The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 14, 1968 · Page 28
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 28

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1968
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

i C4 Palm Beach Post, Thurs., November 14, 1968 Elbin Sees PGA-APG Reunion Kentucky's Lyons Out For UF Go GOLF SCENE By Chuck Voorhis SMITH IN HIS REPORT TO THE DELEGATES attending the 52nd annual meeting of the PGA, formal sessions of which began Wednesday at the Palm Beach Towers, Max Elbin, retiring president, said he felt that someday "we'll all be back playing golf instead of fighting." This was In reference to the current split between the PGA touring pros and the new American Golfers Association. Elbin did not spell out how soon the reunion of the touring pros and the PGA would occur, but he made it clear again that the PGA had gone as far as it could to meet the demands of the touring pros. "We intend to stay In business," be told the delegates. "We mav suffer for awhile but we do not intend to sell our birthright (the tour)." He also disclosed that two sponsors whose tournaments had been claimed by the APG had called him this week in Palm Beach to Inform him that the claims were erroneous, that they had not signed with the APG and wanted further talks with the PGA people. Course Of W ar Reviewed Elbin spelled out the four principal Items of the program he sought to firm up when he became president three years ago. He cited the employment of an executive director to reorganize the By ED PAVELKA GAINESVILLE (AFN) -Florida continued Its Intensive preparation for Kentucky Wednesday amidst reports that Dickie Lyons, the Wildcats' offensive sparkplug and leading kick returner, will miss Saturday's contest. Lyons, an all-SEC halfback, Is said to be definitely out of the game with a separated shoulder, an injury suffered early in his team's six-zero loss to Vander-bilt last week. Nevertheless, the Gators are preparing for Kentucky as If Lyons will play the whole game. "Last Friday night Georgia Said Kemp (fullback Bruce) "but I say this reverently and with respect. He Is truly one of the finest athletes In the country." The Gator defense has also been working on stopping Kentucky's goal lineoffense and the Wildcats' outside running game. There has been special work all week on punt and kickoff coverage. Graves said he expects his defensive unit to be In good shape for the Lexington battle with only two of his starters currently on the injury list. Cornerback Steve Tannen has been bothered all week by a pulled groin muscle and tackle Mike Healey is slowed with an injured knee. Both are expected We suggested a meeting with the players during the Thunderbird Open but Gates said no players would appear. Later, the same day, announcement came out of New York of the formation of the APG. "I'm sorry to report no solution is in sight. We took the matter to court in Wilmington, N.J. The judge ordered all M documents taken from our files by a PGA employe who jumped to the APG. returned to us. He examined player agreements dating back to 1M7 and said he thought them valid. But he ruled against the injunction we sought to prohibit the APG from scheduling 1969 tournaments. He said he needed more facts, that there was no area of conflict between our dates and those set up by the APG. "We now have an appeal coming up in a Federal Court In Philadelphia Dec. 3. We have taken depositions from plavers and sponsors. "All we want Is equal control of the tour. "We will go ahead with our tour program. Many young pros have told us they will play In our tournaments even if the purses are in the $25,000 SM.OOO bracket. They are looking ahead to their future as a professional golfer. We intend to stay in business." Joe iXovak Settled This One Joe Novak, one of four former PGA presidents attending the sessions here, recalled the m revolt in which a player representative sought to take over the tour. He headed the Tournament committee and had signed up 25 top players to play It his wav. When things got really hot, Joe fired him. About the time the players warmed up to.renew the fight, the golf equipment people stepped in and pulled the rug from them. And that ended the revolt. Equipment people are generally backing the PGA in this row but have not gone to the extent Spalding did back in 1948. Elbin noted in his report that the sponsors had the ability to have prevented this current breach but lacked the capability of "uniting and offering effective support to their own best interests." There was a feeling among the club pro deleeates to the meeting that the new APG tour would have a brief and not too successful existence. headquarters offices at Palm Beach Gardens, the expansion of the education program, Improved public relations and official magazine, and the establishment of a pension program for PGA members. He cited Robert T. Creasey, executive director, for the fine job he had done under the first of the program; Patrick D. Williams, for his organization of the education program; Bud Harvey for his work in public relations and the official magazine, and announced the pension plan would go into effect Jan. 1, 1969. Then he came to the part of his report concerning the breakaway of the touring pros, a "report that I regret to make." "Although I realize that player dissatisfaction with the tournament program has erupted numerous times during the past 30 years, I regret that our relations with the players have finally come to the breaking point. The players rejected our new entry forms (presented at the Doral Open earlier this year) which were designed to line up the players for the tournaments and give us a bargaining point for television rights. I realize the terms of these forms may have been too severe." Objectionable Forms Revised He said the form had been rewritten in milder language but .he players still rejected them and hired Sam Gates, a New York ittorney, to speak for them. Elbin said the forms were not accept-ible to Gates. "The PGA then set up an 8-point program to cover our relations with the pros," Elbin said. "But we had to deal with Gates again and he turned these down. One of the clauses was for arbitration of our differences but Gates turned this down. We met with him in Washington but he said it was too late for negotiations. wouldn't even dress out for our Paterno Talking About Intangibles game, and he started against us the next day," Coach Ray Graves said. "This week we Won't be fooled again. We are preparing for Lyons. "I hope its a fact that we won't have to face him," Graves said, get any and you get licked. So thinK anyoody can beat any to start Saturday. Florida's thin linebacking crew will receive some needed depth for Kentucky with the return of sophomore Mike Kelley. Kelley, a starter until he Injured a knee In practice a month ago, will see some action Saturday behind outside linebacker David Mann. Offensively, things have brightened for Florida with fullback Larry Smith once again counted on for first string service. He will open against Kentucky with tailback Tom Chris UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (UPD There are many intangibles, Joe Patemo will tell you, in preparing a 7-0 team for a 2-6 body." Sets Golf Pace Maryland, Paterno said, Is no exception. opponent. "As I've said before," the "Perhaps the Terps don' have a great record," he said "But they have a young team, ATLANTIS Gladys Jowett of the home club checked in with an 82 to lead the field at the end of 18 holes of the 72-hole Golden , Golf Association championship at the Atlantis Country Club Penn State coach noted, "so many times this year the unranked and seemingly Inept teams have come on and upset the top runners." Our team realizes It has a tough game and the players must play well to win. Patemo expressed some con cern about the weather. Wednesday. Cold weather sent the scores high in this field limited to senior women golfers with 18 handicaps or less. Next among the leaders were Maggie Smith of the PGA Na- "The combination of Monday off and the surprise snowfall tian, flanker Paul Maliska, split end Guy McTheny and quarterback Larry Rentz. Jackie Eckdahl, who started behind center against Georgia, has relnjured his toe. He had already been counted out of action this week with a sprained thumb on his throwing hand and Graves row gives him positively no chance of playing Saturday. Tuesday has thrown our prac tice sessions out of sequence," State, third ranked In the UPI polls, Is regarded a top favorite to win its eighth game Saturday at the University of Maryland. "I think the way the game Is played today, as wide open as it is, with people who can pass and catch, anything can happen on one play," Paterno said. "All of a sudden somebody gets momentum. Then you can't tional Golf Club with an 85, Aud fa McDcrmotl of the home club 86, Ruth Mazza, a clubmate, 87, he said. "On Tuesday we generally go at a rougher pace and practice a little longer Helen Nesbitt, Palm Beach an 88 because we must make adjust and Hilda Spradlin, Pensacola, 89. ments. Then on Wednesday and Thursdays we repeat everything to get a fine polish." 43 Teams Enter Pro-Am llltl. 1 n TUNE-UP KITS A I II I II Bill mum Iraff liaal Itaaaauaul iaaaaaaaaMl ikJ DEPARTMENT STORES I 'Mco" j ' V V? V J jnf'J M 'VV J2L vm All kits complete with ViSijjjfc; ; ; IVVjtra rotor, points & condenser r- -jr- '" '1 ' ROAD GRIPPING "Off ckwaus " ,A ' I CONTOURED SHOULDERS ffij lSI SIZE F.E.T. ft tVmWWfKI ' JPfl .-C' JfSA 6.50 13 1.81 II 'iTA.11WI ' IsfXsrt Notional Brand WjjjLJxL , :ny'J-W motor oil TEMPERED Wffk W I 5) t l-r M Sav13 TREAD LIFE tfS JJ qrt " Hi '"vwjM guaranteed o,m,.5) Forty-three four-man teams will hit the fairways at the West Palm Beach Country Club Fri day In a Pro-Am golf tourna ment preceding the start of the West Palm Beach Open Satur day. There was a shortage of amateurs to complete the team format of one pro and three amateurs Pairings and Starting Time FIRST TEE 7 :30 Stan Brlon. Orchard Lake Mlrh Bob Ross Jr. St. Louis. Mo.. W. M. Wisner WPB - Dirk Stephens, Ft. Lauderdale. 7:,18 - Jim Jewell, Alpine, N.J., Charles McCallum. Ft. Lauderdale, Sevmour Spen nro. r ranK naatrunoia Yifa. 7:46 Joe Lopez, Sr., Miami. James Housman, Lancaster Pa., Bill Uoodsmlth. n fti, Marvin v arks WPb. 7:54 C.A. Lohren, Ulen Head. N.Y, NYLON Mickey Armltage. WI'B, Murray Kasller. uocaKaton. leuuuano. WI'H. 8:02 Bob (iranl, Boca Raton, Mike Roche, Trenton. Ontario. Canada. John NO MONEY DOWN 55 MONTH 13M- fl9-9Sll Jji BEAM m QUART m .n MIST I I fc. :0,tMTUCIlY IIEND KENTUCKY PON I All Kiertis Palm Beach Gardens, Joe Lesser, t mnmnt (ih. monldi or " 8:10 Dick Bird. Vero Beach, Claude Youns. Valalle. N.Y.. Ned Merchant. WI'B. Albert Valln Montreal. Canada. 99 8:18 Billy Gilbert. PB Gardens. Dirk IS?9 IliViMR.BOSTON'""'! I nrilTIFIIIU II 'J13 L. I i napman. palm Beach, Carl VanderVoorl 14 riauanaaiF, Aiosteen. WPB. V'wt itt-"t Ititt. ? tVORKUlNSHlB-GvlKirttd tn 1 1 l.ff M (niind tf4 H.nt 4lC't " wile-1 IM o'rimfi.(. "ut li""tl t I mflnlM V "iii. AdUlnnlf '!! " (m.nin flfld. u.rl gtrflf P'.tl plgl frlt'lf tun, 1. TRrD LirC-Whi ippl.ctbli. tuirin. j UH l Kormi' T'arjMf tht , fiufblr IXOntnt tt n" IWit.rrf If 8:36- Bruce Doble. Worcesler. Mass. Lou COPPER blackwall Hersev. Bar Harbor, Maine, Bill Bowers. wph. Mcrie Merchant WPB. 8:34 - Al Johnston. WI'B . Jon Baelev. Riviera Beach. Gene Calloway, WI'B, 8.25x14 8.45x15 b ti ("jr ( olf mn'M V BOOSTER CABLES 7.35x 14 7 35x 15 7.75x 14 7.75x 15 ijij 2.05 to 2.21 F.E.T. & old tira plus 2.35 4 2.54 F.E.T. & old tire f George OKie, WPB. 8:42 Bill Robinson, Tequesla, Glenn A, Jones, WI'B. Bill Doohan. London, Ontario, Walter Lamplough Jr. WPB. 8:50 Joe Benevento, Chelsea, Mass., Jack Sulll an. WPB, Norman Good, WPB, M.J. Sachs, WPB. 8:58 - Gene Borek, East Norwich. N.Y. 97 WHITEWALLS ONLY 2.88 EXTRA! Tony Zmlslowskl, WPB., Jim Davidson, wpb., uon pappert, WPB. 9:06 Glbbv Gilbert, Hollywood, Jules Blanlon. WPB, Bill Burgess. North Palm VINYL or RUBBER neacn. Uon Lhrler, WPB. 9:14 John Wells. Lee. Mass.. John Sutter II, Palm Beach, John Wvmer Jr., WPB, Tom Scholtz. WPB. FLOOR MATS with BIG 6" clamps 11:45 Jim McCoy Olean, N Y.. George 97 each 36 MONTH BATTERY SOUTHERN 1& 3 9 m case j 9 9 SMIRNOFF JLcomfort::. .?!- u vodka JL $(!m MUNICH BAVARIAN . m gFQ99 V m Winn M W DRY J VpKPnSV J"1" LER0UX Jl vodka4"5 rBKBty H ,w ft brandyE3 v danish crnTru full quarts rj CHERRY OLU I Lft 90 PROOF -K A SPECIALS gin 1 . E; 2? -7g o)99 1 AMBASSADOR C99 SS 2375 DELUXE c. 3. Sm? fQ) Kg R "martins u eftj Vr if CWCCT WO JM UfHj BOTTIEOIMSCOTIAND l SWEET - rj 86 PROOF Q i hi ROMA horse "o5" wheatley j4 Kusuman, Jr.. uelray beach, Ralph E. Fischer. WPB. George Penterman. WPB. 11:53 Bob Menne, Andover, Mass., Dave Clayton, Toronto, Canada, Ralph Edwards, Lake Worth. Bennle Page. WPB, 12:01 Dirk Masterson. Ft. Lauderdale, Don Dawson. North Palm Beach. Rllev Moore, WPB. F. G. SLJPPF.RLY, WPB. 12:09 Sam Harvey, Hallandale, Merrill Hubbard, White Bear Lake, Minn. Clarence Peror. Miami, Dr. Art Hlrsch, Lake Worth. 12:17 Walter Burkemo, Detroit, Mich.. Dwlghl Campbell, Sluarl, Al Fier, WPB. Fred Knopt. WPB. 12:25 Jim Veno, Bangor. Maine, Harrv Barrett, Birch Run, Mich., Jack Abert, WPB, Lou Figaro WPB. 12:3,1 Pele Murray, Naples, Larrv MrGarrahan, W PB. Ben Sack, Ft. Lauder dale, Hugh Coales Tampa. 12:41 Pete Cooper. Orlando. John Mo-lenda. Detroit, Schelnholz. Hollywood, Ken Boqulst, Worcester. Mass. TENTH TEE 7:30 H. Bus Ogden, Svdney, Nova Scolla. Mike Konar. WPB., R C. Hatchell. Bovnton Beach. Bob W llks. WPB. 7: .18 Norman Doyle, Montreal. Canada, Slewarl Slrbaugh, Mlramar. Fla., Bob YOUR CHOICE! full front or full rear, Regular 3.97 and 1.97 value! Premium quality vinyl or rubber fronts or rears, one low price. M77 Our own Ameron brand, D24-S 12 volt battery for most popular cars, guarantees fast, sure starts every-time. FREE INSTALLATION Sj3 with nhang 'Mini' 4 TRACK AUTO STEREO Compatible 4 & 8 TRACK AUTO STEREO cnnstiani, wpb.. Herman Axel. WPB. 7:46 F.ddle Jones. Sorlns Vallev N Y model no. RR44 moM CFE6745 "773)87 Voun Payment $ A Month u e) No Down Payment $5 A Month Small size installs anywhere. Plays all your favorite 4 track tapes with outstanding tone reproduction. Joe Mitchell, Ft. Lauderdale. John Hall. WPB, Tom Daley. W PB 7:54 Stan Homenlck. Manitoba, Canada, Marcel Fastler, Pompano, BobLawson. WPB, E. A. Bastin. WPB. 8:02 Mike Krak pro Darlan Conn, Carl Burkemo : Atlantis, Fla., Glenn Harrold (81 WPB. Dr W. A. Caldwell I9l Delrav. 8:10 Bobby Crulckshank, Gullslream Truman Connell, Pine Tret. Bovnton, Pepper Martin. Lake Worth. Dr. Raymond Roy. WPB. 8:18- George Valurk, WPB. W B Mcr rv. WPB Pele Andrews, WPB., Mike Va: saloltl. WPB. 8:26 Clint Kennedy, Mechanlshurg. Pa.. Bob Holzman, Delray. Al Wade. WPB., Harold Kline. WPB. 8:34 - Wilt Homenlck. Winnipeg, Cana-da. Frank Cardl. Long Island. Danny Ha ger. WPB. James Mitchell. Vero Beach 8:42 Arnold Kolb. Glen Head, N Y.J Jerry Dosler. Maryland. Carles Warwick 111, WPB. Fred Black. Wash, D C. 8:50 Lawrence Currv, Svdney, Nova Scotia. Canada.. R. C. Lan.lham. ('nana Complete with 2 speakers! Genuine automatic compatible plays 4 and 8 track inlerchanaeably. USE OUR LA YA WA Y PLAN NOW! Complete BRAKE OVERHAUL nooga. Tenn , Al Frill, WPB.. Dr. Palrlc fn wines gasgA55g SC0TCH m i tri. inn HUDSON usf 499 P1 ; ig IMPORTED ITALIAN JLAJL. 86 PROOF H U RICASOLI BAU.ANTINEus.799 HOUSE OF Jr M niUHOULI 1 2 YR OLD " cthidt i. I bardouno " olUAnl rW-jTm im scotch m & 1 Q GBEEM STRIPE se 99 AQQ gtrf m "Jj I 3 HL.Jlllj' WIfif -tar i t3 F,fTH CASt w"s 099 nnFlfTHwsf I ' 24 50 GEORGE -nOii 47.75 lJ i. ': n FULL QUART SWEET OR DRY JJiUJIS d io yr. bourbon 9 NOILLY PRAT ( VIhyii I JL OLD A VERMOUTH Rncn K H 149 y 3Toza 15? m Sullivan, wpb. SHOCK ABSORBERS includin9 installation 8:58 John Barnum Pro. Grand Rapids. Mich Ansel Snow Pro. WPB Tim Hollman (61 WPB. Hank McCal (11 1 WPB 9:06 Clarence Dosler. 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"Dub" Pagan WPB.. Don Harrison, Winnipeg. Canada. CUB Cobb. WPB 12:25 Gordon Jones. Atlantis. Ron Ba klsh. Hawlev, Pa Tiny Jones, WPB., Her bertKav.WPB. 12:13 - Robert Dole!. Miami. Joe Qulnzl. Forest Hill. C. C. Fred Steele. WPB.: Dr. Bernard Kimnwl. WPB. S. saiwutnf A pawn tnit S3 00 man) Palm Coast Plaza S. Dixie Highway

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