The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Thursday, January 11, 1fl45. Page Six tered a plea of not guilty to a charge of assault and -battery with intent to rape in Vermillion, Circuit Court and was placed under "bond In the order "the, t'll'lh commuulfvo blnAlrr the Office or Price Administration has made In the livestock situation." Sen, Butler tit) Neb., urged a floor under beer prices, a direct subsidy to producers and legislation to guarantee parity ju'ices for two years alter the war, as Is eri'eciive for cotton and wheal. sum of J2000. " cres of II being river bottom land. Farms of varying size will he available for lease, some with good farm Improvements on them, and a lew good farm homes with small acreage. Col. Hall stated that lease negotiations for these farms will be handled by the Farm Management Office of the Ohio River Division located at Room 15, Chanticleer Building, Terre Haute, Ind. M'ArthurMen Sweep Toward Manila Plains (Continued P-om race 1) Stale Distributions To Local County Total $516,104.78. Distribution of funds by the state to local units of government In Indiana reached un all-time high of JfiD,-407,040 during the l!H:l-4 4 fiscal year ended lust June ,10, It is shown by the Tax and Social Security manual Just Issued by the Indlunn State Chambers of Commerce. The distri BUSINESS SERVICES The bond of Harry Runyon of Clinton, charged with assault and battery with intent to kill Floyd Judy has been reduced from 13000 to 1000. Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Ooodyoar Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgai Flrat day Insertion: Jo (or each reading Una (one column line, like James E. Broady of Newport has Cattlemen lo Meet one of tbeee). been re-appointed court bailiff for the January Term of the Vermillion Station, Joe Glacoletto, Clinton. Next two daya lniertlon: the same 32tf by the Japanese, the Americans linked up their four beachheads on the southern arc of Lingayen Gulf and streamed Inland for un average front-line gain of four miles while capturing Dagupan, San Fabian, Circuit Court. , e charge (you get three deye at double the coet ot the first any) butions were equivalent to $17.18 for each of Ihn stale's clllcens, the manual says. Vernillli'in Counly received a total of $.r. ffi,104 7K in such dlnlrlbu-llons during Ihn same year the book Next three day Ineertlon: the eame 8c charge (you get s whole DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Tyrre Haute or Dana 1420. We pay all phone charges. John Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 PCKOi keek tire daye) at three tlmei the Mangaldan, Lingayen and the adjacent airfield ot the lutter gulf port. (A dispatch from International THE PICTURES tost ot one lniertlon). Bach group of three daye thereafter, to a line. News Service War Correspondent Itiiy More HoimIn! Yanks Capture Laroche, Core Of Nazi Salient Clark Lee reported the capture of Blackface (Uke thle) 10c per line. In Protest Against Live-animal Ceiling WASHINGTON, D. C. Angry cattle-state senators were determined today to "do somel hing" about the order establishing the "on-the-hool" cattle price ceiling. Just what direction their effort will take awaits u confennce of the mldwestern and western senators, which foes of the live-aulnial celling said doubtless will take place In (i few days. Most probable, thny snld. are Intensified efforts fur a special senate committee to probe agency orders arfeetlng farm production and marketing, followed by efforts for a c FKI. & SAT. 35c BIG DOUBLE FEATURE All classified adi Including mem DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwigglna and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60, t6xf San Fabian and Lingayen several hours after MnrArthur's liberating forces hit the Lingayen beaches at 9:30 a. m. Tuesday. Philippine time. By nightfall, Lee reported, the un shows. The county's distrlhullons were divided as follows: schools, f 170.627.64; highways and streets. 184,236.23: and public welfare. 2.r.5,240.(ll. Vermillion County's distributions from the state during 411-44, on a per capita basis, compared with property taxes for local purposes levied for collection In 1944 are: total, property taxes $22 4.1 and state aid, $23.31: schools, property orlami and notlcei of all klnda must be paid In advance except thoe by regular cuttomer whose accounta (Continued from page 1) BOSTON BUCKIE., 3 GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER- ere paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the opposed Yanks, much to the astonishment and delight of field commanders, had driven 34 miles Inland without encounlering serious 10 miles east of the lartliest point butter ation . Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonehrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 160-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 latter case the person asking the publication of tbe notice will be held responsible for Its payment than resistance. At this rate of advance, the Americans were estimated to have scored gains up to ten miles by taxes, $9.48, state aid. $8.1 1 ; highways and streets, taxes, $.24, state aid. $3.87; and public welfare, property taxcB, $12.73, state aid, $11.34. The current level of distributions cattle price floor or dlrecl subsidies. ,inalithl4,v FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT attained by the nermann fn their rudely-jolted counter-offensive toward the Mouse, finite "Caving In" The Nazis admitted evacuation of St. Hubert and conceded a general withdrawal from the western end of the go-called "bulge," which a annhamman fn EMnM Mnmlinl Sir I Meanwhile, most of tin' cattle-ar FOR SALE more fresh fruit. Our oranges are ea senators asserted vigorously that i frtlic ...inifrnid! Thursday morning, United States time.) Keady for Rattle Troops lancing southward from the beachhead, which extends from better because they're fresher. Mc the $18 top celling In too low, and cracken's Market. tlCf will cut the beef supply. OPA chief Chester liowle!i declar RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. San Fabian on the east to ' Ungnyen ; Montgomery announc nn I It a ami htvasl a h nrai nt Ihn triilf 1 ' on the southwest shores of the gulf, ed wad definitely "caving In." Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and anti-freeze. Tbe Gas Market. 11-2-44 4 HOOM HOUSE WITH PANTRY, 2 porcheB. basement, good well, large garage and store room, 42 x 14. Poultry house. Buildings well roofed. Plenty of fruit. Stli vein coal wortli more than price pi place. In Universal. Price $300 . cash. Address Edward Keck, own-,.,er, 1123 So. Muln. Clinton. t54x to local government (of which $48,-044.241 came In 1943-44 from state collected funds and the remainder from Federal grants), "Is certain lo pose a trying state tax problem when and If state revenues decline from their present war-Inflated levels," the state obiimber manual says, Local governinnnts ln Indiana now are receiving In ..distributions . epprovl- Gll& li-Vy'l Oen. Dwight D. Kifwnhower's head ed, however, that the new price celling would enable hiuisewiveH to get ..their fair sham of choice and pood 1eef 'at fair prims. ', ' Sen. Reed ( H) Hans., culled (lie1 pieces were moved Into position for ploughed across flat terrain In the van of tank columns as big field tbe iintiPlpnted nil -out buttle. , ', American airmen, meanwhile, at least temporarily knocked out enemy WAGLE'S OARAGE NOW IS OPEN quarters announced that In order to "keep in touch" with the German withdrawal eastward from the western end of the Ardennes salient, Al- for business. 108 Elm Street. i 168 iimately 37 per cent of local expendi BURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR tures, with local taxos providing 63 per cent, the book points out. your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co, Telephone 322. 40 HUDSON FOUR DOOR SEDAN. Radio and heater. 3000 actual ", miles. Looks and runs like new. , Jlodel A four door sedan. Wilson, Justice and Osella Auto Sales , Ford Garage. t54 CHESTER MORRIS as "BOSTON BLACKIE" attempts to organize a counter-as-. mu- Patrois crept tnruugii trie ior- sault from the south. Thirty-four en-1 est r st- Hubert to reach the main emy planes were destroyed or riam-j'"' loading to Laroche. chief Nazi aged on the ground in an American I slrongpolnt in the area. attack on Clark Field, about midway Command fit. Hubert between Manila Bay and Lingayen. I On the southern flank, American RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND Plus 'ind Feature long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. tSSf Other planes hit Lipa and Batangas i forces cut the St. Huhert-Bastogno Additional Farm Land lo be Leased In W.K.O.W. Area on southern Luzon, knocked out road northwest of Tlllet, while to, throe bridges near Calumpit and de- the REGISTERED HEREFORD . shoots and Manchester Toy Pup-i pics. 3 Blocks south of Lyford schoolhouse. Fred Bennett, ItoBe-dale, Ind. Route 1. t54x west. Allied troops gained a t mile and now hold high ground WItb Tbe Conillfrieat Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The ( WABASH THEATRE Wailing At Our Office for ANTONIO KAUS Anderson SI reft Just Come In Anl Ask For Them I Watch This Hpwe 10 very Day YOflt NAME MAY HE NEXT LOST BRILLIANT PIN, CAN BE USED AS dress or lapel pin, between Victory Cafe and Police Station. He-ward. Phone 1S4-W. 1:17 North Seventh Street. tS3 stroyed innumerable enemy vehicles. Filipino Aid landings Filipino contributions to the success of the American landings on commanding St. Hubert, headuuurt-1 Colonel C. L. Hall. Division Eng-ers said. j Ineer, Ohio River Division, Corps of The United States First Army ' Engineers, II. S. Army, announced Luzon were listed by Brig. Gen. Car T . WHIIAM I0TD f Xi. iiuuv iiiicnu USE YA-DE TO PREVENT MOTH damage. 1 Spraying Is guaranteed to prevent moth damage for 5 years. Lewis Hardware and Book Store. t54 BOY'S SPORT COAT, SIZE 34, like new. Mrs. Leland Held. 217 1 N. Lincoln St. Fairview. t53x Card of Thanh los Romulo, Philippine Resident Commissioner now In Washington. He said that Filipino armed guer-rilas and the civilian underground made the landings possible by supplying MacArthur with accurate, detailed Information. This. Itomulo said, they will continue to do, and MacArthur will know tbe movements of every Japanese tank, plane and soldier on Luzon Island. 111 i u'ti ONE MODEL 219 TORRID HEATER ut Columbus. Ohio, today that approximately 1800 acres of additional farm land at the Wabash River Ordnance Works wlil be offered for lease to local farmers Immediately. This Is in accordance with tbe desire of the War Department to get every acre of land not urgently needed for war production into food production. Captall K. G. Miller, commanding officer at the W. R. O. W. has determined that this additional land can be used for food production, without interfering with the operation of tbe plant. The area which the government will lease includes good farming and like new, $15. 103 Va Elm Street. t54x took 242 additional prisoners In the last 24 hours, bringing to 16 ?09 the total captured since the Nazi offensive was launched on Dec. 16. Elements of ibe Fourth Armored Division progress a mile to the northeast along the Bastogne-Houf-falize road, while to the east the 3 r, t h Division gained half a mile to clear the town of Harlange. The 20th Division pushed to within five hundred yurds south of Wilts'. In the Seventh Army, sector, enemy aggressiveness still is apparent, headquarters said. Considerable artillery firn was reported from the crucial Haguennu area but there was little change In position. Third Army prisoners In the last 24 hours totalled 250. headquarters COLUMBIA THEATRE ONE LARGE HEATING STOVE. Call at 458 X. 9tb St. Anna Costa. t53x No, ftli Kt, Clinton, Ind, COURT NEWS BKICK, ANY KIND YOU WANT. Our heartfelt thanks to ail who extended comforting sympathy and help in our recent sorrow. For the beautiful service, floral offerings and o t b e r kindnesses, we are deeply grateful. We especially wish to thank, Rev. Ray Crawl. Sugar Grove quartet. Milwaukee's Ladies Auxiliary, and the . Frist Funeral Home. Mrs. Fred Weaver and Family. Clinton Auto Wrecking Tarts Co. Ernie's, Phone 8, Clinton. IWif Till KSDAY JAN. 11 AdtiifMMiofi Itv unit iih' pasture land, approximately 125 a- Vivian Pearl Dowers of Cayuga has filed suit In Vermillion Cir FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R ' Ferguson. Pbone 13G-W.. t7-17-44 f cuit Court seeking a divorce from Robert W. Dowers on grounds of LOANS . . . said, for a total of 10.160 since cruel and Inhuman treatment. Mrs. ALBERT M ADEN, MODEL A. ford. S50 $100 S200 HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY George Raft, Joan Bennett, Walter I'idgeon "LOVE YOUK LANDLORD" Edgar Kennedy Comedy "MY TOMATO" MGM Short Dec. 16. Snow and fog continued to hold the Allied air forces on the ground. The spokesman at Marshal Mont- Dowers asks for the custody of their son, Robert, 6. together with reasonable support. The couple wsb married Nov. G. 1930. Application S250 and S300 COAL. PHONE 92, JESSIE M ADEN. t5lix FOB BRAZIL BLOCK OR LOCA L i coal hauling phone 343-J. tG3x for suit money has been filed with j Komery's headquarters revealed that Ys, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY for the time hearing set for Jan. . , j.uci .,u oni. ii , mmu- ly shrinking tbe salient in attacks you have the loan. FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL 592-J. Dorothy Puller of Clinton has Hi I from the north, west and south, had ! taken almost a dozen additional The Public Loan Company will assist you quickly and privately. If t67 nd ult in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Arthur Pull- towns and captured several thous- you are steadily employed In Swell and Nazi prisoners. ONLY PAID NOTICES 2 . 1 er on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Plaintiff asks for the cub-f tody of their son, Kenneth aged eatures 9c - 35c TONITE factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problems wltb us. We will arrange your payments to suit your 8, together with reasonable support The cou pie was married Oct . 14, f33 and separated Dec. 2Q, 1944. NOTICE! j Tbe Clinton Girl Scouts are having a waste fat and tin can salvage drive. They will return your money to yon for waste fat collected. If you have fats or cans, please call 41 before Friday, Jan. 12. t3x income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on unpaid bal In Memoriam In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister, Dorothy Mae. who passed away two yearB ago today. January 11. 1942. The moon and stars are shining on a lone and silent grave. Beneath lies one we dearly loved. But whom we could not save. Friends may think we've forgotten when at times they see us smile. Little do (Jiey know the heartaches. That our smile ludes all the while. Sadly missed by those who loved her dearly, .Mr. and Mrs. James K. Heard, Brothers end Sisters. SURE I'M WILD RUT ASK MY PARENTS WHY? t al- " - Tl. . I I f Circuit Clerk Carl II. Diggs has ifwiied the following marriage licen- l ses: Jesse Witters. 24 of Cayuga notice ea;ij:: All members are asked to pay dues now and keep in good standing. louiniTi i ne Loose; County Teacher' 3feeting Planned In Newport Saturday The final county institute of this school year will be held Saturday morning Jan. 20 at 9 a. m. at the court house auditorium in Newport, according to an announcement made tills week by Fred Hayes, county superintendent of schools. Harry Elder, registrar at Indiana Slate Teachers College will be the main sneaker at the institute and has chosen for his topic, "What Must Teachers Teach?" Mr. Elder is well known among the .teachers of Vermillion County. I TEEN-AGE JANES AND JOES . . . SEEKING HAPPINESS IN A J. E. Foster, Secretary. t HEIJ" WANTED ance for amounts up to $150; amounts 1150 to $300, 14 per month on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid In five monthly Installments of $10.92 each, eosts $4.50 but If repaid In 10 days, costs only 50c. You may borrow to -pay old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or Insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. WAR TORN WORLD! CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and nintb streets. Call 22. Cliutoniaa Office. , WANTED TO BUY and Helen Myers, 18 of Georgetown, III.; John Travis. 21 of Dana and Knima Lorenzen 18, of Clinton ; WII-bert Jones 24 and Veda Hut won, 18 both of Clinton; William Plgg. C4 or West Terre Haute and Htellu Wheeler, 42 of Clinton. The AVrmllMon County Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting January 2nd. The contract for supplies for the County Poor Farm was awarded to Claude 41. Foos of Newport. Harold H. Wisehart of Clinton was re-appointed county attorney; Dr. J. L. Saunders of Newport was re-ap-J Mrs. W. C. Parrett, librarian at ' Pay menta. the Newport library will also give : PIANO IN GOOD CONDITION ALSO old - fashioned secretary desk. Write P. Noblitt, Montezuma, Indiana. t54t short talk on .'Tsing the County 10 Pay menta. S.H8 11.72 2K.IW 28.87 12 Pay meats. B.02 10.03 M.7 20.80 BO 7.12 IOO SI4.2S 200 B'JHJW 230 9X0.17 WOO 41.t Library." Music will be furnished by the students or Newport High School. J Because of the fact that the finals In Memoriam In loving memory of John Ros-setio who paBiwd away five years apo today, Jan. 11. 194". We have only your memory, dear one. To retiieniher our whole lives through. But the KMewnetfg will linger forever Ak we iivaKure the image of you. Sadly iniMscd by Mm. Tlier'Ka Roiweiio and Family. 45 Al'TOMATIC PISTOL. GOOD condition. For Marine in South Pacific. 229 '4 Black man St. Apt. 1. t54x j pointed County Doctor; Mrs. Kophia j of Vermillion County Basketball PUBLIC LOAN CO. I uuniHiiieiii win ue M'lieuuiea lor Saturday night It lias been arranged to hold the institute in the morning, j RADIO BY HOY IN HOl'TH Pacific. W rite or call Mrs. Normau Kolir, Hi. Bernice. Tel. Wl. tZZx Delicti of Clinton was re-appointed elevator operator of the Court House, and Lewis Kims and Arthur Hollon, both of Newport were reappointed janitors of the Court House. No change was made In the roa d su pe r v f sors. PIhmm 232 Sltt Mala St. r.o TO CHURCH MDNDAT WANTED TO KENT 3 OH 3 ilOOil rr'HMSHKD ' apartment, good references. Call Homer Latou s Grocery. t54 ICE REFRIGERATION IS BEST BECAUSE: Circuit Clerk Carl n. Biggs has issued the following marriage licences Carl Wright. 3 and Mary M-Leiali. 18 both of Clinton: Itelltert Laughhunii. 3 of Cayuga and Nellie S'oggle, 24 of Vermillion township. MALE HELP WANTED BOm TO CAKKY FAI'EH KOL'TBB 10 rears or over. Apllr , mil Blackburn. ClioIoDlaa. In Mrnioriam In Ioviiik mt'tuory of our d'ar IniHitund mid latii'-r, Juums f. Ijuli'AO. alio pitKM-d away twelve y-ars aso. January 13. 1933. T as hard to take the burden up Where you had laid it down You brightened all the joy of life You softened every frown 1-oiine Wife and Daughter Obcalatloa of Air PrrreMs laoercfaanae of Kood Odors t ICE refrif eratioa la n air roodiUuned WANTED Vivian "Pearl Dowers of Cayuga has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Robert W. Dowers on grounds of cruel BOOKKEEPING AND INCOME TAX H'orfc. Call o or write room to. Clinton Hotel. i'j'Jx and inhuman treatment. Plaintiff j asks for the custody of their son. j Robert C. together with reasonable r JANE WITHERS U Lff PAUL KELLY D 1 4 t,l LEE PATRICK JOHN LITEL J Second Feature Allan Lane refrigerator that prevents the interchange of fourf odors. Yon don't have to worry aJiout covered disiies srben von use ice. Too ran put everything you want la the refrigerator suid be sore that it will remain sweet and fresh ... retaining it's own odor and taste. Cone In, Bee the Refrigerator. Ixt I s Prove That it la tlestl LOST OR STOLEN supimrt. The couple was married Sacred Colors Green was a sabred color to both the Mayans and Mexicans and soma of their best carvings axe found id lade and greenstone. Nov. C. 13 and separated Jan. 2. 1!M5. Application for suit money In DALMATIAN PCP. (COACH IHM- white sritli black spots. Notify W. E. Gerrish. t53 has been filed with hearing set for "Stage Coach Jan. 6th. To Monterey IU . . a - - - . . , - M-O-N-E-Y FOR WINTER NECESSITIES SECURITY LOAN CO. STARTING 11 P. M. SATURDAY ANN SOTHERN in Hearing was held on the application for suit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Vivian Dowers vs. Robert W. Dowers and Mr. Dowers mas ordered to pay $25 on the 1st and 15h of each month pending the divorce and tiO. attorney fees on or before March 1st. Dan Bennett .Si. of Lafayette en- CLIIITOH ICE CO. Ill Mulberry Phone 75 Phoae C2 tit BUckwan Hi.. . r , .-v.-- a r r.-iasrf i CLUVTOV, INDIANA I

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