The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 4
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t .jU tOlS 'ii' THE DAILY CUNTONIAN Page Four THE DAILY tt,FT(MV CONVENTION HAUL MIGNON G. EB ER HART WOLF IN MAN'S CLOTHING ) 1943 BY AUTHOR - DISTRIBUTED BY KINS FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. il aa Tba Weeklj 1tatuala i' 11m OUaton Plalndmler absorbed In lao Published Daily Except Saturday aod dunda. feerge L. Crey - - Editor and Pnblihr I at the Poatornce at i union, inni ae nVcond (taw Ma'ut Indiana FU-publti-an KdH ta! AawJatMM Pbon 83 really much of a chance and never enough money. My father alwayi liked Alexia." "Your father was in love with her." "Yes, later. Perhaps all along without realizing it. At any rat Alexia married him. She's ruthless in a way." "She could murder anybody. He looked up at mc quickly, then said slowly, "Not unless she was so angry that she didn't stop U think. Hut that's why I'm afraid of what she might do to Drue." There was a sincerity in his vote and 1 did decide (provisionally) Phone 33 iWUBUCAM 0ITOU AS5OCIATIO0 t hat Craig Brent had not murtterea his father. And I must talk to other thinn tell and into my patient s room as Alexia emerged at the head of the stairs, followed by Peter Hubcr. Craig was watching for me eagerly but still looked a little startled at my possibly precipitous entrance. "Somebody chasing you?" he said. I straightened my cap and eautrht mv breath. He got up on his elbow. "Did you find H?" "No." I hated the disappointment in his eyes. He lay back against the pillows. "Oh. AH right. Miss Keate. You did your best. She's given it to the police, then. She said she would. She hates Drue. It's because of . . ." He stopped there, abruptly. And I added crisply. "Because of you, I suppose. She makes it clear enough." There was a sad, altogether grave, look in his face. "I hurt Alexia's pride one time. I didn't realize 1 was doing it; I was in love with Drue, you see. I was so in love that" he paused and then said, ? imply "so in love that there wasn't any other" woman in the world. There wasn't anything but Drue." He stopped again and then went on, "Alexia ju.-t didn't exist for me. Nothing did really." There was another silence; I was wishing Drue could hear him and revolving to teil her. Then he moved restively and said in a difFerv-nt tone. "I tried to humor Alexia. My father loved ht-r he did, you know. She married him and he loved her." "Don't get excited." I warned, rearranging the covers he had twisted around. "You'll get a fever. . . ." He glared at me and I glared baL-k at him. Ar.d then as we were staring at each other like two en- CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE Craig: was still reluctant to share his plan with mc. 'If I could only do it myself. I tried to get up just now, while you were out of the room. It was no pood." "Don't be a fool." I said holly. "Do you want to work up a fancy temperature?" Suddenly he ?aid, "It's a hypodermic, Miss Keate, Drue's hypodermic syringe." "Oh," I responded weakly. "You see, Alexia's pot it- You must seaich her room for it. She is sure it belong to Drue.. She found it somewhere . . ." "Never mind I know . . . "You know!" I put it there. In the fern.H He started upright, ilasped his free hand quickly over his wounded shouldpr and cried, "You! Why?" "Never mind that either; I thought I was doing the right thing." Craig lay there staring at me. Th-n he asked, "Why did you hide it? Did Drue really give my father the hv odr-rmic?" V- he did. but she didn't kill him ..ih it. I'll tell you anything I know later. Right now I think t-very body but Maud is down?tair. If I'm to yeareh Alexia's room I'd better do it quickly.'' 1 1 e agreed wi th me at once. "You'll have to hurry. Look in her dressing room, and in the cupboard in h?r bathroom. Then also, there i n kind of cupboard built into the wall ht-?ide her bed. You'll see. She Fay she puts jewelry in there when she doesn't want to bother with the pafe." 1 wa on my feet. "When did Alexia tell you about that hypodermic? A suMJe charge came over his A CHANCE FOR THE CHl'RCH. There are many church leaders who be lice that religion and the churches have a her that. Perhaps, then, she would cp!uni about the medicine-box that is, if her determined silenca regarding it really was las I thought it was) to protect Crai. l w as thinking that when he said abruptly,' "That shooting in the meadow night before last; you remember?" "How could I forget?" "Nugent thinks it was a kind of spur-of-the-moment attack on you." "Jurd an idle iinpul.-. no doubt," I remarked bitterly. "I'm sure two bullets whizzed over my head. Of course, he may have been aiming at Anua. Or he may have been just a little prankftT, bent on having his fun and k'iv - us both a scare." I aid it sarc:, but he looked perfectly sober. "I'c-rhaps," he said and added, "I fjopwe there'll be traces of difi-talu in the little what do yon call it, barrel? of the hypodermic?" "Yes. Unless it's been cleaned. Dili Alexia see me put it there?" "She di'tn't say." I thought back rapidly to the hur- g "hance to help create a peace based i.'.b :- and goodwill which will make cj. Iri" ,-e lasting peace. undoubtedly the truth, but c individuals get down to specifica-; : - - : ,1 attempt to outline how the r ' z can make their contribution, they i- go off in a fog, demanding repre-r 'en at the peace conference or advo-- : ; an impractical and absurd applica-l f what they conceive to be Christian I " -i 'pies. Organized religion has existed in the L-nriil sinrp the advent of the human re and. throueh the agres, it has made ! I " i , i y . -r' - i fare; his mouth thf-ned a little, raireo cat? looking lor an opemnff. , .. . waikine up ,nd his h-an jaw hardened: his eyer. j he srinnc-l. "I'm -ry. Mis ku-. I fjfj ? " behind tte we,t p.? n.e and looked very re H', only that it make, me savage. - n iri.he I d,rary. iund the mote and ommumeativc. Not . K-i. g h.lp.c-ss hke th-. , - un !ir f(,rn Beeven! w very long airo, he said. she "You re lucky y re not dead, , ;.om; Jown ,he stairs just ahead w-c-jUn t tell me wm-re she kc-r.t it. . I remarked. of mc When j turned I saw no one. Yo-j'd bter go. It s tne s. coni i xi.e fhadow came back iv.'o hit , ,j.Itves the ftair landing is is-"r U the left aerow the haiL 1 face. "its bat it s Drue ttva 's in i jcfrom'thelibran-: shemusthava hate to afk you to do this ... j tUnm-i. If .she r-avc him djs..a!ii i ,.oved out o sjght ju5t as I turned. I went at once to Alexia s room. . . ThiJ) j sl!ppOTe Aexia took it The trooper was the only person in 1 ,.she tr:d to ,UYf Kf ;fe. cn. ,atCT on her waT upstairs, immedi-tbe lor.!.', wide corridor and he wa r ( rtilo-t elv! bim enouh to kill him. ! aUiv after she left the library-"-away down near Drue a room wita Vnfonanately. thtih." I added -jiM Keate, tcha telephoned for his back turned toward me. j erj,0Vi -there's no v.-;y to prove j the police?" It was of course a aie- i , Taking a Backward Glance modest progress toward the reformation of human beings. Despite divine revelation and much preaching, there are some, in-cludir religious leaders, who seem to think il::t the human race has moved back ard. i cannot accept this conclusion. Average mentality, bodily vigor and spirit-c!ity has probably increased steadily, if c'wlv, through the centuries, and, as we see the matter, is still continuing. The business of the churches and of all religious leaders is to encourage and foster in B'Jt I didn't find the hypodermic. , tj,-t. Are you sure Alexia e2ve the ! niScant question and had been from the first. But it was still without and .Mr. and Mrs. Herman MJt-tk-k and children ot M Cordc viile -..riled Mr- and Mrs. Jams Vi!d- ins Sunday evening. .Mr. r-nd Mrs. Grov.-r Laney oi Jopp;i fie giving a dance Suncai nipht iu honor of Wiliiam and Harmon Wilding who re-ent- i ly rur;.ed from California. 1 :ounil Alexia s room wuo no irou-1 gyring, to tne ponce: remaps i, b!e ar. J I starched it: then went di-j was orly a threat." re-tly to the little bookshelf aTid th - j -j t!lj'Kt fhe j-ant it. She knows curboard. And found not the syr- j j ov(, rjrn,.. tried not to let inge but-threc checks made out t) her afra:,i 0f .hat she thfr honor pm-st ami hostess, j Jlrs. J. L. Hornoy of S:uth Filth StrH enuTtaim-d wttii a rontra't bridf parly yf&ieiday TK VKAKH AW) TOO.IV Starts Motiilay New Fee Term Fredt-ri; Miller. The fir;l term of the Clinton afternoon at fir homo. .Mis- 11. and Vermillion County federal M. I'entreath was awards! Jjieh and Mrs. emerpency education schools ends teore priz wculd do to Drue. .Sounds qieer to say you're afraid -f anybody. L"t Al'-xja's not li!:e otfaer pt-Dple." He Tausxi ad then tiiouph' fully, quit:', as if he were explaining s.n"-thirg to him.-eif as well as to me. ta-k'd of Alexia. "We've known I- They were for five thousand dollars each, sitmed by Conrad EreT. -t'-rl in J'liy, Se-vtt-Tnbi r and Oct- -f ii"',M. Ti.ev were cpnc!'- .' irtcd "Frederic M.lVr" i e ..lid curlv hardwriii.-ir. itodav. and the second trm will risn. trav an answer. "I don't know." "If we could find out who did that and why. If I could do anything anytiiing . . " I looked at him. decided to chance it. took a long breath and said, "I,k here, you still love your wife." "She's not my wife. You forget that." "Fiddlesticks! There's no la again.-t remarrvimr. If Nicky ..." "What about Nicky?" "I'd hate to see her marry hh. "You'd hate ..." he stopped "Listen, Miss Keate. there's something you don't know: That's why she left me. Because of Nicky." (To be continued) Cpsrltl. J H ifMB O Rot : aiu.iu'..i! n kjx raM a;M.. aw PmckinK Ducks After pax-king oucks or geese al the fathers ard p;n-fe2thers rub them with to remove ail down. Anc'xer good rr.cthod of re-ncvirig down is to pour melted para-n over the few! where the down occurs, let it cei. then peel it off; w;th it wili coine all the obstinate doT.TL t-ii tfgithtr wi:h -ai?jPach other since we were children. dividual improvement which will lift the average. We doubt if anything would be eained if the statesmen of the w orld happene-i to be foolish enough to invite representatives of the world's leading religious organiza- , fa'jrin Monday it is announced ly I Miss Tairai Lahti. suiwrviffT. J Al! classes. h.- ad will continue at their usual time and place, and if demand warrants additional elates will be started .Mr. atd Mi's. 1V- !Vrna of Danville. Hi., have moved to t iin-ton and are living on i:lakian Street. Waba&h Camp 1517 Koyal Neighbors of America, held a bunco pany last night at their yon know: Nicky and Alexia and I. ! They ued tt mc here for sum- mtri when their mother was alive: ! then the niarried arain an-1 vent rAiroz-i to h"'e. Xie-ky and Al 'xia i were pushed arouni anyhow, ! schools in France and Italy, camps ..:i. 1 nty were lying nat. ui ci a soft tveie case, the iircd "-' use for jeweiry when trav:-Lris- 1 twk the che-cks. atJJ.n th' m t my a-reaiiy scn.iui,::ai litile tmr I of elnes. I'd tell N'ujent But U-il '"rai s first. for the -bepmniD tern. .... r T 11. m UOnS MHO me peace cuiuerema:. uu ui SuBjisaioaB ar ixann. siveiv baU io ibe lxuchy Apxrtiaoaio. in past history indicates tnat religious students in sorae of the courses. Kuneo was i.iaywi at s"K-n in Switr-erland. hote-ls everywnere. V. h n I heard voices sen.Tv.-iere leaaers W0U1Q reacn agreemenv any quicn- a vru. ..mj. j thwrVi i fHr,-ri Aft.r liieir mother died tfaty we of individual in tne oi-l;;nce er than the hard-headed leaders of the var- up. 1 ducked out at AlrxtaV ''cd back here. Tlu-jr badWt struct orw See same seed is a source of sea- j faire oil a small borjey -colored j seed, bakel n rolls, breads and j buns, which tiwci rirfa toasted j nut flavor. j T hies and prizes -r awa'l"l o Mrs. James Bianco, high: Mr. A. i . Whea ton . bunco ; M rs. H a rrv K-Hy. low. and M rs. Fm n k Hughs, travel. Mrs. Maria Van Duyti of Soul1. Fourth Street its confined to Jkt home wi;h illnRS. Mr. aud Mrs. JuIiuf Mattiek children o! Fall Creek Hi;:iiia!id:- A N ickel Doar-Bdl A nickcl-i.i-tiie-slot door-bell that will not ring unless paid has been de i.-icd to keep away useless t'isarelte PrtCf-liao N'oilh Caroiilia w.:,-:u, rrore t-ifi-'renes lhn a"! the o'. staK-s ui '. f"-tbcr iti per ce.-;' s.;::rrjca's t-r"d:jetiont. L.ess LicilMir U. S. litiuor eonruir.pti') in lit war, don over VI cr rer.t '!(- !!. J32 call' r.s mmpwrt w.'h !32 133.TtfJ.l'78 g; Urn-.. Miiurai Abu and There are more species of min erals found ir: Vrth Carolina than in any other slita. ious nations of the world. In fact, the probability is that in addition to political problems, the world would be confronted with religious problems as well. The assumption that religious principles can be applied in the world only through the intercession of church leaders and preachers may be soothing to the ecclesiastics, but there are many individuals, of many faiths, who attempt daily to apply religious principles to the problems and difficulties of life. This, after all provides effective oppor DAN DUNN Airplane Visftlny Our attention this morning is attracted by a novel window display in the Morgan Uuilding pre-w mint; a life-lik reproduction of an airplane landing fi'ld with nhiiw of various typhis ready to take off aiid another uoarins in the air. The diFplay of modH planes, constructed by Charles Wilson. Jr.. CO 2 lilacliinaii Street. illustrate tJje tyix of work don' by the Flyiue A- Club whieh Wilson is t; pou soring. Personals Miss Victoria ;iacfMto was AND WITH VOC'R r" Vl SUPPOSE YOURE W YEAH AN'I'D 1, VO'JR CAB IS STILL ! FTTwiTH YOUR 1? UFLPr I-Vli fMCAy.THE DRIVERff BEGUN TO THINK ( DOWNSTAIRS IN f" I PERMISSION, K HELP.' k-S tuS WT 4 I'D HAULED MY THE OARAGE-AWD A h 1 FRAULEIN.I'LL PERMlSS.OW. HER" tunity for various religions to exercise in : honored W.-dnsday witb a aur-l "v,- E I. V draw I 1 I. . . 1 . . V J i- -1-"'. . " ' fluence upon the course of mankind . InUnae !." i boiior of b-r birth-, r'!CsS-5-:1 I? i "- I f ' ' ' 3fx .- !"" -I .. " l( u ( . (' hat day. at K,,,!, ll i 7 , ? ,W 11 frU ' I' the long run, it is the onlv method t will be effective, even in connection the solving of problems concerning peace. A SINGLE WEEK. In summarizing the fool supply outlook for 1915. Chester Bowles, OPA Administrator, pays some attention to a charge recently made in food trade circles that the government is hoarding huge quantities of food. An OPA statement denies that the Armv is hoarding vast stores of food and ;iticoletTt. Kjniiio ;aeiiUjafiiaiii. t&BBL " JO" K v"d tjuje khe tc:li:r n , p ; . I n j" I HrMTS "THAT 1 FErl ivMHERrt VUASljHERE! FOR ALi IvJELL, A WOMAW LIVES FQW I At the Mooie I! i PAINTtMS "THE I 1,1 1 IT? ON THEflJrt'L) KrOOUi A MAVBE 70 YEARS BUT A I 1 I-, , ,--T7. v.o-v - ''t' I t-oi-ri-: apc &s 1 cai ? rJuiiMAM I IPC R MaSTPEPlECE LASTS FORri ! THAT'S .TCLEU J eiisL ABOUT, j j Z quotes military authorities to the effect j T!nn lui. i .iit that if on the day Japan is defeated "all, ami iUJiU Army foodstuffs throughout the world An-r iu:m r mos! vidly known ;.:nx setors j CANT KfcVIVe 'i V " .; LS? V A G h 1'tYT JJ'J were liM-.-v..,,-,! to, the- role ol (.aj,.., , , . T- ' - -Jj f .Ak C P r, ;r, rud- Vi.-jm. i. .a;ricK I rr 'aWTi m -I I rTTtJL . . . were brought back to the United States, i the total amount would not be enough to feed the civilian population for a single week." . Washington President Roosevelt, in annual budget message: "I have not made in the past, and I shal' not nov make, anv prediction conrt-rning the length of the war. My only prediction is that our ere- in Western ,.,-.. ni;,...l by , , , ; . . . iVOtWEG Vc?S-l I iGriT HEt?E IM THIS "U ( Stj MAiLlbOfi FOK ";"Za'TF-"";et Delirious -( pear i slit in the wall- 4 v ri ftes-jo samta J$ ,, .,t- wbi.1, on.-., a: t.- jWvt& CXAXZ'ZS-.tJ&U BLEAT THEPES THATS UJHE!?E I MAiLj ' v CLAUS-BUT I r--.,:.- Theatre tonight as the sc- cA1?E O U)ASHfN6TOJ MOf JU- "PLACF ffJ THiS ALL LETTEgS-. (NEVER GOT AN J:f: '' WENT PLEASE SEfJt? WE -ObCA-'xlO TO . -' ' '-Z yZ mies will be totally defeated before we lav down our arms." New York Executive Secret srv I", M. Cherne of the Research Institute - America, foresees new shortages on the home front: "The outcry ever the lack cr waiiamh ritrarettes will be a mere whisper comnar- , wtni d TnurMU ed with the shock a scarcity of other staple al cov(rr Kirlh E)yM. Kr,oi bs- rnmmodities." Ifao many n.-WT- ! fild tiiiboardt aud nan y "'- I - v. , t-,n- r. l I t r M i''.; I i Op.' J Gen. MacArthur's Headquarters, Phil- j "T 1" r . ippines Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur, offic- i- jtoui.iitin r,d racm. ialiv announcing American landines on, ki- T"-Luzon: "The decisive battle for the libera-! s(!-rrinj! . nom tion of the Philippine and control of the .,uiKl. ,din- at h.- v:.t.ah i Southwest Pacific area is at hand " it...".

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