The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 10, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 6
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Wednesday, January 10. I'll:; Page Six THE I) A J L V ,rCHN T ONI A N AT FIRST fl Doris line. Jitckson. Mrs. ImoKone Sykes ami clillilren spent tho weekend Willi Irienils in Cllnlon. Aim. .Mary Louise Liilirmiin mid Miss Sonna Lou Hennelt lire spend-iiiK a short time In Clik'imo. and south art nwani'a of fiuliter nljines of Vice Admiral Thoruus C. Kinkaid's Seventh Fleet and Army fighters' of Lt. Gen. George C. Ken-ney's Far East Air Force from Min-doro 'dromes, slightly more than inn miles below .Manila. "Hack Door Closed" Half of Budapest In Soviet Hands, Capture Airfield (Continued n -?. bags II Kecent Events In Hillsdale Local Serviceman Home On Furlough; Guests Noted In Hillsdale. BUSINESS SERVICES Rates for Classified Ads Cold Preparations as directed Gen. MacArthur s communique 00 TO CHUItCH SUNDAY pointed out that by means of the and Paid Notices new assault, coupled with earlier landings on Lcytc. 'Mludnr and ,Mur-indnqiie Islands, (lie main .lapiiuese Flrt dar Insertion: 80 (or each FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF , Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart ModIIbbb Station, Joe Ulacoletto, Clinton. 32tf leading line (one column line, like COLUMBIA THEATRE supply Hues to the Philippines have one ot these). Danube, and enemy troops defending the area were put to flight, suffering heavy losses as Ihcy fled. (The German DN11 ngency. In a broadcast heard In London, said that Klspesl bad been evacuated "In i-iunplclc order and without major been cut "and the ground fight, lor Next two days loaertlon: the lame o. mil hi. I i n 1 1 hi, lnd. Luzon will have o lie made with le chanre (you get tliroe days at double the coat ot the first day). Neit three dayi Inaertlou: the losses In men or material. 1 he en sneh resources us the enemy now possess." "The back door Is closed," In said. "The derisive buttle for Hie liberation of (he PhtllppiiH-n and colli rol of Hie Southwest Pacific Is at hand." emy announcement said llmt Hun DEAD ANIMALS KEMOVED, large or small, prompt aervtce. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford B3109 Tirre Haute or Dana 1428. We pay all phone charges. John Wachlul Co., Terre Haute. tl37 garian I n In n try and German troops am 8e oharge (you get a whole keeii five daya) at three tlmea the oat of one Iniertlon). Kacn group of three daya there after, 8i a line. Blackface (like thin) 10c per line. Uicliard (loodwln .lones a V. H. Army Paratrooper I'nini Fort Mc-Call, N. C. spent Friday eveninK with liis aunt. .Mrs. .legale MaKers. Mrs. IMadys .Morion spent Sunday In Indianapolis wit li her dauKh-ters Mrs. ICldiirn llhikesley mid .Miss Marv Helli. .Morton. C. . K. Church and sons Kilward and (iene or Dana nitil .Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur AU"W of tireeneaslle spent Sunday eveninK witli Mr. and Mrs. Hon Church and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mack.' Mr. and Mis. Fred Russell visited her sister and family Mr. and Mrs. Kschol Hennett of Indianapolis last weekend. Mrs. L'ininn Coodwiu and daughter Maxlne of Dana spent Sunday al'lel'lioon with her sister, .Mrs. Jes had held I heir strongpolnls while the civilian pouplation was evacuated.) Fightliiu .Near 4'npilill Violent fli'hii;r cnnllnueil ,-si DEAD ANIMALS ItKMOVEl) KHKK of charge ly DwlKRlna and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and if erne charees. Dana Feed Hertice. Dana, I'lione 60, t6xf Yanks Sweep Southward In Ardennes Posh (Continued From Page 2), TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY JAN. J and 10 Admission He ninl -in llnl lll.i: I'KA I I 1:10 KANSAS CITY KITTY Joan Davis, Jane Frazee, Bob Crosby THE BLACK PARACHUTE John Carradine, Larry Parks, Osa Ma'ssen , THURSDAY JAN. 1 1 Admission i)v ntul Mi)v HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY George Raft, Joan Bennett, Walter Pidgeon "LOVE YOUR LANDLORD" Edpir Kennedy Comedy "MY TOMATO" MGM Short GUARANTEED 24-HR. REt'RIGKIt anil northwest of the llitngnrlan capital. In the area of the Esztergom-Hudapcst railroad, attack ufter attack of German armored units and infantry was repelled by Soviet forces. West of Budapest, large forces of German tanks ran against immovable Russian defenses and retired afler suffering heavy Iosscr. Chang utlon Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. llonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 1G5-J-2. Mon tezuma. 8-1-45 sie Makers. .Mrs. Kalhryn Hicks was taken to All elaaalfled ada Including mem orlama and notices of all klnda muei be paid In advance except thoae b regular euatomera wboae accounta re paid monthly or thoae from or ganlaatlona whoae bllla muat be allowed before being paid. In the latter caae the person asking the publication ot the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOR s7LE 4 ItOOM IIOI'SIO-U ITU I'ANTUV. 2 iiorcheB. Inisenient, Kootl well, liii'KO Kuriice mid slorii room. 42 x 14. I'onlhy house. Unlhliiius well roofed. I'lonty of fruit, tilh vein co;il. worth 'more than price of place. In I'niversnl. I'rlce $ :t (io I mull. Address Kdttiird Keck, own- the Vertiiillhin County Hospital .Ian. ing tactics, the German attacked la FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT 4 and returned to her homo here ter in small forces but these units more fresh fruit. Our oranges are Saturday evening. better because they'ro fresher. 51c were broken up by Red army arlil British troops advanced 2,t)ii(i yards south of Mutton, capturing Ho-dister west of the river Loertho. Further west and to the southeast of Marehe, Allied forces are clearing wooded areas. Mr. and Mrs. llarley Kennedy and Clucken's Slarket. tllif lery fire, followed by a Russian counter-assault which resulted in 1.- daughter Hetty Lini called on Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Sherrell and family RF.CAITIXQ AND VULCANIZING 500 German casualties. Dozens of Five-ply passenger car tires. Plen of Montezuma .Sundiiy-artei-noon. German tankswere destroyed. Mr. and .Mrs. Murratt Siullli and ty ot Ethyl and unti-frecze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 The Russian communiriue announ ced that a secret'Gortnan order had Cross Fo$m River, , British patrols crossed Ihe Fosse River in pursuit of retreating German forces, On the southern flunk, the loLst Airborne pi vision of Ihe United been captured which revealed that WAGLES GARAGE NOW IS Ol'EN or. 11211 So. .Main, Clinton. I54x the Hitlerite scoundrels are exter minating Soviet prisoners of war." 4n HUDSON FOUR DOOR SEDAN. Radio mill, healer. . Slum actual lor business. 108 Elm .Street. . ... t5S PURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Cllnlon Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. States First Army advanced slightly and 'improved their positions north family of Chrisman, HI. spent Sunday with their daughter Jim, Delherl Sykes and children. Mrs. Audry (irahaui visited her itiiiD-'hler Mrs. Helen I'eai'Hinn and sun Mickey In Newport, Monday. . .Mr. and .Airs. Chner Magers and l'amily: and Mrs. Esther Whinner spent Sunday in Terre Haute, as the quests of Mr. and .Mrs,. Kdward .Me-rica. .Mr. and .Mrs. Curtis Stewart from 9c WED. k THlTR. 35e Comedy : . "C razy Like A Fox" . I of Raslognc, gaining another hulf a miles. ' Looks and runs like new. Model A four door sedan. Wilson. Justice and Osella , Auto Sales Ford Garage. t54 mile for a total push id' 4 V- miles. Massive Forces Batter Japs On Main Isle UENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND Ions distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. tS5f Gniu in Luxembourg In the Luxembourg area, American troops also gained half a mile land are now holding a ridge over Barsain Matinee Thur. & ?.5c 2:00-2:30 P. M. R E G ISTIi li C D HEREFORD shoals and Manchester Toy I'up-plea. " Mocks south ot Lyford sclioolliouse. Fred Dennett, Rose--dule, lnd. Route 1. taJx HELP WANTED looking Wiltz, talcing the village of Itny .Mdi-c ISitmls! Kvansvilln, lnd. spent lust week end hue with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stewart. r Berle in their stride. The First. Ar , my has la ken " l:t prisoners in t le last 24 hours. ( ronMniifMl f rom Pmce 1) CL1NTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 32. Clintonlau Office LOST OR STOLEN During Ihe same period Ihe Third Army took 227 prisoners, bringing USE YA-DE TO PREVENT MOTH damage. 1 Spraying is guaranteed 1o prevent moili damage lor 5 years. Lewis Hardware and Hook Store. 1 54 Once again MacArthur had achiev The 1'. II. Aid Soelely will have their ail day meelliiK Thursday Jan. II al Ihe home of Mrs. Fern Stewart. ViiUKhn Jackson or 1". S. Army from California Is spending a five day leave here with ids wile, Mrs. ed a major strategic :md tactical sur prise, moving up on the Japanese from Ihe rear and placing them DALMATIAN 1'UP. (COACH DOG I while with black spols. Notify W. E. Gerrish. - 153 MALE HELP WANTED their total of German captives since Aug. 1, to I"i0.200. Allack IlilHie Area The Germans' made a hitter assault against the Yank salient in the Bitche area, hammering at American positions with a barrage of heavy artillery. The Yanks scored new successes a half-mile south of Barenihal where patrols seized the town of Obermul-thul against only moderate resistance by the Nazi garrison. FOI'lt ACRES OF GROUND, NEAR Klondyke, bouse, barn and outbuildings, all Willi new roofs. Al-doua Skinder. IM1S S. Emerald Ave., Chicago, 111. I52x 1)0 YS SI'ORT COAT" SIZE 34. like new. Mrs. I.eland Held. 217 N. Lincoln SI. Kaii'vlew. tr,: where he wants them. Determined Doughboys drove forward from four firmly held Lingay-en Gulf beachheads toward their first objectives the town of Lln-gayen, at the bottom of the guir, 1 1 r. miles north of .Manila, , and its adjacent airdrome. One Speiiilieml al Town White one spearhead probed to FOR FOtKS WITH SNIFFIV BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTKS. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. WANTED ROOK KKKPIXO work. Call f7 Clinton Hotel. ANT) 1XCOMK TAX or write room lid. 15 9x sprcm t'9'iDle-Outy Nosa Disps Worlii flit mmi wKm Quick relief from distress of head cokls i;i tvhat you want. So Va-tro-iiol. AI'l vclri;ps up each liDtrril soothe irritation, relieve con-pfstiou. Ab,o helps prevent iiiany colds from dcvelopmi; If used In time. Just try it ! Follow directions iii lulder. ward the strategic town and airfield, others hammered Inland with tanks tnd artillery over terrain highly iri'Uifahle to mechanised warfare. MacArthur, who is in personul command of the t reimmdous inva-' sfon forces, has established tempo-1 Tf0Ubl9 is) County Bovs Meet, Spend Christmas in Germany T-f Henry II. Ford, sun (r Mr. and .MiM. liirt h'onl, iiihI I'I'r. Kenneth Crane, son tit' Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crane, linlli of the limiKe Line ONE .MODEL 219 TORRID tl EATER like new, $15. lua'.j, Elm SI reel. tiilx MONARCH KITCHEN "it A N G E. good condition, lull North Twelfth Htreel. 133 laTTi C H E V It O L 10 T l'ICK-1'l' truck, ood tires, cattle racks. s:!l Solllll Yiflll Street. t52. ONE LA1I(1I0 HEATING STOVE. Call at 458 N. Dili St. Anna Costa. t53x MS Riltcr Resistance Ex peeled At River Harriers (Continued from page 1) iiliV'TOM SEIDEl EDDIE QUILLAN I VflCKSVA-YKO-MOli Koatl, met the day liefnre Clirisllnas and Riient Christmas tiny together somewhere in (ierniany, accoriliiiK lo word received hy the hoys' par SHEMP HOWARD TOM KENNEDY fH n-v headquarters av.hore. s Two and a half hours after the first assault waves hit the beaches 9::in it. m. yrnterday. their Commander-in-Chief waded ashore and declared he was "highly satisfied" wi'h the entire operation. It was the smoothest and most orderly landing, despite its mutt iple Hit UK, ANY KIM YOU AVAXT. , fJiLlLLilil. UUCP II jo Clinton Auto AVn kiiiK Paris Co. j Kriiio's, Phone K, Clinton, H.ltf and complex phases, that veteran rd leHislanee there costs men and material and arconiplislu's nothing. No exact estimate was available) of the number of Japs on Luzon. However, It is believed their mail) reserves are clustered about Manila while others may be scattered at vantage points alonu the north coast FIKTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE 11. Ferguson. Phone llili-W, t7-17-44 f war correspondents had witnessed in the Pacific. Tens of thousands of green clad infantrymen stormed ashore in 2.500 assault boats between the towns of COAL. PHONE 9 2, JESSIE MADEN. land eutit count and the south coast With Tho CompllmeBts Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for CHARLES PAINE Nebeker Street Just Come la And Ask For Them! Wfttch This Spare Every Da YOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT ents. T-4 Ford lui been In the Army since Oct. !M1. and was sent overseas Dec. 5. 1943. He uradlialed from SI. Ilernice Mich School anil Indiana State Teaehels Colli'Ke in Terre Hatile. liefnre his iniliictlon. he was a teacher of music and commerce at KtnaKinen, lnd. Pfe. Crane is also a graduate of St. Ilernicn Ilijili School and before enlerint! Ihe army he was employed at the Wabash Kiver Ordnance Works, era nn has been In the army a year .'Hid was Kent overseas alioul eiKlit months ago. This was the first time either nf tile boys had met anyone rrom their home town since Ihey were indueled Into tlie Anny. Lingayen and San Fabian to seize Ii First Run Only Bm Features !)c - 'A'w JSm t5tixla.s well to meet any other amphib ALACR TOMTE four beachheads 15 miles wide at almost the identical spot where SO, two FOR BRAZIL JtLOCK OR LOCAL coul hauling phono IM;)-J. t53x FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL G!t -J. Ui7x A THRILL RIDE! ious thruHls tien. Douglas MacAriliur miht make. Probably no news since Ihe eiinch-iiiK of the Allied beachheads on Normandy last June has thrilled this nation, and particularly official Washington, more than the long awaited word that Gen. Douglas .MacArthur is back again on Luzon. It.Haan 1 1)1 For it was from the rugged hills .NOTICE! Tht' Clinton (iiii Ncoiils are luiviug a "vnate fat and tin ran HalvaKo drive. They will ivturn your montn to yon for waste fat rolh'dnl. If you liuvfl falH or rant,, phaso rail 41 heforu Friday, Jan. 12. tiix .li ii.i nu- in Jiu I of llataan Peninsula (hat the doughty and unbowed general, slipped one hju khiii. wt-v.'ii.'a(.niiiij'w-n. immmmm JANE i u v a IT PAID NOTICES Japs had landed on Dec. 22, lft41. So terrific was the three-day precluding bombardments by warships and Army and Navy planes that bomb and shell stunned Japanese defenders were unable to offer anything but spasmodic mortar fire and sniper )(WfcJance to thft thousands of Yaiks'st(trming ashore. Never in the history of Ihe Pacific has, fjucb a gigantic force hnon contour rated in a single area for a sinele assault. A conservative estimate places the total tonnage of the big transports alone at over one ruillion tons and probably closer to two million. Destroyer Screen Air Force Destroyers by the scorn are maneuvering this afternoon between transports, battleships and cruisers, screening the huge force from any possible enemy counter-attack by sea or air. Overhead to the wesl, north I notice i;;i,fs! aii uietnuerti are uskt-rt to pay (r'-i -.W Inomc Cowan WITH diictf now and keep in miod .standing. J. E. Foster, Secretary. 1 5 3 bitter night in late April, 1141!. on orders from President Roosevelt, knowing that, for the moment he had lost. Rut he carried on his lips the pledge that he would return. For tlte leaders of the American armed forces. Army, Navy and -Marino Corps, that return, now fulfilled, wiped. out. a specially resented stain on their escutcheon. It vindicated -MacArthur who, in Hip Far East, is the symbol of the Fnited States' will to win. It vindicated the NOTICE! 1! not be responsible for any incurred by my wife, Haze Bufl Beam. t"i2 I w debts Ileum. LOST STARTING THURSDAY Youth ... In Love With Life! Throliltiim lIlMlllll ol' (Mil M'slles lihi-jtlll ehililr,, , llllillsriililleil . . . llninreil lor . . . in i ,, pnrfin ability of the nation, when aroused. AUTOGRAPHIC REGISTERS to .strike back tenfold against every, onslaught. I BRILLIANT PIN. CAN HE l'SEI AS drpss or lapel pin. between Vic-lory Cafe and Polire Station. Re ward. Phone 1S4-W. J l! 7 North Seventh Stroet. t't'i .r CEMETEHY SrEMOHIAI.S MONTMENTS and MAHKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. NHELL V. I r( B rbone 082 K'priiwntatlTfi 4nS 8. Seventh. Clinton 72V DO OUR PARENTS f UNDERSTAND US? f - 1 WANTED TO 1JUY 1'IAXO IN COOIJ CONDITION ALSO olrl - fusliimifd srrrt'tiiry (li-sk Loose Handling Many owners of farm flocks throw their 25 to 75 f'eeces into one end of an open shed, and leave them unsacked where the exposed fleeces become unusually dirty due to dust slorms and other causes. Such poor car reduces the value 5 to 10 cents a pound. The small flock owner also should separate nis various grades of wool by placing loose cloth partitions in the wool bag. ' Write I. Nohlitl. .Muiitrziunu. In- LET US DEMONSTRATE ITS MANY ADVANTAGES J& ,'446' illunu. I"i4x 4T AITOMATIC I'ISTOI.. liOOIJ Today's swift lemoo and ihottaae of helo demandi funriition. Knr Mitrinc hi Sotiili riicilic. llhickiiiuii Si. Apt. l. ir.4 (ailef ways of handling every job. The writing of routine records is one job the WIZ register can do 172 FASTER. Why not enlist the aid o( this modern, time-saving, '- WANTED TO RENT SMALL, .MODKHN. I'lllNISIIKI) iiniirtmrlit. Cull Kutlllt'eu CuMile nt 55, ln'twt'1-n 8 a. m. and 5:.'!0 l. in. tr.2x B. I. PAVEY AHHTKACT3 NOTAKV i-niuo NEWPORT, IND. Ites. 734 Walnut St. Clinton, lnd. TeL 419-J record-writing device in YUUK business? The daily man hours you saye will help ease the strain oi your war- ' depleted staff and its many other advantages will make you a confirmed WIZ user for many years to come. Give us a call NOW and let us show you the complete line. Bethel Spiritualist Church Auditorium 1.IIH V uth Si. Curlier 7lh Avenili' TKIIUKH M TK (t'liiltoii llus msniii 1'liiirch) Rev. Mary Rice, D. D. Bishop at Large, lTSA Church Services Sunday, Wednesday 7:45 p. m. Lecture mid All Messjic KerWce. Tues., Thurs., Fri. : 8 p. m. sharp leel(iljllK Classes IIKl.l(i Rev. Rice at Church Parsonage Dailv After 9 A. M. PhoRH HarriMin MVl.i 'i OK II II O O Jl ITKNISIIKI) lipiirtiui'iit, pmiil ri-tVrpiiri's. Call HulutT KiUnn's (Iroi-i-ry. I 4 x NOT A SLOGAN . . . BUT A POLICY! "THE FRIENDLY FIRM." Personal Loans to $300. ffrt'0 JANE WITHERS w PAUL KELLY I FST LEE PATRICK i The Daily Clintonian "Vermillion County's Home Newspaper" SECURITY LOAN COMPANY kteJ&f JOHN LITEL I 225 Blackmail St. I'lione 62 CLINTON, INDIANA

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