKR Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in the Lounge, 8 p.m. LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES DIVISION ONE 8L'(i Evernia Street Public Health Bldg., 7:30 p.m. Searstown, 7:30 p.m. office 3733 So. Dixie, 9:30 a.m.; Bonanza Sirloin Steak Pit, No. 221. U.S. Ihvv 1 Lake Park, 9:30 a.m. MONDAY NOV. 18 FAMILY AL-ANON of Jupiter Tequesta at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Jupiter, 8 :.'!) p.m. TEMPLE ISRAEL SISTERHOOD Schwartzberg Hall, noon. WSCS GENERAL MEETING at the Good Shepherd Methodist Church 2341 So. Mil-itarv Trail. ROYAL FIGHTS SQUARE DANCE CLUB round dance instruction, 7 to 8 p.m. square (lance, 8 to 10:30 p.m. Square Dance Center 3780 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens. white Orion " acrylic bonded FAMILY AL-ANON of Lake Worth at Sacred Heart Church 411 No. Federal Lake Worth, 8:30 p.m. OES NOItTHWOOI) CHAPTKR 2lit; Masonic Temple 12nd and Broudwav. J - Lx i J to acetate ... an A line that deserves an Afor sure! girls' sizes 8'2to14'2 LANTANA SENIOR CITIZENS at the Recreational Bldg. So. Dixie, Lantana, 1:30 p.m. TEMPLE ISRAEL SISTER-HOOD Luncheon followed by meeting, noon. AUXILIARY OF JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL in Conference Room one at the Hospital So. Congress Ave. in Atlantis, 10 a.m. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 37 3588 Ladies Auxiliary at 114 No. Dixie Lake Worth, 8 p.m. CIVIL AIR PATROL Lake Park Cadet Squadron Kelsey Park, Recreation Hall Lake Park, 7 p.m. SUBURBAN GARDEN CLUB at Cloud Lake Town-hall, 8 p.m. WOMEN'S COUNCIL of the National Realtors Association of Palm Beach County Famous Restaurant, (i: 30 p.m. COTERIE CLUB OF THE PALM BEACHES board meeting, West Palm Beach Civic Auditorium, 7:30 p.m. 15 GOLDEN LINKS REBEK-AH LODGE 64 at Lake Worth Woman's Club, 8 p.m. INSTRUCTIONAL HY PNO-SIS CLASS at 711 No. Dixie, 8 p.m. ift ou ( J COMPlHf: f7'Jff CHUBB SHOP V & m Mini Trench A great gilt idea put in on your I S. A. ! STARLIGHTERS ROUND DANCE CLASS at 19 So. Dixie Lake Worth, 10 a.m. Name In Lights A Thrill WOMEN'S AUXILIARY OF UNITY OF PALM BEACHES in the Fellowship Hall 1937 So. Flagler Drive, 1:30p.m. i a kJ i f 'r-r i i it WAGG MEMORIAL METHODIST Church WSCS at the Church, 8 p.m. SINGING SURF CHAPTER SWEET ADELINES at SI. George's Episcopal Church 21 W. 22nd SI. Riviera Beach, 7:30 p.m. LArNt dKYAINI building. Mrs. Ray Edwards, the first lady to receive the gallant treatment from her husband, said that it is more thrilling than diamonds. "Now 1 know what it feels like to be Liz Taylor with your name in lights and everybody gawking," she explained. LONDON (WNS) The Swiss Center here has made it easier tor Englishmen to thrill their wives on anniversaries. For $120, they may write out a thday or second-honeymoon message that will be flashed on the giant electric news screen that surrounds the LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES in Room 0 St. Juliana's School 2326 Pine Terrace, 7:30 p.m. Open Monday thru Saturday 10 to 9:30 Mail and Phone Order! 683-6255 Add 4 State Tax plul 40" Mailing Charge WEIGHT WATCHERS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY INC. Marina Inn, 7:30 p.m.; office, 3733 So. Dixie, 7:30 p.m.; Jupiter Tequesta, Christ the King Lutheran Church, 7:30 p.m.; Stuart Holiday Inn, 7:30 p.m.; Ft. Pierce, Tradewinds Cale, Downtown, 306 Clematis Street . . . 832-6391 open daily at 9:30 Monday and Friday nights until 9 Palm Coast Plaza and Palm Beach Mall open daily at 10:00. Nightly Monday through Saturday UN Association Meeting Set wf;en tf;e Love Bug tited, Several area leaders of the United Nations associajion chapter will attend the Florida division of the national association in St. Petersburg, today and Saturday. Three hundred are expected in sessions at the Sheraton Inn. Miss Ruth Shock-ley, state secretary of WPB: Charles Sawyer, president of the Palm Beach chapter, and Mrs. L J. K. Gardner, secretary will attend. Elmore Jackson, New York City, national vice president of the association, and author of Meeting of the Minds will speak. Get mt aid faot -v I witif Holiday Biamondo IAL5EY & ,7 CUSTOM MADE DRAPERY GRIfflTil OOKI minium l'iri! e in irimi u STOR6S IN LAKE WORTH, LAKE PARK SWiVtt I abITThTib w'lNUI 'f' A riHmiTIiL "'! umhiwh FORT PIERCE, BOCA RATON jni -m n tr ! V MU F Mills V ,mmi I ny .V... 01AWCRS . ALSO yun mils viiii h r5) mwtm -"- jr-i I " CW" MFTAI 5 ADJUSTMINIS I HIGH IMfACT ""-I ML (l0,H,M0f w r'& KiusivH VALUES ouia oino Cr - V BUY - RENT - IEASE II """"v KK SHOWN ARC 9 MIjlMI' ,n our warehouse f irrjrx STURGIS 825 """' W"hun NJP" DEuveiiY cqHT,;, ctmrgis 7a riS SOLID COMFORrAta I tmim, '" 0114 I UNI C!NtEt DRIWF I " 1 WAIWOT I0 1 tt (INTHI LOCKING f CHROME FULL SUSPENSION SIDt CHAIR PLATED LEGS Miw NEAIIT TAI10RE0 J BROWN VfRSIlON Zr-ZA UPHOLSTERY faLf? 85 12 diamond! jw ' ' 6 diamond! $195'S ' $59.95 BRIDAL SETS c, 14 KARAT GOLD T3 Sl 8 diamonds rP Jjgm $,0-00 35Sl1 diamondr. INCLUDING LABOR FABRIC & LABOR INCLUDED. CUSTOM TAILORED IN OUR OWN DRAPERY WORK ROOM FABULOUS SELECTION OF SELF LINED FABRICS - 30 COLORS LUXURY ANTIQUE SATIN LINEN TEXTURED FABRICS 25 SCREEN PRINTS REGULARLY TO J3.95 FOR FABRIC ALONE. 85" lo 117" LONG DRAPERIES. ALSO, VINYL INSULATED FABRICS ON SALE INCLUDED IN OUR SI. 85 SALE. Extra ipecial dacron and An-Iran iheen. With Labor PER YARD HAVE OUR DECORATOR-TRAINED REPRESENTATIVE BRING SAMPLES TO YOUR HOME. DRAW DRAPES ADD 50" FOR FINDING PER PANEL 1 WEEK DELIVERY 4 R Vi'tW . MARNAY 84024 62" ,41" m opeh A ewvrytrxf rtjiKtt account... uss our payment plam 91 C rirMATIC Trapertes pjiMrnm DIAMOND MCPICHAHT OP AMIPIICA STREET DOWNTOWN. I West Palm Beach I PhoPt 833-3443 J or 833-7000 fry MAC On. m. fr Phone ill mi ,,R!?PWS .i.... SHOPPINGS PLAZA STUGIS 877 20" xsw U C W C L b r 3 v' vw imamwWHuatai V AMIjAi -li'- i - rrf m (-

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