Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 20, 2015 · Page B5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page B5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Page B5
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USA TODAY—DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE TUESDAY,OCTOBER20,2015 E3 5B IN-DEPTH MARKETS COVERAGE USATODAY.COM/MONEY TOP 10 MUTUAL FUNDS Fund, ranked by size NAV Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1 COMMODITIES Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD FOREIGN CURRENCIES Currency per dollar Close Prev. ! mo. ago Yr. ago FOREIGN MARKETS Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD % MORTGAGE RATES Type Close 6 mo ago INTEREST RATES Type Close 6 mo ago 1 – CAPITAL GAINS AND DIVIDENDS REINVESTED Vanguard €€Adml ‚ƒ.ƒ‚ +€.€„ +….€% +€.…% Vanguard TotStIAdm €.†€ +€.€‡ +‡.ˆ% unch. Vanguard InstIdxI ‚.†… +€.€ +….€% +€.…% Vanguard TotStIdx €.‚‚ +€.€ˆ +‡.ˆ% unch. Vanguard InstPlus ‚.† +€.€ +….€% +€.…% Fidelity Contra €ˆ.ˆ‡ +€.ˆ +ˆ.…% +.…% Vanguard TotIntl .† -€.€ +….% -€.% American Funds GrthAmA m …….† +€.€… +.†% +‡.% American Funds IncAmerA m ˆ€.ƒ„ -€.€ˆ +‡.‡% -.% American Funds CapIncBuA m ƒ.‚‚ -€.€‡ +‡.ƒ% -€.‡% Mkt Vect Gold Miners GDX .ƒ€ -€.„† -….ˆ% -….„% SPDR S&P€€ ETF Tr SPY ˆ€‡.‡ƒ +€.€ unch. -.% Barc iPath Vix ST VXX ‚.‡ˆ -.‡ƒ -ƒ.€% -….†% iShs Emerg Mkts EEM ‡.‚‚ -€.‡ƒ -.€% -‚.ƒ% CS VS InvVix STerm XIV ‡ˆ.† +ˆ.‚ +ƒ.% +.ƒ% iShare Japan EWJ ˆ. -€.€„ -€.% +‚.% SPDR Financial XLF ˆ‡.‡ -€.€ˆ -€.% -….†% iShares Rus ˆ€€€ IWM .„… +€.ˆˆ +€.ˆ% -‡.‡% PowerShs QQQ Trust QQQ €‚.ƒ… +€.„ˆ +€.„% +.‡% CS VS ˆx Vix ShTm TVIX „. -€.†… -‡.‡% -ƒƒ.ƒ% Prime lending ‡.ˆ% ‡.ˆ% Federal funds €.‡% €.‡% ‡ mo. T-bill €.€% €.€%  yr. T-note .‡…% .‡% € yr. T-note ˆ.€ˆ% .‚ƒ% ‡€ yr. fixed ‡.‚€% ‡.ƒ‡%  yr. fixed ˆ.‚„% ˆ.†‡%  yr. ARM ˆ.„€% ˆ.„†% / ARM ‡.ƒ% ‡.€‡% Cattle (lb.) .‡‚ .‡„ +€.€ˆ +.ƒ% -„.„% Corn (bushel) ‡.ƒ‡ ‡.ƒƒ -€.€… -.€% -„.% Gold (troy oz.) ,ƒ‡.‡€ ,‚‡.„€ -€.‡€ -€.†% -€.†% Hogs, lean (lb.) .„„ .„‚ -€.€ˆ +€.„% -‚.‚% Natural Gas (Btu.) ˆ.…… ˆ.…‡ +€.€ +€.% -.% Oil, heating (gal.) .… .€ -€.€ -‡.ˆ% -ˆ.% Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) ….‚† …ƒ.ˆ„ -.‡ƒ -ˆ.†% -‡.†% Silver (troy oz.) .‚‡ „.€ -€.ˆƒ -.ƒ% +.ƒ% Soybeans (bushel) ‚.† ‚.†‚ -€.€ƒ -€.‚% -ˆ.„% Wheat (bushel) ….‚„ ….†ˆ -€.€„ -.‡% -ƒ.„% British pound .„…„ .„…ƒ€ .„„‚… .„ˆ€‚ Canadian dollar .‡€ˆ… .ˆ†€ .ˆˆ… .ˆƒˆ Chinese yuan „.‡„€‡ „.‡… „.†ƒ „.ˆ…‡ Euro .‚‚ˆ‚ .‚ƒ†€ .†ˆ„… .ƒ‚ˆ‚ Japanese yen †.…ƒ †.‡ƒ ‚.ƒƒ €„.„‚ Mexican peso „.…‚†„ „.‡ƒ€ .‡…ƒ ‡.ˆ†‡ Frankfurt €,„….‡ €,€….…‡ +†.‚‚ +€.„% +‡.ƒ% Hong Kong ˆ‡,€ƒ.„ ˆ‡,€„ƒ.‡ƒ +‚.ˆ… unch. -ˆ.ˆ% Japan (Nikkei) ‚,‡.ˆ‡ ‚,ˆ†.‚€ -„€.ƒ -€.†% +‡.†% London „,‡ˆ.‡‡ „,‡ƒ‚.€… -ˆ.ƒ -€.…% -‡.‡% Mexico City ……,ˆ‡.€ˆ ……,‡„….„ +‚.‚ +€.…% +‡.ˆ% DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE MAJOR INDEXES S&P 500 STANDARD & POOR ' S NASDAQ COMPOSITE RUSSELL RUSSELL 2000 INDEX DJIA COMP +1.99 SPX +14.57 CHANGE: +.1% YTD: -592.53 YTD % CHG: -3.3% CHANGE: unch. YTD: -25.24 YTD % CHG: -1.2% CHANGE: -.2% YTD: -40.40 YTD % CHG: -3.4% CHANGE: +.4% YTD: +169.42 YTD % CHG: +3.6% CLOSE: 17,230.54 PREV. CLOSE: 17,215.97 RANGE: 17,129.19-17,235.95 CLOSE: 2,033.66 PREV. CLOSE: 2,033.11 RANGE: 2,022.31-2,034.45 CLOSE: 1,164.30 PREV. CLOSE: 1,162.31 RANGE: 1,155.57-1,168.91 CLOSE: 4,905.47 PREV. CLOSE: 4,886.69 RANGE: 4,865.83-4,915.49 +18.78 +.55 SOURCES: MORNINGSTAR, DOW JONES INDEXES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) 53.10 +2.30 +4.5 -59.9 Micron Technology (MU) 19.16 +.66 +3.6 -45.3 Priceline Group (PCLN) 1376.13 +39.56 +3.0 +20.7 Quanta Services (PWR) 19.31 +.57 +3.0 -32.0 SanDisk (SNDK) 72.00 +2.03 +2.9 -26.5 Netflix (NFLX) 101.69 +2.70 +2.7 +108.4 Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) 478.44 +11.11 +2.4 -9.5 Expedia (EXPE) 130.45 +3.07 +2.4 +52.8 Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) 93.91 +2.09 +2.3 +13.9 Delta Air Lines (DAL) 50.27 +1.15 +2.3 +2.2 Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Hasbro Inc (HAS) 72.18 -5.60 -7.2 +31.3 Wynn Resorts (WYNN) 68.25 -4.65 -6.4 -54.1 Cimarex Energy (XEC) 116.53 -6.43 -5.2 +9.9 Marathon Oil (MRO) 18.28 -1.00 -5.2 -35.4 Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) 133.44 -7.13 -5.1 -10.4 Morgan Stanley (MS) 32.32 -1.63 -4.8 -16.7 Murphy Oil (MUR) 27.58 -1.37 -4.7 -45.4 Transocean (RIG) 15.16 -.75 -4.7 -17.3 Consol Energy (CNX) 10.51 -.49 -4.5 -68.9 Hanesbrands (HBI) 27.53 -1.27 -4.4 -1.3 YTD YTD SOURCE: BLOOMBERG AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS S&P 500’S BIGGEST GAINERS/LOSERS RUT LOSERS GAINERS Stops downtrend as national coffee sales perk up 4.7%. Teamed with Intel, new chip gets attention. Reaches 2015 high as itjoins forces with TripAdvisor. Wins Monday; drop on weak forecast still hurts. Samsung keeps close eye on potential buy. Rises as new report talks about partnering to enter China. Hits month’s high ahead of third-quarter results. Rises another day as it teams with Priceline. Sets sail for China as it expects solid holiday traffic. Rises despite Atlantic softness. Declines after weak toy sales for girls. Macau defends its policies, shares tumble. Retreats from near year’s high in weak sector. Shares decline as oil prices slide. Dips in weak sector on slower China growth. Reports loss related to China. Dips another day after billionaire sale. Oil prices slump on China and Iran. Heads to 2015 low after earnings call announcement. Strong ratings but weak department store traffic. AMERICA’S M ARKETS ALL THE MARKET ACTION IN REAL TIME. A MERICASMARKETS.USATODAY.COM Here’s how America’s individual investors are performing based on data from SigFig online investment tracking service: USA’s portfolio allocation for tech stocks 5-day avg. : -1.68 6-month avg. : -4.83 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : MSFT 5-day avg. : -0.03 6-month avg. : -6.26 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : GOOG Most sold : GOOG 5-day avg. : -0.03 6 month avg. : -6.26 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : GOOG Most sold : GOOG 5-day avg. : +0.82 6-month avg. : -7.78 Largest holding : MSFT Most bought : GOOG Most sold : GOOG CONSERVATIVE Less than 30% equities BALANCED 30%-50% equities MODERATE 51%-70% equities AGGRESSIVE 71% or more in equities POWERED BY SIGFIG How we’re performing NOTE: INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SIGFIG IS STATISTICAL IN NATURE AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A RECOMMENDATION OF ANY STRATEGY OR SECURITY. VISIT SIGFIG.USATODAY.COM/DISCLOSE FOR ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES AND INFORMATION. POWERED BY SIGFIG More than half a million investors nationwide with total assets of $200 billion manage their investment portfolios online with SigFig investment tracking service. Data on this page are based on SigFig analysis. DID YOU KNOW? Facts about America’s investors who use SigFig tracking services: 39% of SigFig investors are on track to max out their 401(k)s this year. 39% Delta Airliner nears 2015 high despite softness in some key foreign markets due to the dollar’s strength against European currencies, mostly against the euro. STORY STOCKS 4-WEEK TREND $40 $60 Set.21Oct. 19 4-WEEK TREND $80 $100 Set.21Oct. 19 4-WEEK TREND $10 $20 Set.21Oct. 19 $19.16 $93.91 $50.27 Price: $50.27 Chg: $1.15 %chg: 2.3% Day's high/low: $50.58/$49.13 Royal Caribbean Strong cruise tra c, nearly five times that of 2012, is expected in China during the holidays this year. Shares rise for three consecutive days ahead of its earnings call Friday. Price: $93.91 C hg: $2.09 %chg: 2.3% D ay's high/low: $ 93.99/$91.23 Price: $19.16 Chg: $0.66 %chg: 3.6% Day's high/low: $19.22/$18.32 Micron Computer chipmaker gets attention — and shares hit a high for the month — on the announcement of 3D XPoint, a new technology co- developed with Intel. CEO has also volunteered to cut his base salary. A: Toymakers’ stocks haven’t been fun and games. Going into the holiday, investors have their favorite, though. Hasbro and Mattel have been filling investors’ stockings with coal. Shares of Hasbro slipped 7% Monday after reporting quarterly revenue that missed estimates. Shares fell even though the maker of toy lightsabers profit beat expectations. Investors are disappointed by growth of Hasbro’s own toy brands. It has been rough for Mattel, too. Shares of the maker of Hot Wheels and Barbie have dropped 18% over the past year. Last quarter’s profit came in 11% below expectations. Mattel is trying to retool itself by breathing high-tech tricks into its more traditional line of toys. H asbro continues to beat Mattel in terms of expected growth. Shares of the c ompany are up 37% the past year. Inv estors like the company’s lineup of franchises, including Disney’s Frozen . H asbro is expected to put up 10.7% long- term growth, which is more than double t he 5.4% long-term growth expected at Mattel, S&P Capital IQ says. But Mattel is 27% bigger than Hasbro, with expected revenue of $5.6 billion. Analysts see more upside with Mattel stock, rating it outperform with 15% upside in 18 months. Hasbro is rated an average of hold with upside of 11.7%. INVESTINGASK MATT Q: Hasbro or Mattel. Who wins? Matt Krantz USA TODAY Investors like B arbie’s future over ‘Frozen’ AChicago trading firm was charged Monday with profiting from alleged manipulation of futures markets through the improper practice known as s poofing. The Commodity Futures Trading Commissionaccused Chic ago-based 3 Red Trading LLC and its CEO and principal trader I gor Oystacher with using spoofing schemes between December 2 011 and January 2014 in trading futures contracts on the Chicago M ercantile Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the C ommodity Exchange and the CBOE Futures Exchange. T he alleged spoofing, in transactions involving crude oil, natu- r al gas, copper and other futures contracts, enabled Oystacher and his company to buy and sell “at price levels that would not have otherwise been available to them in the market,” the CFTC charged. “ Spoofing seriously threatens the integrity and stability of futures markets because it discour- a ges legitimate market participants from trading,” Aitan G oelman, the CFTC’s enforcement director, said in a statement a nnouncing the allegations. Filed in federal court in Chi- c ago, the civil actionseeks monetary penalties, as well as trading a nd registration bans. Oystacher and his firm characterized the allegations as “completely without merit” and said they “look forward to presenting our case in court.” “The CFTC has over-simplified c omplex trading and is now trying to classify legitimate trading and risk management as a market i nfraction,” the defendants said in aformal statement. “We stand b ehind the trading at issue as it does not contradict available g uidance nor violate the law.” The allegations mark the latest i n a series of cases filed by regulators amid increasing scrutiny of a lleged financial market spoofing and other forms of suspected manipulation by high-speed frequency traders. The lawsuit alleges that Oys- tacher and his proprietary trading firm manually placed large p assive orders on one side of the market at or near the best bid or o er price for various futures c ontracts. These were manipulative “ spoof” orders because the defendants intended to cancel them b efore they were executed, the CFTC said. Chicago trading fi rm accused of pro fi ting from ‘spoo fi ng’ Kevin McCoy USA TODAY TIM BOYLE,BLOOMBERG The CFTC says 3 Red Trading LLC used the schemes on the Chicago M ercantile Exchange and others. Housing, a sore spot during the Great Recession and post-finan- cial crisis period, is now a beacon of hope. The real estate recovery, while choppy, arguably has been a bright spot, thanks to a drop in the unemployment rate to 5.1%, still-low interest rates and higher prices. Monday, an index measuring home-builder confidence levels in October not only topped Wall Street estimates, but also hit a post-recession high. Now investors are hoping the renewed confidence on behalf of builders and developers could be due to builders breaking ground on more houses than forecast in September. The housing starts number is set for release at 8:30 a.m. ET Tuesday. And Wall Street is expecting starts to tick up to an annualized pace of 1.145 million units, up from 1.126 million in August, according to UBS. Wall Street will be watching closely to see if the new activity is picking up in single-family homes instead of multifamily units, a trend that is just starting to show its green-shoots. Any signs that builders are starting to focus more of their e orts on single- family dwellings could signal another thaw in the housing market, which is still trying to put the challenging times of the last real estate bust behind it. Construction of more single- family homes is a bullish development, as it suggests more home- buyers have the financial means to finance a purchase on their own and signals a shift away from building multiunit rental units. What to watch Housing starts o er insight into real estate foundation Adam Shell @adamshell USA TODAY

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