The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, January 12, 1945
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Fage G. to! Four THEDAItY JCLINTaNlAN Friday, January 13, 194&, t able roads and time and again traf-1 disclosed that the situation of the fic was jammed by vehicles Nazis in Jiu.lapest. was oii " pelt's Prairie that there were mounting indications into the ditch or slithering cross spent lawt wr-clioncl vtli tlieni. B. F. Ski.lmove, vlirt pnnt a few days at Vi'i'iiiilllim County Hospital, is at homo iiKnin. wnrh improved. P. L. TaKiiey li l','" sufl'i'i-ms Willi rheumatism for Uu ! I1'" Huge Increase In Plane Production Demanded in 1915 ews and Notes Seen from WP('1S. II, ..,.,1 Hlr ClllU.IO WcllOWl'll have received wrd that ,h',r "on (Continued from page 1) FIRST 1'ltK BYTURIAX CHI ItCH Anl n.l Mu llM-rry L. Hoy t'harli'N Mnlwiu, MlnMer ell's. !:.'. I liil.'hlnll. Music f 'lint .Nevint, ' Siipl. f H::iii a. ni Sunday School. iir T!,....,w....i McJlnwcll. wno was stationed on New Culnea, has reach they were preparing to abandon their hopeless struggle. Prisoners taken in the capital, tho Soviet communique revealed, said they went Into battle with Nazi SS troops at, their backs, with drawn guns and orders to shoot any who surrendered. Meanwhile tho Red army signal corps in Moscow nnnoiinced the tn-torreption of a radio niessngo from the German commander I" Budapest describing the plight or tho garrison as desperate and declaring: "For Ihree days now wo hovo received no news." (An amplified version of the hrnniirnat reported by the London ed the l'liilipplnns. 7v ran Schwartz, who. with HI;"! 5 ti. ill. Servlco of Wor FIRST METHODIST Clll'RCII Clifford C. Joidun, Minister John W. Itecler, CIiuitIi School SuiK'i'lnteii.lent Mrs. .1. W. Iteeder, Sllnlster of Music Mrx. Ira ilmrrli, Organlht 11:3(1 a, m. t' Morning Worship. Sermon HiiliJecti"VArt, Music nnd Religion," followed by Church Admission service, M , 10:45 H. in, Church School. 0:110 p. in. Methodist Youth Fellowship. Jack lieeder, president. wise athwart tho highway. Cold Casualties .Mount Attacks became tragic-comedy as tanks crept painfully up hills, only to slide down again bel'ore they reached the summit. Casualties inflicted by ice and sub-zero weather were many tlmeB more numerous thnn those caused by enemy action. Field hospitals wero crowded with Yanks sull'erliig rrom pneumonia and frozen feet and hands. Orderly Witlldl'iinnl Meanwhile there is definite evidence today Hint the German drive through the Ardennes proceeded according to an alternative schedule which provided for an orderly withdrawal In caso they failed to reach their objectives. his wifo and son, spM't Christmas tiled for 1915 will total approximately ii2 billion dollars ns compared 'ith G6 million 500 million dollars on Oct. 1. 1944. New programs are valued at two and one hulr billion dollars. New H-liO S. Il.'.lllles Disclosing Hint both alrcrafl weight and numbers will be boosted nliout iiitin nor over last Octo- holldavs with Mr. anil airs. u. .J-need, ban cone to ship Sermon sub Ject, "The Lure lit the Itock That Ik. Hlnher." The iiiitlieiii, "Tho ShepheM." 0:110 p. IU . Young People's Conn, where he will be .employed. m fftiii?. Ills family will Join lilm M'ero in the near future. Mrs.' John Ousky nnd duufchter Carol June spent Wednesday lit l.he homo of Mr. and' Mrs. L. H. lleed. 7:00 p. m. Evening Service. , bpr Kn? p,,),,,,,,) ou( ,lllt ii-zs pro 1,' Sermon subject: "Tho FullncBS of duction at Boeing's Ronton, Wash., TH E FIRST 'BAITIST I'll I WH OV 'LINTON Time." Evangelistic service. plant will be Increased from 35 In 7:00 p. m. Monday. Scout meet December to 200 111 July, 1945. He .nana crawfordsville Guest Is dor"? Here; Soldier Spends ti. Holiday Furlough at Home !""'!;,Ml8 Mary Jenney of' ll. spent a roc.-nt weekend with s'.pf. and Mm. K. K. Hnndolph. direct SKt. John While. wl' "l''t 11 n,u(ll.jrllmai furloiiBli with m '"'-Kuumf l"-. "'I"'''1 10 1,18 ,,nlp Ful Inillnn (lap. Pa. rjt., (Donalene Overpock ami Jim Tiik-held W. wh0 r'''""y uinl,r','" tonsll-ing r(!tomli, are back In school. EiML' pervlssney also had his lonnlls out at iug oe ane time as his brother, the 0 Staff Sgt. Melvln Jones and wife liiK ct Boise. Idaho, arrived Saturday ti,e rn'nn 'or "fteen (,ay furlouRl' in eatlth Mr. Jones' parents, Mr. and a foulrs. Harry Frist, Mr. Jones' mother, veterirs. Ollle Jones of Clinton, and otli-if pof relatives. Sgt. Jones Is Btatloned at man. amp Gowen. The Mrs. L. H. Reed and Mrs. Zolly provlion Schwartz and son called Sunday rent fternoon on Mr. and Mrs. Paul purchiartlow In Montezuma, were Elmer Swinford lias received word otherhat hlB son, Pvt. Harvey Swinford, grounf the U. S. Infantry, has arrived in ore ntflly. whn , Mlsa Mariam Williams who was ing and gym session postponed to evplnlned thnt to meet Increased B- I 'or uer of Fift li n.l Walnut ' Hay Crawl, Ml nlfler Ieo rue Chenliiii'l, Minister of Music Mrs- Ted Morjciin, Pianist Carl Uiggs, sup erinlendeiit of (lie Their counter-offensive obviously has been justified on the grounds that It delayed the Allied push Into Germany Itself. 29 schedules Boeing will transfer Tuesdny night, because of general Scout Meeting In Terre Haute. 7:00 p. in. Wednesday. Janu- I ary Family Night program begin- r Real Estate Transfers Sa 4aaa a mm- nm Terre Haute First National Bank, Trustee to Hoy Snow ct ux Pt. Lots 1,4,5.8 &9 in block 4 Original Plat of Clinton. $1. Clamey Smith ct ux to Aliens Strawser et al Lot 1 Horene's 2nd Add to Cayuga. $1. Paul Fox et ux to Clyde Stewart ing promptly at 7:00 with covered dish supper. 7:30 p. m. Thursday. Choir rehearsal. Easier music considered. All members please be present. radio and recorded by the OWI, and CHS Ihe Nazi commander added that the Hungarian command had sent an ultimatum to puppet Premier Fe-renc s'zalasl saying that "at the latest something must be done today as It Is Impossible to hold out nny longer.") However Moscow admitted that during the day of fighting, in which another 150 city blocks were engulfed, the Nazis put up a stubborn resistance before they were routed. Two rail stations and numerous Industrial establishments were seized by the Russians as they inched toward the Danube in their smash against the desperate-resisting Germans. A Nazi unit defending the freight station at Rakos was wiped out and the huge Varoslihet Park cleared of enemy forces. Full-Scale Soviet Drive Launched At Poland, Nazis Say (Continued from page 1 ) production of 1)17 heavy bombers to Douglas and Lockheed plants. The WPI1 chief also revealed that the Ford Willow Run plant will "continue at its rate rather than go down". He added that WPB and Ford officials are considering possible upward revisions of aircraft production. jet Propelled Planes Needed Chief emphasis in 1945 production will be placed on B-29 and C-54 aircrart with further extensions in the output of B-17, B-24 and maybe fighters plus jet propelled planes, l.tiKlel S. lioof 9:40 a. m. Church School opened with orchestra music. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship, sermon by pastor. ' 6:00 p. m. B aptist Youih Fellowship. C. AV. C. 7:00 p. m. Ehening Worship, sermon by pastor. 2: 30 'p. m. S'onilay afternoon, '"he girls who arc preparing for the initiation ceremony lor the AV. w. C. will practice. et ux Lot 4 B. It. Wliitcomb s buu. J 10. Antonio Ferrnra to Frank Fer-rara Lot 9 Glendalo 2nd Add. to rilntnn SI. F.URVrEW PARISH J. S. li.Hlwin, Minister Fnlrview 9:45 a. m. Sunday School. Andrew Simpson, Supt. 7:30 p. in. .. Crusade for Christ Rally. Theodore Crot, speaker. pcrato Ccrman and Hungarian forces in the constricting pocket within the Hungarian capital was launched at dawn. Earlier the Soviet communique 7i:00 p. m. Wednesday. Pray-t fae nuest of Mr. and Mrs. James i Raymond Dynes ct ux to John u. riioniiail et ux Lot 7 Harry Whit- wherdyer during Christmas week, also er lf. eetiug, sponsored by tlbe Mis- j Outer -v Society and the lesson is combs 5th Add. to Clinton. $10. 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. giveu fy Mrs. Iluth Dowdy. 8:00 ! m. Wednesday. Orches even finan .... ,. : tra practice. Lorene Rolando to Guy H. Briggs Pt. 83-14-9; Lot 6 Needmore Sub. $1. Delbert P. Williams et ux to Maud B. Ford Pt. Lots 9 and 10 Original Plat of Newport. $1. Ernest Myers, Supt, . 11:00 a. m. , Worship Salem 10.00 a. m. Sunday School. E. E. Randolph, Supt. , , : CEMETERY MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. IHE1X V. I.CCK l'bone 882 Btpresentatire tM 8. Seventh, Clinton mted YOUR HEALTH H GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY en ,i wliich Krug described as "very important". In a breakdown of increaf! requirements for 1945-Krug said that Increases' would be- bb follows over Oct. 1 levels: One billion dollars in -ships; two and a Jialf ibillion, or 30 per cent, in ajniuunUion, and one billion in combat, vehicles., Ke.iiireiliellts Shift ..... .. Krug emphasized that the significant part of tho 1945 war production program is the shift in requirements. He said that 50 per cent, will be increased, 35 per cent decreased and 15 per cent will remain "more or less stable". "Of the 50 per cent that is going up," he said, "the important thing Is that it is going up at a tremendous rate." Krug also revealed that curtailments in allotments of steel, copper CHRISTIAN CHURCH L. F. IlePoisler, PaNtor Blackmail and 7th St. I'Vank Jt. I raivl'onl, Siipl. of ItiMe School H:-30 a. m. Bible study. 10:45 a. m. - Worship hour with the Lord's Supper and sermon. Sermon subject, "The World's Greatest Birthplace." KHEPAISWSVItXK NEW ' . f TESTAMENT Clll'KCH ' T ltev. Joseph' E. Huniinklioiise, ' I'astor 10:00 a. irf, Sunday School. 11:00 u. ni. MornshiJ) worship. 7:30 p. m. Evening service 7:30 p. m. Monday. Evangelistic services will begin Momday, Jan. 15 and continao through Suuday, Jan. 29. Rev. Orvilln Yeagcr or Crawfordsville, Intl. is the guest speaker. Verse of the week: "They all forsake Him, and fled." REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE CITIZENS STATE BANK Of Newport in the State of Indiana at the close of business on December an. :lf)4 I. ASSETS Cre cause! troutf laden and If mucof to sei the 1 I. Loans and discounts (including ?10.73 overdrafts) $ 496,331.01 way 9 Knltorl states Government obligations, direct 00 aret. " aA r.teert 1,502,62 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY 4ii, 8:10.00 2S8 1-2 Blackman St. tr I 3- Obligations of States and polilirul subdivisions 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures 1)14.50 and aluminum will be curtailed fori Thought of the stk: "Siura- (Pythian Hall) I 5. Corporate stocks (including $ None stock of Federal .5 Reserve Bank) NONE the first quarter of 1945 but will not be stopped altogether. Aid to French Troops t:30 a. m. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Church. Testimonial meetings every 1st sad 3rd Widnesday of each month. j. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve imi- Jances. and cash items in process of collection 1.03C724.99 7. Bank premises owned 14,400.00, furniture and fixtures t None MOO.00 Krug simultaneously announced that an undetermined portion of the new two and one half billion dollar increase ill war production for 1945 will be earmarked to equip and sustain 1,200,1100 French troops In the Alsatian area to aid the Allied of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Bank premises owned are subject to $ liens not assumed oy kiuhj 8. Real estate owned other than bank premises NONE 9. Investments and other assets indirectly representing bank premises or other real estate 0. Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances Let Them Supplement Your Daily Rations! Today with shortages and hurried irregular mode of living, the average daily food requirements cannot always he met!' Be sure that you make up for losses in nutrition . . . keep up your pep and vitality for wartime work . . . with daily doses of the vitamins you need! NURSE BRAND A-B-D-G -VITAMINS 25 For G9c 50 For $1.25 100 For $2.25 250 For $4.79 fensive against Germany. 1 NONE NONE 202.59 090,028.09 '11. Other assets ,?12. TOTAL ASSETS tion never conies from jlis side. HIIXCREST PRESBYTERIAN ' CH1IKH ' ' Kill aiie.' Oak Sts. V Boy I'lmi-K's Ijiilinu, Minister l'loreiiio Alien-. !lusic T Mrs. Anna iJuiinoe, S. S. 9:30 a. in. Sunday School. 7:15 p. m. Evening Worship. The Anthem, "The Voice of Jesus." The sermon subject, "The Man Who Stopped Half Way." HiUcrwKt Center MONDAY: ' ' 7:00 Bert's Boys In gym. 8:00 Interior Decorations Committee. 8:00 Methodist All-Stars. TUESDAY: 4:00 Junior Play Hour. 7:00 Boy Scouts with Hen Val-erine. WEDNESDAY: 7:00 Boy Scouts gym. j LIABILITIES ' nn r 1 J.......!... l Ji..:,l,,.,u n.,t...i,.ulii .e and corporations ?2. 440, 702 Rundstedt Eludes Yank Trap in Ardennes Area, Weather Aids Retreat "WITH THIO FIRST IT. S. ARMY, Belgium. Nazi Field Marshal Karl Gerd von Rundstedt today virtually NONE NONE 454,543.37 NONE 4,139.44 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 16. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 17. Deposits of banks 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS $2,905,385.09 20. Bills payable, rediscounts, and other liabilities for borrowed money 81. Mortgages or other liens. $ None on bank premises and f None on other real estate NONE NONE 7 "Sacrament" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, January 14. t The Golden Text is: "The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Fa-. spirit and in truth:, for the Fat her secketh such to worship him" (John 4:23). , Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: ' "In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up" (Psalms f:3). "And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of :nen. Verily I say unto you. They shall have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly" (Matthew 6:5, 6). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook,"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "God is not moved by the breath of praise to do more than He has already done, nor can the infinite do less than bestow all good, since He is unchanging wisdom and Love. We can do more for ourselves by humble fervent petitions, but the All-loving does not grant them simply on the ground of lip service, for He already knows all" (p. 2). 8:00 Young People's In Rhythm. (Mrs. Carmichael j BONDED 9 VITAMINS 100 For $2.98 MULTICEBRIN 30 For $1.62; 100 Fop $4.86 VITA-KAPS, Improved 25 For 89c 50 For $1.59 100 For $2.96 ONE-A-DAY BRAND 3IULTIPLE VITAMINS 98c $1.96 $3.43 : 22. Acceptances executed by or for account of this bank and outstanding NONE 23. Other liabilities . 8,109.41 at the piano. THURSDAY: 4:00 Girl Scouts with Agnes Renwick. fi:45 Boy Scouts Games. 7:00 Choir Practice. 8.00 Anzacs in gym. FRIDAY: 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) ?2, 913,554. 50 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital 50,000.00 26. Surplus , 75,000.00 Prl- 4:00 Movie Hour for Jrs. manry and Beginners. 27. Undivided profits 41,473.59 28. Reserves (and retirement account for preferred capital) 10,000.00 completed the orderly withdrawal of his forces from their Ardennes salient trap west of Houffalize, thanks to raging winter blizzards and rugged terrain which all but Immobilized American tanks and war planes. Yank armies continued to tighten the escape gap above the Salm-Cha-teau-Dochamps line but the Germans, with the aid of the weather, kept the Allied pfneers from closing. Pull Out of In IfcX'Iie Patrols which forged into the key town of La Koche and vicinity found it empty. The Nazis, apparently, had pulled out the previous night under the protective covering of a heavy fog. Units of the crack U. S. .Second and Third Armored Divisions spearheaded the drive of Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges' First Army, but their force was blunted by ice-coated roadtt which had been filled hiptdeep with snow by blizzards. Xttuks Jtot I toad The- road leading tr Samree, dotted- with, overturned tanks, and tftieliS and gun carriers up-ended in the snow,: was typical of tho entire front. A few of ihe units were scarred by enemy shells -hut most of them were put out of action by skids off the road. .. j For eight days our tanks have inched their way down the few pass- 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 176,473.09 20. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .$3,d90.028.09 Includes proceeds of $ None of debentures sold to the Reconstruction fluance Corporation. $ None of debentures sold to local interests which debentures are subordinated to the rights of creditors and depositors, and tOO shares of common stock, par jliiu.Afi per share. M EMDR A N 1 A Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book value): CALVARY HA1TIST CMUHTII 17 Ularkmun Street Ir. l'Vank S. Kerner, Minist.4 Mn. Frank S. Kerner, Pianist Head Landers, lHitctor of Music 9:45 a. ni. Bible School. John Carnell, tiupt. K 11 a. in. Morning Worship. Sermon theme "Our Lord Prayed." 6:30 p. in. Young Peoples Service. '' h . 7:30.. p. m. Evening Service. Sermon subject: "Hlessed Are They That Hunger After Righteousness." 7:30 p. m. Midweek prayer servico Wednesday evening, from 3:30 td 4:30. Children's Hour Friday afternoon 8:0'i p. ni. Friday evening. Visitation and teachers meeting. Purdue Economist to Speak At Dana, Perrysyille Meets :t Trofcssor J. H. Kolilmcyor, Aftrl-cullural Kconmnist oi'; Purdue University, will he in Vt'rmilliort county for a series of two nieetiiiKs Friday, January 19, to discuss with farm people and other interested persons yome of the. problems that are now and will be controntinK agriculture : in the post war period. The afternoon meeting" will he held at the Dana Baptist Church martin: at 2 p. m. and the eveniim ninetiiit: will he held at. the Perrys- ville llinh School Marling at 8 p. in.. HURRY v. MOTHER! Do This When Children Catch I ' (a) U. S. Government obligations, direct, and guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities '. NONE (b) Other assets pledged to st-cure deposits and other t" : liabilities including notes and bills re.lisrounted and securities sold under repurchase agreement NONE (c) Assets pledged to qualify for exercise of fiduciary or corporate powers, and for purposes other than ; to secure liabilities NONE (d) Securities loaned NONE (e) TOTAL KOXK 82. Secured and preferred liabilities: (a) Deposits secured by pledged assetspursuaiit to ; requirements of law . NONE , (b) Borrowings secured by pledged assets t iniluiliiig i" rediscounts and repurchase ai:i-e,.nieui-i NONE t ' c) Other liabilities secured by ubilged assets NONE ,;' (d) Deposits preferred under proiisimis of law Inn not secured by pledge of assets NONE (e) TOTAL NONE t3. bubordinated obligations: (a) Unpaid di.idends on preferred nock iml unpaid f Interest on capital notes and ib beunires, nrrriieil to end of last dividend or interest period, not iu- ;' eluded in liabilities or reserves alio.,. NONE (b) Other obligations not included which are subordinated to claims of depositors ami oilier creditors NONE $4. (a) On date of report Hie required U;;ji res.-ne , against deposits of this hank was :i';;i,173.13 (b) Assets reported above which were ciicilile us ,.sii reserve amounted to l,o:::.72 1.99 5. - (a) Included in Loans and Iliseounts an- 1..1A.NS To j AFFILIATED COM I'AN il NONE I ' (b) Included in Other Bund. X I), I,, r.. if' Corporate Stocks are dill. HIATK )s of l-.. ' IATED COMPANIES . NONE that same rlay. Mr. Kohlmeynr is well qualified i disrusH these problem because of his lmic; experience in agricultural rrSonotnieB. Jle was very instrumental ip wtttnjc up and ortranizintf the land use.- plannini: work over the Mate of Indiana a few years :mo, , These meetinuB will be dUcussion- fl, COLDS Hcre'sone modem easv way to promptly help relieve muscular soreness or t ight ness, couching spasms, congestion ard irritation in upper breathing passages.. .Rub Vicks VanoRub on throat, chest and back at bedtime. Results are so good because VapoRub ... t nH'tinj:s for farmer?, farm women, business men and all other interested persons. Discussions will involve various problems facing agricultural welfare such as the general price lee, industrial empb'Miient. (oreitu trade, trade harriers, h.i lancing agricul Clinton Must Be Ready To House Hundreds Of New W. R. O. W. Construction Workers! ; IF YOU HAVE FURNISHED APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS OR FURNISHED ROOMS You Are Prepared To Rent, PHONE 2 Register Them With The CLINTON COMMERCIAL CLUB They May Also Be Registered At The Office, 231 Blackman . d lLcyyr to upper bronchial I luwa iMiui.3iJi.w"i medic i at I vapors- i V. N. Asbury. Lasiuer. ol in. ...n:, .,,,,) i ,t,, swear' sol. l:i !y r. .1 fort 9 Tvl,Ts dics-t and back St'lltS tlH- tural produeiion with demand, r Italic- j liiK advantages in production he-1 (ween different areas, price mipports, industrial ttes of agricultural prwl- j nets, economics of sni' conservation.' b;i'-k to the land mowim-nt. public' wiirks programs and govern m-nt;it -financial policies. AH farmers and oilier interested; persons are ured to attend the nier-inc held nearest to their home l.y ' the county ari.. nltiuiil a-wit, M. : J. Petersen. i that the above statement is true, ami i! ,i o the true state of the several matters tie r. in . best of my knowledge and belief. Correct Attest : surfaces like a warming poultice. . -i iy. '.AliTV. '.ATI -II. Dire. w. i: ;i v.v. VSpoRub keeps on working for hours to bring welcome comfort. It invites rcMful sleep and otten by morning rncnt of the misery ol die cold is gone Remember, Mother . . . ONLY VAPORUB Gives You this special double action. It's time-tested, home-proved, the best-known home-remedy for reliev- I 119 C ing miseries of V f lWld children tola. V VAPORU 6tate of Indiana. County of V, rmiilloii ss Sworn Hid subscribed before no- day of January. 1 -tor of mis hank. Highest Town In World Potosi, Bolivia, which is 14,350 feet above Bca-lrvel, is the highest tows in the world. nd 1 hereby certify that I am not an ifii- 1 Mt commWUm wires inc. tuner 21, t.f.45. ... .... tl:clLLE nxTMAX, Sutarj1 I'uMk. 2 iSEALi

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