The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 14, 1968 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1968
Page 26
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C2 Palm Beach Post, Thurs., November 14, 1968 fA Kennedy -Carver I 1 Dog Racing j Miami Biscayne Track Score Board f Contest Figures Entries I Results TtnwJI: 22.44 Still i 3.-K I si HOBSON To Be A Toss-Up FIRST -HI. B 3 New Word 1 Grand Joe i Hokem ( SUOSO-B l . B i NUrkled 1 Dali Special WILSON TlmeW r 40 4 w 2 ABA Roundup Enter Dlvlsk A Matter Of Opinions By CHUCK OTTERSON Prep Editor Mick Vlland thinks Sandy Cushman is the best. Bill Hobson thinks Anthony Penn is the best. Don Rott leans toward Charles Close. Viland, head football coach at Dan McCarty High in Fort Pierre, was full of praise for Forest Hill's Cushman after his Eagles battled the Falcons to a 7-7 tie. Hon Unt Pet. Behind only 13 points this season while Kenne dy has yielded 58. ! ulmidl 2 ) ttuiniela I Mi lit.1t PrrlerU (H , (M M V IMIl Bl.t i)-Ci lit N THIKD-B.C. D TimeM:S 5 Look (iood i 2lt 1lu 8 Daytona Drive 5.10 1 10 I t.,1, .l.-iuni; l.ivi ., The big question is who is going to win? And the people who should have the insight on this question are the (4 BY DON BOYKIX Staff Writer Kennedy High's Vikings clinched a Class A State football playoff berth last Saturday night when they edged Pom-pano Beach Blanche Ely, 13-12. Carver High can assure itself a Class B spot Friday night if it can whip Kennedy at Riviera Beach High Field. U :VK $78 Time J4 S0 4 lt .1 Y20 1 4uim,l p,.rf, FUl RTH - B.C.. D 3 Ocala Mae 2 J's Champion Ctrl coaches whose teams have faced both Minnesota 5 2 .714 Kentucky 5 4 556 1 New York 4 4 .SHU 114. Miami 3 4 .4 2 Indiana 2 7 .222 4 Wesleni DtvMm Oakland 9 2 .M New Orleans 4 4 .5) Los Aneeles 1 J . Denver 3 4 .429 4 Houston 2 3 .400 4 Dallas 1 4 200 5 Tuesday' Result l.os Angeles 123, Minnesota 116. ovei time Denver 134, Oakland 127 Only games srheduled. W ednesday's jamr l.os Angeles at Kentucky Only game scheduled. Thursday's (tame Los Angeles at New York Oakland at Dallas Houston at Denver Only games srheduled "Cushman all-around speed Robinson while Carver's Rog er Coffey was most impressed Coach Roger Coffey's Carver Eagles Tth-BCB Zeldas Pride Revenna Rick s Juguar Theorized Christ Rvan Mc's Linda Happened Stle Salon Hth-.M.C.C Cheryl S. Sacrosanct Scum Sandv Palm Lounge Deep Man WhirUnK Frank Sh Cole Pouted fch-i-U.A Old Kim Oradla Der Wolfe Mettled Ros Stonewall Ats Darter Touraco Plush Hound Hith-Bt..A F.ntry Blank Northern Crump After Five Date J.A.'sGo Go Helen Leonaitl Buffle R R.Win Tim Nile People Mth-B(..t AmigoCarlos Sound Hunch Crimson Rocket Levitical Silver Asset Pockei Page Risset V P. s Pick llh-B.C.,C Miscellany Weathered Lakeside Breeze Barnev Claude Snow Shan Kmpire Missy Sunny Design Substance M-5-II.C Cronv Frank D.J. ''s Stormy Miss Sincere Zeadie Josie Jingle CathvsKarl CrtMiss DUlv Dutch Date ind-H. B Solitar. Sol Faun ie Jump A Shade Better Sharp Record MarLordship Miss Saddler Fleet Dennis Gidup All 3rd B.C., D lietaway Trinket J.N.'sToyah Lou Danny Jo Crony Kddie Wan tint a Castle'sTime Wrinkle Mandarin Billet 4th-BC..D Run Kay RubyCiaude Final Facet Opopo John'sColIege Bov StarGrad CronvGravtown ElateiMi' Slh-MC.,D G sRosie Ratio iM Queeneree M V. Bomber Final Line Mati M.iu JoeLarker J.A. sKinR M J.F.'s Amran Sth-BC.B No Fry Jim's Ladv Luck Lakeside journey Poor J ud Gerrie's Jaguar Pettolated Handsome John Amissa l cxpamio k Hnii-l (Ml tIS.W Perfet'ta J-! ' SM.JIO FIFTH -M.C..D Time.: 1 Road West lL'.JIi t mi ,1 ' (Jlngor Jar 2.10 2 1 Pollv Choke 1 ttuiniela (III 00 Perlei la 1 1-3 ' t'27 Oil MTH-B.l B Time 34: - Cron Alice Vt HO In 20 li Bob's Ka 1 21' I - Kip (,o (io tlninlela IH 3i MI..1I Perlecla (3-i St3t.Ni SFVFNTH B.C., A Time 33: I Pan Irish 7 m) -I mi 2 5 ( lav Carroll 3o m S 1 Bronetone 2 III Uuml. la Perlecla 1 4 3 1 SI 13 110 Eicmu w t- fi m. and balance, strength and power Is probably the finest back we've faced," said Viland, whose Eagles have played Oca-la, Lake Worth, Seacrest, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach, Martin County and Boca Raton, in addition to Forest Hill. "He has good speed and balance and a lot of strength and power when he needs it. It took a lot of our kids to bring him down." Not surprisingly, Viland was quick to nominate Cushman for the weekly Post-Times All-Area Checklist of high school grld-ders. Hobson, head coach at North NBA Roundup K&stfrn Division Hun LM Pit. B. Cincinnati 4 .( T'Hi have compiled a 7-1 record, the only loss a 7-6 verdict to Ely. Kennedy is unbeaten after seven starts. This game should provide more fireworks than a Fourth of July displav. I Both teams claim explosive passing attacks with Anthony Penn doing the hurling for Carver and Tommy Toombs pitching for Kennedy. Penn, a junior, holds a slight edge in the passing statistics with 76 completions in 136 attempts for 1,202 yards and 17 touchdowns. Toombs, also a (ijitimorr 11 4 .TCI - ..i.iiin ....v., i i line 6 Kthel Jane 3 60 4 KM i 2 S.tmh Hoso 7.60 1 1 Men Petit 2 Quinlela (-) 134 .' Perlecla (fr'-i UK !0 NINTH B.C.. Time 34 1 Coddled S.20 3 411 2 3 Sei1 2.80 2 6 (irenoble 2 qulnlela 1 1 3 1 IH ill Periecla ( I -3 1 1 1 40 TKNTH - B.C., A Time 34: 5 M True 3:60 ho 2 1 Strictlv 2:40 2 6 Rue's Hustler 2: 5 4 fidstrin Phi!,i(ii Ipfiia . Detroit New York . . . ..ut HI .1 Milwaukee 2: Western Division lltll 1 Quinlela !M W.lkl Perlecta 13 r.i.t: k.n Til - B.c. Time 31: 4 Si i junior, meanwhile has connected for I Carver and Kennedy this season. This is what the coaches said: BILL HOBSON, North Shore This should be a whale of a football game. I only wish I was going to be able to see it. I would have to give the edge to Carver because I think it will play the total game of football a little better. Kennedy is good running team but I don't think its linemen will be able to trap the Carver tackles as easy as they have. There has to be a lot of scoring. I would not be surprised to see a score of something like 32-25. Carver is one of the finest clubs I have seen since I have been coaching football. (Kennedy 25, North Shore 6; Carver 22, North Shore 0) WILLIAM WILSON, Gifford It is hard to say who will win. But from the way we played against Kennedy and Carver, I would have to pick Carver because of their balance. Kennedy will hit you quicker, though. (Kennedv 33, Gifford 6; Carver 34, Gifford 6) BOB WILLIAMS, Blanche Ely It, is a toss-up. Neither team is better than the other one. The team that gets the breaks and makes the fewest mistakes will be victorious. Both games that we were involved in were decided by extra points so this shows they are evenly matched. (Ely 7, Carver 6; Kennedy 13, Elvl2) WILLIE IRVIN, Lake Shore Both Coaches have real good teams. It is difficult to say. .i 20 2 1:20 2 Selections - Inin s June I J s Clill T Suln ale fiiiiiiiiu i i iisd. in THF.I.FTll J..N- Imah Dec I Mom's Bos! II by North Shore's quarterback, Mark Zammit. Roosevelt Coach Alphonso Sutton selected Lincoln Park quarterback Carlos Fenn, while Lake Worth's Bill Humphrey singled out Riviera Beach tailback Jack Rhine. 'Numeral In parenthesis indicates number ot limes plaver has been named to checklist i OFFENSE ENDS-FLANKERS - John Thomas. Martin Counlv: Bernard Coleman Kenneth '2'; Anthony Wallace. Kooseyell Odex ter Freeman. Lake Shore '.'(': Hobev Early. St. Andrew's i4; Kick IJunn. Leonard loi; Allonso Wilson. Carver ti'; (Jan Kes-mondo. Bellet;iade'7i TA KI.KS Laurence Hunt. Carver 2f. James (Jarklei Mvers. Kennedy 2i; Lamar Howell. Lake Shore i4: Scotl Stone, Lake Worth (51; Donnie WrlKht. Koosevell (SI. WARDS - Chuck Tavlor. Dan Mri'ar Iv; Willie Cainrs, Koosevell; Charles (ial-ner, Carver. CENTERS Clarence (Head) Robinson. Carver (2i; Tom Bonner, Leonard r); Cur. lis Kellv. Kennedv I5i, QUARTERBACKS - Jerrv Brown, Calm Beach; (ieortto Spat linn, lioea Raton: Mike McKuhen. Okeechobee; Carlos Fenn. Lin coin Park; Mark Zammit. North shorn 2 1; Carl Martin, Roosevelt (21; Dick Hopkins. Forest Hill Hi; Freddie Allen. Lake Shore (4l; Tommv Toombs. Kennedv Hi; Hich-ard Lee. SI. Andrew's '3i; Tommv Attman. Belle (ilade I'll; Anthonv Penn. Carver IM; Charles Close, Leonard ' (i I. KlNMNIi B.UKS - Darrvl Bar! lev. Clewiston; Bert Hathawav. Forest Hill; Tim Hulett. Cardinal Newman: Melvin Jones, Clewiston: Tommv Ovaltree. (,1(-lord I2l; Rick Wise. Lake Placid i2l: James Andrews, Lake Shore 111; Albert Mclnlvre, Marlin Countv i3i; Chaopcll Branch. Lincoln Park HI; Charlie Huss, Vero Beach 111; Jackie Robinson. Dan McCarty i 4 : Dennis Matthews, Seacresl Hi; Charlie Brown, Roosevelt l5i; Jack Rhine. Klvlera Beach (5: Mike Bern-Mel, Lake Worth 15); James Benjamin. Lake Shore (til; Dannv Kreldler. Clewiston Itil: Sandy Cushman, Forest Hill nil; Leopold Slot-line, Pahokoo (6i; Dennis Downs, Vero Time 31: i .1:110 2: 3:211 2: l.os Antjeles -1 .b'2 Phoenix ) t .riOO 21--, Allantd ti 7 .42 i ' Krancisci . .. b 17 Ih'J .'( S.m Dii'uo 7 .417 34 Chicago ft Ifi ,4) 4 Seallle 4 12 :m 4 Wednesday's Keults Hal! Im ore ll'i, Cincinnati 111 Detroit at S.m Dieo. lule Atlanta at Seattle, late OnU yames scheduled Wednesday' (iamen Baltimore at Cincinnati Detroit at San Diego Atlanta at Seallle Only (amps scheduled. Thursday's (ianm Cincinnati at New York Detroit vs. Phoenix at Tucson, Ariz. Only game scheduled. 2 Minuet I.avs 1 III Ifuiniela I3 lii tl3.H0 Perlecla lli-3iS13.'i0 Bi"q"iJ-4it3-diSlli.0, VIM: ll.iii.ll,, S:W:l.lH2 1 Josle. Ilngte, ( rl Hilly. Dull h Date 2 Solitary Sol, Fuunie lump, Dutch Date 3 Wrinkle, (ietaway Ticket, Danny Jo 4 lohn'tCollege Boy. Opopo, Final Facet -Mau Mou, G Koie Kutio, M. V. Bomber i Poor -f ud, No Fry, Jim's Lady Luck 1 Mc's Linda, Ricky's Jagua, Style Salon K Sacrosanct, Palm Lounge, ( herylS. Mettled, Old Kim, Kit Stonewall 10 Northern Champ. Helen Leonard, Buf- f I Silver ,WI, V.P.'s Pick, Crimson tfleket It Snow Shan, Substance, Barney Claude Shore, called Carver's Penn "the best quarterback I've seen this year by a long shot. It's hard to hem him in. He can scramble, pull up and throw from anywhere on ihe field." Hobson also was Impressed with Penn's favorite receiver, Alfonso Wilson. "He did a good job at end." The Mustang coach felt Carver's defensive tackles Lawrence Hunt, Dexter Josey and Frank Wallace "did a great job. We couldn't trap them at all; we tried all night." Rott, an assistant to Len Brown at Palm Beach High, singled out Leonard's Charles 11 TD passes, completing 49 of 116 throws for 861 yards. Both quarterbacks have outstanding receivers. Alfonso Wilson does most of the catching for Penn as he has hauled in 34 passes for 509 yards and nine TDs. Kennedy's Henry Coleman, also a threat on kickoff and punt returns, has caught 30 for 456 yards and a pair of six-pointers. If any team has the edge in the rushing department, it would be Kennedy, which has the ever-dangerous Al-vonzo Clark. Clark, 5-foot-8, 155-pound swiftie, has gained 731 yards in 149 carries and has scored nine touchdowns. Defensively, Carver has given up NHL Roundup Marine Weatlier Small boat forecast for the Florida lower east coils! throuKh the Bahamas as far a.s Nassau and .southward through the Florida straits Thursday : Seas three to five feet near shore, subsiding today. Inland waters, light chop. East Division H L T it 2 2 9 4 0 Pts. UK (i 20 45 27 1H 44 30 Montreal .. New Yor k . Hoston Toronto ... Clitago . . Detroit .... 8 4 1 6 4 1 6 6 0 5 5 2 17 42 13 25 12 52 12 47 Vero JV Romps VERO BEACH Fred Water-field ran for two touchdowns and Danny Shaw fired a pair of TD passes Wednesday night as Vero Beach's Junior varsity grid squad raced to a 53-0 victory over the Riviera Beach JV Close, who scored both touchdowns In the Lancers' 13-7 win over the Wildcats. "Close was outstanding," said Rott. "We feel he's one of the best passers we've faced all year. And he runs the ball pretty good when he has to." Beach (til; Geortie Ballum, Moore Haven (71. DEFENSE ENDS Frank Wvlev, Kennedv: John Hilling. Newman (2i; Richard Adams, ,ake Worth 121; Carlton Wise. Lake Shore 3'; (jeorge Greene, Kennedy l.'li: Fd Vatts. North Shore (4i; (Jarv Parrls, Vero 3eachirn. TACKLES - Reuben Sneed, Forest Hill; Rott also nominated Lancer West Division SI. Louis (j 6 2 Los Angeles 6 5 1 Philadelphia 4 7 2 Minnesota 4 H 1 Oakland 3 9 2 Pittsburgh 2 8 2 Tuesday's Result Los Angeles 3, Oakland 1 Only game srheduled. Wednesdays' (iames Boston at Toronto St. Louis at New York Detroit at Oakland Pittsburgh at Chirago Philadelphia at Minnesota Only games scheduled. Thursday's Gaines Toronto at Montreal. Boston at Philadelphia Detroit at Los Angeles Chicago at Pittsburgh Only games scheduled. RY HEM end Rick Dunn, who has led independent pass receivers all season. "He caught the ball real well," said Rott. They say turnabout Is fair play, and Forest Hill Coach Jer ry Jacobs nominated a Dan McCarty running back Jackie 3323 SOUTH DIXIE WEST PALM BEACH 5214 BROADWAY WEST PALM BEACH - FREE PARKING - SIX DAY SALE! NOV. 14 THRU NOV. 20 CASH and CARRY 'rank Wallace, Carver; Kennv Whidden. vloore Haven; Willie Raines, Kennedy; Jexter Josey. Carver: Milton (iaddv. North shore I2i: Bill Tavlor. St Andrew's (2l; Rod Hutchinson. Leonard '.It; F.d Mcfiann, Newman; Larrv McDowell. Palm Beach Harnev Hewitt. St. Andrew's; Artis Uerrvi Ford, Lake Shore Hi; Bernle Blanton. Vero Beach Hi; AKrcil Minus. Roosevelt iTji. IH'AHDS - Archie Williams. Kenneth-Ron Daniels. North Shore. Artis Johnson. Career, Clarenre Robinson, Kennedy, Fd Canadv. North Shore Hi. LINEBACKERS - Jim Harvey. Okee chobee: Jerrv Anderson, Carver; Jack Stringer, Roosevelt 12 1; Rich Pepin. Newman i2i; Ranch- Straughn, Carver (2i; W II lie lllackwell, Roosevelt (.11; Lee Steven in, St. Andrew's l,)l; Jim Coonev, Newman (41; Roger Howzell, Roosevelt Hi; Larrv Locke, Kennedy (S); Ronnie Mack, Seacresl (5i; Hv Mitchell, Kennedy (fil; Harry Landrelh, Forest Hill (Hi; Terry Henlniter, Palm Beach i(i i. BACKS Brian Domigan. Lake Worth; Rocky Phelps, Palm Heach; Danny Chandler. Dan McCarty; Joe Merrill. Seacresl; Alfred Reed, Roosevelt (2i; (Jreg Leate, Newman (2l: Ronnie Hunt. Roosevelt ( J See for Yourself if You're Qualified to Train for High-Paying Computer Age Career! CALVERT EXTRA 77 FIFTH CHIVAS REGAL SCOTCH 12 YEARS OLD ran FULL QUART Jerome Josey. Kennedv Mi; Paul Finger. si noca Katon; rrank Menendez. Kennedv (.11; Leon Jenkins. Seacrest (fit: Henrv Coleman. Kennedv (7l. KICKERS - Chuck Mi-Williams. Boca Raton: Harlev Turner. Moore Haven; (lib Henderson. St. Andrew's: tireg Ross, Boca Raton: Joe Houdrias, John Carroll Hi; 4M 5th SCHENLEY RES.-8yr . . . 419 1 om Plgnato, Seacrest ' .1 1. Qt. MacARTHUR-86 pr 5th XL-BLEND-IOyr 42 Qt. GUCKENHEIMER-BLEND 3" 5th CANADIAN CLUB 579 5th BALLANTINE'S 579 5th GRANT'S-8 yr 5" 5th JOHNNIE WALKER-RED . 5" 5th GLEN-MAVIS 369 5th DEWAR'S WHITE LABEL. 5" 5th MATEUS ROSE WINE ...1" 5th GRANDE CANADIAN ....3" QT. LORD CALVERT 549 Register Now for Our .- . . .. .. . . .;;is. 5th DUBONNET WINE 2" Gardens Set To Clobber Palm Beach Palm Beach Gardens, hoping to keep alive Its unbeaten record against junior varsity football teams, entertains the undefeated Palm Beach lliih .IV squad al 7::ill tonight at Riviera Heach HlKh. (iiltord, struKHlint,' alonn with a 1 7 slate, plays host to power ful Father Lopez lliuli of Davlo-na Heach In Hie only other area liiiinc on lap. "They're real tough," said Gardens Coach Jim 1'iKittt of Dick Melear's I'alm Beach jay-vee team. "Their quarterback (Keith llensehel) is supposed to be truly outstanding." Pifiotl feels his Gators are ready for the contest. "Physical ly and morale-wise, we're In good shape," he said. "Jack Turner and Dyke Sldway are going to be our game captains and we feel like they're ready to bring the boys around, but we know we're In for a game." Gifford Coach William Wilson realizes his club will have to "TEH-BOUR TRYOUT" IMPORTED 09 RHEINHESSEN 1 LIEBFRAUMILCII BOTTLE Introduction to Computer Programming LOCHAII ORA SCOTCH LIQUEUR BY CHIVAS REGAL 99 II FIFTH 6 DAY SALE! NOILLY-PRAT QQ VERMOUTH J? SWEET OR DRY U 6 DAY SALE! IMPORTED DANISH CHERRY QQ KIJAFA WINE U All Inclusive Fee Covers Everything only IMPORTED REMYMARTRgg j have a supreme effort to upset FIFTH V.i.U.K. II COGNAC U Lopez, which carries a 6-1 mark Into tonight's contest. "They like to run quite a bit," said Wilson. "They have a boy named Lenny Lucas who has 5 Two-Hour Daily Glasses . . .Morning or Evening. . . Starting Monday, Nov. 18 History of Data Processing IBM Aptitude Test EOP Demonstrations Flow Chart Processing Career Analysis Tests Peopln from all walks of life can train for this Spac. Age skill. . .preparing for careen that pay up to $1 2.000 and more a year. If you're a high ichool graduate or equivalent. . .age 18 to 45, . .you owe it to yourself to learn your own qualifications and aptitude for data processing. . .and the rewarding opportunities it may have for you! gained about a thousand yards Surprisingly enough, Wilson Is not overly concerned about the Lopez running attack. "This is 1111 CALVERT i one thing I haven't been too wor ried about," he said. "The I ill HI pMltl R JnEWl LJ teams have been killing me (A Uz j f,fth mostly in the air." OURBOfj GIEJ 90 PROOF -1 I FIFTH V J u Call or Mail Coupon Today to Register for Tryout Now! Bombers Win GREENACRES Bobby Ty-ska went 5-for-6 and drove in six runs Wednesday night as Brown's Bombers edged Carter's 18-17 In Greenacres Winter League Softball. Paul Conner and Wally Tietboehl collected five hits apiece for Carter's. Winborne's Warriors, paced by Sam Rawls' 5-for-6 performance, tamed the Toothless Tigers 16-10 In the nightcap. Tom Deese clubbed four hits, including a homer, for the Tigers. i 315 I & - Qt. CHARTER OAK 439 5th CABIN STILL-6yr 439 5th OLD CHARTER-7 yr. . . . 4" 5th GUCKENHEIMER BBN . . 339 5thJ.W.DANM00pr 469 5th MARDI GRAS PUREPINAPPLE 14g WINE (PUERTO RICAN) I Qt. SCHENLEY GIN-SO pr. . . 429 5th BENGAL GIN-34 pr . . . . 4" Qt. MOHAWK VODKA 369 5th WOLFSCHMIDT VODKA . 339 5th BACARDI RUM . 3" Qt. OLD FLORIDA RUM 379 5th ST. RAPHAEL 099 APERITIF WINE I 683-4444 2535 OKEECHOBEE BLVD. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING CENTER I Pleose register me for "Ten-Hour Tryout" in EDP. J XMZ, ft!! $5 Fee enclosed 10 1? Wordings Will pay Nov. 18 7:30 9:30 Eveningi k. ii ZfZ. wm Deadline Tonight RIVIERA BEACH Deadline for entry fees for the Riviera Recreation Men's Basketball League is tonight at 10 at Wells Center. Games will be played every Thursday, starting at 7 p.m. Nam Age -- Address Phone . WE ALWAYS MEET AND USUALLY HAT ALL WEST PALM BEACH ADVERTISED PRICES! City Zip. I a -

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