The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1945
Page 2
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Friday, January 12, 1945. TIIE DAILY CLIXTOXIAN Taffe Two NAZI TAWI'5 KAVe:D St YAT-'ltS IN LUXE.SOUKG Third U.S. Convoy In Lingayen Gulf, Japs Say; Admit Air Defeat icotitluuea nun page 11 (i. I'.-i'Vt 'i. Loan Eyed by IS A Men Iii 5-.SlaltMfflinji IXMANAl'OLIS. Inil. Farm Becurity Administration jierMinnel ouree, if tliey ure unlikely to f-re.d without Kuidunrr of nil" type liven by KSA. The (J. 1. j:'jara::t:'i-J h:u::. "'ill lie made under ri Kiilutiuim und procedures adojt'd by the I)'iurtm"iit of ABrieulttire and the administrator of velernn' affairs. Specific !iiiart- the Japanese, "reKretUiMK -a IUWih arc being forced to "yield air msie . ry to thefoe," and also, that the con-vojb nave "continued iu pour In uu , , enormous amount of supplies." "The fighting gradually Is shifting to land warfare," the dispatch said, "but the Luzon front Is still confined to one part of the Lingayen tiulf area. "As we have a tremendously strniiR land strength on Luzon, it Is certain that the enemy will meet up with stiff resistance should be proceed willi his rash advances." from five midwest mati'H met in In-: merit of Agriculture afenceH an v KSA. extension service and Farm Credit Administration. Iteureselitlng Indiana at the meeting were Dr. K. II. Shldehr. stale KSA director, and Otis Kercher and Hubert W. Leader, district FSA supervisors. The report quuled correspondents of the Tokyo newspuper Aslml and added: "Our air units in the I'hllllplnes. which have been making death-defying attacks on the formidable enemy as special-attack corps, took advantage of the enemy's northward advance and carried out hemic rum-ining assaults. Amazing Fast Relief For ei a mm tm ' , . -z .'.-! 'a on pa n II Clinton Urrl To I'i ; ;h' v Ibtiisin For Worker Influx U U II o i 41 Claim Convoy Crloplml j "As a result, the enemy's first I convoy upon reaching Lingayen Gulf on Jan. C had been reduced to six large transports and 0(1 landing craft. Its heavy losses forced the j conovy to abandon Its plans for tnnk- j lng an Independent landing. "The enemy's second convoy. I which had been composed of more than r0 transports and 20D and some score landing craft, upon reaching the gulf on the night of Jan. 8. also was reduced by nearly I 4u per cent by our terrific attacks." i The Dome! dispatch admitted that 6. dlanaiJollB today to dictum cerufi-cation of farm loan t' iiMimnees ""-der the O. I. bill. The stated are Indiana. Ohio! Illinois. Iowa and .Missouri, and Hie in eel i UK will continue through Friday. Stephen ('. Hughe. KSA regional director mid that plain are ln-inic made to begin eertlfyinK Hie loan guarantees by Keli. In. Following today's meeting, a se. rles of one-day gathering will be held to train veterans' loan certifying committees and county FSA ie pervlsors for thlieir duties in carrying out the farm loan provlbion of the C. I. HID "f nights. The certifying committee will be composed of '. the regular FSA county committee i In each county, with the addition of a fourth member, who Is to be a veteran of World War I or II. and.' If possible, also to be a business j man. : The veterans' readjustment act provides that fighters of the current war are eligible for FSA farm J purchase loans Just as though they I were farm tenants, if they meet the ! other requirement of farm back-1 1 ground, character, etc. These loans are made normally only to farmeis ( who cannot finance the purchase of a farm on reasonable terms else-1 where, but in the case of veterans. B::nchij Irritation! Du To Colds . A Hnrc foiiiltloiilloB Tompounded frttin uU:itlf 'aiiulian IMne Uulnam ntiil other ioothlnic heulinK InKreiJI-iiucklt-y s Caiimiiol Mixture la (Iiifin fit from anything havo fc.-r trit-d all mc-tllf iitlon no ayrup. ll:iklf' 3 Wuja 1 To l-ooaen I'hlegm ' To Stu.thfi Haw Memnraneeo :i To Miilto Bn-athinpe Kanif-r Yuu K-t rmiits I'' akT you feet tlifl -rrect INHTANTI.Y. Art nl uarrlry llUfkly' CAiA-I1KM. Mlxliirr I ml ay. At 6rt-claii drUK Nttiri rr nhrr. KntlMtMrtlum Buaranirpd r mofiey bak. JIKIJS I'HAIt.MACV L1 . . 1 irnntlriuen n.i, '.' office In the rationing board rooms I at 2 :! 1 lilaclitnan street. Immediate Action KwilllHl I Immediate action is necessary, of-1 fieers warned. .Much of the benefit of the first construction program j was lost to Clinton because there , was too little housing and some ol -It was prepared too late. I'nless Clin-1 ton has an abundance of housing I when the workers and officials arrive, they are certain to move on to other cities. j Hecause of its nearness to the; Plant. W. It. O. W. officials are anx- lous to have as many of the wori;-1 ers as possible live here, ('apt. Kd- : ward (',. Miller, commanding officer, told the club directors at a special. r. KAY;:i) C r v. m t'-K$ w tl A.-n bem' c:;. untie 1 hy C;.l. (Jotge F. bcarnart of Danville, Pa., mem-her o' a t'-ni' ' nl I!e..!rscucid. in I.uxcm -ir.m:-. (Jt-ailiart knocked out four half-tracs and iivo i"'i"i t . . ... ' . I'micd iate An.iv Si-mnl Cori..i nlio'o. t Inter national) , 4 ' V 9 t WAKASII , t,0. AM) TL'K. FSA will make farm purchase loans )(: veu thouKU tJHy wiKlit be ubla to i The new project w ill not be ys j large as the Initial one and will not : fiuacco a farm pureham from soim1 I ! employ as nmnv al the -ak of con-I How To Relieve AUCTION SALE IGO ACRE FARM AND ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY One Mile l:asl of Itockvillc, lu.l.. South ((ff lloule tt:t One-Folirlll ::iil.'. Known s the William itoaeli Farni. FAIt.M 1VKI.I. l.MI'I'.dVKI) FR1DAYJAN.191945 AT Kcoo A. M. MRS. WILLIAM ROACH, Owner PERSONAL PROPERTY 23 Heat! Purebred SIIOnTIiOPkN CATTLE Id Hrmd Purebred, Bis Type POLAND HOGS 23 SHEEP GRAIN and HAY 1,000 Bu. Good Yellow Corn 28 Tons Hav HARNESS ALL FARM EQUIPMENT Everything Must Be Sold. ' TER.ViS CASH Personal Property To Be Sold First. Then the IU-al Estate. Sot responsible In Case Of Accidents. Bronchitis spend their money soiin wle re. Jt i. j lip to (he local rei'Jdejllt! 10 III!"!' , that community Clinton, Hie clubj Death Keveals Farm Hand To Ke Wealthy ItooslfT 5Ian CHA.VIPAKJN. 111. The death of an aned man who worked as a hired hand on farm in the Somer Township area for 12 years today revealed hln true identity a a member of a wealthy Jamestown, Intl., family. Known as Charles Mitchell, the rolnc farm hand died of hemoir-ha;es in the county hospital at Champaign. Uiehard Squire. Komer surjervisor who brouirht him to 111' hospital, said bis real name wan Addison Ileynlerson, 72. a law Krad-uate of Northwestern University In 19K4. A relative. David Todd, of Lock Station, III., husband of Iteynler-son's niece, said he had "forfeited a wonderful chance In life and, to -. away from his failure, left his i . A ' - . - i Creomulsion reiievss proniptly be-! directors lee). i i cause it goes right to the seal of the j . 1 trouble to help looaca and t. vv , Clean Toal ! I laden phlegm, and aid nature w xh , , t,,ea" l, ' ,., 1 and heal raw. tender inflamed bronchi;.! 1 In 1042, an estimated 145 million ; mucous membranes, 'Ic.'l your Grusr.a. i tons 0f bituminous coal were ; , to sell you a b'jttle of Creon.uis'oi, with : mechanically cleaned, 25 per cent of : ! X HScrraKe't? yu I f'tal output of that year. Fifteen , ! are to hav your uiuney ia.. , years previously, on - j.J per cent , liCREOMULSiON, tJ" c"1 was c!,;a""d n,w,,a"" ; 4-' X k tor coueht. CM ' ' i f z if rtr tfrrt liT i! i t v family and friends and took jobs on farms." Todd would not elaborate. Arrangements were made to lake Keynieriton's body to Jamestown for I Highest CeiHlsig Pi1 burial. I PAH) FOR VOt.'K LLIAM ROACH I . in 4. .- v huc i iji;i i:i; vol- hi:u BIa!a.eye Feai Blackeye peas are causing much favorable comment these days. They ere palatable and offer much food vaiue at little cost. Dry, they are accepWh'- alternate! for meat, fish, eggs or cneete because they contain protein. .They are sources of U vitamins tr.'I iron. Vs ' ' er?c5 C. ORTUHE:, Owners i: ACi, 1! V. Aite. It Y NI'AW, lerk. Jlf:i.I. lirl!l.i:V. Sale Mur.. l'.liMiniiiiKliile, Ind. l.l'Xt'll ItS ;inM)H 1 ' i' V"'' " iWlLSOH, JUSTICE anil OSELLA B S. cd tit. At HI SAI.I I'liusf 4 ? li v R I JAMES W. FOVLE t'ay-u 't in til" J'aeilie! ilie , -.e, u' llt'-l wilt dlullla ii ullr I'BI-tU'r t'lrt f tit a te.n, iiii i liM.i?-!- u Vt imk And A i'n. r Th.- nutrr "I ,! r X," ' i- ' SiimIm ' tin- '1-4t TliMttrv. l-'eatoidiK feni A.lx,e' lie, i r.n : Awivw. VUlliaul l;ilie and Cliar-le l.h.rd, me III ii ell I ::u.u.Uu loly of Alllerlea'u dian loin f:aiiop ol the I'.uille, t ml i he men v.iio av In r living;, fithliiiB f 'me all 1 KH-r. ST T B 5 S T r"' ti.-uf It it U ki;own Uial H'-m'-JitK : ii liHion fcSd lliatt On. ToiuozuJil : Advance Svvcer.3 ujjJi'Si-U' vi-Jiiiiy of tii front Mm- PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS TAX CONSULTANTS ACCOUNTING SERVICE FOR COMMERCIAL FARMING MINING INDUSTRIAL AND PERSONAL TELEPHONE 21 or 212 Address: 219 S. Main St. CLINTON, INDIANA t (Imlc liniK-lt ) ' j yi :-uJ Jiunj on til'? imadHi " i'tu-" but h :a ti' n 'gUm:il"S to .f l-atf. Sow U ionn or in 1 iTite 7oyio l;..:o i j '"If I. -. .1 "at J ' ei;"-e Jjifl. ,( e Je e I jol HJ w.l! 1 O - ' 'v 'i-:: ' lietiv" Jii ! 'ie -.. ' 1 - II" i! 1 : VjKw'i ' or it nil t'.yt 1 1i" . o-ii-r 4jjj i:Jo' tJi- ttl'HS i. I.MSr,-; y.Y A'II.VTMI AT nil ftr Hrile fw ApfyMtt-Hl, --a i-'lie j-riviil of r'i-i (f i - i; rJ;..j - failed to confirm j AjMjrj'-aiiK I-ad t-ix.-1 Special ! IB Wax Free 1 o tijaij t'.i.iy towaa iu ml- v 10 tvi .-(' i.jJ'- Zi'oMi tiij I'osjeiwiJity tnat t m- may f)- aj:y j;- it' jK'-t (H a forff" uffi?l--iu to tJow tjM 4)jiTi'-aB advance was; siM a!tjr ill' rmimnnwit re-Hru-'J U:ai 4.";jit-d l-'lt' trw r' iu "'. u;b-Jt toiitai " i'.lu,jf jj? I'oitor-ri; ioi:d a" a joirt tJJfi foH'r oiu rmvf '-.-OUd til? toWO Ot 'J"i;.s ?ii',-' f pr-iiit-o t!ir bSp-ju ji .ij i j-j;:!y r--tif.i ttai-'j btjt oUi-. r ''. "jus jifojiijf Jaj d- MO ( St. MOTOR OIL U tit t: 5 !.'?'- ' J S i k P ;-i . t t : If ' FREEZE 2 Gals. S8s BATTERIES qfi qe; .f e ,2s Gal. Genuine Trek Anti-Fresss 60a I; .'iii t:t'1 v. ; e ;.i"-sr h"fii,4 I'UWti' fal'. J ;m! i 1 Mst ru:-t. 4 '.i ,-. 'iM-'unu J;..f!"i'i. a. oh Mj -.-:r w' v'-i-rn Jk i-fc "J Auj-n,f ' :j.i Is. t;?a lyiiii : :t.. '!. 3iM-t-;ji.' IJ.-.'ai w-'!i-u t: t':f ; - a- : Miifwy pi--s A NEW RECORD FOR LONG DISTANCE TVIN ijil't njMttr .--riiiiii from HORKS KOTCBWSCHASSB 'I' i I. tii;s for tli I There were more long Disonce calls in 1944 than in1943 .note than any o'.her yeor in hislory- 1945 hes tlortod off with a ruh, ond $om circuits ore still crowded. When fhef the eoto, ten; Distance will atk your heip by tcyins "PJeoie limil your coll fo S minute;." ' , S5.95 j BRAKE LINING ''y Champion S4rk Plans l.'- irWriUtrs Toledo Parts Dte of Wr ! Sfvral .!!eriit brrmis of ; tive tec a tn:itl d t.y ti.tir C'TH?r ; m tir::.e .r.rf.s C'.g fcefln, tut . t-'ie j?:is;orjty iuj'A L-zt fjitel to : i;; :.'.ory tfi.r.i;.g &!.d f -i worit ate ; t-t- r f D i r: a j-.T.v..ers or Ctr- i arrow auto simr INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ft I'-.l-ji i-.! i.: e;-;-. ; or.e ar.d y is o.'J, T::e do? "Ixw tarrjp" m as stn-d it Ca;rj Lfj'.sv. Kw j fever, K. C, a. iM.Mi.ij U Irii. CUM ON i Iio.K Ji.' j ( fi ittkit-'C'liM,.

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