The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 5
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Thursday.; January 11, 19 15. ly over the sTx-Tiibntli "peflod a total of 192,000. ; - ' In addition the schedule Includes "SILVER FOX" RETURNS - By Jack Sords estimated enlistments of luO.OOU 1 f-year-olds during' the half-year. Clubs Meet In Fairvievv Draft Increase To Take Men in War Industries, Farms (Con'tiiued Kroro Page 1) mm''. Nova Scotia Apple a Casb Crop Apple growing is the most prosperous form of farming in Nova Scotia. Stlmon said In explaining the need for an Increase in the draft, (iernian tight to Finish "The Germans are very evidently not going to accept the inevitable without a fight to the finish, and the war against the Japanese has moved ahead of schedule. These draft calls are carefully calculated to provide the replacements that will be needed as soon as the men thus selected have received their training. The men called will necessarily have to be of the same physical and age standards required by the army's replacement program.' Stlmson backed up demands of the administration for an "effective" national Selective Service law. and or- I supply and enuip French forces and 'Mir, to meet transportation needs and production for civilians. Denies Army Oversize Stlmson denied that the army Is oversize, noting that there are 4aU,- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tlert Short. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Faulds and daughter Norma Jean of Anderson were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dizney and son Donald of Decatur. 111. spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Don Reinerio and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Milford Shores and daughters of Terre Haute spent Saturday with Mb parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shores. Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and children spent Sunday with relatives in Danville, III. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Short of Terre Haute and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hancock of I.yford spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. IVrt Short. Simeon Short of Terre Haute spent recently with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short. Mrs. Anna Barron of Terre Haute spent the weekend with her sister Mrs. Don Jtelnerio. Mrs. Sophia Steel of Terre Haute and Mrs. Anna Dancy of Chicago spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dancy. Andrew Dancy and son Andrew. jf - i 000 men who are Injured or sick in army hospitals which must be kept on a troop status until every-tlilnz possible has been done for i 'A. 1 asserted that Increased army draft calls to 100,000 in March have been forced by stepped-up requirements of the War Department. Endorsing the May "work or fight" bill. Col. Francis V. Keesllng, legislative representative of Selective Service, told the house military committee that to meet an armed forces need of 900,000 men in the next six months this schedule of draft calls is planned: For the army, 80.000 men a month for the first two months. he cough set throat IrrmrHoM nut lilt lion toMi w MMkiiif , aiHIl COUGH LOZENGES Really soo'lung because they're rcalb medicated. Each F 4 F Cough Loienge gives your throat a 15 minute soothing treatment that reai-hes all the u"y down .. .below the gargle line. Only Wt box. them. He said the effective size of the army must be kept up to celling and that the necessity of maintaining a full force grows as the war gains in Intensity. He also cited the-fact that 85.000 troops are being regularly relieved and cannot be counted as effective since they are on leave under the army rotation plan. "I think it should be obvious from what I have Just told you In reviewing the war that the tempo i i V rK jf Stf T leaser 1 1 h f MT I aniAieso1.rt tV. ' Jlmt- 'e'&Tei CW jf FetJie -fines jumping to 100,000 men monthly for the following four months a Jr. of Chicago were Sunday guests of his mother Mrs. Flora Dancy and brother Nick. Mrs. Laura Kerr spent Monday in Terre Haute. of action In both hemispheres has increased radically in intensity," total of 5(10.000. For the navy, 32,000 men month Community Club, Local Bunco Club Hold Session; Holiday Guests Noted Miss Madge Peterson spent Sunday with her sinter, Mrs. May Donna and son Franklin West of Fair-view Park. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buekmiller of Washington .State were Monday dinner guests of Mrs. May Donna and son Franklin. Falrvlew Park Community Club met at the Town Hall Friday evening. After business session bunco was played and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Nellie Mayers ltleh. Dom Glovanlnl bunco. Mrs. May Donna low and Mrs. Clara Whitworth travel. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden and Miss Loretta Louden were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tony (ioz-den and family of fniversal. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cline and daughter Charlene of Clinton spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cline and brother George. Mr. and Mrs. Paul VsHman and daughter of Clinton were Sunday guests of Mrs. Alma I'selman and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Short of Terre Haute were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pierce. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mahurin received word that their son Gilbert Mahurin arrived In New York from England. Dennis Wilbur of Indianapolis spent the weekend with relatives here. James Dean returned to Pontiac. Mich, after spending the holidays with his daughter, Mrs. Elwood Kispert and family. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Higelnboth-am of Terre Haute spent the week end here. Mrs. Lizzie Kitchen and son Jfk of Anderson spent the holidays with MenT Women I Old at 40,50,60! Need Pep? Want to Fed Yotmger, More V'rai? j?ERAM , every week. ViiIiip time . . . today, tills swk Independent at thee home owned unl oiK'nited to shop where Markets. It pays to buy qtiality. OP AM'JeSoTA Cii JAmuA7 '7, von'11 find nil of the Cirocery X.-edi on your lit. ciiiirteous treatment at You'll like the frlenill), these Mores too! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker of Clinton v.-ere recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis. Miss Vina Mae Spicer and Seaman 1 c Frederick Nipper of Danville visited recently with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith and family. Mr. and Mrs. James Voto visited recently In Terre Haute. Fairview Park Happy Hour bunco club met at the home of Mrs. Mary Turbevillc, Thursday afternoon. Members present were Mrs. Lucille Craft, Mrs. Louise Colletti and daughter, Mrs. Helen Colletti and son, Mrs. Berniee Kispert and son. Mrs. Vera Murray. Mrs. Myrtle1 Short. Mrs. Mary Turbevillc and daughter and Mrs. Ada Wilson. Af California Sunkist I I I loss of life is estimated at more than 400. A number of other vessels suffered damage during the ORANGES Sycamores Down Taller Valpo Five In 48 -41 Meet TKRRE HAUTE, Ind. Once a- storm which developed with great j rapidity and blew with "severe in-1 tensity." j The seven smaller naval ships lost ter business session bunco was play- j smaller hut faster team has ! i the Pacific were listd ed and prizes were awarded to Mrs. i . ( to ,,e tower-;,. fn'r landing craft (LST): one era , l-lw,I-citV ni'inlet. ! An lnl- .1 tl r- Kriinll fiiib-: Lucille Craft, bunco: Mrs. Murray, high: Mrs. Ada Wiifon. low and Mrs. Mary Turbevilie travel. Next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Ada Wilson on Thurs- which. until this week had not ben:marjne rlriser and one small auxil-j defeated. 'iary vessel. -S j Indiana State won. 4S to 41. from j jn jtg report on the typhoon, the J the Crusaders last night in a basket- navy said the importance of the mi- i-n fnp which the Svca- i; rv.ninl situation at the time ' Iday Jan. 18. Refreshments were ser- snrifll time was enioved . . . j i... . ., -i i Ived and Kat more of this wonderful fruit. I se orange daily in your diet. They are Hch in Vitamin " help to prevent colds- . . 4 morefi were host, l ne Lruwuns was sucn inai wnen m...... iio Great Ikes Naval Training Sta-'gtmck the work In hand could not by all. ; ti,,n Monday for the first setback ' D suspended or altered because of Lost Feed ! this s-ason. 1 weather conditions. This was believ- A pig's death at farrowing time i ' in rr.f,.rence to invasion opera- may represent the loss of 140 pounds i KVA"SVH.LE. Ind. The score ; tiOTS ln tne Philippines, of feed, department of agriculture ; oJ. eam.nt bas-eiball season j No details, were given on loss of observations snow. evened todav. after Evansville ! tnP ,hr?. destroyers, but the navy TuifenwJUiJ? won riroyL) i,-t If ! Hi. At all m4 4rar Mr e-verjwlww. la Clint, mt lli Vharmmr. ib. 25c !i COFFEE Farmers Pride College defeated Central Normal. 44 ; gaid an circumstances of the unusual to 3. last nipht at Evansville. The disaster ar being investigated by 27ci Farmers Pride Rolled 48 oz. pkg. OATS Warriors had toppled the Evansville ; a court of inquiry convened by Fleet a previous encounter. ! Admiral Cbes'er V. Nimitz. command of the Pacific Fleet. DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them CrystalTOMATOES-2 12cfg Pilot's Error Is Blamed for Crali Of Transport Plane Xew Smokeless Pom der Unit Is Planned at WROW :i i ! ITi one 1T5 15c CUXTO.V, IXD. 248 Blackmaa St. NO. 2 CAN LisM BEANS Farmers Pride Bl'RBANK. Cal. A mistake. (Continued from page II based on the human element today was regarded as behind yesterday's American Airliner crash in which 24 persons perished. 3 oz. bottle V A El ILL A Crystal Imitation "Construction will be under the j supervision of the Co ps of Engin- A civil aeronautics inspector saia - ' tbe ijilot, given permission to pro- j eers." ceed to a desf?rt emergency field at VotnplctHm of "C-2" Pairiulale when lie found the Lock-! This was all the ' heed Air Terminal fogbound, turned ;t ion obtainable, b i to the left instead of making the us-j ed that. esser-i .,l-ual twinz to the right. 1 gram means iV c - WANTED! CARRIER BOYS! For Routes in Town KLEAN ALL CLEANER 15c CAMAY3bars22c E-Z BAKE FLOUR 25Ib.bag$1.29 .e new pro-tion of much .iich of the con-.,J he-n completed t was abandoned ' W hy be made the mistake prob-j of C-2 run n aiIy wiii never be known, but it was struction -w' .' an error tlist meiint death to ail a-.before will n- T' f e-' board. A turn to the right would have carried the airliner out over the Pan ' sed. ' i will probably not af-jinmunity as greatly as did one in H42. It was pointed F I -J. N0.2Y2 CAN liPHEisPwsl farmer i riuc nXIMUM AGE 10 XAKS M ofl A Yes For Your "Health's Sake" Drink More Clinton Pore Milk tC-1 Green HfiflHS 1 nC r-r one thine, much bousing prepared at that time which 't again be used and the communities involved will know better how-to handle the new influx of construction workers. While no official comment was forthcoming, either as to the construction contractor, the number of Fernando Valley a:id given it space in which to guin altitude to clef? the inouniains to the north. The turn to the left haded '- ' ward destruction in tire V -Range. Approximately i-vrc - ' t; after the big p!i.n paw; tb'; air terminal fiel! it .! was torn to bits on a rov -.side five miles away, about "' ' "rum the crest. t I 1 I ff E. n- m I . V I lt,l V.I I V PHONE 32 or 33 Or Apply To: WILLIAM r. BLACKBURN' " ,. . Circulation Manager And For Goodness Sake' Use More Clinton Pure Milk In Baked Dishes (workers, or the total expenditures ! ;w.l,-u,1 ihc namp of the Badger RIKSO u.oi25cffF Tbe ship s'ru- . t -rottle ope: ed all aboard I Construction Co.. was prominently Victims of the j mentioned as the probable contract- and t this i.igli were kilied iiistin four ! or. It seemed reasonably certain that tragedr were T army men. SWAN SOAP. 3 med. 20c; 2 Ig. 21c the new plant -! not be built ty nivv men and the crew of three. and navy jr-jtbe E. I. dt'Pont de Nemours Co.. t the army N:t are beiny w:tl,he)d pending : original contractors and operators of he present ordnance works. of the next of kin. MINNIE GIOVANINI BEAL'S MARKET SECOKDINQ BROS. 328 X. Xinth St. 558 X. Eighth St. Clinton Sailor Aboard U. 5. 5. Hull, Sunk in West Pacific Typhoon Klilnt- 4 Milli'm et At least 4. '' workers will be enitttored during about six months of construction, according to un"ffi-eial estiniaus and persons familiar with ru'li construction estimated the project will require the eS-pendifti-e of at least f 4 ."dfi .t'i". ;. tain ViHer's statement points - t the rew facilities w-ill probably BASKETBALL FRIDAY, JANUARY 12 CLINTON versus CRAWFORDSVILLE i Continued fjom page It Universal, Ind. VICTOR PALONCY Pike A. Lincoln Streets IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street desirojert ' iloublo) th permanent operating per-c western ' sop nel : t the ordnance works, now nuuncenieat that itiree sank in a typ! wn in t in combat op- -B'iniaed at about ". Pacific wile engage crail! As waE the case with tne con erations atrj i-'. ju smaller struction of the first plant, tie influx of workers will probably come gradually. The project is now actu- were destroyed 1 enemy action in the same war zone. At. men vere rescued from tw? ,;,t demrovers the i.zvt,. I al'y under way. but much pretitnin ton Hull, the 2.(.r,..-tn Si-nce. and j ary work must be done before bea the 1.3!.5-ton Monaghan and the j vy construction will begin. CLINTON KIbH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. General Admission 35: 'Lw. f S . . !,loi Sl - HAIRBREADTH EARRY ' KC- crr E' ' CP U'- G. wc5t5 bX'G Te crJD Ui'iS. ' - Gi .'K S5 -o cu it: a , NEXT HOME CAME CHS vs. MONTEZUMA JANUARY 30,1 945 nLE S&2$ C" B't tesa.--- j r. f i i

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