Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 19, 2015 · Page C4
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page C4

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 2015
Page C4
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Page C4 article text (OCR)

Page4C Monday,October19,2015 DemocratandChronicle. com On TV tonight LOCAL 7:007:308:008:309:009:3010:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 CBS 8 WROCDT-8.1 Wheel of For tune (N) Jeop ardy! (N) The Big Bang The ory (N) (:31) Life in Pieces (N) Scor pion Super Fun Guys The team must dis charge a mis sile. (N) (:59) NCIS: Los An geles Blame on Rio Convict in L.A. (N) News 8 at 11 (N) (:35) The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Malala Yousafzai. (:37) Late Late Show BOUNCE 1255 WROCDT 8.2 The Hughleys The Hughleys Bernie Mac Bernie Mac Fam ily Time Mann & Wife “The Cave” (‘05, Drama) Cole Hauser. Cave crea tures. ‘PG-13’ “Doin’ Time” (‘85) Jeff Altman. ‘R’ NBC 10 WHECDT-10.1 News10N BC @ Seven (N) Ac cess Hol ly wood (N) The Voice Bat tles, Part 3 Each coach starts the third night of the bat tle rounds with one sto len art ist. (N) Blindspot Split the Law Carter doubts Jane’sde pend abil ity. (N) News10N BC @ Eleven (N) (:35) The To night Show Star ring Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake. Late Night with Seth Meyers METV 1245 WHECDT 10.2 M*A*S*HM*A*S*HAndy Grif fith Andy Grif fith Happy Days LaverneHo ganHo ganCarol Bur nett Perry Mason Way ward Wife “An Af fair” ABC 13 WHAMDT-13.1 En ter tain ment To night (N) The In sider (N) Dancing with the Stars (N) (:01) Cas tle The Nose A mur derer stole priceless work of art. (N) 13WHAM News at 11 (N) (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (N) (:37) Night line (N) CW 16 WHAMDT 13.2 Fam ily Feud Fam ily Feud Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Girl friend(N) Jane the Vir gin Chapter 24 (N) Two & Half Two & Half Mike & Molly SeinfeldSimp sonsFam ily Guy PBS 11 WXXIDT-21.1 The PBS NewsHour (N) An tiquesRoadshow Se at tle Jewel;an i mal hide chair; quilt; bear. An tiquesRoadshow Chi cago (N) I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Hong Kong (N) Char lie Rose (N) BBC World News Tavis Smiley (N) WXXIDT 21.2 Amer i cansAmer i cansLcal,USAOn StoryNewsHour (N) Bus. 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Psy cho stalks teens. ‘R’ “Hal low eenII” (‘81, Hor ror) Jamie Lee Curtis. A killer re turns. ‘R’ LIFE35 “Friends with Ben e fits” (‘11) ‘R’ “What Hap pens in Ve gas” (‘08, Comedy) Ashton Kutcher. ‘PG-13’ (:02) “Fun With Dick and Jane” (‘05, Comedy) Jim Carrey. ‘PG-13’ “What Hap pens in Ve gas” ‘PG-13’ DISC36 Street Out laws An gel City Street Out laws: Full Throttle (N) Street Out laws (N) Vegas Rat Rods Wagon Rod (N) Street Out laws When Life Gives Vegas Rat Rods Wagon Rod A&E37 My Haunted HouseMy Haunted HouseMy Haunted House Art Loft & (:01) My Haunted House (:02) The Enfield Haunt ing (:01) My Haunted House HALL40 The Waltons The At tack The Waltons The Leg acy The Mid dle The Middle The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls TBS49 SeinfeldSeinfeldFam ily Guy Simp sons Guy DadDadThe Big Bang The Big Bang Conan Eli jah Wood. (N) Cou gar Town Conan BRAVO54 Housewives of Or ange Orange County So cial (N) Housewives of Or ange (N) (:01) Ladies of Lon don (N) Watch What (:31) House wivesof Or ange (:31) Teresa TCM60 “Jezebel” (‘38) Bette Da vis. (TVPG) “Around the World in 80 Days” (‘56, Ad venture) Da vid Niven. Man circles globe in hot air bal loon. ‘G’ (:15) “My Man Godfrey” (‘57, Com edy) June Allyson, Da vid Niven. HIST63 Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Atlantis Found In ves ti ga tion ofthelost city. (N) True Monsters Can ni bals and Pawn Stars Pawn Stars TVL64 Facts of Life Facts of Life Old Chris tine Old Chris tine Ray mondRay mondRay mondRay mondQueensQueensQueensQueens ANML68 Tanked:Un fil teredTanked:Un fil tered Hang Ten (:01) Tanked: Un fil tered Tanked:Un fil tered Roll Eruption! Tanked:Un fil tered Hang Ten (:04) Tanked: Un fil tered OXYGEN75 Sex & City Sex & City Sex & City Sex & City Sex and the City Talk Is Cheap Sex & City Sex & City Snapped Christine Snapped Jennifer Nibbe Across 1Hiking trail reference 4Sign in a radio studio 9Massage 12Like most Jordanians 14Klum of “Project Runway” 15Lawyer’s assignment 16Hockey team that plays at Staples Center 19“Same here!” 20Chocolate wafer bar in a red wrapper 21Super Bowl advertiser with Clydesdale horses 25Don 28___ Solo of “Star Wars” 29Lab glasses 33Pale-faced 34What someone’s best at 36Online tech review site 37ABC a.m. show, for short 38Luxury watch brand 39What a fawn might grow into 40Food in a feedbag 42“Don Giovanni” or “Don Pasquale” 43Spanish miss: Abbr. 44Golf shots off tees 46Hip guy 48Donkeys 49Lana Del ___, singer with the 2014 #1 album “Ultraviolence” 52Gets ready to strike, as a snake 53Busy company around Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day 56“S” on the dinner table 57Hersey’s “A Bell for ___” 58Memorandum 601986 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wiesel 61Betray, as a naughty sibling 62Frequent Arctic forecast 63Suffix with Vietnam 64Royal topper … or part of the logos of 16-, 21-, 38- and 53-Across 65Lens of a camera, essentially Down 1Niger’s western neighbor 2Yankee slugger with the most M.L.B. career grand slams, informally 3El ___, Tex. 4“Good heavens!” 5Word before a maiden name 6Have a bug 7Suffix with cyan- 8Insurers assume them 9Captain or major 10Org. whose website has many links? 11Cream of the crop 13Dugout figure 15___ acid (part of lemons and oranges) 17Follower of “a” or “the,” often 18Ukraine’s capital 22“Big ___” (“Who cares?”) 23Three-time Grammy winner Steve 24Encrypt? 25Where Buddhists worship 26Fed. fugitive hunters 27“NOT true!” 30Google smartphone released in 2014 31“War and Peace” author 32Thieves 34Bushy dos, informally 35SAT, e.g. 41Gracefully thin 43Looks down on 45Course for many immigrants, for short 47___ Victrola 49Control tower device 50Muse for Lord Byron 51“Get what I mean?,” informally 54“WTF With ___ Maron” (popular podcast) 55Hartford’s state: Abbr. 56“Get what I mean?” 59Woolly mama Answer to Saturday’s puzzle EDITED BY WILL SHORTZ NEW YORK TIMESCROSSWORD PUZZLEBY ZHOUQIN BURNIKEL NO. 0914 stories and reviews see complete movie listings and working with others to build a better world.” Unlike other religions, the Baha’i have no clergy. Instead, they have Spiritual Assemblies ranging f rom local up to the international level. A Local Spir- i tual Assembly consists of nine adult members, ages 2 1and up, who are annually elected by secret ballot, based upon their spiritual qualities, to serve the faith community as well as the general community. Anvari has served on a number of Local Spiritual Assemblies in various cities and currently serves as secretary for Brighton’s Local Spiritual Assembly as well as on the Regional Baha’i Council of Northeastern States. “I once heard it said, ‘No one wants a religion that doesn’t transform you.’ Well, the Baha’i faith cert ainly has transformed me,” says local artistCarey C orea. “ Consciousness of the oneness of God, the one- n ess of his messengersand the oneness of the human race have had great spiritual impact on me,” he explains. His faith has informed his art and has allowed him to “have spiritual conversations with people of all religions, races, nationalities and social classes in a spirit of love and fellowship.” This type of spiritual conversation is second nature to Anvari. Thanks to her parents’ strongly held belief in the Baha’i principle of universal education and investigation of the truth, Anvari had the opportunity to study Jewish, Muslim and Armenian Christian traditions alongside her own faith. Having first arrived in Rochester 30 years ago, after her husband was recruited by Kodak, Anvari t odaybrings her considerable knowledge and talents to bear as managing director and co-owner, along with her husband, of FACIEN, a marketing services firmon East Avenue, providing strategy and marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. Arlene Hisiger is a freelance writer in the Rochester area. Faith Continued from Page 1C tractions and focusing on a single task are more likely to be multitaskers. And those who multitask usually o verestimate how successful they are at doing so (sor- r y, guys). B ut there’s hope yet. Once you’re willing to accept that multitasking isn’t doing you any favors, follow these tips for focusing on one thing at a time — without sacrificing productivity. 1 . Put down your phone (or tablet or laptop … ) B lock out distractions while you work, hang out w ith friends or play the guitar by turning off the phone, TV and anything else that draws you away from what you’re actually doing. 2. Get into a routine. T his can be helpful if you spend a good chunk of your day on the computer or working from home. Ins tead of diving in to tasks willy-nilly, set up a schedule that tells you what to work on and when (and be sure to i ncorporate some breaks into the day). That way, you’ll know what to expect from yourself each time you sit down to work (and you’ll be less tempted to goof off on or tinker with household rep airs). 3. Set goals. K now what you’re going to do before you start doing it. If you have no clear path, distractions can come easily. Before starting a new task, take a few minutes to plan out the steps you’ll need to complete and in w hat order — that way, you’ll be less able to wander. An important step of goal setting? A quality to-do list. 4. Eat a good breakfast. T urns out taking a second to chow down on a healthy breakfast can help boost concentration and focus. Bonus points if that meal includes some protein. 5. Meditate. Studies suggest that regular meditation can boost brain function and is associated with better focus and attention. It can also help reduce stress when a massive to-do list is looming. 6 . Block it out. Can’t beat distraction with willpower alone? Don’t worry: There are applications out there that will shut d own distractions on your media devices. An app called Dark Room transforms your computer into a focused writing space. For $15, the app Anti-Social w ill stop you from checking social media while working. And Rescue Time allows you to block select sites and track the amount of time you spend on various activities, so you can adjust accordingly. 7. Listen well. We’re not being the most productive when we’re half listening to someone while checking our phone, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once (also, it’s just plain r ude). To be a better listener (and get the info you need the first time), face the speaker and look him/her right in the eye, and stay present with the conversation. W ho cares if you have 12 unread emails? This person deserves your attention. 8. Cut out clutter. T o help avoid distractions, stay organized. Find a place for everything on your desk, and keep your paperwork in order so you’re not wasting time searching through piles of files (say that five times fast). This goes for your desktop too: Keep files organized and c lose extra browser windows and tabs so you can w ork with a clean screen. For an extra boost, apply some feng shui principles to your workspace. 9. Give yourself a break. C atch yourself staring at your computer? Literally, just staring at it? Probably time for a break. Studies show taking brief breaks during a task can improve focus. So walk around the block, get up and do some j umping jacks, or take five minutes to face the wall and breathe deep. 10. Read about it. Want even more tips? There are plenty of books a vailable that will help you develop strategies for a chieving better focus and deeper concentration. Check out this list to get started: http:// I t may not be easy to quit, but science says multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Staying focused and concentrating on one task at a time is worth a shot. And who knows? We may end up getting more done — a nd feel calmer — in the long run. Waste Continued from Page 1C

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