The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 4, 1997 · Page 2
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 2

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Thursday, December 4, 1997
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2A THE PALM BEACH POST THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1997 Newsmakers Gov. George, ex-prez's son, making another Texas run Palm Beach Post Hire Services What a difference a campaign can make. When George W. Bush ran for governor in 1994, he was an untested candidate who had to persuade Texans f fV ne was more than just a brash -, 1 businessman with a famous :.v V it Ma' S. ' - . . t . I .. f . J "i': father who wanted to lead Texas. Now, as the Republican incumbent crisscrosses the state seeking reelection, he is looking out on a political landscape that is dramatically different. His approval ratings are high and Texans don't really think of him as just the It's prime time for primates NOVA ARIPUANA, Brazil - There will be no more monkeying around for Marc van Roosmalen. The Dutch primatologist set out in the Amazon to find a new species of monkey. Instead, he found four species, including the callicebus genus, or the zog-zog (above). While he was at it, van Roosmalen also discovered a new species of porcupines. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bush Septuplets mark 2-week birthday; outlook still good Doctors say each of the seven babies has a distinct personality. The Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa With their lungs and digestive systems coming along well, the seven little McCaugheys are also developing something else their own personalities. The history-making septuplets born to Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey marked their two-week birthday Wednesday in fair condition at Blank Children's Hospital. The babies' outlook still is very good, said Dr. Holley Bzdega, one of five neonatologists caring for the babies. "They've passed some critical points. There are still several hurdles to jump tolerate food, gain and grow at a regular rate, more mature in breath: ing and heart rate," she said. Since their birth Nov. 19, nurses and doctors have noticed distinct differences in the babies. '. Kenny is a couch potato with chubby cheeks. "He looks like he's in a Lazy Boy recliner. He kind of likes to lie back and grin," Bzdega said. Alexis is quiet and patient, while Natalie is stormy. Kelsey, the smallest of the bunch, is "getting downright feisty," Bzdega said. "She's a wiggle-worm who likes to lie on her tummy and wiggle about until she gets comfortable." Nathan is peaceful if left alone. Brandon is easygoing and likes to lie on his tummy and suck on a pacifier designed specifically for premature babies. And Joel is independent. The babies have begun to gain weight They lost between 5 percent to 15 percent of their birth weight about four days after their birth, which is a normal a sign that their kidneys were functioning. As of Tuesday, the babies weighed nearly as much as their birth weights, which ranged from 2 pounds, 5 ounces to 3 pounds, 4 ounces. ; They will remain in the intensive care unit until they're ready to go home in January, Bzdega said.; Ban will give Britain beef-less Ghristmas The Associated Press LONDON Just in time for the holiday season, Britain announced a ban Wednesday on rib roasts, T-bone steaks and all other beef on the bone after new warnings about mad cow disease. Restaurants now must rethink their menus, and butchers will have to disappoint customers who like a nice rib roast for holiday dinner parties. There will be no beef bones for soup stocks, and man's best friend will wag his tail in vain. "Christmas is coming and we usually sell a lot of ribs of beef," said butcher Joseph Steele, whose shop in a quaint byway of Hampstead, north London, caters to a well-heeled clientele. "I would say 40 percent like rib of beef, sirloin on the bone, T-bone," Steele said. "It will be a big disappointment to them." The government opted for the ban after its scientific advisers reported a risk that material contaminated with bovine spongiform encephalopathy mad cow disease could reach the human food chain through bone marrow. In announcing the ban to the House of Commons, Agriculture Minister Jack Cunningham called the risk of infection "very, very small," and said 95 percent of beef is eaten off the bone. The ban will take effect in a week. Like many British butchers, Steele weathered the original mad cow scare in March 1996, when the government announced a suspected link between mad cow disease and a new strain of Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, a brain-wasting disease that has killed at least 20 people in Britain. son of former President George Bush anymore. Recent polls show him the clear favorite in a race against Democratic Land Commissioner Gany Mauro, and a number of Texans think he ought to run for president in 2000. Political pundits think he's unbeatable, though Mauro strongly begs to differ. George isn't the only Bush seeking elected office his brother, Jeb, is a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Florida. Little Texas getting smaller The Country Music Association's 1994 group of the year will break up at the end of December, founder Tim Rushlow said in Wednesday's Dallas Morning News. Rushlow said there are no creative differences or infighting within the six-member band, formed nine years ago. .''We just feel like it's time to let this thing breathe," he said. A Castro on tourist duty Raul Castro, Fidel's brother and vice president of Cuba, is in Rome as a tourist. The Cuban embassy said Castro arrived Tuesday night from Beijing and has asked to see several landmarks, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. Pope John Paul II is scheduled to visit Cuba Jan. 21-25. Raul Castro has been endorsed by Fidel as his successor. Big house up for big bucks Untouched for decades, a mansion built by the Vanderbilt family of industrialists is up for sale at $30 million, making it the most expensive house in New York. The five-story limestone and pale yellow Roman brick residence known ias the Vanderbilt Fabbri mansion is admired by architectural and real estate experts because it has all of its original detail. The house features a railing ornamented with lions heads and a sweeping staircase to the second floor with a .banister of Louis XTV-style bronze candelabra with Cupids almost 6 feet high. Another highlight is the music room containing a Votey pipe organ that occupies an entire wall. t Houston's 'cousin' on the run ! A man who has claimed for two years to be Whitney Houston's cousin failed to show up for a Today's forecast ST. LUCIE COUNTY O (5 0 First Full Last New Dec. 7 Dec. 13 Dec. 21 Dec. 2 THU FFtl SAT Sunrise 6:54 a.m. 6:55 a.m. 6:55 a. Sunset 5:27 p.m. 5:27 p.m. 5:27 p. Moonrise10:41 a.m.11:27a.m. 12:11 Moonset 10:04 p.m.11:05 p.m. TODAY Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 82. Low 60. Friday Partly cloudy after morning showers. High 74. Low 58. Ortand 7664 i Tampa ' 166 Ly ( Fort Pierce 7958 Port St. Lucie , .)-, Fort 8087 . Okeechobee , 8067 Fort Myers Lauderdale 7959 V j 8262 Saturday Mostly sunny and cool conditions. High 62. Low 49. Miami 0 MARTIN COUNTY Indiantown 82S7 SOLUNAR TABLES AM P M DAY MIN MAJ MIN MAJ Thursday 8:48 2:34 9:15 3:01 Friday 9:47 3:34 10:14 4:01 Saturday 10:44 4:31 11:10 4:01 Fish and game seem to be more active at certain times during the lunai period. The major periods last 1 1! to 2 hours after the time listed. Minoi periods are shorter. Through 8 p.m. at West Palm Beach TEMPERATURES High 80 Low 70 Record High (1991) .87" Record Low (1969) 44" Surf temperature 76" RAINFALL Wednesday 0.00' Month to date 0.01" Normal month to date 0.32" Year to date 57.12" Normal year to date .58.58" Lake Okeechobee water level : 15.57 ft. Average 14.66 ft. HEAT TIME TEMP INDEX WIND HUM 8pm 71 66 E9 68 9pm 69 66 E6 73 10pm 71 66 SE9 68 11pm 71 66 SE9 68 Midnight 71 67 SE8 68 lam 71 66 SE10 68 2am 71 64 SE13 66 3am 71 66 SE9 66 4am 71 66 SE10 68 5am 71 66 SE9 68 6am 69 65 SE8 73 7am 69 66 SE6 73 8am 73 76 SE8 64 9am 75 77 SE13 60 10am 77 78 SE16 56 11am 78 79 ' SE16 58 Noon 78 79 SE13 54 lpm 78 79 SE13 58 2pm 77 78 SE16 56 3pm 78 79 S14 58 4pm ' 77 79 S9 64 5pm 75 78 SE13 69 6pm 73 76 S5 79 7pm 73 76 Calm 79 PALM BEACH COUNTY Jupiter Belle Glade 8361 8168' court hearing this week, and aMorristown, N.J., judge issued a warrant for his arrest. Wellington Stuart didn't show lip to answer allegations that he violated a settlement agreement and is still using Houston's name. The singer's lawyer, David Bauman, argued for criminal punishment. A lawsuit Houston settled with Stuart accused him of using the fictitious family Wellington West 8260 Palm 0-50 Good, 51-100 Moderate, 101-201 Unhealthful, 201-300 Very Unhealthful 301 Hazardous. POLLUTION INDEX: 38, good, caused by ozone. POLLEN INDEX: 10 on a scale of 0 to 201, which is low: It was caused by oak tree pollen. MOLDS: 2499, which is low. D.uh hf mukMtti i V WEDNESDAY TODAY Hi Lo Pep HI U Wea Cocoa Beach 80600.00 7655t Coral Springs na77na 8361t . Daytona 78670.01 7653t Fort Laud. 79670.00 8262t Fort Myers 81570.00 7959t Gainesville 78560.00 7148t Hollywood 80690.00 8363t Homestead 81600.00 8363t Jacksonville 77550.02 7148sh Key West - 80720.00 8068t Lakeland 77600.00 7656t Melbourne 78610.01 7656t Miami Beach 79660.00 8364t Naples 82580.00 8160t Ocala 76580.00 7552t Orlando 80610.02 7654t Pensacola 68560.05 6138s Sarasota 79580.00 7757t Tallahassee 74500.02 6742pc Tampa 76580.00 7557t ' Vera Beach 79630.02 7857t " Boynton Beach Houston V2B1 f Delray Beach f 24-hour air quality recording, 355-3962 AREA N. Florida Central S. Florida Florida Keys v 8261 f if TODAY HI Lo Wea 61-7538-52pc 72-7849-55t 78-8358-64t 80-8264-68t Friday Hi Lo Wea 60-6836-50s 68-7349-54s 72- 7554-60pc 73- 7560-63pc ' Boca f' Raton Mt Today' rating: 3, which is low. Burning will occur after the highlighted exposure. link to ingratiate himself with an elderly physician and using an answering machine identifying his office as Nippy Inc. the name of her company. Houston settled the lawsuit after Stuart agreed to stop calling himself her relative. WW N. Florida Central S. Florida Florida Keys VERY UGH I UGH I MOCBWTE I HOW I MNMAL LIGHT 4106 7 to 8.5 10 to 12 15O 20 30 SHU mrues minutes mnutes mnutss minutes DARK Iessthan30 30ID40 50 to 60 75to90 2 reus SKN ' mrutes mnutes mnutes mnajs TODAY HIGH LOW FRIDAY HIGH LOW a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. 11:00 11:16 4:52 10:39 10:55 4:22 11:15 11:31 4:41 TIDES Palm Beach Inlet Palm Beach Ocean Jupiter Inlet Boynton Inlet Boca Raton Inlet St. Lucie Fort Pierce Inlet 5:27 4:57 5:16 7:24 6:28 p.m. 6:23 5:53 6:12 8:20 7:24 5:57 5:57 a.m. p.m. 11:53 11:32 11:56 12:08 12:42 1:19 12:03 12:40 11:23 11:47 11:44 a.m. 5:46 5:16 5:35 7:43 6:47 5:20 5:20 M,::::: jiVHi,i,;.r-rill , jm,,.t 11 11 i WEDNESDAY TODAY TODAY Bogota 7040 Jerusalem 6248 Panama City 9366 HI Lo Pep HI Lo Wea Acapulco 8574 Bonn 3732 Johannesbuig 8053 Paris 3936 Calgary 45110.00 2712pc Amsterdam 4434 Buenos Aires 7960 Karachi 8159 Port au Prince 8976 Charl'town 37340.00 3430s Ankara 5043 Cairo 7255 Kingston 8876 Rio 8977 Edmonton 37100.00 . 1912c Athens 6351 Cancun 8967 Lima 7365 Riyadh 7655 Fredericton 39340.00 3221pc Auckland 7668 Caracas 8460 Lisbon 5754 Rome 5447 Halifax 37340.00 3632s Bangkok 9276 Dublin . 4032 London 4035 San Juan 8673 Montreal . 27180.00 3419sf Barbados 8874 Geneva 3633 Madrid 4936 Seoul , 2714 Ottawa 25-140.00 3019sn Barcelona 5652 Guam nana Manila 8770 Stockholm 3027 Quebec City 32240.00 3018c Beijing 3316 Havana 8365 Mexico City 7747 Sydney 7066 Regina 2840.00 2110c Beirut 7256 Helsinki 2317 Moscow 186 Tel Aviv 7855 Toronto 36210.00 3734sf Belgrade 5244 Hong Kong 6158 Munich 3224 Tokyo 4639 Vancouver 46290.00 4928pc Berlin 3633 Istanbul 6249 Nassau 7660 Vienna 4537 Winnipeg 28250.00 1810c Bermuda 7263 Jakarta nana Oslo 3027 Warsaw 2925 12:26 -11:47 - 6:49 5:53 ; FLORIDA LOTTERY Saturday's No. picked Winners Prize : Lotto I All 6 1 $26 mill. 14-9-18 5 of 6 403 $1,379 7-40-43 I 4 of 6 20,560 $64.50 - : I 3 Of 6 381,459 $4.50 Next Jackpot $10 million Tuesday's I No. picked Winners Prize fantasy 5 I All 5 14 $19,687 I 1-3-10 I 4 of 5 1,625 $28 ; 12-16 I 3 of 5 30,102 $4.50 Wednesday's Fantasy 5 1-3-12-18-26 Wednesday's Cash 3 3-6-3 Play 4 6-5-5-9 10:30 10:46 4:26 10:51 11:07 4:26 5:01 5:01 SPEED FORECAST wind SEA CONDITIONS 2 5 ft. Moderate chop Lake Okeechobee SW 15-20 St. Augustine to Jupiter Inlet SW 15-20 Jupiter Inlet to Key Largo SW 15-20 Key Largo to Dry Tortugas S 15-20 3-6 ft. 2 5 ft. 35 ft. Moderate chop Moderate chop Moderate chop For the latest drawings or last week's results, call 511, line 1008. (50 for up to 5 minutes, see details below). Palm Beach Post employees will not give out winning numbers over the phone. The Palm Beach Post A COX Newspaper MAIN OFFICE 2751 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, FL 33405 WE RECYCLE For information on recycling in your area, call 930-2511, ext. 4511 Enter category 1080. The call is free. HOME DELIVERY RATES Seven days, $3.00 (13-wk term, rates differ by term) Monday to Friday only, $1.45 Saturday and Sunday only, $1.75 WEDNESDAY HI Lo Pep 41280.00 41310.08 1490.00 48420.22 60460.27 53260.00 62520.00 51260.00 36190.00 57420.49 35160.00 41230.00 50320.00 73640.00 44230.00 34160.00 36300.03 69400.00 64300.05 58420.01 3060.03 37340.12 56400.24 49280.09 31190.00 65380.00 55340.08 44300.00 53440.15 52350.32 31200.05 33320.29 39280.21 29290.02 54370.00 -17180.00 29250.00 43300.14 50400.14 50300.00 2980.00 na690.03 68531.14 45360.00 TODAY HI Lo Wea 4331sn 4723s 1712c 5329c 5633pc 5237c 6238S 54350 2310pc 5229pc 2011c 3919s 4732sn 7147pc 3829sn 3828sn 3627c 6638sh 4229c 6235pc 3512pc 3121c 3927c 3729sn 4317pc 6334pc 3929C 4026sn 5833s 3626c 4212pc 3218c 3928sn 2113sn 5829pc 1210c 17Uc 3625c 5732pc 4330sn 268pc 8069sh 6238s 3627c WEDNESDAY HI Lo Pep 61530.31 na320.00 38380.43 56370.00 56400.09 55460.45 70530.00 56420.27 54480.00 36320.36 33330.01 67570.91 55440.27 76610.25 51360.00 52300.00 55310.00 39390.04 3131026 40370.14 49300.00 64460.00 52250.00 48280.00 49430.00 49310.00 59310.00 40180.00 45170.00 53270.00 45400.22 43230.00 71540.12 68540.00 60530.11 32280.28 55450.00 28250.00 37240.00 39240.00 36340.43 59410.11 46450.23 51320.00 TODAY HI Lo Wea 5434pc 4138r 4213pc 5838pc 4226c 5331pc 6756pc 4227c 5133pc 3224sn 2416c 6038s 4830pc 6040S 5036sh 5138pc 6240c 4526pc 3113pc 3519c 5235c 6647pc 4030sn 4028sn 5038c 4731sh 6336sh 299pc 4829c 6138pc 4227pc 41248 6438pc 6856pc 6251sh 3420sn 5232pc 2513w 4124pc 4234sn 4317pc 6639pc , 4825pc 5538C Albany Albuquerque Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Burlington Caribou Charleston, SC Charleston, WV Charlotte Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Colorado Spgs. Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Concord, NH Dallas Dayton Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Ft. Wayne Greenville, SC Hartford Helena Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackson, MS Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Lexington Little Rock Los Angeles ' Louisville Memphis Milwaukee Minneapolis Mobile Nashville New Orleans New York Newark Norfolk Oklahoma City Omaha Peoria Philadelphia Phoenix ME Portland, OR Providence Raleigh Rapid City Reno Richmond St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco St. Ste. Mane Seattle Sioux Falls Spokane Syracuse Topeka Tucson Tulsa Washington - 2416 yff) 3mL ' f San Fwncisco LnverN - X ( flb - 62,1 (4212 A Kansas Cityl V J yfeshinMin s6A7ieies TXsi ' y j El Paso DaltaViW. Atlanta J EXTREMES V v Houston jr"' "s NATIONAL HIGH: Naples, Ra., 6238- jA ' at82 , "3 H NATIONAL LOW: West Yellow- f ,., NTT ', ' tone, Mont., at -16 VJ W. Palrn. each- , J 8260 . FRONT KEY ' Gulf 7 "c"a" wa,m ' 7 I Mexico c-V' Legend: s-sunny, pe partly cloudy, t ria ) ( ' J Cancun c-cloudy, sh-showers, i-ice, r rain, J ' ' r 8367 - t-thunderstorms, sf-snow flumes. , ' r snsnow, ciKiear. w-mndy. k Mexjc0 cityV'"'' Caribbean Sea ' ' 7747 r( ' Published each morning by Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc. periodical postage is paid at West Palm Beach and additional mailing office. USPS 418-720 Postmaster: Address changes to The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700 NEWS DEPARTMENTS West Palm Beach 8204401 286-5151 7905880 9966731 8789988 8203030 2793450 8204401 8204438 8204708 8204730 8204702 8204461 8204440 Forecasts for noon today; all maps and data provided by Weather Central, Inc. 0 Stuart Wellington Belle Glade Port St. Lucie P.B. Gardens Delray Beach Okeechobee Business Entertainment Features Listening Post Opinion Sports PENNYSAVER West Palm Beach HOME DELIVERY AND BILLING West Palm Beach 8204663 Other 800-654-1231 MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS Rates vary by zone 8204231 Subscribe at CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Tequesta to Boynton Beach 8204343 Delray Beach to Boca Raton 800392 7023 Martin and St. Lucie counties 287-4108 Fort Pierce 461 1423 In Florida 800-392-7023 Legal 8203106 RETAIL ADVERTISING West Palm Beach 8204300 P.B. Gardens 820-3000 Delray Beach 279-3400 Stuart 223-3500 Forecasts by phone 24-hour sports and news Weathero 5m LOCAL UPDATES: For Free News 12 Doppler fore casts, call (561) 355-WPEC, line 1212,from Jupiter to Boca Raton. Or call 561 337-0511, line 1212 in Martin & St. Lucie counties. In Broward, call 9547644511, line 1212. Internet updates Visit http:www.GoPBI.comweather for ... Conditions updated every hour News 12 Doppler radar refreshed every 3 minutes Severe weather warnings from around the state Worldwide satellite maps ENTER UNE NUMBER 6760 Air Travel Report 7100 Horoscopes 1008 Lottery Numbers 3816 Golf 3861 Tennis 3600 Pro Football 3200 Baseball 3055 College Football 8204777 PALM BEACH INTERACTIVE www.GoPBI.comwealher 800432-7595 8004327595 832-7400 Delray Beach Boca Raton Classified Call 511 from Fort Pierce south to Homestead and west to Belle Glade (50 for up to 5 minutes). You must be 18. Charges appear on phone bill. For a directory call 800-3491511, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL Call 511 line 4100 (50 from Fort Pierce to Homestead and west to Belle Glade). For 3day AccuWeather forecasts, call 1 900776-3959. Use 7 for Q and 9 forZ. 95 a minute. Charges appear on phone bill.

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