The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 10, 1945 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, January 10, 1945
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THE DAILY CLINTOMAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Counties THE WEATHER Cloudy today and h little warmer. Partly cloudy and cold tonight it 1 1 it Thursday. Lowest about 10 degrees. Mailed In Conformity With P. O. D. Order No 19687 Volume 38 Number 8. CLINTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1945. Trice Three Cents. i a nn MM (PAM fnlfo) A UuU d From 4 Allies Hurl Foe From StiHeint Yanks Pushh Lingayen Be;feads; Major Return to Luzon, Manila Northern, Southern Allied Forces Near ' Junction in 'Bulge' WITH TIIK I'. S. FI.'tST AltMV. An American fluff officer tonitfhl j Battle for Philippines at Hand STATUff MJif -0- Yanks Sweep Southward In Ardennes Push Key Town of La Roche Is By-Passed by Yanks; Hani Tank Battles Rage; Nazis Strengthen Western Bulge Bitter Jap Resistance Expected At Massive Forces 1 Two Major River Barriers to Manila Batter Japs On Main Isle 1 J,0lH, KiijJund.! A Keii-l.?iS ilihpuU'li rt'fiii tli rout toilny htiid (hat Afiiei'icHti force slroin- ifi MMlfllWillrl , u'deIHCH SrtMcnt Uffi bj-iie'l the bey cr-fiiiui slroiijr-iMdrit of 1"n 'fioclii''. T : rj 0 50 100 ."Z-J&IAOAO Ac ARRI - -SGU"sAN fttNANOO j :; ( irSj o san caiios ft- - ncirK E3l LUZON yj- 'I.A o'"1" " cot6ioo5'v'Tt Vj. ' jesliinated Hint the American First and Third Armies blasting at the -northern and snuUicni Hanks of the : ' Nazi bulge In Belgium and I.iixiii-j boing would reach a junction within ; a wi'elj.' f Their co-ordinated drive should j i pull Hie strings on a Herman pocket ; ! S'jlliewhere west of Ktlivelot lie said; hut adderl thai he did not evpect the Yanks lo surround much of a bug j of prisoners because there were Indications they had been "pulling out i of their positions toward the east j for the past two days." 1 Slip l.ll ill Vet The llritish holding Hie western end of tin- Ardennes salient 4-eport their contact with the enemy lias WASJIIMITriN. I). - Anier- Lone Stipcrforts Strike at Tokyo In Repeat Raids B-29s Guided by Blazing Capital Factories in New Attacks; Fri!i Air Blows fcun trooM rltriilfiif; Inland frfAttlltf Lin'ayin Cnlf heacbliead on I.iion Iw'anil hm1ably are lii H iiiHf n-Wt OMmitJon from' Ju rr .ti" M'Arthur Sets Up Yank Headquarters, Leads U. S. . Drive; Little Opposition Meets Americans on Beach .' Led personally by a sit- prcmely confident General Douglas MacArthur, thousands o f battle - hardened American troops stabbed ' their way toward the interior . ' PARIS. Franco. Despite reinforcement of Herman troops on tip western end. of llio Belgian bilic". Allied trooim moved forward on all sectorH of tin' salient today. .':with Hri1ish trooim capturing litire and American units sweeping Into Sam-ret', alter on of tin- most bitter tank battle of Ihe war...;,.. Ilenv Withdrawal licMi1 Despite persistent reports of a German withdrawal from tile western tip of (lie salient, headquarters of Cell. Dwight D. Kisenhowcr said that the Hermans had reinforced their panzer regiments In this rc- ' ultntK the Anno ithr, abont 1 ' f mile back of the beaches, nfilffiiry j expei is declared today. ' ' '.Hr.i ThiH Ik the flint natural barrier WASHINGTON, II. C Willi fires still belief ri raging in the become increasingly light. Meanwhile, the F. X. Mill Infantry, attached lr Hie Tliird Armored Division t li i s afternoon started the marshy woods which He between '.llipanese eapilnl as a result of Tues- I da's Superfortress raid, nullo Tokyo reported tnree sepa.a.e ... ..... Talon,! in th Philin. First Army positions and Hp high y today by lone Maiianas-based II- -""""'.'".""'," """r aa s on Nippon's first ity. pines today, driving for the the ilouffa- ,,lul . , 'ground running along The jap broadcast, recorded o' great plain north of Manila. 1 'r,... r '' Hie Vf.C. said Ihal the 11-2 :i s, lly- Allied amicus, a spoKesinau saiu. ji,,,.., v'jth jn(, "are progressing." Ilnille in ISIizw.r.1 The 82nd Airborne Division, a A .. , ))liz. headquarters spokesman said. Is now . ...,,.,., f(ir .,KM.mUm , ,, where a major battle destin- i....,.,li,lt.,.u .n I tokvo between midnight and r,::io ed to break the back of the m. Samree' village four miles northeast .Mtttooen on tiuk si tix Yankn eiieountered hh they moved forward and the moft likely fiirl Rtand by the JapK. Arc A round Itcat The rit-er Hcrtbew a wide arc around the beachhead and Mows info IJntrajen (iulf of the landing poIntH. At the normal rate of advance firm infantry elements should b at. the northern bank. Jau rcalixaiipn that they could nor hope lo uithstuud the American ;ik-Muiilt ainl an unwIIJinyiiesH lo commit all available forces al the Lingayen landing poinl.s. huicc other landing! tnighl h attempted elsewhere, v.ere believed behind the failure of (he Nipponese forces to rifcht H out on Ihe hen Iich the:i- selve,1. North of Manila, most prized objective on Luzon because of flu port "No damage whalever was sustain- ed by our side. Hie .lap announce-j ment claimed. ! Japanese field army promises to be fought. A mantle of secrecy was -hrown over the Luzon Island perations after censorship as lifted long enough to dis-'ose that one of the greatest -uitiliibioiis operations in history had been carried out with over-helming success. Veeble .Inp liebHtncc . . . , ,, ( Vast American forces spilied --shore at polntH on the coast of Lln-ayen Hay. The resistance offered Headquarters of Hie f. S. 2'Hh Air Korce did not Immediauly confirm any B-2!t sorties over Hie Jap capital today.-At'aiks Kiwi Mm The attacks by sizeable lorinatlo'is of Superfortresses yi sterdav were reported to have started blazes in Tol- j Half of Budapest i In Soviet Hands, Capture Airfield 350 More Blocks of City Ta ken by Reds i Hold Of f fighting h savage battle for possession of a vital crossroads between St. Villi and Houffalize in the vicinity of Viclsalm. Allied troops now an only l.Ouo yards north of Laroche. on of ihe principal Ccrman strongpoinls in the fcufge. Heavy Kigrht for Tmvn Field dispatches reported American eajrtpre of Samree. but head-quartern merely told of extremely heavy fighting for the town, whose high '' " ground commands the approaches lo Houffalize, key-point of Narl strength. Headquarters information kh Id (l.;it American (mops were progress-, ing against (jerman mobilt- and dim-in tanks. i Continued on page C Cloning: (lie "bark dmw" n 4at forci-H hold ins (In- IMillfidrirs len. loulas Mactrlliui haw kuiic hnIuu'c tvith treiiicndotiN Vnnk InvasJoti force at lfiiKA3en ('). I'MI miles north of MftniJji and Itttfaan. limu HarH pound fnmi (lie air at (he hatite time I . H, foiceK Ijnided ou Marinduijue (A) wlifto noollTc'i lunilhiK ho (wen iiifidc at I'nliian, Miodom Inland ll). facilities. Ihe fainpaiigaa Hiver ip Is- flowing across the plain forms -f' vUat- ImljUtol, tlfu, The siou against Tokyo was pall of a 'other nuturnl barrir which will . ' prove useful to the Japs. ! hy the Japanese was surprisingly j feeble and American casualties wore :.lmost negligible. (Continued on page, G) Draft Quotas to Double in Next Six Months; 900,000 Men to be Called j I'nder modern assault methods, ft was said by informed authorities, j beachhead- resistance Is futile primarily because of the heavy pound-' ing with rockets which annihilates jail beach defenses as troops hit the 'beaches, ien Hie Japs have learn-1 iPonilnuon on rare m Nazi Breakthrough Tries j MOSCOW. Itussia. tug Red army forces seized .1'n additional blocks of Budapest's crumbling houses in savage fighting which :ave the Soviets control of one-half or Hie Hungarian capital, the Russian high coiiiiuand announced today. Scee :t-Mile Advance On Hie northern bank of the Danube, Soviet forces advanced er three miles ill the face of fierce twin assault by the big bombers. China-baaed units striking simultaneously at Hie Lsland bastion of Formosa in support of Ihe new American Invasion of the I'hilllpines Island of Luzon. Fly Through Klomi A second, but still Incompete coiu-ii'unluue on Tuesday's Tokyo attack, said today H-ZU's from .Mariana bases flew through heal) winds and icing conditions to shower high explosive and incendiary bombs on Ihe enemy's No. 1 city. - t'nder-( '. J'atter-, that the! WASHINGTON, D. C. sicretary of War Kobert I soli today told Congress Thunderous Naval Hallle Kxpecled In Luzon Invasion Full-Dress Dchalc On F.D.R. Foreign Policy in Senate iirmed forces will take an additional (ri-and, IVli I Jury Names Arc Drawn For January Court Another I'KAKI. IIAKIIOK 9yi.niiu men in the first six mouths! of 1945. He made this disclosure in lestl-l niony before the House Military t Committee endorsing National Ser-' Live Cattle Put Under $J8 Ceiling, Subsidies Ordered Chicago Basis Price On Cattle Through July i To Set Slaughter Quotas "However," the con. i u n hi ue said, j thunderous t lilted Stales-Japanese the weather over Hie target was ea battle, such as Hie two recent lashes between these fleets lit (Continued on Cage 21 WASHINGTON'. lJ. C. - Senate !lerinan opposition and captured the Republicans plantfjd to deliver a ! large inhabited locality of Iza. about broadside attack upon President j four miles east of Koiuarno. strate. Hoosevolts handling of American Kic Czechoslovak communications foreign relations during debate in I center. The Hermans suffered heavy Hie upper chamber today. j losses in men and equipment. Fearful or the effect of a partisan In the fighting in Iludapest, tin-row with a conference or the "liig j Russians captured the city's princi-Thrce" Mr. Koosevilt. Prime Minis-' pal race track, which had been cop Philippine waters, definitely will t jke place in thai same area if the 1;PK read lo Ihe Luzon landing In vice legislation for men between 18 Crand and petit Jury names for and 45. ihe January term of court have been (Juota Will Double I drawn by Jury Commissioners Otis I'atterson's statement indicated . WalM)n 'au,i Ktraud Ory. both of near-doubting of tile present Army- wJort Navy induction rale from around)' T,. ' ,.,rln (.;..,i Ja. k I. JNru Hills Continue To Flood (lenvvitl Wrmhlv Sessions to- same manner as they have to II oi her American invasions of heir Pacific bases. " Pre inusly. m hen i he invading I). C. - ICcono-Hireclor Fred M. WASHINHTON, mic Stabilization ( a month lo laO.non , month . . .. fuJlowllll! .s drawll ter Churchill and Marshal Stalin jierien oy ine i.ermans jiiio an air, I t.t nwit (hi, t..i.t f,,r r.i nfiiii .metil n I Vinson today ordered ceiling prices ' . .... ,,., the commissioners: on live cattle flared at 1S per bun-1 . , Uraud jury: Hex Colt.ll Kobert INDIANAJ'OLIS, Did. Members J Vatiks had taken and consolidated of the Ceneral Assembly today con-1 ue if th-ir ou)post. the Nips have tinned in nniir new lejslatiie pro-1 Pomplly and violently. planned soon, administration lead- Held, and also drove the (.eruiaii era were set for reply. 'and Hunugarian defenders Troui an The stage was set for the first full- ' oil refinery, a lank plant, an iron dress debate in the senate on foreign works and engineering works. nn'owi'iniii, i lucaKii iiHhir.. inr 1,1,1 neereiarv of Navv Kalph A. Hard In K. ArmitaKi- and Frank lireen of Clinton township; Maine Heard of 1J..II I.,- !! II i:rari Uttv I. urging 4-nactnient of hroad National posals into the hopper. The house of HiibKidy paj nientK and sluugliter ! 'munching counterattacks by sea and j ir .in an attempt to stall Ihe drive j 'oward our uliimate goal, Tokyo. lu new , .... ' " ,,, ,lf v.r..iii representatives received cjuotaH Tor cattle. Ulll d Mil mii- j-iiin i ' ouiui I'm ii ( Clear KM) lll.H ks More than inn blocks' were cleared in the suburban district or KIs-pest on the eastern bank of the iOontlmten ou vag ! Vinson din-cted the Delenw Sup policy since the new congress convened. Sen. Vandenberg. Michigan, man f the Republican conference. wag slated to open the criticism of plies 'orporation to increase siihsiily payments $1 on choice Iwef and rP Ser ice leista) ion for iiipii and women and endorsed the IK to 4 5 "pressure" draft hill of Kep. Andrew J. May U Ky., chairman of the House Coiiiiuittep. Hotii I'atterson and Hard made ft clear thai t heir recommendations (Continued on Page 2) Mr.- Roosevelt's actions In the for- ! ..!,.., nali.,- fU.1,1 I C I CI.. I- "" " , ! rjCiU CIHTS .IHIII lion township; Donald Clark, John Hartley and Ira J. Donald of JKuKej,. township; Viola M. Uaker and James H. Cohuiau of HiKhhind township. Petit Jury: Kobert Jl. Alley, John Ilamil, Theodore p. Nolan. Arthur Auer. William Allen. Paul LiUl'-and Marshall Frist of Clinton; James W. Crane and Wiiiard Mayes of Heft township: Orville L. Adams, C,raf!e Place, Cecil Spellman. Oeore liurroujrhs. Kdwin liroady. John A. Cohan and Myles Cjinaday, of Ver- ; cents ou yrrade a per 1U0 potindH. j live wr-i'ht. The choice cattle suhsi-f dy will he reduced to 50 cents ou July 2- j Ijowemd in July Vinson ordered Ihe cHliiiK on live ; cattle and calves on the basis of f is per hundredweight at t'hicyo until relations committee Wiley, sin, and Bridges, New Hampshire also were scheduled to tell the senate where they think Mr. Rooseielt Ihirned V, recka;e Of Transport Plane Methodist Church Family Night Program Postponed Because of the illness of Ihe main speaker and the extreme weal her. the. Family Nitfht program of th' has failed. JiI'KUANK. Calif. The wreck The Vandenberg speeeh was ex-aK of an American airliner, missing July 2. l!'4r. when the jirice will he the suia'e seven new bills. , , . 14 , i , ... , L. ... . t i lie Jap uai ai commanders must take I Senator Kdmund V. Makowski. I , v . , ... i ,., . , ,;"teir still powerful fleet to sea Hm emocra, o to f . cae, opened j , j( (,aiino( r(,Da jH I Hie perennial battle ol the petty loan I ()r, jd wat,.,lillK th war from coinMPieK: -by- ilitroducilii; a i"' a(t, ,antaK. vMW lbvir rmy ta ure restriclini; them to earner one j,mjnK lhe ,,Jll)iluim,H, per cent a nioiitli inLerest ou small laky0 has sald tha( Ule Hr loans. The interest rale now is gov- vjn be ,.W0I) OJ. lost-. iu th08r erned by Hie .Slate Department of isaud,, and their loss would be a financial Institutions. ,i,t, i,iow ,,, japans dream of A bill by Representative (jar a. sjatic conquest it lid their "greater Smith, Republican of Portland. Kant Asio co prosperity sphere", would force the pasteurization of all 'J'ii is lime, when they come out. mill. liiey will throw e'.erythinp they have Till' bouse joint resolution, spoil- at us, battleships, cruisers, destroy-sored by Representative (jjenn It. 'rs. submarines and planes, in add-Hlenker, Republican 'if Moul icellu. lion to s.troiiK formations of land-would require a person to have prac- Ijabed aircraft. Practically every Heed law for three years before be- "lane iu Hie empire can be thrown ing eligible to become a judge. into the all out struggle. Thse Other house bills would provide, plates can easily be flown onto lll-as follows- j zin by way of Formosa, some 2o' Repeal the domestic limited r.-v. "tlb to the north, aration law. I However, Formosa is uudW 1- K.tiH In nmliruea A itmit Luin n i.f ( In. ' I u ill, 1 . ... , ,,A InwerfH If) 1 1 7 TiO Atlantic Charter, the Polish andiihree crew members ahoard, was! I'nder the order, the Office f ; fHnton Aiethodist M.urch original llv scheduled for tMiinhl. has been j millioii township: Lane Clark, Kr"d (Jrcek Bituations. as well as to in-sighted today on the slope of the Price Administration und War Komi chide BUKtfestions for presentation ! Wrdutfo Aloiinlains. five niih-s north I Administrutioti are also directed to to ' of hiK'rilieed Air Terminal where it postponed until next Wednesday Dickersou. and J lla Doswell of Ku-ni;ht. Kev, C. C. Jordan, pastor, an-i-ene township; Frank K. Ltowmun, nouueed loday. j Arnold Prather. Jtup'Tl C. Hickman, The program w ill he held next i William H. Drake and Alva Current boost t he price stabilization rtiue j for choice cattle from one to two i of the American point of view-others of the I "nited Nations. ad been scheduled to land shortly Hridnes. despite the fact that he ' heforc 4 a. m. Lifting fo, made the field. The Wednesday nipht ut 7 p. m. J of Highland township. has sutinorted many administ ration ' w reeka;;e isihle from I he yr 'ship's tail could he wen stickliiK up dollars per 3 no pounds and for pood cattle from $1.4.1 to 11.95. Kf fertile, Jan. lift, the order also direrts OPA and U FA to make it a violation for a slaughterer to p;o policies, vigorously assailed more on Ihe average than the maxi- ! eiij,i eoostant aeciai a'tacn py ao NEWS OF LOCAL MEN IN SERVICE The Clintonian welcomes any news of relatives or friends in the armed services for this column. PHONE 32 tiinil William F, Halsey's Third Fleet, 1 adding greatly to the Japs i'Mrial defense problem. mum prices of t he stabilization ran;e for the cattle pun-hased and slaiiKhtered over a month's period, exclusive of calves, (Continued on Page Si j Kxtend ior to years the provj-: sioiis of a law requiring advertising for bids on all public purchases of I more than $lUi, except when b'di. j are not received w hen prices i-ha II ; be obtained from three person:;. Prohibit the sale or rental of mo never thought they could cram so many Christmas presents in such lirolJier of Missing Soldier Reported Wounded in Action Pfe. James A. leiej;dii. 1 North Seventh Street, was slightly wound fnui) Hie mountainside. The wreck-'aKo wave the ap)eaiauc of having ' burned. , Airline officials said all of the I pas.s'iiKers were Army and Navy ! personnel. I The plane, hound from New York City to Jos Angeles, did not attempt to laud because of fotf. I Shortly before Hi a. in. men sta- tioned at the terminal's control tower jcered t hrounh field classes ! t lirouiu'li lifting fo and saw what ' they believed was wreckage of the plane on the mountain. The Rpot was - bout l.onU feet up the slope, j The plane had b-n inissinK for ' six hours when the discovery was i made. ' Due from the east at o:3l a. m.. it passed over the airport at 4 a. iu.. hut was instructed to proceed to an :i irport at Palmdale. in the desert north of Uurbank. The plane has not been heard from since. Airline officials estimat-"d that It could not have remained in tiie uir longer than 6 : 4. a. ui., nd (hey expressed tear liial it Had rushed. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kejes. Sr.. former Clinton residents, now of llarlonville, HI. have rceived word that their sou. Cpl. Laurence Herbert Keyes. Jr. has been placed as a chief machinist, in an active fight-1 r squadron pome where h: the Southwest Pacific. Cpl. Keyes has been In ser ire two years, ha i ing en i I is ted Jan. s, 194.!, and has been o erseas si nee May. liM.!. He was employed in Peoria. HI. prior to his enlistment. Hoosevelfs failure lo frankly discuss troublesome foreign policy ques-t ions. "The President should take the people into his confidence." he aid. Sen. Tom Connally D Tex., chairman of the foreign ret at ions committee, readied himself to defend the President. He declared that America's posi-tion for self-determination, for riphts of small nations and for fair dealing are the backbone of the administration policy and are well known. Meantime. Democratic control of the senate foreimi relations committee was solidified. Sens. Lucas. HI., Hatch. X. Mex.. and Hill. Ala. were elected as Democratic members. All three are st ronir supporters uf t in-Koosevelt foreign policy. They r---place former Sens. Reynolds, Chirk and Gillette, frequently terni' d "'isolationists.' Election of the three es Tin-administration a solid Itunter;u k--vote of 14 liniiibfi n on ihis iinpoii-jint com mil tee. K'pMhlk-;ns have tight. Tliere if one proirn-jwivt-. f mall boxes." paid Pi t. Anthony Miskunas. Clinton. Ind.. nervine with he 3ith "Texas" Division in eastern France. "We got everything this year candy, cookies, cigarettes, even a fruit cake. It all came overseas faster than ever, in plenty of time for the holidays." Pvt. Miskunas has been overseas 20 months. His mother. Mrs. Ann Miskunas resides at 1213 North Seventh street. Clinton. f F.S. A. ed In action in France Dec. 2", according to a telegram received hy his j The epetny can still send out a ; lormiddble force to engage our Fa-Vific Fleet, of their total war tonnage, a very !rge per cent of II still is able lo fK'. lit. and will tjo so when the Nip N i I High Command thinks t he t ime is ripe. Whether ii does or not will make little difference ill I tie filial OIllCOOW ;ts tin unfitly American Fleet ha. complete cmitrot of all IVtcifi'- voters. So far ay Jap surface ship jre concerned, it is a losing grtuthle, for ihey chii'I ,-iiftp ii' unywhr - we cmi .o. and in fonv exiictty where W e v ant to. hi t he fin;; si n;; sis. t he iuj'v i'orce thai the enemy can e-perdtt- it good avail is their I;mm1 based air-Taft. rod u it til this s completely wip'd out. or destroyed lo an impotent minimum, our surface unit must aoid too close eontnet rith t nemy-hebi vimre ireas. paren ts, M r. a nd M rs. ii eorge tion picture films on a percentage basis. Force credit unions to report semiannually to the Slate Department of Financial I usl it u I ions. Kxtend for two year4 the rep.-yl of working hour limitations on women J S etrs old or more. Compel the printing of all act1-: bearing emeri-nry hiues. with six copies of each sent lo ail count.' ch-rks. Another senate hill would change t he date of political party niunly conventions to the third Saturday following the primary election. Party county conventions now are held on the Saturday immediately following the primary. Helegda. Monday. Pfc. Helegda was a graduate of Clinton High School with the class of 1941, and before his induction. j U.S.A. ' Pvt. Jules Massa, son of Mr. and of Mrs. James Massa of Klondyke is is stationed at Keesler Field. Miss. Pvt. Pfe. lieginald Whitlock. sou Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Whitlock he v us employed in Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Hel gda have another son. Joseph, who has been re now stationed at Camp LaJeune. X. Massa entered the service in Dee m-C. His address is Co. H. Officers j her 1944. Mr. and Mrs. Massa have ported missing in aet;.,n in Franc witu is in i Candidate Bn.. School Regt.. Camp three other xoiih in service. Siafl 'ihe third un. Jnr" the Navr. is Nome-hp,v J'a.-ilie.- in the South LaJeune. N. C. He reports that he; Set. John -who is stationed in Enc-j is fUa'iond neur Pfc. John McJdli. ; (Com1nud ol Page I) (Continued uo Page 2)

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