The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 11, 1945
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Thursday, January 11,19-15. THE DAILY CLINT ONIAN Tage Two, , to luted at the Chicago uuuse until desire been -our overnowering PALACE STARTING THURSDAY hrl.iir tltinllt fl nefl P Vlllch Will be complete and lasting, that future gen they totaled 1311.21)8 HUB euu i-business Jan, II. Issuance of the company's spring and summer catalog, originally i,o,li,lr.,l lor todav. has been post Republican Party To Raise Voice In World Affairs (Continued trom page 1) Clin'sor- Sailor Rounds Oul Year Of Pacific Action (Continued from page 1) erations may have the assurance they can enjoy the blessings, privileges and opportunities of a free America. We must strive then to keep America free from the evils of foreign-bom power politics." poned to Jan. 22 because under the present administration of the business orders from the new catalog could not be filled. npiimw HliippltiK have ljt'ii mink or (liiniimod. Sho lias travelled Iho r-tjuivalent ol' five Utiles around the world." Thomas Jones enlisted In February, 1941. but bis twin brother Henry had Rervetl six years in the navy before his re-enlistment. Kulistcil Together The brothers went to the West roust together when they enlisted in the navy but soon became separated in the different phases of the service. Thomas was sent to the South Pacific where he served for three years aboard the "Holiday Express" before earning a leave home. Hofjii to Meet ttefore coming home he telegraphed Henry, who is stationed in Washington. D. r. of his coming and the twins hoped to see each other at their home1 here. However, Henry arrived from Washington one day too late to see his brother who has now reported for further active duty. ! H' f Ml A V a bigger majority to Dewey than Indiana. However, this state has a much larger block of electoral votes than Kansas, which may give Morris the edge. "Isolationism" Feared (trowing So-called "Isolationism" appears to be staging a comeback In Indiana, the host state to the committeemen. As an example. Gov. Ralph F. Clates, Republican, In his inaugural speech this week, went out of his way to warn against what be said were "the evils of foreign-born pow At the close of the two-day hearing Tuesday on the government's petition for a temporary injunction to restrain Sewell L. Avery, board chairman, and 15 other company executives, from interfering with army administration of the business, Judge Sullivan gave the company-seven days to file briefs and the government five days more to file its reply, after which he will render his decision. 1943. Her last major thrust was on Armistice Day of this year when her planes attacked Japanese shipping In Ormoc bay in support of t:en. DouKlen McArthur's troops on l.ey-te. "In between she has seen action on Thankseivinjr Day. WasliiiiKlon's Birthday. April Fool's Day and Columbus Day. Without ft Scratch "The Holiday Express lias come through a year's action in lilK-lea-gue fighting without a ncratcli. "What she has done to the Japanese In this time is one of the reasons Why the "Sons of Heaven" are indulging in so much double talk these days. "Two hundred and fifty Japanese planes have been shot down by planes launched from the carrier and fourteen more by the carrier's guns. At least 708.905 tons of Jap- Tit Mr -tJI M er politics." Business Policies Of Army Attacked In Ward's Charges CHICAGO, III. The legal battle between the government and Montgomery Ward & Co. supposedly was In abeyance today while Federal Judge Philip L. Sullivan considered the claims of the opposing sides, but the company launched a new attack. This came In the form of affidavits field in Federal District Court charging that the army, since its seizure of 16 company properties In Chicago and six other cities Dec. 28, had administered the business in an inefficient, wasteful and confused manner. The affidavits charged that: Refunds to customers have been held up so long It would take the normal staff a month to catch up with them. Instead of being paid promptly. The company has been caused fin An amusing scene from "' K'' '"." C-ami 1. 1 dramatic. Marring vehicle for June Withers! nre rtime The fire loss on farms in 1943 in this country was about $90,000,000, an increase of 12 per cent over 1942. Although a governor has nothing to do with formulating foreign policies. Gates, at the request of "nationalistic elements" of the Indiana G. O. P. In his Inaugural address said: "We are all deeply concerned not with the of the war liol'f will present the lesson on Important Asiatic Lands, Mrs, Kulalie Ponnld will have charge of the Cayuga News CEMETERY MEMORIALS MOXl'MEXTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. SHELL V. I.CCB Phona SSI Rpprtwntatlve 4(16 S. Seventh, Clinton UOriS Uene 1M1IULI, m-mimil oc-) UIUJ- Willi tuc i o:id of the W'AVUs, has returned to I but with International political con . i rl...l. T,.viu I liwi-nrDlng liif flninllnir niir tr only progress ChriBti. Texas troversies that are clouding our hor in.r uinllon at Cornus izons even before victory is assured. In the months ahead, foreign nations will he nlannlntf for economic Onvriry Brothers Meet In England After Two Years Two brothers. Private First CIiifs Dale Newlin. and Serpeont Muynsml II. Newlin, recently ppent a 48 weekend pass together somewhere in Kne-liind. Tlie boys are pons of Mr. and .Mrs. Klvir N'ewlin of Newport, and had not seen each other for two years. While on their pass, the two liivs Of Past Week Mrs. Morgan Hostess To Chnrch Meeting; Masons Hold Installation Sen ice Mr. and Mrs. Otto Albright and (aiiKhter8. Phyllis and Aunes, and and political advantage In the post war world. after spending a ten day leave with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adran El-ii'tt and family. The following officers were installed at the Cayuga Christian Church Sunday morning. Jan. 7, with Rev. O. V. McGaugbey acting as installing officer. They were: church clerk, Gladys Samuels: trus- "America did not enter this con Dr. G. P.. MsGUJRE CHIROPRACTOR X Kay 235V Blackman I Mr. and Mrs. jonn uiick anu i-I ...... i....i3 1 T attended tried to loeate another brother I'le ancial losses ijecause onus lor uiei-llict for territorial advantage. V e ; cIlaIld,,(1 and ,Prvlcra ,otalling near-had no ulterior motives. We entered , , ,750,000 have been allowed to this war in defense of our nation mm loir discount date8. and our way of lifer It , ban ..-always ;. Vntmii m;ii! orders ,,ave ,. i II! I II , I HIM, iiinin uiiw - a family dinner Sunday held in Col- J Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches Thii (MdTreibnent Of i Brings Happy Relict When disorder of kidney function n. rn.i:s poieonoiui msttei to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rbeuniutic unin, leg pailia, loss ol pep nnd energy, pttiiuir up nigitU, flwuliing, puffinuss under the t vb, beaiiaohet and diirincps. Frequfiit or flciiniy paseages with marling and burning miiho-times sbon-s there is something wrung with your kidneys or bliiddur. Don't wait! Ask your druinrial for Poan's Pills, used Eurct'safuHy by niilions for over 40 years. Tbi-y pive happy r' liff and ill l.c!p the 15 miles of kidney tubes lluflli out po'soii-Ous waste from your b!ood. Cot IX- ii.'e 1'i.lfl. . - i ... i . . W . T fax Ind at the Dome or ensign . iee. ucorge i.iivim, -iUc., ... . David Allbright who is home on Willhite, Roe 'Adams: deacons, Rol-je'nvo la Jordan. Clarence Hammond. Don Olivemae Donald was a Sunday, itatcllff; deaconesses. Leota Joachy Max Newlin who they thought wan stationed in England but later found out that he had been sent on to I'i.niee, l'fe. Dale Newlin. who is a Krad-uate of Newport Hinh School, has been across seas for several months. Mavnard Newlin has served in the nrnWd forces for over four years. dinner guest 01 .vir. anu .vna. iu. . r.'imiiv ,f..c.,v. . - ciul Bocntarv. Ira Donald: church; treasurer, Otto Allbright; hunday whool supt., Rolla Jordan; asslst-'ant, siipt., Phyllis Allbright; S. S. 1reatirer, Gladys Samuels; S. S. pia Robert Willhite reported t Indianapolis Monday ( for Ms, preinduc; t!on examination. He is a senir Initio .Cayuga High School. 1 nist, Mrs. Merle Rryant; Mrs. Mada- " .' -life Mfirv Mnnr.m assisted t AirP. .Mary luuiK." mlnlr i , I Mrs - Alia Adams was hostess to the, line King; church planrnt, Mrs. Eth- JAMES W. FOWL el T.auirhlln: S. S. choir, Phyllis All Loyal Women s class ot the t.ayuga Christian Church on Wednesday bright; assistant chairman, Rolla .Ionian! board members retained -niiig. A pot-luck supper was sor- vert followed by a social hour. The were trustees, A. E. Van Houtin. roll call was responded to with j Clarence Hammond; elders. Otto All-"Items of Interest pertaining to the bright, Earl Hammond; deacons, general good of mankind." Those Russell Morgan, Herman Kuhns, present were Mesdallies Merle Mrv-1 C.eorge Gaylor; deaconesses, Alta . ,,( Mainno. Alma Rob-1 Willhite, Celia Adams and Jean Simpson. i,ic iorne Fosler. Jean PiiniiKon, EROGER'S CLOCK BREAD .4 2 Deliciously rich with " -iiy 26V2-0z. I " baked-in flavor of finest C . ' YJ wtieat- Fra9rant'y tresh Clocked- L03V6S I Fresh every day . . . keeps fresh longer! "---J Mrs. Robert Allee left this ween PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS TAX CONSULTANTS ACCCUNTiHG SiPvVlCE OR COMMERCIAL FARMSNC INDUSTRIAL AND PERSONAL TELEPHONE 21 or 212 Address: 213 S. Main St. CLINTON, INDIANA for Chejinne, Wy., for a few days visit with her husband, Robert AI- Mary Allee, Alta Willhite. Nina llol-ton. Verna Tyler and Miss Oladvs Samuels. The February meeting will be with Mrs. Merle Rryant. Mesdames Tola Watson and Alia 1 Adams spent Sunday afternoon in Danville, III., with Mrs. Ruth Moore, while her husband, Frank Moore was in Champaign. II'. He wi:n called there by the death of his moth- PEANUT BUTra Cross Koads of America less, S. P. 2-c. Installation of officers for 1945 was held by Cayuga Lodge No. 584 F. and A. M. at the Masonic hall on Dec. 29. Officers Installed were: wor-shiprul master, Charles Farnsworth; senior warden. Curl is Gosnell; junior warden, Frank P. Earley; treasurer, E. E. O'Donnell; secretary, ci.irie Hosford: senior deacon, 2 Lb. .lar I Cnlilltl'V (illll GHAPEKKl'IT JCE 4 Z 290 Ox. (Indefinitely) OI'EX EVEXIXtiS 11Y AI'I'OIXTMKXT Call Write liu .piointinent. Mr. and Mrs. Harold McO!or,son and family are moving this week into the" Marie Pickard proper'.y on ! Second street. Sweetened No William Heldhreder, Jr.; junior dea-1 con. Herman Kuhns; chaplain, Otto! Country 1nl S1MX ACH N. SS I -Jr. So irit or Sand Can 1U Points. TOMATO SOI I n IOJ fir.. CamiibeH's 'ns Raymond Allee. lineman ami local manager of the Cayuga, "i le. Corp., has been accepted for induction into the Armed Forces, Mrs. Lee Blue and children returned to Stewardson, 111., r'ler spending part of the week here iviili her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Elliott and son, David, and daughter, Doris Gene, of the Wavee. Mrs. Adran Elliott accomnanled Everyday Low Price! No Points Illlini) I'RI XES e l.b. Ol Ki. No Its. i;ag S i V Allbright; senior steward. Lawrence Congleton; junior Stewart, Thomas Jones and tyler, Walter Dickerson. Pfc. William Edward "Mike" Smith has arrived home from overseas for a 2 2 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith. He will report to Miami, Fla., for re-assignment, following his furlough. Richard L. Donald, CM 3-c, of the IT. S. Coast Guard, has been assigned to combat duty aboard the U. S. SP0U1SHT "" 3otS9e EVAP.KIIl " c 4 c.-.'. 35c FLOUR 2 b.", 93s MARGARINE -.5 17o PABST-ETT IZZ! "8 20e PANCAKE FLOOR c 5 26c RED BEANS c5& ".S lie APPLE SAUCE C0B VZ$ 0 mO dS VEGETABLE t Lb. MOltU SHORTENING 0 Jar UJV NAVY BEANS Choice Micliignn I THE ?422 STOSE 1 No Points i PICKLE SNAX Oualt m jber daughter, Doris Oene Elliott, 1 uruf tfcmMn Mtsri Kudlong con.on a,,cnnH cIhsr of the Waves. Hill's Itetlle ft"?' Heallv tiootl! FANCY KICK U'. River Hrniid Bo. '8 VITAMINS M Ik)SH. ff I as far as St. Louis. Mo., when she S. Poole, a aesiroyer. left Thursday morning to return to j S. Sgt. Leonard Synder left Sur,-her station at Corpus Christi, Tex. ! day for Tresna, Calif., after spend-Mr and Mrs W. J. Willhite spent , ing a furlough here with his par-Sat urdav afternoon and evening in ents, Mr. and Mrs. Orvillcf Synder, nanvillp III . Psrt. Snyder Is a veteran of New Country Club liOLLED f)ATS Ouii k or ISesular 4S 07.. ngf APPLE BUTTER a i pUiv hole Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wise have Guinea. I left for Keesler Field. Miss., follow-! Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weir have re-! ing a visit here with Mrs. Wise's ceived word that their son. Thomas, parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Nickel- B. Weir hart been promoted to Cor- I non and familv. Mr. Wise recently poral. Cpl. Weir Is a communications ; graduated Trom Blackburn Field, linesman In an anti-aircrart gun bat- j Waco Tex., and received his wings talion in France, as a flight officer. I Wayne James of the V. S. Navy Mrs S C. Dafroch. a patient in , spent a five day leave here with his i the Vermillion Countv Hospital fol- parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wulter James. lowing a cerebral hemorrhage, is re- Sgt. Gilbert Dickerson of the Ar-ported-to be in an unimproved con-; my Air Corp is spending a ten day. I .. ,,1. l,..Mr ii. 1 1 ti hia tiu run to I No 2k Points .lar dition. - ,,ui. ..u,... .... ,o Donald Chew of the U. 8. Army REVLON HAN a CUE AM COc CHAMBERLAIN'S LOTION 43c CAM PAN A BALM 4c KIND'S HAND CREAM 59! LUXOR HAND CREAM 33c TRl'SHAV LOTION ''...-13f MASCAL'S HAND LOTION. Hi Oz 49c CARA NOME HAND CLE M M.0J Misses Martha and Helen Schwab have returned "from Lynn, Mass.. where they spent the holidays with their brother. William and wife. Mrs: Alice NIAelson of Itemlffe Is spending a leave here with his parents following his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He will report for training as gunners mate following his leave. Q Lb. Bag fjfjje Juicy Marsh Seedless Ind., is Bpending a few days ton. Jergen's Lotion 23e 39e 8Sc Rich Source of Vitamin "C" here with her husband's parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Nicelson and family. Bradley Auble, S. C. 2-c. and wife have returned to li is station In Maryland after spending a leave here with Mr. and ftlrs. J. S. Alible and Eight Indiana Areas Short of Coal; Three Orders Hit Fields TANtJKIilNKS Kasy to IVel! .luiey and Kueet! M A I N K I'OT ATOKS and Mr. and Mrs. William An- i son Ilasol Skin Lotion 30c 55c Woodbury's Creams 3i)c 59c Cara Nome Lotion $1.00 Mi. IMS (Continued trom page 1) I ! rson and sons. W. E. Lewis of near Rockville. has returned to his home after : Ind.. 1". S. No. 1 yualny PASCAL CKl.EKY Tender - Crisp! The 25c - v Jumbo Stalli iildies like it! SI'ANISM O.'.IONM Mi ni ror Widlii;! coal used by railroads Ib to be limited. h'lim-tage ill Illinoiw'. SPRINGFIELD, III'. Illinois faces a coal shortage of "alarming proportions," state coal conservator George B. McKibbon warned today. AH'I.IN, (;lden Ileiieiotls or 3 M96 63c ji ick ohan;ks n u. Florida's Ollag 8 Hag 2 to 8 Inch Size Juic y Tliln Skins: All Si.cs 9c tfime Iiiautiis! FltKSH C.tmtOTS Large lisp ( alifornln's Hunch Well in Vitamins 'i.ih oi:axi;f.s c m I2c For Salaib, Die. HEAK LETTICE Fresh Solid Crisp Hcal The shortage, be said, can be blamed on unusually cold weather and increased demands ofwar industry. He urged coal users Ui make every possible saving of fueL -making an extended visit here with llns daughter. Mrs. W. J. Willhite f and family. ! Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Johnson and Uon. Tommy, of Waynetown, Ind.. I v.i re Thursday evening guests of Mir.. Johnson's mother, Mrs. W. J. Willhite and family. j Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davidson and children. Jean. Carl and Terry, have returned from a vacation spent in - Birmingham, Ala. Mrs. Grace Sprouls was hostess to the Missionary Society of the ' Christian Church with the following 'members present: Mesdaines Mary ; Morgan. Eulalie Donald. Jean Simpson. Ethel Laugblin. iva Jordan and ' Grace Kirchoff and daughter. Ka-; ren Sue. The program, first of a se-! rii-s on the Christian Pageant in the Tender, Juicy Grade A Beef Lb. en UCt( J. & J. Eiasii- Adhesive r.a'u'npes 2''c Mi 31 AuUse!(io Solution Ft. 5:te Quik-BaniN, Mitcu o;-hronK' or Plain 5" Rex-Sa!vim, stmt'in;?; tor bui-'is 3(c Carbolic Salve, mildly antisejtic 25c Tr. Iodine, 1 Oz. 25c n. Kd!. RfM-ic Acid. :':24c "27c fOliK IiOASi Koin POLLOCK FILLETS Su Hone or AVilste! -Poilil l'ee s its. 22c Sl'AIIE I HBS Small Lean .Mealy 35c CHFAM CHEKSK Ll. Wis. Liiimborns or Kuril's 11 Liquor From Rug New Jersey Liquor board agent Uterally wrung evidence out of rug enough, anyway, to cause a woman to be fined $lf on a charge of possessing untaxed alcohol. F.aiding the woman's home, agent found several broken bottles on a carpet which was suspiciously damp. They decided on the squeeza play. S8c 39b ":33fi S!K!,OIN STEAK ;om1, Tomlt r f'nrr WIIITINfJ FISH Lb. H H ; or ' SHlmon I'nint l leel Lean Meaty ItolLIMi 11EKF Lb. Short Hihs 1 It. Wj& I 0 Spt- Camphor, l-WMI 1 Q 25c fWfT&MJ Catmihorcted Oil. Pacific, was presented by Mrs. Ethel Laughlin. The theme "On the Road to Mandalay." was a study of Burma and the southeastern Asia. The devotional service was in charge of Mrs. Jean Simpson assisted by Mrs. Cihpl I.aiiirhlin at the niano. Re SUPER I MARKETS Fruiting Canes Fruiting canes of raspberries are pruned in .spring or after all danger -c ... i.Miirv ic nast. Weak canel freshments were served by the hos Hems were sen en im mt- mis- ui wini. j , . .... : i ..M Ho rnmnverl find the V10OrOUS V.v-:-1 ':.J F: :.' 'rJ'i': 1 Clii .',"nt' -' : --timi ''''jL '- tess 1',-b I lie nexi nieeiing wm e i.u biiuu . (;. with Mrs. Mary Morgan act-! ones thinned to four to six inche as hostess. .Mrs. Grace Kirch-' apart in the row.

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