The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1945 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, January 12, 1945
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THE DAILY CLINTOMAN THE WEATKEB Mailed la Conformity With P. a D. Order No 19687 Partly cloudy and mild today, to-J night and Saturday. Colder'ami afternoon. Lowest Saturday morning about 25, The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countief Volume 33 Number 10. CLINTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1945. Ml fo) ATI i : ' . , . .. . Price Three Cents. AM 'Afo) 0 mm . : ARNOLD WELCOMES BONG X ', Jap Navy Enters Luzon Sector Action as Carrier-Planes Hit Indo-China, Land Forces Gain Nazi Ardennes Escape Way Cut To Two Miles 3rd Army Sliuihet at Foe la Biistogne Area ax Two Units Link at St. Hubert To Crush German Salient Draft Threat Losing Ground In Labor Bill House Shie from Use Of Induction an 'Club To War Workers; Substitute Of Penalty Is Proposed WASHINGTON, D. C. The House Military Affairs Committee today bucked strongly away from - the "work or fight" plan lo use Army Induction as a club to force men up to 45 into war plants, flop. Muy (D) Ky,, chairman of stbe committee and author of the pencil na hill, announced that lie . would "no along" If a majority of , ' his raemberfl favor substituting fine and imprisonment for the administration-proposed "draft penalty", Extend Herlog - -1 Unchecked U. S. Carrier Planes Slice Deep into Jap Holdings to Lash Indo-China Ports NEW YOI1K. N. Y. The Japanese Dome! Agency said today that "approximately " carrier-based planes had raided the "Cochin-China sector centering urouud Saigon" for nine and a half hours during the day. PARIS, France. . Willi tli German escape roule out of l lie BrlKlun sullen! cut to two uiIImi In the vicinity of Hamociie, Allied trOoiw ino-cdeu systemsi'lrally today to flat and claimed that Japanese unll-alrcrft units hud allot down "ut least 20 enemy planes" and us well us damaging oi Iters. 'J ti Japanese dlsputel), transmitted in lviigli:,li to the North American .one, was recorded by the Federal Coiuuiuiik-ailom Commission. Advance Sweeps Up Nine Towns M'Arthur Men Forge Deep Into Luzon as Japs Fail To Block Drive; New U. S. Troops, Supplies on Beach . GEN. MACARTHUR'S HEADQUARTERS ON LUZON. Veteran If. ten out Field Marshall Han i.era von RuwdKtedt'ii costly IjuIro In the Ardenne. While -the United tate Third Array lhed out aavacely against dlHorganljed enemy resintance east of Boulogne, two Allied forces advancing oaitward agalnm the blunted tip of the salient linked up at Kt. Hubert ' ttti-mglium Mm IMrer Allied patrols continued to cross the Kalm River, strengthening their bridgehead and advancing 300 yards to the east. The 3rd Division entered Petite Langller and Is now advan PEARL HAKLOH Pacific Fleet carrier planes, Juaklng a bold penetration of South China Sea waters one firmly controlled by the Japanese, were "attacking the enemy" today off the coast of French Indo-Ciiina. HtM Miles 1'ioni lAtam Scene of the attacks, according to a J'aclfic Fleet hKiduuarters coiu-inuuWjue, were between Saigon, GTiO miles north of Singapore, and Cam-ranh liny, 800 miles southwest of embattled Luzon in t he Philippines. Continued on Page G) Full-Scale Soviet Drive Launched At Poland, Nazis Say Open Broad Offensive On Vistula Front Through 'Back Door' of Germany LONDON," England. The Nazi As the group met to hear testimony of Lt. (Jen. William 8. an, ; Army production "trouble-Shooter, " ft appeared to be running headlong Into more extended hearings and an elimination of the "fight" alternative for recalcitrant manpower, . Muy disclosed that he had arranged to hear representatives of the AFL next Monday, followed by CIO General of Hie Army H. H, Arnold, 4 hi el" of the Army Air Fowe. welcomes home tils leading war acv, Mujor ltirliaid Hong, who Iiiin junl returned from fie HuiitUv.fHt Farirfc where he added materially to hi long list of nfi- victories, TIiIk Is the firm ohoto of General Arnold wearing IiIn new Five-Star Insignia. I'. H. A. A. F. photo. cing on the larger town of Laugher, headquarters of Gen. Dwlght D. El senhower said. Clinton Urged to Ready Housing For President J'hlllp Murray on Tuea-1 auv, Murray, May Bald, telegraph New Influx of Construction Workers hi in that representatives of eigh agency DNB reported today that Soviet forces have launched a full-aca 1 e of feiiHi ve on a broad f ro n t from their bridgehead on the western bank of the Vistula River Bouth of Warsaw. " The Third Armored Division held its positions at Ulhaln. repulsing two violent counterattacks and capturing 63 prisoners. First Army captives in the last 24 hours totaled 103, which means that 18.34S have been taken since Von Rundstedt launched his offensive on Dec. 5 6 and 250. S67 since Il-nay. Itmti'oy Knean' Equipment Third US. Convoy In Lingayen Gulf, Japs Say; Admit Air Defeat JiOMM, Kngluiid. Jap-aneMC Premier en. Kuniakl Koim lias atnumoiied a Supreme War 1 Clinton mtiKt be ready to handle a new influx of Wabash River Ordnance Works construction workers in the very -near future and itow much this community profits from l lie new smokeless powder plant an- 1 uounced yesterday depends to no small extent upon how much housing can be furnished. , Kicit4r Available Housing I American Sixtli Army troops wr smashing forward today in all s ! tors of Luzon from points more than nine inilfs inland from their Liu&ay-' en beachhead. General Douglas MacArtliur'j Friday communique announced new 'American gains in the heightening battle for the capital Island of the Philippines and reported that his I forces have overrun five more tows in their advances on the Lingayen plain as they drive toward Manila, little more than 100 miles to the south. Jo ttaek Krinroruetiirnts While Jap field commanders were slill trying feverishly to brine up reinforcements to meet the surprise American threat stemming from tb Lingayen shore, sixth Army doughboys liberated the towns of Lttbr- lor, I'manday. Oalasiao, Bulog and iVh-naoag, making a total of nine Luzon communities officially revealed to have been freed. . .' (The second Japanese imperial headquarters communique on tlw Luzon invasion, broadcast tiiaar by the Tokyo radio and recorded by the FCC, claimed that Japanese forces were "counter-attacking the jplM ; tank and two infantry divisions" landed on the Lingayen coast. , (Coutinued on Page 81 Huge Increase In Plane Production Demanded in 1945 Planes Head List of Big War Production Programs CIO International unions in war-critical Industries will confer on the legislation in Washington tomorrow. Htibfttif uie Penalty Clause The drive to kill the "work or fight" provisions of May's bill supported by numerous RenubMenns on the committee was led by Rep, Ktlduy (ti Texas. Kflday told re-poriers he will offer amendments penalizing men who refuse to obey draft board orders to take essential jobs with Die $10,000 fine five yearn imprisonment penalty now in the Selective Service Act, Fnder Ktlday's amendments, the man who obeyed and took an es-! If the DNB report 1ft true, it means that Premier Marshal Joseph Stalin has finally given the long-awaited signal for a drive through Poland to the "back door" of Germany. Russian forces drove across the Vistula and Into the Warsaw sub In the battle of the bulge, the ( First Army destroyed 226 enemv ; tanks and captured 14, destroyed 627 motor transports and captured! 114 and knocked out 89 artillery I pieces of Jill calibre, while capturing 58 others. In addition, the First Army de This was made clear by the Clin- J ton Commercial Club directors today ! as they prepared to register all a- vatlable housing in the rfty and ' ulso urged upon government agen- I cies the need lor additional temporary housing. All persons in and near Clinton who have houses, furnished or unfurnished apartments and furnished j I stroyed -RS-nillllmetre guns and $G-BilHon Increase Asked WASHINGTON, D. C. WFB Chairman J. A. Krug disclosed today that the vUalty 'needed alrtfraft production program must he increased from a figure value of 357 million 4'ouncll of the enei Staff from all war theaters for tomorrow, the Nazi fB Agency jijortel today. NEW YORK, N. Y. Two American convoys already have effected landings on the shores of Lingayen Gulf on Luzon and early today a third convoy of "more than 300 touitfparU and a .hundred and some score lauding barges escorted by 10 carriers reached the gulf." the Japanese Domei agency reported. The Domei report, recorded by the FCC, said the new .convoy was "advancing boldly in the lace of our fierce attacks." (Continued on Page 2) urb of Praga of the eastern bank many keeks ago, but there the of-fenaice ground to a halt and was not resumed during the Allied drive a-tom the face, of Europe following the Normandy landings. Recent reports have Indicated extensive Soviet preparations for a new offensive In Poland, but the DNB captured fod.' Ken tin I job would be guaranteed re-' Continue!) nu iwf XI On the southern flank of the sali ent, the goth Division advanced 1 14 miles In the vicinity of Nocher. Fur dollars last October to one represent ing million dollars by next June J rooms were urged to register them j ther west, In reducing the Tar-champs pocket, the 80th took 1.200 prisoners In the last 24 -hours. The Krug said that this "hot" aircraft broadcast is the only lntimiatiou to j at once by either telephoning No. 2 i or calling at the Commercial Club date that It lias actually begun. Third ' Army's prisoner bag since "onftniiert on Pair it Aug. 1 is now 1M.300. MOSCOW, Russia. lied army Headquarters announced capture building schedule must be maintained because of the need for Superfortresses, heavy bombers and Navy fighting planes on the Kuropean and Faeiffc fronts. Krug outlined the revised aircraft program in revealing at a news conference that war production sehed-(Coutluud on page 4) forces launched their final assault ugainst the desperate Nazi garrison (Continued on Page 3) ODT Clamp Down On Report Train; Order 'Brown -out' WASHINGTON, D. C- The nation's railroads received orders today to cancel passenger trains after March 1 on which the occupancy of seats did not average 30 per cent during last November and to prohibit all passenger train schedules providing seasonal service to resort areas. The orders were issude by the Office of Defense Transportation and In Budapest today, front line dispatches to the Soviet capital said. The all-out push ugainst the des- Continued on f pare 4) Six County Men Pamm Pre-Indutiion Exams for Service Six Vermillion Comity men passed their pre - Induction examinations taken last Monday at Camp Atter-bury, Id. Three of the men are from Clin- Michigan Senator, Wit news in Bribe Trial i Murdered JACKSON, Mich. Gov. Harry P Kelly and aroused members of the Klate Legislature demanded today u speedy capture of the killer of State Senator Warren G. Hooper. Creek Civil War Brought to Halt As True Reached ATHENS Civil warfare In Greece was brought to a virtual end today by the signing of a truce between the British military commander, acting on behalf of British troops uid the Greek government, and representatives of the left-wing EAM. national liberation front. The truce called for the ending of -til hostilities between the KLAK. militiamen of the EAM. and British Beer Iwsue Pops Up in Session Of Indiana Assembly INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Republican majority legislators today were again perplexed by the ancient beer itutue. On one hand, most of the G.O.P. Implement War Mobillzer James F Clinton Store Planning Post'War Expansion Of Stock and Services An expansion program is planned for the new Arrow Auto Store in I ton, two from (nlversal, and one Infantile Paralysis Drive to Open in City, County on Saturday Clinton and Vermillion County's annual Infantile Faralysis Drive will get under way Saturday, Jan. 13 when the Hoy Spout Troop 4 chief uccused of Frank D. McKay Byrnes directive to curtail non-essential railroad schedules to save and two others charged witli bribery. county chairmen demanded that the Hooper s bullet-pierced body wa i functions of the Alcoholic Beverage found in his own cur in a bleak spot ironi uayuga. Clinton men were Clyde Charles Benskin. James Samuel Rowley tuid Stanley Eugene smith. I'niversul : Doyie Arthur Jones ami Don Robert Graham. Cayuga: Robert Kenneth Wiihite. on M-99 at r p. m. last night. Commission be revised so that Republicans can replace Democrats as He hud upparently been trailed will hold a March of Dimes on Alain from his Lansing address to a point Street. Clinton as soon as wartime restrictions will permit, Paul Hungerford and Clir Sherill, operators of the business, announced today. Sporting goods, appliances and tools will be greatly expanded and new lines a With the Wakofe Club of Clinton as county sponsor, a program has 27 miles south of Lansing and four miles from the tiny village of Spring-port where he was assassinated. The Albion Republican s tieaih revealed him as the author of a grand Jury confession which was to siear- wholesalers. On the other hand, the leaders feared to open the liquor law to revision because chaos is feared. Governor Kalph F. Gates dodged the iBsiie in his two public messages this week, confining himself to proposing that enforcement be made tighter. His reference, according to party chiefs, was concerning At the present time the new store Coal. ODT said many branch line schedules will be eliminated by the latest order. Suburban and interurbun ser- vice will not not be affected, and branch lines which have been operating freight trains with some passenger equipment attached may be continued. Meanwhile, the Office of War Utilities of the War Production Board announced it will issue a formal or- t der instituting a national "browri- , .out" to save coal. The ultilltles office said the proposed prohibited uses of coal-consuming electricity to be contained in the order probably will include the use of electricity for outdoor decorative, ornamental, advertising, pro Pierson Kite To Be Held Saturday in Lyford Home Last ritfti for Frank lioxl J'ier-Hon. South Bend, former Lyford resident will be held at 2 p, ni. Saturday :t the home of his mother, Mrs. Minnie I'ierson. Lyford. Mr. Fierson died at the home of his mother, Wednesday at 9 a. m. . . .i.iM.rins, i " ,, i .i i I bead the state's evidence uguiuxt.Mc retail such nationally advertised (orm(M. Na(ional Ke)UulicB11 Kay, former National Republican I troops and Greek regulars by mtti-I iiight Sunday. Tig precise hour for cessation of fighting was st at 1 a. m. Monday. The delay was requested In order to cive tiie KLAS representatives time o issue necessary orders. Kstablishmem of the truce will enable Grek government and EAM representatives to discuss settlement of outstanding political questions blamed for the outbreak of civil warfare at a time when British military forces were driving the last Germans from Greek soil. Lieut. Gen. Ronald M. Scoble signed for the British while the true was Initialled by four representatives of the EAM. The truce was signed at Brftisb military headquarters last night. been outlined for the campaign to reach every resident of ('Union and the county. (Continued on Page S) 3 ' Catholic Chanel at Purdue FORT WAVNK. Ind. Our Sunday Visitor, a Catholic newspaper Committeeman, Floyd Fitzsimmons. sports promoter, and William Green, former Stale Representatives, in an examination before Circuit Judge following about four weeks illness parts and accessories us Champion Spark Plugs. Toledo ( motor and chassis parts, Scandinavian brake lining, Basca mufflers and pipes, Fitzgerald gaskets and Federal Mo-gull bearings. Goodrich tires, and tubes, auto batteries, generators and ignition parts are also now in stock. Mr. Hungerford is a well-known Laland W. Carr on Monday. That the slain Senator had been granted immunity and was to be a star witness in the forthcoming examination and trial was disclosed by The body was taken to the Krift published at Huntington by the Most funeral Horn; and returned to the! Kev. John K. Noll. Bishop of the 'lome Thursday evening. Funeral Fort Wayne Dioeese. has collected services will be conducted at the! and presented flOU.AQA to the La-rettidence Saturday at 2 p. m. with fayette diocese tor construction of illegal sales to minors. ' Wholesale license have been so profitable, mostly to Democrats, since 1933 that the pressure from Republicans to obtain the licenses have become severe. Some of the G.O.P. county chairmen are so determined to revise the law that they have threatened to have a county local option hill introduced unless their demands are met. Indiana dry rejoiced in the dilemma because the- G.O.P. legislators! resident of Clinton, having lived i Judge Carr und Kim Siglr, special here since 1918. Mr. Sherill conies prosecutor in the one-man graft (Continued on page 7) j grand jury. Rev. C. C. Jordan officiating. Burial a chapel in West Lafayette for Cath-wfll be in the Walnut (irove cent- oltc students at Purdue University etery. ; alter the war. in 19:1 postponed indefinitely a lo motional and display lighting, for show window and theater marquee lighting, and for "white way" street lighting in excess of the amount determined by local authorities to be necessary for public safety. Outdoor sign lighting also is expected to be banned except for directional or Identification signs certified to be necessary by local public authorities for fire and polio protection, traffic control, hospitals j cal option measure and probably will LONDON. England. GenerjU tutisfuction in London over the truce dgned by warring Greek factions in Athens was tempered today by re-usul of ELAS representatives to f-urn Greek civilian hostages, a fa-rs diplomatic correspondent re-mried. Archbishop Damaskinos. Greet UeKent. declaring himself "profound Early History, Growth of Vermillion County Related by Cayuga Woman, 90 Former Clinton Tank Sergeant in US Force Routing Nazis Near Rochefort Sergeant Louis 'Dempsey' Kuch. through the village and look cover son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kuch, for-iat the foot of rising ground. try to do so again. However, a parliamentary maneuver prevented a roll 'call two years ago. If the lawmakers are put on the spot by a roll call this year, leaders ftr that the option bill may pass. The Indiana Anti Saloon League son will auuounce the form in which the option bill will be presented to the General Assembly. "Ive watched Vermillion County grow from the time the first settlers made their homes here until the present day," uO year old Mrs. Mary Church Smith of Cayuga said re doctors, or similar community services essential for public health or safety. mer. Clinton residents, was one of three tank men who played a lead the largest town in the county. "WliL'it we were all young, occasionally, just like young folks do now. we would go to Clinton, and 'raise the town,' " the while haired woman said smiling when recalling the fun they had. ' Born in a log cabin back in S54. near Tangier, Ind.. Mrs. Smith has ly allocked" hy the refusal, has eufr-uested the question be discussed by t lie E IMS and the G reek government. British hostages of the Green Leftist Group will be returned, tile correspondent reported. cently while recalling numerous ep isodes that happened during her early childhood. George G. Hale Services Set for Saturday at 2 p. m. Mrs. Smith who lives at the Fable j "The German tank commander I refused to try to force IiIh way in, apparently having seen the Americans. Instead, be sent the tanks a-round one side of the hill and the half-tracks around the other. Just as Fhatlield had expected. (hat field withheld fire as long as possible to draw the Nazis in the trap. Panthers ordinarily are pretty tough cus-toniers to attack headon but from : thefr sides which are not so well-j armored. It is a different story. j 2tM-YtYl lUnxe j Vermillion House in Cayuga witii her daughter, spent most of her lit ing role in routing a superior force if German tanks and infantry in a fight lor a village near Kocheforf, Belgium, according to a story writ-'en by William Strand. Chicago Tribune writer with V. S. forces in Germany. "The Germans lout five Mark V Panthers and several half-tracks in the face of the American attack." 'he newspaper account said. ijriM t'iuui Force Funeral service for George O. County, living for a while in Illinois and spending a short time in Calif-j ornia. The cabin where site was born j in still standing erect on her cousin's ; Hale. 72. of St. Bern ice. will be held 1 at 2 p. m. Saturday at the Kazarenej Church of St. Bern ice. Mr. Hale died at the home of his i daughter. Mrs. Kdith Winsett of Los i Clinton Public Library ' Oiwns After Eedecoration Closed for the past three .weeks for redeeoration and denning. th Clinton Fublic Library is open Again this week. The library has been repainted on the inside and tiie more than 3.0O4i Newport Soldier Returns To Unit After Being Missing Word was received from the 'War Department by Mrs. Florence Hol-lingsworth Tuesday night, that her son. Sergeant John Hollingsworth. Jr., mho was reported missing in action In Germany since Dec. 19. is now back at camp. Young Hollingsworth who is serving in the 3oth division of the llHth Infantry. First Army, fit 0r-many, was reported miosinK Iatt week by the War Department. He attended Newport sehools and has been in the service for the past two and a half years, the last yar being spent across seas. He in serving in the fumed "Old Hickory" outfit. said that years ago before highways were built in the county, she alone with her father and family traveled from Illinois to Indiana in a covered wagon. When the wagons reached Cayuga, the children waded across tb old creek there and ran barefoot along the side of the wagon. One Clinton Family "The county was nothfng more farm and is now being used as corn crib. Mel lreioVnt Lincoln Angeles, Calif.. Saturday morning. He had been visiting with her since "An American force of 1ft Slier- "When the German tanks poked nan iaiiH rear iien wi uiaKf. a meir noses around tne nouow where j i.t Au?iit well does Mrs. Smith remember ( volumes are being cleaned. it was eiuBter of houses on a knoll over-1 the Shermans were hid inc. thev i tj. hAv .,-ri. i na. the most thrilling experience in her j announced. long life. It took place in Spring-1 Members of the library board Ve field. 111., where her father had Mrs. J. L. Hayek, president: Mrs. than open prairie with only one fam 'ooking a rolliiiK. snow-covered val-j found themselves with flanks ex- i morning and was taken to the home ley. as 10 Panthers and 20 half-; posed to American fire at a range j of his daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Scott, racks loaded with German soldiers of about 200 yards. j Jonestown. "ame into sight from rl(e onnosite Hgl. Kik-Ii r;et Pantfcer I Itev. O. W. Rhaeffer will conduct Hy living in Clinton." she added, i taken her and her brothers and Boy Stultz. secretary and Mrs. HuH Alan son Church, who was a cousin toj sister to see a parade in which the Owens. Mrs. Louis Lemstra. E. C. Mrs. Smith, and bis family, made ( president. Abraham Lincoln, was to Boyd. John Gilmour. Bay Mtuuon op the population of what is now 1 iCoutluued ou page 3) and William Nisbel. direction. Capt. Henry H Coalfield.) I he ser ice - and lioult iMuetery a burial will be in Ntr Cbriaman. 111. "Tanks commanded by Sgt. Thom- Continued oo pas 8) ' Cincinnati, O. led bis task force

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