The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1945
Page 6
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.V 1' Friday, January 12, 1915. , 't4 IHE DAILY C LtS TONIAN' Pago Six (Behind the fcen TH&DAILY tmTONlA RE-UNION IN VIENNA At the MovU : -;V . :'''' '2''' '' .r--.' .. fclaallnlii il as Tbe Weekly Utabmlau tMK. The Clinton PlalndelOT absorbed In 1VO Published Dally Except Saturday and Sundm feorge L. Carey - - Editor Mid PubHsbr- ateawd at the Pmtufffce at flint. m. Indian Second CIum Miar 1MI.ACH Thursday, Friday aaul Saturday After many of Hollywood's most widely known young actors were interviewed for the role of Joe Mason in Republic's "Faces in the Fog," dramatic starring vehicle for Jane Withers, 31 year old Eric Sinclair, a recent-eomcr lo pictures, was chosen fjr the part. In the cast of stellar players in the new picture are Paul Kel lv Dnrolhv Peterson. John Litel, Indiana Republican fid'tf. l Ajww'iiw By HARRISON CARROLL KlnK rritlure h.vihUi-u', Writir HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood will never let Lt. William G. Garner, father of Child Star Peggy Ami Garner, hear the of (he kiria' bicycling parly Pbnn 38 Phone 32 tW Ra. ttrmme lWtwaaM Republican tonom. Association iw If Gl EST EDITORIAL. Roy Charles Linberg : I take my Home-Town paper ' since its editor is a member gation, perhaps he'll gener-rae the courtesy of its column. ) i cursory glance through the E. Of I U." I 1J ;i ai paragraphs that were printed ur the mast-head in last night's ' i, or the Clintonian, I i'eel it a con- f: ' ' '- -".r iy.'-r: :'f ' " ( 'vV.' -' ' Gertrude Michael, Lee Patrick ', and many others. Another in the series of txcit-' ing Western pictures produced by Republic and starring tall, athle tic Allan Lane, is "UtKf;o;oiiei i to Monterey" which jopens a! I ho ' Palace Theatre lonifcht as the sec-; ond feature. I PAICK Sat in day Midniftlit, Sunday and Monday Malsie, the little Ilrooklyn blonde v.'Mi heart of gold, has alt, ways h: ' plenty of tricks up her ; sleeve. Ail far as romance is Com cerned she has spurned diamonds, often wielded a club, on occasion has resorted to a spade, bill this time is trumped with a heart! It, all happens when she falls like a ton of bricks for a blackjack dealer, John Hodiak. in her newest adventure, "Malsie Goes to Reno," which Metro -Gnldwyn .Mayer present starting Sntordiiy. at the Palace, Theatre. j WAHA-ill ' I Sii'iulny, Monday and Tueiiday Don Ameehe. Dana Andrews and William Eythe head the cast, of "Wing And A Prayer" the story of Carrier X, the 2Uth fon- tury-Fox film opening at the Wa-1 bash Sunday.- The scroen's first drama of our: carrier forco in action, tho pic-' ture tells the story of na uniden-, tified aircrart carrier in lis Navy j flyers who were marked as ex-, pendable in the master plan oh strategy that led to the smash-J ing-victory over the' Japs at Mid-! way. ! Friday and .Saturdny CheBter Morris, currently play ing Columbia Picture's "One My-sterious Night," latest in the "Boston Blackle" aeries at the Wabash Theatre spends three nichts a week touring campa a' round Los Angeles, entertaining the boys with his feats of magic, ;'ous duty to remark in passing that vids like the same old dodge to me! iow and again some writer with a ..iil self-assurance elects to sit in Taking a Backward Glance LF Ml CLOTHING YOU v . . yj-.-i-' H j veterinarian office. He formerly was located in the rear of the Lewis Hardware Company building, Main and Mulberry Streets. Personal Mrs. Fred Van Horn of South Fifth Street is to spend the weekend in Terre Haute with her sister, Mrs. James Blower, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Minter Foncannon of the Jonestown vicinity spent yesterday as guestB of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolf of west of the Range Line Road. Miss Marian Rice and Miss Car-olin, Lewin, teachers at Dana are tiie weekend guests of Miss Lew-in's parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Lewin of South Main Street. Wanda and Mary Anderson of Trinity, with Miss Louise Beckett, teacher at Shepherd's school, south of the city, are spending the week end with their grandmother, Mrs. Edna Anderson of 233 Mulberry Street. The Anderson girls' parents. Mr. and Mrs. Champion AnderRon, also will be Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Anderson. ' - By Eugene She j jet 57. spreads for drving VERTICAL 1. in the distance 2 Polynesian cloth 3 sign 4 by 5 switching 6 separated 7. to the shel. tered side 8 ancient 9 comprehends 10 feinintnc name 11 inland body of w ter a metal reign near (pyetic) rends aundei melanchily tiny agricultural command tog sea eagle observe again . click beetle v-, IPlAlDnCLQH TKN YKAKS ; A(i) TODAY Haiulicrart 4'Ibnk I (trKanintl nt Xewpmt A class In handicraft was organized under the Fee program at the home of Mrs. Joe Potts Thursday evening. It was decided to meet each Tuesday afternoon from 1 until 4 o cloclt at the Home of Mrs. Potts. Mrs. George McClellan of Cayuga Is the teacher. There -were 13 present. Others interested in the work wish to join tiie class may do, so by attending the next meeting .Tuesday afternoon. Trustee Oilell Archer Moves to New OfIce Dr. Odell Archer, local veterinarian who assumed his duties as trustee of Clinton Township last Monday, has established officea in the south section of the Colenuuv Auto Company, South Third Street. Dr. Archer has taken tlire in the Coleman building. two of which are being used an-trustee's office and other, entire ly separate, being used as his1 CROSSWORD - - the ocean. When he didn't get it and squawked, the clerk replied: "Yes, but you didn't say which ocean, the Atlantic or the Pacific." Mickey Rooncy's mi, Nell Tanky, In throwing a party at the ranch for 20 of the girls 111 the Coast Guard's "Tars and Spara" show. Incidentally, there's rumor that Mick may be back In this country in about 30 days. But only for a short time. By leaping Into and stopping clrlvcrlcss car that was sliding down a hill, Bonlta Granville saved Universal Still Cameraman Maurice Goldberg from posslbl aorlous Injury yesterday on the "Senorita From the West" act. The car was heading for a step ladder and Goldberg was on top , of the ladder. Ironically, back in 1936, during the filming of "These Three," the same Stlllman indirectly saved Bonita's life by moving her over for a picture seconds before a light fell where she had been standing. Humphrey Bogart left a full act of fingerprints on Martha Vickers" arm when he grabbed her for a scene in "The Biff SleeD." She Nvas so proud she had them photo graphed for a souvenfr, , HOLLYWOOD HI JINX: Sylvia Sidney got that four-inch gash on her leg from' playing with her baby's 'jelecti'lc train.''. . . Jean Kerr;' ex-wife of Radio' Announcer Ira Cook, will marry Tom Mc-' Knight, the producer. .-. . The Pied Pipers record on "The Trolley Kong", already has sold 256,000 copies. . . . Now it's June Allyson nnd Van Johnson at Billingsley' Tropics. . . . Cugat opens at the.. Trocadero on the 18th, with Carlo , Ramirez and the Garcias Victor Moore telling pals at Bob Dalton's good-bye before heading east for his Broadway show. . , . Linda Stirling and AI Herd a Lyman's twosome. . . . Don't you. like the way the Mel Tonne group enhance Dick Powell's singing on the nir? . . . The Merry Macs have gone and bought a little theater in Hartford. Conn. adventures, which reaches' the screen of the Wabash Theatre tonight witli William Boyd, Jimmy Ellison and George (Gabby) Hayes. . MIGNONO. EBERHART SYNOICAre, VC. onc to know. I wasn't clear in my head. I only knew there was dangereverywhere." "Why?" I demanded. "Uecause," he said, which was not exactly illuminating. "Why Claud?" I persisted, getting nowhere fast. , "Because Claud knew all about us; he smoothed things over, he could always manage my father! he -was devoted to him. I think,'' said ' Craig slowly, "it was partly because of Maud ; she thought there was no . one like my father. In many ways Mauil has a much stronger character than Claud had ; he gave in to her about everything but money. Maud's a little overfond of money and would have been a sucker for get-rich-quick schemes if Claud had let hef! "Oh, she wouldn't have murdered Claud on account of the will," Craig added. "They did have a quarrel lately about money. Claud told me. But it was only about some money they had invested, twenty thousand or so; Maud wanted the cash in order to make another investment. Claud didn't know or at leaat didn't tell me what it was." "I suppose," I said on a wave of astuteness, "that Claud knew who shot you. And got rid of the bullet-; so it couldn't be traced." (As he would have done, I thought, to keep a family secret.) But Craig's face was instantly blank. "Do you?" he queried. And, as I lifted my arm to look, at my watch, something rustled in my . pocket and 1 remembered the Fred--eric Miller checks. I gave, them to him at once. "They were in Alexia's room, in the cupboard ..." He snatched them out of my hand, examined them, questioned me, and then lay for a long time staring at,, the sprawling gilt figures oa th dark wall paper, a queer look in hie eyes, his ringers tapping the checks, an expression in hia face that I couldn't read. I tried to question him. "Do you know who Frederic Miller is?" "No no that is, perhaps I do. I'm not sure. Let me think. . . ." - But he didn't want to think any longer, for almost at once ha turned quickly to me, excitedly. "Loek-here, Miss Keate. Will I be able to ' get out tomorrow?" "You may be able to get out of. bed and walk around the room that's about all," I said slowly , ' "Can I get to the Chjvery cot-., tage?" "Na" "But I've got to." "All right Go ahead and kill yourself." "I'll keep these checks." "Are you going to giva them to the police?" He hesitated. "I don't know. I'r . got to think. If they arrest Drue, 111 do anything" "Anything, yes! Except tell her you still love her." "If she love me," he said slowly, "that's enough." (To be continued) j- CsFtflit to Uwn O r.trhart: judgment upon the march ot religion through the ages. All religions are not 'the same'. While some religionists are tossing babies to crocodiles, consigning offspring to fiery Malocr-'. beating their bodies with thorny clubs, laki.:g to hermit's caves, or asking only f r complete oblivion in the waters of Lethe, others are championing the rights rf every human soul to walk the ways of U::3 world in dignity and fullness of living, tofilting the stature of human folk born in the image of our highest dream. Even in enlightened America we sink to a level where we allow medicine-show mountebanks to speak flippantly of the relationships of Man and his Creator. When a man who knew much about criminal law appeared on lecture platforms debating religious values, about which he knew little, he undermined every, church in our land." When a man who knew much about statecraft sounded forth upon monkeys, science and religion, of which he knew so palpably little, we trifled with something precious to every faithful worshipper in all the church pews of our nation. In the dollar-mad 1920's every magazine in the country felt free to select any business tycoon, and print his prattle as authoritative upon religious matters, if his income reached to five figures. The climax, of course, came, when from the bleak black depths of the 1930's, the expensive journal, Fortune, sent forth its famous wail of lamentation, "Our spiritual leaders should have prevented all this. . ." And we are never spared the spectacle. In our own day, when man's inhumanity to man frustifies in World War, a presidential candidate and a heavy-weight Champ stand before tens of thousands to plead "This is God's war!!" Purveyors of celestial information always amaze me. But it's the same old dodge.' "Make this encounter a Holy Cru-sade'V . . Escape the responsibility by conveniently putting it upon God and his long-suffering ministers. It always comes , to mind when the suggestion is made that ' the servants of the church move over to h e chaperoned In Cold wa t c r Canyon. Coming back, the lieutenant iv a tossed from his bicycle and knocked unconscious. The kids had to carry him lo a nearby tire station front, where he was rushed to a receiving hos pital to h a v e Harrison Carroll Fix stitches lahen over his left eye end two under his chin. Those stories about an early marriage for Jo-Carroll Dennison and Comedian Phil Silvers seem to lie ;lipiitly cockeyed. She Fays she likes him a lot but they are not even officially cng'aed. Ex "Dead End" Kid Leo Gorcey in nnotiier motorcycle accn I'cnt and reinjuicd the same wrist 1 1 i;it was hurt before. The accident held up production for two l.oliis on Monogram's "Docks of New Yoik." and that adds up to a oi of scenes at Monogram. -.The late Ben Bernie's son, Ii'koo. and his wife, the formcr tlcne Siigarnian, are expecting a baby. . . . Maria Montez is having Dutch Ail'st Ernst Van Leyilen do portrait;; o-i all three of her sis-lers. . . . Seems like the good old :lr.ys to have Ann Harding at f'.-K-O for "Thaw Endearing Yr.'in.'r C'--rms." E?.ck in the Ikil'tlf r. rt tiie time of "Holiday" antl "The Animal Kingdom," Ann was queen of tiie lot. . . . Bob Tay'.or is a full lieutenant now. . . , Coleman,- Ihe Mocambo mis'.ro, has given G5 orchestrations to a home for the blind and they will be copied in braillo. . . A friend of Arthur Murray's wired a Mfcml hotel for a room fncin; Two-gun "bad men" of the early . West are pictured at their best which is their worst - - fn "Three on the. Trail," latest of tho "Hopalong Cassidy" Western DISTRIBUTED BY KNS FEATURES nmnuMit as if to test the things I had said and measure them in his mind against what he had formerly believed. "So," he said ut last, "he did that. And then 1 suppose if she wrote to me, he . . ." "Obviously your father got the letters. And Drue being the kind of girl she is, I don't think she would write very many letters without a reply." "No, he said slowly, staring at the mound his feet made under the eiderdown. "No, she wouldn't write very many times without a reply." 1 said, "I'm going to get Drue. I think I can manage somehow to get her past the guard; perhaps 1 can't but" "Wait a minute." he interrupted sharply. And finally said, "No. She went away with Nicky. Willingly." "liut she there's an explanation for it. Give her a chance and give yourself one. That's why your father meant to send her away. The night he died. She told him, I heard her; she warned him. She said she was going to find out the truth about the divorce." There was a little silence, then he shook his head slowly and deliberately. And I lost my temper. "All right," I snapped, "think as you please. It's your loss. If you'd even tell about the things you know it would help. You know who shot you, don't you? And you knew there'd be another murder. And you know about the yellow glove the glove that they found beside Dr. Chivery. And I think you know why he was killed." "If I knew anything I could tell the Tolice I would do so. But you see. Miss Keate, that's the trouble. If I tell who shot me, it'll make it that much the worse for Drue. It wasn't the same person. The person that shot me, I mean, was not the person that killed my father or Claud Chivery. If I tell the police that they'll say she murdered my father." After a moment I said heavily, "Was it your father, then? Why? Was it a quarrel over well, was he jealous of Alexia?" 1 couldn't read his eyes. He drew up his knees and clasped his un-bandaged arm around them. "Forget that. Miss Keate," he said decisively. "Yea said 'There'll be murder done.' Yon said that the afternoon before your father was murdered." "I remember, vaguely. I wasn't sure I'm not sure now exactly why I was shot. But I had a vague notion that I ought to tell Claud that it was an attempt at murder." "But that isn't what you said. You didn't sav 'There was an attempt at murder.' It was in the future, as you put it. You said 'There 11 fee murder...'" '1 know. You see, I had sense enough to know that, since the first attempt had failed, another attempt might be made." Do vou mean you wanted pro tection ?" "In a en;e. Yes. I wanted me- 1 4 l'w e4 n' - ' ' Euro i Mrs. F. L. Swinehart, who has been employed as supervisor in the gross income tax division at Indianapolis the past four weeks, is spending the weekend at her home here. Mrs. Efl'le Call of 1148 South Fourth Street spent yesterday at the home of her son, Hubert Call, and Mr. Call and Mrs. E. Call visited Mr. and Mrs. Joey Granger of Universal. Mrs. James Howard of Kingston, Okln.. has returned home after visiting her sister, Mrs. John Craft of Fairview, a week. They had not seen each other for 25 years. Sirs. Howard Is the owner of a large cattle range in Oklahoma. Miss Lavern Squires and Lawrence Dunlay of -.Pembine, Wis., have returned home after spending a week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ingram nnd family. Rebecca in 'Ivanhoe' It is an accepted f;:ct Sir Walter Scott modeled Rebecca in "fvanhoe" after Rebecca Grati, of Philadelphia, a Jewess who was noted for her beauty and intellect. An active and able worker in the cause of needy women and orphans, she founded the Philadelphia Hebrew Sunday school and directed it for 32 years. Scott never met Mi Gratz. She wos the companion of Washington Irving's fiancee. Matilda Hodman, who died before their wedding day. and Irving described her to him after Scott outlined the plan for "Ivanhoe." Warm Up Muscles give their best performance when gradually and thoroughly warmed up. Muscle tendonr are not likely to be pulled or torn when warmed up. Champion athletes it ill sporis (list take sufficient time to warm up. KiKec! Girl, 9 . MYRON SEMUNCHICK, 13, above, has confessed the slaying o Kae Barrett, 9, at Vandling. Pa., according to an announcement by Liackftwanna County Distiioi At-torney James F. Braiiy. The -citild'8 mutilated body was lennd in a elect in the basement of a vacant lTuuse. Semunchick is an honor student at Vandling high school. (Ir.lernmnn.jlJ y5 Li-""' - iu. , i in i H L is ib n Wy SSZ5"" """fe WtZ rrl W 'M& vi 3i 7 IT" ! I 8 . ' : nn HPH 41 42 Vff Ti 44 tffi 45 4 47 4b 49 yyy 51 I I I YA I I YA I J ! 09 BYAUTHOft- ("HAPTKU THIRTY-SIX The breath simply went out of mv lungs, so I couldn't say a word. "Oh, yes, it's perfectly true," went mi Craig quietly. "Drue loved him. There's no other explanation for it." "Hut Ntckyl" I gasped, incredulous. He smiled a little. "That's another thing about love; you don't chiMwc. If you're in love and it's the wrong man or the wrong woman, still ymi can't help it." "N-nnnsenKe," I exclaimed, rallying a little. "Of course you can help it! Vnu ran nip it in the hud!" He shook his head a little. "They went away together. Only a little while after she became my wife. It's been Nicky all along; only he wmililn't marry her because of the money. My father was grateful cnouffh to Nicky for breaking up our the marriage . . ." He said it swiftly. "He paid Nicky regularly for that, all thi3 time. That is, I'm sure, the explanation of those checks to Nicky. But my father wouldn't give Nicky a cent if he'd married Drue." I wanted to shake him. Instead I said, "She is in love "with you. She - always has been. She ; . . He interrupted sharply.. "There's no use talking of that. Miss Keate She went away with Nicky while I was in Washington, shortly after our marriage. She asked for a dl vorce through a lawyer. She nevor tried to communicate with me. "She wrote to you." "No;" "Yes. she did. She told me." "She . . ." He looked slowly at me. "Are you sure? My father wouldn t have . . ." "Your father would have tarn pered with St Peter'i mail if he wanted to. "But I can't believe . . ." "Look here." I said in exaspera' tion. "Five minutes talk with Drue would clear tin everything." "No." he said stubbornly. "All that's in the part and done with. Drue wanted a divorce. . . ." "You wanted a divorce." "No. it was Drue. . . ." . "Nonsense. She only wanted it ao you could get into air corps training." "She . . ." He stopped and gave me a lone look and then said very slowly, "Exactly what do you mean" "Drue said your father explained to her why yoa wanted her to ask for a divorce. He told her they wouldn t take married men." "They wouldn't at the time. But 1 could have gone to another . . ." He broke off again to question me. "He told her that?" "Yes. He said it was the thing above everything else that you wanted to do or at least he sue-ceedwl in making her think that. He said that when the training was over you would come back and marry her again. He told her," 1 added, "that it would be merely a lung engagement." Cimf l.-.U.I at m fur long ; the side and keep on saving souls personal-, ly. It smacks somewhat of the big adver-j Using pages that exclaim "Save the Surface and you Save All". Only it is real ly not that simple. No minister in our day ' can offer "Full Salvation" unless he envi" ions in some dim future an eiivironinen' that is also fully 'saved'. "Social S:ilvr tion" is a crying need of oir hoikm'''' world. Let the men whose f intern stained with printer's ink Yo-ic .,. r" of it.. But we must not let the dim o'lf'r. ".i tions of a harried hack-writer t.-y'i t 1 make a deadline, to turn w, ctii for ' brief instant from a sober ar-Mr-.?! of Uv: highest values that fall into the oj.en haw' of each American citizen of Clinton. Lot us look about in all fairness. Our free public schools; the free pulpit and full fellowship in our churches; the decent resrec' for our women and children; a mor?l col' and ju8ticetiri our Courtrooms, buttresT-' by a Book that rests on each judge's desk ; the little red crosses that are a bade? of honor upon the breasts of the angels of j mercy that minister to our sufferers, the j Hospital itself, every cultural advantage of this city, all alike are a. fruitage of one religion, a Hebraic-Christianity that is our heritage, even if oft-times unheralded and unsung by busy people in a war weary woi H. i yesterday's puzzle. HORIZONTAL I on the aummlt 5. mineral apnng 8. spoken 12. eminence 13 short for HRrold 14. Siberian river lf. open passage 17. damp and cold 18. hurried 19. bury 21. sheltered side 22. poker stake 23. Swiss canton 25. long-necked bird 28. worships 32. sea between Greece and Asia Minor 34. venerate 35. crazed 37. hireling 38. metric measure 39. meadows 41. monerel 43. assumes 4!. perionaiitjr 48 the dye indigo 50. painted with dots f2. remain 53. Japanese coin 64. employed 55 sharpen, as a razor 56. unit of work Answer to IwIaIrInT AIR A 5 ST AgL D E nIE rsfrlL e rjHTA R inhta(5 A RlM R NIG L E 9.9. jfi F m tj n Atrrace time mt All 5L O B 1 Srf ALL ED SC MOOSE Jill I Mil" DP E.T A i pDan Fw AjnTlsjA RSC3 inM $ ACEfPejASEL nSItIAIY MO venomous . snake 41 immediate payment 42. until 44 being 45 otherwise 46 turned to the right 47 inequalities 49 solution Jea hed from ashea fl dm t" minuir wlulia ml- Iiu

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