The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 10, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 4
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Vdnes3ay, January 10, 1945. THE DAILY CJ.INTONISN Page Four A SPILL IF WE AREN'T CAREFUL Behind the Scenes THE DAILY QJNTOIVIAIV r rmM im &prin HOLLYWOOD sUHIiilmfl as The Weekly OHatanlM 1M Ska CUBtoB PlMlndeatler absorbed In 100 Published Dally Except Saturday and Sundsj At the Movie WAIIASH WiMlncMlay anil Thursday One of the most beautiful of all cuver girls, Klyse Knox, whose face Iiuh adorned many Chester-fluid billboards and nationally circulated magazines, has the romantic lead In I'niversal's musical, "Moonlight and t'uctiiB." Klyac appeals opposite Tom Scldel In Hie Andrews KlBters-heo Oarlllo stiirrliig film now entertaining uudlences at Hie Wabash Theatre. Ct HARK. SON CARIlOl.t Kiiif.- ri'itliui'ii Kyiulicllte Writer HOLLYWOOD All the ladies win got romantic over Paul Hciirci.l's trick of lighting two cirjarets in "Now voynger" should he intrigued to eorge L. Carey Editor and Publish? Iiml at the Poatoffice at Clinton, Indiana M Second Claw Matter Buntrr brflana RpnbHcan Kdit..tal AaaoeUOoa ELM a- I 4 J Phnne 32 iSflP?!fcta Phone S3 f tit hear that the Vienncae s t a r will give out a love song, his first on the b ricn, in "The will know whether the state supreme court will grant a hearlnt; on her case against Warners. If it doesn't, her fight will be Won. If It docs, the case may drag on for several more months. . . . ruramount rushing Albert Dek-her s Bcencs In "Good Intentions" so he can report to the State Assembly, in which he won place at the last elections. Isn't "Good Intentions" a perfect title. for a guy going Into politics T Very clever the way Jack Benny helped Greer Garson send greetings to Richard Ney when Groex appeared on "Command Performance." . . . Anne Baxter off to New York for a two-week hospital tour. . . . Louise Allbritton has put on 10 pounds since her Illness and Is one actress who can read this dn the scales and not go into a panic. 4 Kipubucah oimm fsnnn.fih Main I'ALAtK Association 7 sJrV Hack In Ills hose-land, sing ing was no nov Turatlay mill Weilni'wrtiiy Bonn of the nicest pconie and j three oruta! axe-fllayiugs are the i tantallz'ng combined iimrsi'ients j of "Crinn By Night," thr nei i "1 elty to Hcnreid He was fea-tured In musi-c. n 1 comedies. Not only sang ftj J i I' l horrison Can oil but danced In tile 1934 Viennese production of Warner Bios, picture which op ens at the .''alace Theatre tonight. With lane Wyman Blurring Hi his comely i.nd clever secrerary, Jerome Cowan is featured aa iain Campbell, hie detective who must pick tha murderer from among such suavo and civilized people as Faye Kmers'on, Eleanor Park "A Night at the Waldorf." a . iiw-y The William Powells celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on Friday, which goes to show you Not many like Marilyn Maxwell. She insisted that M-G-M let her go to New Orleans and appear ftt the St. Charles theater with her old boss, Ted Weems, who has just been discharged from the maritime service and is reforming hi : band. Marilyn's appearance ' will win him terrific publicity. T er and Charles Lang can portray. I never can tell. When Powell, the ' Luzon, the Philippine Island on which Bataan and Manila are situated, has been invaded by American troops of the 6th U. S. A rmy. . .'. December 8, 1941, the thunderbolt rooliisticate, married youthful and ItiUrriish Diana Lewis, Hollywood freely predicted the union wouldn't last nix months. Diana's present to Bill will be a gold cigarct case with a mouse engraved on tiie outside. Bill's pet name for Diana is "Mousie." Bill's gift to his young wife will be unusual a replica of Charlie "So:.-,, i Stagecoat'"with Boh Steele Hoot Gibson opens as second feature at the I'alace Theatre tonight. Disabling Injuries Disabling injuries in home accidents last year totaled 4,!)50.0ao with 130,000 resulting in tome permanent disability. Wage lost, medical expense and overhead insurance cos.'a were MOO.OOO.OOB. ' struck the Philippine Islands, ater, Nipponese parachutists ;..e northwestern Luzon port of .:;lh of the Lingayen Gulf. And ame day, sea-borne Japanese inded at the northern Luzon city From the south Pacific, Lt. Col. Earl O, Thornton, Jr., writes that he stepped into his tent to And a four-foot death adder coiled and completely hypnotized by a BLmj Crosby radio program. ; . Let Frankie Boy top that! 14: How come Columbia didn't flnci a spot for Cornel Wilde In "The Fighting Guardsman" as well as In "A Thousand and One Nights" t Wilde was on an American Olympic fencing team and illustrated two books on the art of sword-play. Due to the fact that she was coming west on the train, Faye Emerson Roosevelt saluted the new year TWICE once by central and once by mountain time. Did you know that of the 13 crew members of. Colonel Roosevelt's bomber, NINE were married during their leave In this country ? Bushels Are Different In Texas, a bushel of gooseberries constitutes 40 pounds, while in Tennessee a bushel of berries Is equivalent to 48 pounds. HOLLYWOOD HI JINX: The Tennessee football team got a bis; kick out of meeting Esther Williams, Donna Reed and other M-G-M beauties at the lunch Grain Drill Soak rusted or locked parts of the grain drill with a mixture of kerosene and oil to work them loose. Jack up the wheels and turn them by hand, to make sure oU parti work Iicely. Clarence Brown gave for them at the studio, , . . Alan Curtis hat Taking a Backward Glance been visiting his ex-, Ilona Massey, during her recuperation from an appendectomy. . . . Gene Krupa'l singer, Lillian Lane, has been trying frantically to get a hotel room. SieaiC aojm ,tJ3A& uinqt apiAip noX n sj3agh joEjei 'jaun Talk about romantic stories! Father Meuus, the Belgian priest who has spent much of his life as a missionary in China, visited Loretta Young on the "Along Came Jones" set and told her about 300 Chinese Boy Scouts who were living in a cave while they trained to do their share in the light against Japan. One of the iloys' prized possessions, said the oilier, was a fan picture of Loretta which he had given them '..:t a previous trip. They keep it c lslnined, he said, between two l.uniing candles. 3Aoq ! no mi 'uuisiAip jnoqii . Marguerite paduta starting jcaX uazop e 08 -Jiu siipojjcrj sij pus 6ipoi)3p tuedoj puo spjA;(J fu roe wiipeijiju In two contests prizes went to Mrs. Harley Votimans und -Mrs. H. W. Hall. Mrs. H. M. Ferguson was Iiob-tess for the meeting of the central section. Pollowing the business meeting a social hour was enjoyed during which time Mar-jorie Witsman played two comet solos. February meeting is to lie held at the homo of Mrs. T. It. Raylor of South Seventh Street. Mrs. J. L. Horney of Soutli Fifth Street and Mrs. D. V. Cott-rell of Atherion are in Terre Haute this afternoon attending a cepted a position on the clerical staff of Hie Seventhy-nliilh Indiana General Assembly. Taylor left for Indianapolis early today to assume his duties when the leRislature convened at 10 o'clock this morning. Aided by recommendations her fifth year as an entertainer at Charley Foy's. . . . Lyle Latell, th ex-vaudeville star and now at Paramount working in the Eddie TEX VKAICS MU TOIIAV 4 ujity l.ilu-ai'y Adds aUM llooks DuiIiik t:u A total of 308 new books were added to t lie Newport-Vermillion County Library during 1934 it was unnounced at a meeting of the library's board held Tuesday afternoon at the Vermillion County Courthouse. Other figures in the yearly report presented by Miss Hess Lan-liani included: circulation !4,93ii; Bracken picture, If dividing hiM Uacou and Eggs j According to the statistics of rail- ; way dining cars, eggs and bacon i:i one of the most popular dishes in Scotland. time between Beverly ThompMsi and Lucy Knoch. . By the 18th. Olivia De Havilland bridge-luncheon at tile home of Mrs. F.dward Kennedy. j from Taylor, Henry L. Doherty. I national chairman of the birthday bull, will shortly appoint a new general chairman for the Clinton 'parly, which Is to be held at the j Coliseum on .Ian. 10. Previous ; committee appointments made by I Taylor will not be effected by bis j resignation. . i Permmals i Mrs. H. M. Penlreath of lilaek-man Street entertained Hie Wed C .' , -Tl. . .. any" Wainwright, then a Major, was sent -immediately with his M command to repel the invaders. " l December 12th, the Nipponese stiok again at the southeastern Luzon seaport of Legaspi. And thus the Japanese squeeze-attack against the Philippine commonwealth commenced. Wainwright, with his Filipino and American units, fought heroically and stubbrnly against overwhelming odds from lie cir and on the ground. They retired nch by inch. Ti e southern American Army also fell hack. Then there were great fears that our two fighting units might not be able to join i:' the center and accomplish the defense of Manila. On January 2, that consolidation was made, but on the same day the Nipponese broke through our line in four places, and Manila fell beneath the heel of the invader. On the following day, Gen. MacArthur ordered the Cavite Naval Station abandoned, and that a new line be formed which was to be anchored just west of Manila extending in a semi-circle to the west to the China Sea. That line was in protection of the now famous Bataan Peninsula. Next commenced the heart-breaking inch by inch withdrawal of the Filipino and American troops southward. That bloody and desperate battle of Bataan lasted for five endless months. Gen. MacArthur was ordered to Australia by President Roosevelt. The wisdom of that order has been mode than proved by our current operation on Luzon. Before he left, he said those now famous words "I will return," and today, Gen. Douglas MacArthur has fulfilled that pledge by personally landing with his men on the shore of the Lingayen Gulf. On April the 8, 1942, Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV, who had been subjected without let-up to that awful ceaseless Jap MIGNONG. EBEBHVRT circulation per capita, 9.8; new lf 1 11': 0 borrowers tor the year, 205; to tal borrowers, 5,147; maintenance 1045 OYAlJTHdH - DISTRIBUTED BY KINS FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC expenditures per eapitn, 3fi ciits Pariy Chicks Chicks shui.ld be started early because earJy chicks gi'uw foster end have a lower mortality. Further-more, the early cockerels can be fold while the prices are higher and the pullets will come into production early in the fall when high cki? priojs prevail. Chicki or flock replacement should be obtained from floc!:3 which have been tested and round to befree of pullorum. The brooder house sl'.ouid be cleaned thoroughly and the brooder put into operation u day or '.wo before th chicks crrive. plUB; total books in library, 7,-591. Board members present at lite meeting vero Mrs. W. A. Jjlni-son, Mrs. Victor Randolph, Mi's. Mortimer Lewis, Mrs. W. C. Wait and Mrs. Ella P. Hall. Mrs. Hall presided. Taylor Iteitrns As 'hail-man of lluil Abe Taylor, recenily appointed general eiiairman of Ciinton's birthday ball for the President, nesday Bridge Club at her home yesterday afternoon. Hitfh score prize went to Mrs. .1. N. Prist and travel to Mrs. S. N. Sellers. Mrs. Sellers Is to be hostess for the next meeting of the club in j two weekB. I Mrs. F. R. Baysinger of John 'street entertained the south sec-j tion at her home. Mrs. Mollie Pra-i ther presided over the meeting during which lime the yearly re-' port was given. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE And Nugent said, "All rght. Just a few more questions. The night your father died, Brent, yoj were found in the linen room. How did you geL there?" "1 told you everything I knew about that." "You Baid someone struck you. Who?" "I don't know. I've told you. I didn't know anyone was near me." "V'ou say you were in the hall, starting downstairs, your back to the corridor. How did you get into the linen room where your wife 1 mean Miss Cable found you?" "I don't know. Tiiat'B the truth. You've no ease against me." Nugent looked at him slowly. 'I'm not saying I have," he said. "But where there's murder, there's "A hobby," said Nugent. "I see. He didn't take it too seriously, did he?" "What do you mean?" "Well, did he consider going back to Germany to live, for instance?" said Nugent. "Good gosh, no," said Craig. "He was a little hipped about family, that was all. He thought a lot about pure Nordic blood . . ." "Approved of some of Hitler's idea, in other words?" "So! It was only at the beginning of the Hitler regime that he was rather taken with some of the ideology it claimed resurrecting the old Teutonic family life, improving the race, keeping family blood pure, that kind of thing. But he gut over that right away. There was nobody more loyal to America than my father. I'm sure of that. He much regretted that he'd been today announced bis resignation from that post after he had ac motive. And everybody knows that vou and Mrs. Brent . . . even briefly taken in by anything "Can't we leave Mrs. Brent out Hitler claimed. "I see," said Nugent. "Forgive of this?" "Not verv well." said Nugent. Occupational Accidents Occupational accident deaths in 1S'S3 totaled 12.000, a 3 per cent decrease from the 1842 total. Total rtonugricuiuiral employment rose 4 per cent end manufacturing employment alone went up 11 per cent. B9 Curdled i'layennaise II your mayonrise curdles while you are making it, put one tablespoon of water or vinegar into a fresh bowl and beat the curdled mixture gradually into this liquid, to make a smooth emulsion to which the rest of the oil can be added. Cnol f eel' Aid Driving Docs the monotony of driving alone at night make you sleepy? Try taking off your shoes. This is the advice of Homer Garrison Jr., 'ircctor of state police. Texas. me, Brent, but he did disapprove of your marriage, diun t her anese attack for five lone months, sur But after a moment's thoughtful silence he said no more of Alexia and went on instead to Conrad "He thought we hadn't known each other longenough. That was rendered to our Nipponese enemies. all." Brent's will, asking Craig if he knew its main provisions. Craig Today somewhere in the Far East there stands a tall, gaunt Lieutenant General of eaid he did. "lly father told me. "How did he make his money? "Oh," said Nugent. "I had an idea that you had rather quarreled with hiin about your marriage. I mean when you married a girl he didn't think was good enough to Craig glanced at the Lieutenant with a little surprise. "It's no se CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Shcffer rnrMiTwTn WfA L 22 - U w -LJ 1 15 b 41 j 1 111" H -I I 1-1 I FJIti . cret. He inherited from his father. marry into his family. "That," said Craig dangerously, quite a lot; I don't know how much. "Oh, by the way, Nugent ..." , The Lieutenant turned. "Tag . .. v "Did you find only one glove?" 5 For an instant something, "rerf deep and intent stirred again sway back in Lieutenant Nugent'i green gray eyes. "Only one. See you irt the morning, Brent. The Distriet Attorney may be here then, too. I'M leaving a man in the house tonight." They went away then, rolling up the towel and taking it and the things inside it along with them. Craig lay in silence, his eyea closed, after their departure. And I can't say that I felt exactly chipper and talkative myself. And presently Beevens came; he'd stay with Mr. Brent he &aift while I got some rest. "And tha Lieutenant spoke to the trooper ton guard in the hail. I heard him. Miss. He's to let you enter and leave your room whenever you wish to." "They're still holding Miss Cable, then," said Craig. "Yes, sir. I'm afraid they are. Is there anything about medicine. Miss?" I told him there wasn't and went away quickly; there were things I had to do, for somehow, now, everything was different. r , , It was an ugly difference too. something in the air, in the stillness of the house, in the shadows in the corners and around the stairwell. In our meeting eyes. There was no possibility of evasion this time; no way to doceiv ourselves, no glossing of the grim and terrifying truth. Murder had been in that house, murder on the black and silent meadow. A thing that struck swiftly, out of nowhere and might strike again aa swiftly, as silently. An opened door, with the room unlighted beyond it, was a threat Well, I hurried along the corridor. The trooper, the same one who had stopped me earlier in the evening, let me enter my room, this time without a word. But I didn't go straight on to Drue's room, for the first thing I had to do wat writ a letter to the police. I didn't really think I had done any harm or obstructed their inquiry in the least by hiding the hypodermic syringe. But I also felt responsibility about it, to say nothing of the empty medicine box. So light in my hand when I weighed it an 1 looked at it, so heavy on my heart. Perhaps now that Claud Chivery was dead Drue would tell me what she knew of it. But just now I had to write my letter. Since the shooting episode, net unnaturally perhaps, I had felt a remarkably unpleasant sense of personal danger. This was now the United States Army, ever looking eastward toward a fair land of plenty his United States. v We may all utter a prayer that "Skinny" Wainwright knows what took place on the Island of Luzon on Tuesday, January 9, 1945. "is enough of that. Ah a matter of He invested it on, a long ume aso. Before I was born. Anyway, every fact, 5Iiss Cable was too good for me and the Brent family. If that thing he touched prospered. In the summer of lft'l'J he sold; everything was almost at its peak. Since then is all. Lieutenant ... Called Home "No, it isn't," said Nugent. "It's this way, Brent. District Attorney he s done very little buying or sell ir.g of stocks." "He was a very rich man." Soper thinks the gir! your former wife did lt. I in not sure. Until something clinching and materia) "Yes," said Craig, "he was. That turns up I d like to hold off an ar Is, it wasn't anything tantastic But more than enough." Xuirint, hard and sinuous as s rest. And I've tried to give her a fair break. But she's not telling Washington Sen. Alexander Wiley (R) Wis., newly appointed member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: "I believe that the President would please America and create a better feeling of cooperation between the Senate and the ex- w!t.' m his trim uniform, leaned everything she knows. ovi'j tr.? railing at the fout of the "Weli?" said Craig, still with a bed. I. touched his narrow dangerous look in bis face. "I'or one thing, she disclaims high - unties and reflected i small ii "i in hi gray green eye J r having taken the missing box of "Brent, was a queer codicil to your fu'-U-r's will. I mean, he'd medicine. Yet her fingerprints were on the drawer of the desk where the medicine was kept; they were on the wooden handle and the panel lived :n America all his life . . . "Oh, that," said Craig abruptly You mean he wanted to be buried in Germany. At Stuttgart. Yes, I VERTICAL 1. had existed 2. aptitude 3 primers 4 nostrils 5 went by 6. river-island 7. liquid measure 8 seaport in Panama 49 garb 52 obtained 63. high card 64 folding frame for picture 55 printer's measures 66 heavenly body 57 remain know. It was an odd notion of his. across the front, she wouldn t explain how they got there." My heart sunk, quite literally and heavily down toward my white oxfords: yet I'd been afraid of it. cutive if he were to take a Democratic and a Republican Foreign Relations Commit-j tee member with him to the 'Big Three" j conference." j i New York President Edward G. Bar-1 row of the New York Yankees, recom-mending that a worthy sports leader be ; chosen to succeed the late Judge Kenesaw j Mountain Landis as High Commissioner of j When it struck him years ago, he had it written into his will; then, Craig said evenly, "That doesn't Answer to yesterday's puzzle prove anything." "And she got past my man late this afternoon and went outdoors. He . , ." Nugent stopped there and left us to conjecture what had happened to the trooper on guard in consequence. "It won't happen again," he said briefly. "But she was out of the house at the time Dr. Chi very was killed." "A woman couldn't have killed after his recent marriage, when hi? new will was written I suppose that was just carried over. I am sure that he'd changed his mind about it." "Why did he want it, in the first place?" "You'd have to understand and know my father to understand that," said Craig slowly. "I'll try to explain. He once had a kind of hobby for family; he dug into his genealogy, oh, away back when. Unearthed a single direct line, and 1-9 fat 10 la conveyed 12 Japanese coir 17. unattached 19 church officials 21. corded fabric 22 before 24. restrain from proceeding 27 wing 28. primary color 30 inanimate substance 32 most taut 33 Summer tFr ) 34. uncooked 36 covering for the hand 38 big 39. constellation 40. copper coins 42 tapestry 44 exclamation of regiet 46 citrus drink 48 former European coin 50. ocean 61 cunrune; HORIZONTAL 1 admonish 5 cushion 8 the heart 11 spaces 13. ventilate 14. Japanese sash 15 gaze fixedly 16 made excuses I slang I 18 dells 20. American elk 21 female ruffs 23 headed 25 single individuals 26 wander 27 venomous serpents 29 bruising tool 31. see-saw 35 injured 37 Greek lettei 38 localities 41 title of address 42 over again 43 place of combat 45 Russian rulers 47 small curl RQCirBGi 3TrtS W A B E GoljA V E R ;0HJO A R I SIT A TE J REl Y M EMurpfE A T E NT kyjPL I N T hHE L K dIeIsIp i 1'eOb.av.en Cjds S gj! E R E N E c h aIrIt S s p a Jokv E o nEIsxaTt I1S3 gfJ5"oNC E rStWt P L ATT J v E VV J N GrJE V E HOX L L L A T E IE DLJ I him! Like that," said Craig. very much stronger. I had seen Dr. Chivery with his throat cut, huddled like an empty sack. The only Mrs. Brent told us Drue Cable had been out of the house," said clung to it. Got hold of the coat of Baseball: What rjaseoau needs ngnt now is a good, sound, practical baseball man and not window dressing." Washington French Ambassador to the United States Henri Bonnet, expressing France's desire to send a larger army against the Germans as soon as sufficient lend-lease weapons are available: "The young men of the resistance movement who already have shown their mettle are eager to do their party. They are only waiting for this equipment." Nugent slowly, and looked at the ugly things that still lay there on ! motive for murder so far attributable was that he'd known something that was a danger to the MAJ. GEN. DONALD H. CONNOLLY commanding the United States Army's Persian Gulf command ( has been recalled to the United States and has been succeeded by Brig. Gen. Donald P. Booth, who has fceen his chief of staff. Ko reason was disclosed for the transfer. (InteraitioailJ arms, all possible records and history, everything. He was of German descent; although I think his father came to America and made his fortune before the Civil War. My father had time on his hands; the study of genealogy interested the towel the bright, sharp paring knife, the yellow glove. And abruptly then, after a few more questions about Claud Chiv-ery, they went away. Aa they left, Craig asked a question. I murderer of Conraa brent, or to whoever it was that shot Craig. (To be continued) j Cspnifht bf M1ob O BxKfciHf DlrtiibuiMd ttj IUdi tMUiM bjndhsu, IBS. 1-9 Aicnse time l Mlulija- 23 mloulM. Dial- by King Features Syndicate. liU

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