Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 19, 2015 · Page C5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page C5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 2015
Page C5
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Page C5 article text (OCR)

DemocratandChronicle .com Monday,October19,2015 Page5C SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS Index No.: 2015-4549 Date of Filing: September 30, 2015 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF MONROE CITIMORTGAGE, INC., Plaintiff, -against- JESSICAHOLTZINDIVIDUALLYANDASHEIRATLAWANDNEXTOFKINOF MARILYNM.HOLTZ;JOHNALAIMOA/K/AJONALAIMOASHEIRATLAWAND NEXTOFKINOFMARILYNM.HOLTZ;MARKALAIMOASHEIRATLAWAND NEXTOFKINOFMARILYNM.HOLTZ;KIMFIORDELISOASHEIRATLAWAND NEXTOFKINOFMARILYNM.HOLTZ;MICHAELHOLTZASHEIRATLAWAND NEXTOFKINOFMARILYNM.HOLTZ;JOHNDOE1THROUGH50;JANEDOE1 THROUGH50,INTENDINGTOBETHEUNKNOWNHEIRS,DISTRIBUTES, DEVISEES,GRANTEES,TRUSTEES,LIENORS,CREDITORS,ANDASSIGNEES OFTHEESTATEOFMARILYNM.HOLTZWHOWASBORNIN1944ANDDIED ONAPRIL8,2013,ARESIDENTOFTHECOUNTYOFMONROE,WHOSELAST KNOWNADDRESSWAS9WHITEOAKSDRIVE,ROCHESTER,NY14616,THEIR SUCCESSORSININTERESTIFANYOFTHEAFORESAIDDEFENDANTSBEDE- CEASED,THEIRRESPECTIVEHEIRSATLAW,NEXTOFKIN,ANDSUCCES- SORSININTERESTOFTHEAFORESAIDCLASSESOFPERSON,IFTHEYOR ANYOFTHEMBEDEAD,ANDTHEIRRESPECTIVEHUSBANDS,WIVESOR WIDOWS,IFANY,ALLOFWHOMANDWHOSENAMESANDPLACESOFRESI- DENCEAREUNKNOWNTOTHEPLAINTIFF;NICHOLASNERIA/K/ANICKNERI ASHEIRATLAWANDNEXTOFKINOFMARILYNM.HOLTZ;JAMESR. BOEHLER,ESQ.;COMMISSIONEROFTHEMONROECOUNTYDEPARTMENT OFHUMANSERVICES,DIVISIONOFSOCIALSERVICES;ROCHESTERGENER- ALHOSPITAL;TOWNOFGREECE;"JOHNDOES"and"JANEDOES",said namesbeingfictitious,partiesintendedbeingpossibletenantsoroccupantsof premises,andcorporations,otherentitiesorpersonswhoclaim,ormayclaim,a lien against the premises, Defendants. TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS: YOUAREHEREBYSUMMONEDtoanswerthecomplaintinthisactionandto serveacopyofyouranswer,or,ifthecomplaintisnotservedwiththissummons, toserveaNoticeofAppearanceonthePlaintiff’sattorney(s)withintwenty(20) daysaftertheserviceofthissummons,exclusiveofthedayofservice,where serviceismadebydeliveryuponyoupersonallywithintheState,orwithinthirty (30)daysaftercompletionofservicewhereserviceismadeinanyothermanner, andincaseofyourfailuretoappearoranswer,judgmentwillbetakenagainstyou by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. NOTICE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME Ifyoudonotrespondtothissummonsandcomplaintbyservingacopyofthean- swerontheattorneyforthemortgagecompanywhofiledthisforeclosurepro- ceedingagainstyouandfilingtheanswerwiththecourt,adefaultjudgmentmay be entered and you can lose your home. Speaktoanattorneyorgotothecourtwhereyourcaseispendingforfurtherin- formation on how to answer the summons and protect your property. Sendingapaymenttoyourmortgagecompanywillnotstopthisforeclosureac- tion. YOUMUSTRESPONDBYSERVINGACOPYOFTHEANSWERONTHEATTOR- NEYFORTHEPLAINTIFF(MORTGAGECOMPANY)ANDFILINGTHEANSWER WITH THE COURT. YOUAREHEREBYPUTONNOTICETHATWEAREATTEMPTINGTOCOLLECT ADEBT,ANDANYINFORMATIONOBTAINEDWILLBEUSEDFORTHATPUR- POSE. TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS: TheforegoingsummonsisserveduponyoubypublicationpursuanttoanOrder oftheHonorableReneeForgensiMinarikoftheSupremeCourtoftheStateof NewYork,signedonSeptember8,2015,andfiledwithsupportingpapersinthe Office of the Clerk of the County of Monroe, State of New York. Theobjectofthisactionistoforecloseamortgageuponthepremisesdescribed below,executedbyMARILYNM.HOLTZandJESSICAHOLTZ,toHOMESTEAD FINANCIALSERVICES,INC.bearingdateJuly1,2003andrecordedinBook 17663ofMortgagesatPage0079,MortgageNo.CU019081intheCountyof Monroe on July 2, 2003. ThereaftersaidmortgagewasassignedtoPRINCIPALRESIDENTIALMORT- GAGE,INC.byassignmentofmortgagebearingdateJuly1,2003andrecordedin Book01471ofMortgagesatPage0634intheCountyofMonroeonJuly2,2003. SaidmortgagewasfurtherassignedtoMORTGAGEELECTRONICREGISTRA- TIONSYSTEMS,INC.byassignmentofmortgagebearingdateJuly11,2003and recordedinBook01488ofMortgagesatPage0264intheCountyofMonroeon November18,2003.SaidmortgagewasfurtherassignedtoCITIMORTGAGE, INC.byassignmentofmortgagebearingdateJuly9,2013andrecordedinBook 1734 of Mortgages at Page 633 in the County of Monroe on July 16, 2003. Saidpremisesbeingknownasandby9WHITEOAKSDRIVE,ROCHESTER,NY 14616. Date: July 13, 2015 Batavia, New York Virginia C Grapensteter, Esq. ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES, P.C. Attorneys for Plaintiff Batavia Office 26 Harvester Avenue Batavia, NY 14020 585.815.0288 Help For Homeowners In Foreclosure NewYorkStateLawrequiresthatwesendyouthisnoticeabouttheforeclosure process.Pleasereaditcarefully.Mortgageforeclosureisacomplexprocess. Somepeoplemayapproachyouabout“saving”yourhome.Youshouldbeex- tremelycarefulaboutanysuchpromises.TheStateencouragesyoutobecome informedaboutyouroptionsinforeclosure.Therearegovernmentagencies,legal aidentitiesandothernon-profitorganizationsthatyoumaycontactforinforma- tionaboutforeclosurewhileyouareworkingwithyourlenderduringthisprocess. Tolocateanentitynearyou,youmaycallthetoll-freehelplinemaintainedbythe NewYorkStateBankingDepartmentat1-877-BANKNYS(1-877-226-5697)orvis- ittheDepartment’ antee the advice of these agencies. 0000796046-01 NOTICEIsHerebygiventhat anorderenteredbythe Supremecourt,MonroeCounty,onthe 22dayofSeptember2015,bearingIn- dexNumber2015-08342,acopyof whichmaybeexaminedattheOffice oftheClerk,locatedat39WestMain Street,inroomnumber101grantsme therighttoassumethenameof RyleighAnneLyons.Mypresentad- dressis234LemoynAve,Rochester, NY,14612Theplaceofmybirthis ParkRidgeUnity.Mypresentnameis Ryleigh Anne Farrell. 0000795744-01 Notice of Formation of REALITY RESEARCH, LLC Arts.ofOrg.filedwithSecy.ofStateof NY(SSNY)on09/29/15.Officeloca- tion:WayneCounty.SSNYdesignated asagentofLLCuponwhomprocess againstitmaybeserved.SSNYshall mailprocesstoCorporationService Co.,80StateSt.,Albany,NY12207, regd.agentuponwhomandatwhich processmaybeserved.Purpose:Any lawful activity. 0000786785-01 NoticeofFormationofTop ROCPropertiesLLC.Art.ofOrg.filed Sec’yofState(SSNY)08/06/2015.Of- ficelocation:MonroeCounty.SSNY designatedasagentofLLCupon whomprocessagainstitmaybe served.SSNYshallmailcopyofproc- essto470SandystoneCircleWebster, NY14580.Purpose:anylawfulactivi- ties. 0000709931-01 NoticeofFormationofCJSCOLLON, LLCArts.ofOrg.filedwithSecy.of StateofNY(SSNY)on10/05/15.Office location:LivingstonCounty.SSNY designatedasagentofLLCupon whomprocessagainstitmaybe served.SSNYshallmailprocessto CorporationServiceCo.,80StateSt., Albany,NY12207,regd.agentupon whomandatwhichprocessmaybe served. Purpose: Any lawful activity. 0000785077-01 NOTICEOFFORMATIONOFMakingA HomeMattersLLC.ArticlesofOrgani- zationfiledwiththeNewYorkDepart- mentofStateonon9/11/2015.Itsof- ficeislocatedinMonroeCounty.The SecretaryofStatehasbeendesignated asagentuponwhomprocessagainst theCompanymaybeserved.SSNY shallmailacopyofanyprocess againsttheLLCto:5LamplighterLane, 14616.Theprincipalbusinessaddress oftheLLCis:5LamplighterLane, 14616.ThepurposeoftheCompanyis toreclaim/remodelhomestotheironce proud state. 0000760080-01 Noticeofformationof HamptonbrookCapitalManagement, LLC.Arts.ofOrg.filedwithSSNYon 09/16/2015.Officelocation:Monroe County.SSNYdesg.asagentofLLC uponwhomprocessagainstitmaybe served.SSNYshallmailprocessto: 1335JeffersonRd#23511,Rochester, NY 14692. Any lawful purpose. 0000766474-01 NoticeofFormationofRUSHSMITH FARM LAND, LLC Arts.ofOrg.filedwithSecy.ofStateof NY(SSNY)on09/23/15.Officeloca- tion:LivingstonCounty.SSNYdesig- natedasagentofLLCuponwhom processagainstitmaybeserved. SSNYshallmailprocesstotheLLC, 4062E.LakeRd.,Livonia,NY14487. Purpose: Any lawful activity. 0000751053-01 NOTICEOFFORMATIONOF GLADSAND,LLCfiledArticlesofOr- ganizationwiththeNYDept.ofState on9/30/2015.TheSecretaryofStateis designatedasagentofthelimitedlia- bilitycompanyuponwhomprocess againstitmaybeserved.Theofficeof theLLCandaddresstowhichtheSec- retaryofStateshallmailacopyofany processshallbe46ChelseaPark, Pittsford,NY14534locatedinMonroe County.ThepurposeoftheLLCisto engageinanybusinesspermittedun- der law. 0000767533-01 NOTICEOFFORMATIONOFFallRiver PropertiesLLC.ArticlesofOrganization filedwiththeNewYorkDepartmentof Stateonon9/11/2015.Itsofficeislo- catedinMonroeCounty.TheSecretary ofStatehasbeendesignatedasagent uponwhomprocessagainsttheCom- panymaybeserved.SSNYshallmaila copyofanyprocessagainsttheLLC to:1071FlynnRoad,14612.Theprin- cipalbusinessaddressoftheLLCis: 1071FlynnRoad,14612.Thepurpose oftheCompanyistoown/provide quality rental properties. 0000753580-01 ROCC LASSIFIED DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE LegalsLegals Findopenhousesand homesforsalenearyou! Wedo thework foryou • Filteryourhomesearchbycurrentopenhouses •Getemailalertsoflocalopenhousesthat matchyoursearchcriteria •Seedatesandtimes,maps/directionsandfind neighborhoodinfo Now,thestoriesyou’re following,followyou. UNCORK THENEWSEASON Newtastingrooms,eventswelcomeFingerLakeswinelovers LauraNichols Safwiter UN UN U N CO O CO N N N N RK RK K O O O TH E H H NEW SE AS E E ON S S Ne w e e tasting ro oms, ev ents we lcome Fing er Lak es wine lo ve rs Laura Nichols Sa f witer Aluscious new book of photos called “Cabin Porn” isn’t inviting readers to hole up in the woods to look at naked bodies. It is inviting them to look at photos about holing up in the woods. The book is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Zach Klein, co-founder of Vim eo, who bought some land in upstate N ew York in 2010 with his wife and f riends. They started collecting photos o f cabins as “inspiration to guide us and motivate us” to build their own. Eventually, they built some cabins on the property they call Beaver Brook, and they shared the photo collection in a popular Tumblr blog called “Cabin Porn.” They also opened a school at Beaver Brook where individuals can learn to timber- frame a building from scratch in a few days. All of that led to the “Cabin Porn” book, published by Little Brown, edited by Klein and aptly subtitled, “Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.” I ronically, Klein says the title “Cabin Porn” is “difficult for me to justify” because “it was never a fantasy. My friends and I were out there doing it.” “Cabin Porn” isn’t the only sign that cabins are having a moment. The New York Times’ T magazine recently proclaimed in a headline that cabins are the “New American Dream.” Pinterest is l oaded with accounts like “Rustic Cabin Life” and “Cozy Cabins.” Students at H arvard’s Millennial Housing Lab just launched a project called Getaway, which offers tiny houses in rural settings for rent by the night for city dwellers l ooking for an escape. Why cabins? Simplicity and immersion in nature explain much of the appeal. “There’s something really satisfying a bout being reminded that life outdoors i s really affordable,” Klein said. “You don’t need a McMansion to enjoy the woods.” But while cabins might be simple structures, the images in “Cabin Porn” are spectacular and compelling, even when the buildings are little more than ramshackle shelters tacked together f rom scavenged boards. The rustic settings are beautiful, on mountaintops and by the water’s edge, in deserts and the woods. And the dwellings’ designs are intriguing, from converted vehicles and silos to treehouses, pods, sheds and bungalows — along with more conventional wood-frame homes with pitched roofs. The term “cabin” has a particular A merican sensibility, Klein notes, part of the narrative of taming the frontier a nd cutting down trees to build homes and settlements. Log cabins symbolize “resilience and self-reliance,” he said. But Americana is not really the at- t raction for him. “What I’m drawn to is creating minimal comfort outdoors so that I can be as close to nature as possible,” he said. He also notes that rustic cottages are p art of the culture in many places, espe- c ially northern Europe. The book’s photos range from a shack in a sheep-herding camp in New Zealand to a boathouse on a lake in Germany. Cabin-love is also related to the tiny house movement. “The American dream is exhausting,” Klein said. “Having to live up to this model of largeness is real- l y draining. People are drawn to the possibility that we can be happy with a lot less.” Sarah Barnard, a Los Angeles-based interior designer who specializes in sustainability and healthy living, has a number of clients who have high-pressure jobs and nice homes in the city, but own cabins for weekend escapes. “In the city, w e cannot help but be influenced by fashion and our neighbors and advertis- i ng and all these things that impact how we purchase and how we decorate and what our daily lives look like,” she said. “Whereas cabin living allows us … a kind o f freedom from the confines of those social expectations.” Those inspired to pursue their own cabin in the woods might want to know, however, that reality can be more comp licated than the ideal. Klein admits that t he cabins he and his friends built at Beaver Brook “ran into problems,” from mice infestations to family members who couldn’t handle the lack of amenities. They’ve since built a building with p lumbing and electricity “that’s weather-tight and rodent-proof, so we could be t here all four seasons,” he said. “Now my mom will come to visit.” Klein’s sojourns in the woods have also left him with Lyme disease, which c omes from tick bites and is common in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. It’s “a reminder,” he said, “that nature isn’t move-in ready. It’s not sterilized. It’s very much a force that has to be reck- o ned with. It’s humbling.” I t’s also a good reason to have plumbing in your cabin. “We needed to make it easier for showers,” Klein said, “to create proper conditions so people could check for ticks and clean things.” ‘Cabin Porn’ features photos of i ntriguing homes in rustic settings BETH J. HARPAZ ASSOCIATED PRESS AP A“teakettle house” in Galveston, Texas. The book “Cabin Porn: Inspiration for you quiet place somewhere” offers images and stories of homes located in rural or remote settings. AP Ahome built at an unusual angle in Oberwiesenthal, Germany. AP Aboathouse on the Obersee, a lake in Bavaria, Germany.

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