The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 10, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 2
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Wednesday, January 10, 1945. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Two Constance Gedrick Kite Set for Friday Morniiig PRISONERS' ARRIVE AT BOSTON EMBARKATION PORT l'UllPlUI SI'l It" .. , ,r i, c.cniii KiiiH't. Fuiipral sprvices ior ii.i" ,he Hi Anthony's Hospital in Terra Haute Monday lit 2:51) 'fl. 111. following an illness of about two mouths. Tlie body was taken to I lie Mira- lie" . ' ..... 1,'M.n.riil.. llonip and will be 'conlinued services al me oauieu n,. ,,., ( huicb at !) a. in. UeilllCK, i'l" Mut.ii" will bp held til Hip residence ui S::iu .nu.ved to the residence Ibis nller-a m Krldav with continued service.,, ,ii,a' will bp held Friday at 9 a. in. at Hi" Hacrwl Heart al S;;i0 . ,. at the residence with Church. The bpvpii year-old child, a stud, tit ut Ihe Kacreil Henri kciidoi, uieu i. A'4 0 'u-- Itoucb of Terre llaule, Mrs. Ilonnle Ycni'iiin, Vermillion, 111., .Mr nnd .Mrs. Ilerl Joy and diillKliler, .Mrs. Aluy Summers and daughter of Dennison, 111., Vess Weaver, Aaron Weaver, Earl Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. (Ills Thompson, Mrs. Mary Miller, Mrs. Kva Wyi'li'k, Mr. and Mrs. Murion MaiUon and Mr. anil Mrs. Kd Kairmiel all of Marshall, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Will on Weaver and sons of Indianapolis. The lioyal Nelubbors met for their regular nieellne. in Ihe home of Mrs. Fred liallallil. Kluht members and iwo children were presenl. Mrs. Hon Douglas as onicle, bail ehartii! of HlP business llli'i'tlntf. Mrs. Alb'P llrooks of Tern1 lluule visited villi her llllle ilalllHller, Sue F.llen In Ihe holne of Mr. and Mrs. Melvln I'lilllips lor New Vpiu'r day. r:ii'ulroMier HU-k Jones ban been on iui'b)tii;h with bis auiil, Mrs. Knnnu Codwiu of Dana, former SI. Hernb-e resident. Db'U ealled on friends here Hiilui'dny. Mrs. James Terrell and son, Hnry, foriner resldenis of SI, nerulre have been inicsls of friends for a few days. I'l l. James Terrell has been wounded in France and is there. Mr. and Mrs. Ilnss James have moved lulo the Daniel Krlgbl home whlch they purchased reeenlly. Mr. and Mrs. Hymn Lucas are living in Ihe bonip vacated by Hip .James. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Chambers were guests of Mrs. Uorlha lloyer at Freedom, Ind. lasl week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hopkins received a letter from (heir son, I'I'o. fff1 M,V ' 4Tt v (i1 TAKEN ABOARD an Army transport, this scene shows prisoners of war behind stockades on their ar-. rival at.a Boston port of embarkation. This is one of the first .pictures nHoasea oy me war ncpm tiii....U: of the arrival of prisoner of war im.ltie United States fine lifting of, restrictions- on photographs of.-. , wnbaikalinn and stacinn areai TliW is a United Stiitcs Army Signal Corns nhoto. fl nternatmmll New Cluireh In St. Bernice Baptist Congregation , Buy New Church Site; Two Injured in Falls The 81. Bcrnlce IiupllBt I'onfcTi'K-nlloii Iuim piirchiiHcd lie I oiiik i' Imnk bullilliiK fur Hull' new church. Tin' lanl nioolint; In I In' old Tabernacle an Hip last iiiuhl. of Hi'' y'i' 1,'t'1 a Walch Nifchl Sfi It-- was hi'ld there. Al ll:t") with III" church officials curryliiK 1 1n- pulpll, III' communion table, itJMt I'll in chairs and preceded li.v Hie American FIiik. Ihe 75 people lu'i si'lil fiirnii'd a line anil marched In their I'muro church home. Hyiinm wi'l'i' mini;. followed hj prayer by Mm. Amanda Hindi and Mrii. Myrilc Wheeler. Mrs. ' ' A- Van llrunt, former owner of I In- huildiitK (lion presented tin- keys in I In- pa.slor. llev. Hay Crawl pronounced I hi' heiie-llk'tlon. Due to t lie ley conditions around llicir lioinec lo niifd rexidenls were Injured reeenlly. Aunt llellc Middle fell, brealilni! a bone near (lie bli joint and lienrue Aiuinerinan fell Saturday and brolie bin lea between Hip knee and hip. Mr. and Mrs. Kllshu .McDonald have a house (iui'bi this week. Mrs. McDonald's futile John lloelnner, accompanied by bin daiiKliler, Mur-Icile I.nrluird anil dnuiihler .Sharon all of Terre iltiili , " -' H Mrs. .1. 11. I'irlle fla's ' rei u'r'ned jfrom neiJU'o.i'd , here slip ' attended pJie.IUJIWiii,.'.'.! ' .IV-l'Jalile.. . .. Mr. and Mrs. James Meyers. Mrs. -Krnnk lirnJinrt.. Joyce. Harria ami : Mrs. Wu,ti','j;. chambers iiticndod Hie , ruruf.ff )lr.'',0ii)i .ypiifMi-lwiu, 'Jk I'llnlon "hpst T;iesilay.'v' 7 Word luis 'henil , reqeUr-d 1)y. Jill's. William Kfotl of Hie den Hi of her father, OeiiiKe Hale who bus cone to Los Angeles recently lo spend the winter with bis daughter, Mrs. Hdith Wimsetl, formerly of SI. Merniec. AmoiiK llio oul-nr-iown relalives and frlenils who aliended Ihe funeral of Kred Weaver Saturday afternoon were Hip followinj;: Miss l.uln Weaver and Miss Apnes Salvsou or Chicago, I'billlp Weaver of Cusier. Okla., Mrs. Marie Karris, I'lu-ls. 111.. Sgt. Calllerlne Tl'Ucblood. Creein lilo. Miss,, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Taylor. Clinton; Mant'ord Weaver. lCvfinuvllle. Ind., Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold ItiiiKlnan. Mr. and Mrs. AVenvor Hnjiue, Mildred CLINTON AUTO CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS EXI'KItT 1,1'llliK'ATION CliivrolPt Snli g Srrvlce Car Owners Ojf Who Do NoLfJMviC' IM I ) Heed This mwmlSm wJ wPA MtMrnl m Run the Risk Wmlift New Tires! mWSr - ,, ,vV f-t'tfr?$ ?sJ i .4.1 "Sf k j yfj; 4 Lone Superforts Strike at Tokyo In Repeat Raids iCnnMniiPd from pae 1) clear. Visual bombliiK was acconi- plislud and returning crews report-led seellll.' fires ill Ihe lai'Bet area." Scatter Itomlis Dispalches from the Saipan base of Hie ll-29's disclosed that the unfavorable weatlier prevented a n limber of the planes from reachini; Tokyo but I hey scallered their bombs on as many as a score of oilier cities and towns ef Hie Japanese home land. One of Ihe tat'KPls struck was the freituentlv bombed Nakajlma air craft plain In weslern Tokyo. Oilier tal'Kols hit Included Nainu.a, rail center at the top ol TsuriiKU Pay. 71) miles short of Tokyo, Hamaizu Sblma and all airfield near Nairoya. o Losses ;fvcii Tiie coiuuiiinliiue made no men- tiou of losses In contrast to Japan ese claims Ibal. 211 of the raider:.-, which Tokyo said comprised "alioul half" of Ihe allackllifl force, were shot down. Headquarters of the 20111 Airforce said filthier opposition was moder ate and anil-aircraft fire was term ed as inlense to moderate. Two Jap planes were destroyed anil Iwo prob ably destroyed. f!et In .tie S'crart Dr. G.R. IMUIRE CIIIKOl'RACTOW , ta,r JS.'.'t r5liM'l.nii PROCESSED We process all clover seed Ilia: He retail. The stale (esls on individual (iioweis lull.. showed Inickhoi'ii ill aliuosl all of tltipii, and iiiuiij wi'le Mllpl(-(:il o , receive unsalable (isls. Ko we pro-cel. all liner wed that e buy and I hereby lict liinh slale (esls. clear liia. hialieM imssllile purity. Prices are iindei ovei'iuilenl lll I I'illiif. hels ill one hll.liel halt, tree. Ki'd CIdt Seed, MT bll. $J1.00 Mammoth Clover $21.00 Alsikc Clover $21.00 Kansas Alfalfa Seed 29.40 Timothy Seed $ 4.00 Sweet Clover Seed S1 1.GO Korean Iespedeza, Lb. 10c Clover Inoculations 4lc. is-r liu. siz-e Why not lake oiil your clover seed now, wllili HP have liollle-i-ovvil sei'il, and before (he sovv-iiur time rush. Edgar County Seed Company y, .1. MllXKV, Owner I'hoiii- I.M rucis. Jll. li'll W. V-liiia!H W- Clover Seed Ma Hopliins Ibis week. He Is with Kh;e ; Seventh Army in -Franci TFiobdore . HPhinan. Jr. who isf In fbu same location, was also beard from this week. . ...r'r. .Tackle clianibers who was recently inducted into, Hie Army at Camp Alterbury will remain there for three months trajnjiig. " , ' '" , .I'vl Jerry Jained opjoyprt a Iwenty-fnur hour loavo frouf Cnniir Allorbp-ry with his parents, Mr. and Mils. Ros;i James. He is being as: igned It. auoliier canip. IM .Max Meyers, son of Mr. n'ld Mrs. James Meyers is being transferred from Camp Hills. HI. lo lloston, Mass. tJfc. Dunlel Sbuey is on u fourleen day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Vina Sliuey. He is being I ru listened from Camp Lee, Va. lo Aljerdeon Proving (iround where lie is to work id' a mechanic. Model UailiuacK There are about l.riOO niiie.' oi n;rn cl railrr.nd trarbyc in tfi IT s Standard Service Standard Produrts Of. AIJ Kinds Atlas Tires and Accessories TIIIKIl ami l:i,M STS. I'.imil !(): the Car. . 1 f IX 9& f.s-m-" " a 7 (i tti Infantry known as Hie "llloody AxeH and "Trail BlBners.'.'", U.S.A. Word has been received by Mrs. Helen fima that her husband, I'vt. Raymond Poos has arrived safely somewhere in Italy. All's. Foos resides at 7;ll Vine street. U.S.A.-- Kl. Oliver F. Houston, a musician wllb Hip former (junior Field, Ala. Army Air Force band which helped raise nearly five million dollars in war bund sales durini; the past six war loan drives, lias been Iransler- red to Ihe JVichols Ceneral Hospital Hand in Louisville, Ky. Nut. Houston, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Hoesion, Sr. forinerly resided ul r.M Walnut street. His part in Ihe success of war bond promotions has won him a eilatlon from bis coinmandinK officer and Ihe Treasury department. . - ir p a ' I. Joseph 1.. Frantz, who lias been stationed at Hosecrancp Field. St. Joseph, Mo. has been transferred lo I'alm KpriiiKs, Calif. Army Air Kield. - Kt - Draft Quotas To !)ool!e in Next Six MenlEiKl'erMMi (Continued from pac II follow Ihose of President Itoosevell in his HHiIp or Hie I'nlon Mpssiiro. Mry's bill would have Ibe effi'et of forciiiK 4-F's and any others not now in essential jobs inlo the war iilanls where most rrilical inanpower shurdiKes have developed. I'allerson said the Army has no need for additional men in "special service" or non-coiubat unils. "The uiKi nt need is for National nice ler.islalion ulollK Ihe oroao-i I, " I'aitersiill declared. "reiidinK liml we have a need for Inflation as in UK 1 I I May's Hill l as a partial measure." rallefsoli weol a sti'l) furlher than May by reroniniendiuK an anieiidiiienl lo bis hill H apply 1 llr penally of fine or imprisonment, bill km ill Ibal if this was not done be still would, endorse Hie coineiit-tee chairiuau's measure. He viirmly endorsed the provision Hull men Inducled inlo special service nulls nflcr refiisiui: lo lake war jobs be denied derails' benefils. Opening heariiiKS on liis bill lo ,l,.,ll iii'f.n lielween IS and -1 .') Wile iail to laliP essential jolis. Hep. May ill) Ky., announced Hint five !tov-ernimnl airencies lestifyinK before bis house military committee today .have concurred in support of Ihe j "work or fiuht" measure. At the same time May introduced land prepared lo set hourincs on a I War Dciinrtment bill aulliorlzinit the lilraft refislration of all giialilled ! nurses between lli and 4' to fill a critical need of 20, nun army nurses which one spokesman said "can no it ,P,.'arlne on May's "work or I'H'lll War ' bill were I'ndei'sicrelaiy ol Hubert I'. Patterson. 1 lulel'sic- icliiry ol Navy ltalpll A. Hard. WPII rhalrman .1. A. Krun. Col. Francis V. Ki slillll of Selective Se- Ice, and s llav of Ihe War Manpower al'le lllllllisslOll. - President Itoosevelt. who aske.l for mull. bills in bis slate of (he union messatie, moved immediately lo liiitire-Mi the drastic lefislativc call lor niil'M'S. He announced I hat Attorney Ceneral Piddle bl advised biui the nurses draft bill is leiral under present law. Koloe ronnressional leaders iiuisllon Ihe constitutionality of sucli a "draft by occupation." Serve as Club Actually leaders tin Capitol Hill are confident any law on either phase of i lie problem will serve mainly as a "riuh." May's nurses bill, in effect, pro-i ides thai if iviiMered nurses fail in volunt'-er tor army duty as sec-jnd lieutenants, they may lie draft-"d as privates. I.oeal draft boards WOlild be evp.-C't-d IO llejer lIlOSC niev s.-ential to civilian work. All details would be !mndhd throuKh later regulations. YEARS TAKE TOLL, AS CARS ' BATTLE 4Ti WAR-WINTER ! Mom and Pop and .The iiliiii-' Icli Nrw York ui ii:."ti ;i. in. ycrfi fiiluj . Foij pri'Vi'tilcil ;i Bcnrcli I'rom II. c iy, hut AtiK'i'ii'un AirliiH'.s ehicl' '' ini (Itiw t-ltotts and ihicl' im-cliani'' Ktl Mines It'll tin- :iirpoiM in :ut tin'o-niubilc fn (!m hop" of NntliiiK ''-'' el'H' to l he uii.'.-iiiK nlilin-'i-. Two iiiKliwny ialif)l cars sraclicd rui-yons in 1 1 it- StinUunl-Tii.Junu ni'ia. When Ihe plane rirnf appeared at tlio airport there v:i;i a ceii;n,.; id' only 70 leei, with visibility liuiied 10 thjec Jllib-H. ItcjMjrts wen iectdi Angeles and vicinl'y of roaring overhead durii from Lo nnn'iiiiij; hours. At (i:L,rJ a. 1.1., according to poiice, a plane wan heard over 1'iiMiideiui nnd Ailadeiia, iiciuld in r nort hweKterly direction, iowanl the mountains). Tlie bherii't's office Maid mi unverified report was received that a I l ine lad rnnlird -In t1ie"inonTit;fltf 'l J'V -Sti rr " Kinim-mrW Ail f fMI er rMn f that t he army had e preyed ; belief that the plane mij'lit still be in llio nir. The piano's last Plop was at 1:i7 n, m. at riujenix. Ariz. NEWS OF CLINTON MEN IN SERVICE (Conl limed from pane 1 ) 1'ilid. Sut. .lames in Holland nnd Cpl. Cbai'Ies In Hel.i;uliu. U.S.A. Mrs. Miirctirot A. Klolr bus recelv- I ed word Ilia I her liusbaii'l. I'vt. .loiin M. Slelr is now slalioned soniew ie re in (leriuany. He was reeenlly awarded the K:'itI Coinbal I u fi'. n i r' bullae. r.s a U'urd has be, n ivcehed bj' KIp.mI Carlson of Soulli Third stieel Hii his brother. Tie. Frank H. Cirlson has arrhed sael, in J-'rauce. I'vt. Carlson is .(lie son of .Mi's. Kiln Call-son ol Highland I'ark, .Mich., for- nieily. of ' Clllllnli. frank atlindul school here, hill has lived and worked lli Delioll for Ihe past I;! yeiu-s. His wife. Mrs. Harbarii (ai'lson is a Metro!! L-irl. lie was inducled into the Arjji) jll Ijl , Custer. Mieli. in A ii K. ittl J. 'jJld je'.-eiied bis train-iun ul fiwup -Adair, Canri Leonard Wood, Mo. lie is wilb ihe ...uet ftmmbr thot Conttipatloo can make H task look blgl Iinerpv :il Lnvebb? ( lied: rearttip:i- ;.,.! T.L.. X .'wn.'ri If. i:,.:iv (ME. 'i'ubletst. Coui;i'ii.s tioc!n'itiitiil. na iuii. r.ibi, no jiiiehuld -ri a,tivi -.-j.N It 'i ablu-ta aru dist ant act ditb rent. Purely i tubU-A comj'i::aiiuii of 10 veffetiibie iiiiiTediriiM forinulatrd Ovur5Uc;irsano. t aroutcdorramly coatrdthuir Ufiion id dependabh, iiiorouh, yet p-nilo, us Hi.liions of Mi' Luvo proved. Ci- i a -V C'on-viueer Hi'K totLiy. All driiRizisitd. Cautiun: 'lake only as dirt-cud. Nft TONIGHT TOMOMOW ALRIGHT AH-VEGFTA31E IAXAT1VE wmm ONE V;0RD SUGGESTION FOR ACID INDIGESTION i It- L - I,- m, 1 ' I ! ! , ... by flrt$lff.C V " That reminds m, George . . . w must have the Standard Oil Man tpst our anli-freeze !" Many a cur owner finds himself U (! tied with cat i rouiik-a ttiu winter . - lR'cau..t? iirdinarv .ire isii'l enough for older c;irH in tliis 4th War-Winter IvaiimmJ driving, vilh its hhurt tripa and necewsary slow f eedH draiitM tci y life nnd power It also builds up sticky bludgt whirl) tends to Hog oil line and screens, and may lend to lurned-out bearirr. t. tttuck rings and Bcored rylindern ''ho older the cur thu greater the dunger 'Nurse" and 'coddle' your cur (or the h;diine ol the winter It will py you liandsome dividend in Kinoutln r, mro economical ojierntinii and longer car lift- Se your Standard Oil Dealer frequently Buy more War liuiufa 1. Guaranteed Materials 4. Grade A Quality and Workmanship Camelback 2. Prompt Service s foct0ry Melhod Used 3" GarTp01reaedTGrnr; 6. Extra Tread Depth for Make Tire longer Mneage We Loan You Tires While We Recap Yours TGOAV SEE YOOR STAfiDARO OIL iter POLAND'S AND AUTO SUPPLY so s. mu sr. . .WW- ?!a CI.IM'uV. !!. DEAIEH for Better Car Cars I", ''' lirnysis Jitnunr 1 '-'U 'TUMSc Fight co to cuunca uwjax

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