The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 14, 1968 · Page 32
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 32

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1968
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

C 8 Palm Beach Post, Thurs., November 14, 1968 POST TV CLOCK Bahamas Roundup Britain, Australia Hit On Immigration Policies PD(0)UM THURS., FRI., SAT., SALE QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED NEW PALM BEACH MALL 12th St. S Congress DOWNTOWN PALM COAST PLAZA RIVIERA BEACH CLEMATIS AT OLIVE 771 9 SO. DIXIE 20 N.E. 30th St. the action of Jersey Senator Ralph Vlbert who used the occasion to make a personal apology for having been racially prejudiced in the past. Delegates listened in rapt silence as Vibert described himself as "a victim of my background" and offered an apology to "my friends for my stupidity." The Canadian delegate thought it was time for "Whitey to be the good guy and not the bad guy." Five million dollars and seven years later. Diamond Crystal Salt Company have made their first commerical shipment of 20,000 tons of salt from their plant at Long Island in the southern Bahamas. The plant is located on 24,000 acres and through solar evaporation is expected to produce within four years, between 350,000 and 500,000 tons of salt annually for distribu-. tlon to caustic-chlorine manufacturers and other chemical processors. Diamond Crystal executives do not expect this year's production to show a profit, but the expense write-off for 1968 should be reduced by about $200,000. Shipment will be made by ocean-going vessels to ports along the eastern seaboard of U.S. Eagle Bahamas, a subsidiary of Britain's largest independent airline went out of business last week when its parent British Eagle Airlines went into liquidation. British Eagle has suffered a current deficit of almost $2.5, million, and efforts to refinance the company in London were unsuccessful. Blamed for the airline's failure are the "negative attitude" of the British government towards an independent airline (it owns BOAC), devaluation of sterling, the $120 travel allowance for Britons and a general decline in travel. Only six weeks ago Eagle Bahamas obtained from Air Transport Licensing Authority permission to operate flights between Nassau and Luxembourg which were scheduled to start early next month using 707 aircraft. But in London, the United Kingdom ATLA supported BOAC objections to British Eagle operating a London to Nassau inclusive tour service just six months after the independent airline had started its extremely successful low-fare service for inclusive holidays in Nassau and London. THS Miami ( haanrl t WTVJ-Miaml ( haanpl 4 HPTVHe Palm Rrark ( kaimrl i H( KT Miami ( hanm-l 7 HI Rt-Miami ( Iuiiim-I II HI.AT Wnl Palm Brark hannrl IS M-lndiialr MOVIE 6:l 7 Sunshinr Almanac 10 Public Service Film i: 4S 4 NcwtinHpanish 6: V, ) Religious Sign (in 7 Communicty Ktport 10 Spanish News 7:00 4 I'opevr- I'lavhnusp 5-7 Today Snow 10 l.ove Thai Bob i Spanish i Yi Sunshine Almanac 7:1512 Three Slows 7:25 5-7 NewsBre I 7 :1010 Rick Shaw Show K:00 4 Captain Kangaroo 10 Kullwinkle 12 Kimba H:2" 5-7 News Break 8 .10 10 Banjo Billy 12 Mike UouglasShow 9:00 4 MervlirillinShow 5 Hazel 7 Donald OT'omw 10 Dream House 9:.T0 5 Real McCoys 10 Dark Shadows 10:00 5 SnapJudgmcnt HIM "Aclol Love" 12 -lack LaLaifneShow 10:25 5 News 10:10 4 Beverly Hillbillies 5-7 Concentration 12 Dick Cawlt Show 11:00 4 AndyolMavberry 5-7 Personality 11:.'I0 4 Dick Van DykeShow 5-7 Hollywood Squares 12:1X1 4 News: Weather; Sports 5-7 Jeopardy 10 12 Bewitched 12: 'I0 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Kyctiuess 7 News 1(1 Treasure Isle 12 Divorce Court 12:55 5 News 1:00 4 Lovcof Life 5 Ripcord 7 M.itchtiame 10 News 12 Dream House 1:25- 4 7 News 1:.T0 4 AMhe World Turns 5 Let's Make a Deal 7 l.irlT-'ik 10 12 Funny You Should Ask 1:55 10 12 Children's Doctor 2:U0 4 Love Is a ManySplendored Thing 5-7 Days ol Our Lives 1012 Newlvwediiame 2:W 4 The (iuidlng Light 5-7 The Doctors 10-12 Dating (lame .1:00 4 The Secret Siorm 5-7 Another World 1012 (ieneral Hospital .1:30 4 ThcKdgcolNighl 5-7 You Don'l Say 10 12 One Life to Live 4:00 4 House Parly 5-10 Dialing For Dollars .livr'.'iinv.'oii'.iifuii.i 7 Batman 12 Dark Shadows 4 25 4 Steve Allen Show 4:10 7 MikeDouglasShow 12 MervGrllllnShow 5:00 2 Time lor School 5:30 2 Mister Rogers Neighborhood 10 News, Weather. Sports 5:45 5 Dateline Financial 5:55 4 Weather. News. Sports 5 Dateline Fishing 6:00 2 Friendly Giant 5-7 12 News: Sports; Weather 10 Frank Reynolds 6:15 2 Dick Davis-Stocks 6:.10 2 Marketing Management 4 Walter Cronklle 5 Huntley - Brlnkley 10 Truth or Consequences 12 Frank Reynolds 7:00 2 Living Hebrew 4 Perry Mason 5 Dragnet 7 Huntley. Brlnkley 10 TheHoneymooners 12 Treasure Isle 7 Hi 2 Stp Killing Yoursell 5 Daniel Doone 7M "Two Weeks In Another Town" 1012 The Ugliest Girl In Town 8:00 2 Victory at Sea 4 Hawaii Five O 1012 TheFlvlngNun 8:10 2 Bill Smith Show 5 Ironside 10 12 Bewitched 9:00- 4M "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" 10 Thai Girl 12 Mv Favorite Martian 9:30-5 Ila2el 7 Dragnel 10 Journey Into the Unknown" 12 Laredo 10:00- 2 Eastern Mission 5 7 Dean Martin Show 10: 30- 2 Yoga For Health 10 Don Rickles 12 Focus '68 11:00- 4-5.710-12 News; Weather: Sports 11:30 4 Perry Mason 5-7 Tonight Show 1012 Joey Bishop Show 12:30- 4 Mr. Ed 1:00 4 News In Spanish KIM "Saint's Double Trouble" 2: 3010 News; News in Spanish 2:40-10 Give UsThis Day NOTE: These lisllngs are supplied by the Television .Stations and The Post Times Is not responsible lor last second changes. W EAT West Palm Reach (MBS) 850 HIKK-West Palm Reach 1230 VV.INO-West Palm Beach 1280 .WPBF-West Palm Beach (FM) 109.9. WljXT-Palm Beach (NBC) 1240 OS-Palm Beach (EMS) Stereo 97.1 HI.IZ-l.ake Worth 1380 WIIKW-Kivlera Beach (ARC) 1600 WIIBF-Oelray Reach 1420 WK3K-Boca Raton 740 VYSWN Belle Ulade (MRS) 900 WSWN Belle C.lade (EM) 93.1 WITS Jupiter 1000 By BENSON McDERMOTT NASSAU Commonwealth Parliamentary Association delegates, currently holding their 14th annual conference here, have been debating the touchy subject of racial conflict. The result was a heavy helping of emotionalism, salted with a touch of cynicism, over which was poured a bland gravy of goodwill. The immigration policies of Australia, the United Kingdom and Britain were bitterly criticised, the lead in the attack being taken by the Jamaican delegation. Out of two million immigrants to Australia, it was claimed, not one was from a coloured country. Canada's racially discriminating policy, the Jamaicans said, was "a wicked and disgraceful thing." Britain's recent restrictions on the inflow of commonwealth immigrants had made that country an "asphalt jungle," according to the angry Jamaican delegates. The Australians responded by condemning those speeches as typifying the kind of sentiments which led to racial prejudice. The Jamaicans were described as being about as tactful as someone trying to make love to a girl by first kicking her in the shins. Britain's top delegate pointed out that the United Kingdom had been able to cope with the past normal flow of about 6,000 commonwealth immigrants a year, but early in this year the influx had suddenly increased to about 6,000 a month, the 1968 immigration bill, he added, had been attacked as being based on racial prejudice, but there was not "a shred of evidence to support that charge." Surprise of the meeting was SEAGRAMS Seagrams sevew ri(Dsq I CROWN IS LTuart I I.. AMtnlcAV .. Girl Burned In House Fire e FORT PIERCE - A local girl, Laura Klngrey, 17, of 204 Roselyn Ave., was painfully burned Tuesday in a fire the cause of which has not yet been determined. According to neighbors, the girl was alone In the one-story CBS home, when an explosion or flash fire occurred. The Klngrey girl was in shock when taken to Fort Pierce Memorial Hospital by ambulance, and unable to ex plain the nature of the fire, neighbors said. Hospital authorities reported Miss Klngrey had severe burns on her forearms, legs and face, but was in "satisfactory" condition. Crews of two Fort Pierce Fire Department trucks reported they had confined the flames to a utility room and carport. Damage to the building was estimated at $1,500 and $500 damage to contents. NTER u AUTO CENTER r JIm fx Long wearing retreads on sound tire bodies . . . plus 18 months guarantee with 9 month free replacement! 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I mm ITk 5 OLD FLORIDA PHIUDELPHIA , J w i iii BLENDED v3 S RUM WHISKEY Jjk i M o)69 5)99 ' n 1 I n I 1 Mm .W s : jf KENTUCKY i lm GENTLEMAN Q 1 Jl BOURBON fn 39 M $ S 86 U L QUART :j : 3 f PROOF I . JREG. 6 llpvj t . CANADIAN I GRANTS j ' I 4 8 YEAR I " r CLUB SC0TCH 0 lm J r ill ? 0 hakT&haig COROflET i 1 j M scotch BRANDY j : s f U , FIFTH S FIFTH H 3 mm HENRI PHILLIPE U I ! II GORDON'S cordials i; M ; n j a.m.. Min, Cocoa Cottee . ' M ' s GIN Anisette - Blackberry t ; s 1 f " i FIFTH fiTHi M ypgj' it reg-5 RG-3,,i ij alKMBaBB Regular Print at Shown in Soqthcrn Beverage Journal. J .44 Plus federal lax 1 1.44 Plui federal tai Plui federal tax out for the curifrintee period, You , . tM wYNHI Cl" BLACK TUBELESS beneM as lollows; ,f your wears onl 'H ' SVV IXv3N J IUDCWM duririR the first half of the Ruaiantee Sm iW"' ikSt ' :''?:'m V I r . 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