The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 3, 1997 · Page 81
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 81

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1997
Page 81
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Page 81 article text (OCR)

2D THE PALM BEACH POST WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3. 1997 W S C Liz Smith Moms defend I Can Alzheimer's Casual sex can lead to death Hepburn, 90, is home-schooling be prevented? ear Abby: I was appalled at the arrogance of alive and kicking tne teacner who recently wrote, I have never met a narent who ran crive hichor Dear Dr. Donohue: My mother, who died recently, had Alzheimer's disease. I am interested in knowing about some of the new therapies that have been mentioned as preventing the illness, including estrogen, vitamin E and Dear Ann Landers: This is in response to "Suffering in St. Louis," who said she is;! suffering from fertility problems because she ' ! was a sexually promiscuous teenager. My heart;! goes out to her, but her suggestion that young I - - " i O IIV1 HERE'S A post-Thanksgiving note to be thankful for. The great film and theater icon Katharine Hepburn has been pronounced cnnaren tne quality ot education I can otter. Does she really believe she can adequately assess my child s needs and give my child near death by the supermarket tabs in recent times. In the past few years, she has suffered the a better education in a class filled with 25 other students people use protection it tljey;; become sexually active does jiot ; go far enough. j j A condom cannot protect ! against herpes or genital warts ; usual bronchial ailments that afflict almost every than I can give on a one-to-one one. And as she approached her 90th birthday last basis: sf May, this ignited a frenzy of speculation that she 4. R d y The National Home Educa- was on her last legs. - ksl tion institute has. recently re- ? s )j because the skin in that entire ; Y "V ,. ' area is not shielded. Although a ; v rntlHnm Hnes offer nrotprtion i ; I am happy to report once again that this is not lbuproten. In the articles I've read, quantities are never mentioned. Can you give me the doses used? A.M. A: Much information on attempts to prevent Alzheimer's disease is so new that it's not possible to state appropriate doses. It's not even possible to state unequivocally that they work. Estrogen appears to protect Vi I leased data that mdicate home- jk fe ; - so. The great Kate spent her Thanksgiving looking J educated students typically it. or.i. . out at the wind-whipped waters of Long Island Sound from her longtime family home in Fenwick, stoie in uie ooin percentile on against some sexually transmit-' ted diseases, condoms are not always used correctly. And,! only latex condoms should be;, standardized tests, lhese re Dear Abby Ann ' Landers Conn. She was in great form over turkey and all the trim -V'j-'-L,' i Your Health Dr. PaulDonohue sults are achieved by students whose parents are often not Abigail Van Buren mings. mmmmm used. Other kinds of condoms i can allow a virus to pass j certified teachers and who have Two who visited her were Miranda Theater entrepreneur SDenL on avpracrp .Ti.iah nar ---. . "' rvl cnim per year to educate them. and producer Valentina Fratti and her famous father, Mario The countv in whirh I livp ! A, . " ' Fratti, the author of Nine, bpencung q4,yr per student per year and cannot uoasi equivalent standardized test scores. Broadway's big musical hit of a I have been a home-school mnm for fivp VP a re few years back. When Hepburn i i . . . - was shown the newest issue of ana nave seen remarkab e resu rs m the hnmp. school community. A recent PYamnlp- A VOlin O man Hepburn Connecticut magazine, which boasts a story on all the film who achieved a perfect score on his SATs and was famous who through. ( ' The idea of abstinence until marriage, and no fooling around after, used to be called chastity and fidelity. In today's world, chastity and fidelity pot ; only enhance the chances for a solid and lasting ' marriage, they can mean a healthier and happier life ' together. D. A. in Margate , ! Dear Margate: Thank you for your words of ; j wisdom based on common sense and scientific ; I data. I hope my teenage readers will take your ' comments seriously. Now that AIDS is a possibili-i ' j ty, sexual promiscuity can be fatal. ! ; Dear Ann Landers: I read with interest 'the' j letter from "Disgusted in Chicago," who com-N plained about young children in opposite-sex 1 restrooms. ; ! i I am the mother of three boys, ages 3, 5 and 7. 1 have hailed from or moved to the eageny accepted into the Massachusetts Institute mm 'm m against Alzheimer's disease when it is given in the same doses used as replacement therapy for menopause. Recommendations for the dose of vitamin E are spread all over the board. The daily doses for Alzheimer's prevention range from 200 to 2,000 international units, far in excess of the recommended daily dose of 12 to 15 units. If you decide to jump on the vitamin E bandwagon, let your doctor know. Even in high doses, vitamin E's side effects are few. But play it safe by alerting your doctor to what you're doing. As for ibuprofen, no one is certain what dose to recommend or what the optimum time to start taking it is. In general, indications are that the dose used for arthritis would be appropriate. It must be taken daily for two years before its alleged protective effect takes hold. Again, don't take daily ibuprofen without telling your doctor. Ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding. Furthermore, new information casts a shadow of Nutmeg State, she seemed amused. There was her ui iecnnoioev. Patricia A. Rernhauco- mcnmona, VA. Philadelphia Story face on the cover. "Who is that?" asked Kate. The answer came back, "A fine- Dear Patricia: In rerpnt mnnrhc T ... fuu- looking woman!" Kate laughed and added, "Ador nsnea letters trom home-schoo pd rhi drpn anH able, too! educators. Your letter is one of a tidal wavp nf : Someone inquired what people do with them articulate letters from narents risinc to dpfA selves between takes while making a movie. Kate home-schooling. Read on: thought a moment and answered, Pray! Dear Abbv: If pvprv tparhpr vnlH oivo tVm The New York Observer wrote some months quality education" the onp tparhpr in Cali back that this column had single-handedly "kept" claims to rive, there micht not hp a nppd w Katharine Hepburn alive m recent years. Non sense. Hepburn has kept herself alive and she's doubt about its ability to stave off Alzheimer's disease. still kicking, parents to teach their children at home. Home-schooling a child is about more than hoping the child receives a good education. It's about safety, instilling the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, and as a Christian, teaching biblical values. Dear Dr. Donnhiie: A relative rprrntlv HiVH ! EMMA THOMPSON was a prisoner of ambition recently. Not her own, but that of her chiropractor. from a heart attack. He was being treated for The Oscar winner, next seen in The Winter Guest, severe anxiety and high blood pressure. One reason we don't send nnr rhildrpn tr. There seem tn hp more and more artirlps was getting kinks worked out of her back when the good doctor sprung a script on the British star. She School is because of fhp rprirprl tparhpr in Flrv'o correlating mental stress with heart attacks. Have promised to consider it. You don t argue with a His values are not our values. He writes, "Parents should examine the teaching marprials .to mol actual studies Deen done to connrm this.' F.c. would-be screenwriter while he is straightening O ' atlUJW sure they are comDatible with thpir own hplipfc A: Without a rlonht. there is a stroncr link certainly believe my two older boys do not belong . in women's restrooms. However, I cannot bring myself to leave any of them outside while I go in to ; use the facilities. My boys are responsible -and; mature, and I trust them. It is strangers I have; ; second and third thoughts about. Should someone ; grab one of my children, I would never be able to forgive myself. . ! While I don't take my boys shopping often;1 sometimes, it is necessary. If nature calls, I take them into the handicapped stall with me and getouf as quickly as possible. I do not like doing this, and I i certainly don't want other women to be uncomfort-! able because of my sons' presence, but I don't; know what else to do. Any suggestions? Won-; dering in St. Louis Dear St. Louis: I have been inundated with letters from mothers who say under no cirdum stances would they leave a child under 12 yearslold . outside a public toilet while they relieve them- ; selves. "Forget the modesty, and take him in with ; you," they insisted. "The safety of your child is : much more important." your spine and cracking your back, between mental stress and heart attacks. Abby, we ARE familiar with the material. We know what our beliefs are, and we intend to pass them on to our children, who are well-behavpd. courtpnnc THE L0CKH0RNS bunny hoest and john reiner Studies demonstratiner the correlation are so numerous that von nrnhablv would have no trouble intelligent and interact well with others. finding a dozen even with a cursory search at your Parents who make thp puDiic library. - . ...wu.j -"VV CVJ teach their children at home can offer them an Stress causes an outnourine of adrenaline and education that will far suroass anv thev cortisone, two hormones that are helpful in stress of short duration but lethal in stress that lingers. The hormones make the heart beat faster. RlnnH receive in a public school. Home-schooling is not for everyone, but if vou're ronrprnpd with rh education your child is receiving, then it's something to consider. Melisa Shreve, Quinlan, Texas vessels serving the heart muscle constrict. Blood platelets become sticky and eventually form clots within heart arteries. XI W Dear Abbv aDDears dailv. Writp to hpr in rare r.( us Write to Dr. Donohue in care of The Palm Renrh Ann Landers' column annears dailv. Write to 'A ROTARY DIAL WAS TOO SLOW FOR LORETTA." Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. iler in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, ; West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. ' JJ4irj-4UU. Horoscope by JOYCE JILLS0N We are looking for women to participate in a cutting-edge Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). a romance is picking up speed. Children have a surprise for you tonight. You dm nave earned the trust of an important person. A rendezvous with a loved one could turn sour. OTDtifPfl Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). :s! Family needs will fire your ambitions. Expect others to stand behind you ano tney will. Avoid making split- second decisions. Jump at a chance to take a little trip. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). An employment opportunity Is yours for Today's birthdays: Singer Andy Williams is 70. Actress Mary Alice is 56. Rock singer Ozzy Osbourne is 49. Actress Daryl Hannah is 37. Actor Brendan Fraser George of the Jungle) is 29. If today Is your birthday: Your judgment is superb. Others flock to you for wisdom. Your empathy with kids, lovers and co-workers gives you a boost and puts you in a position of leadership by January. Scrimping and saving through mid-December leads to a huge business windfall. Aries (March 21-April 19). Turn your troubles over to your partner, then sit back and watch them melt away. Don't let worldly worries stop you for a moment. You're on the way up. More socializing and less looking for love helps. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Go ahead and do a little more flirting than usual. It's a lovely time for enjoying friendship or for relieving stress with group therapy. Get plenty of fresh air through walking and running. Gemini (May 21-June 21). A lover is coming on strong. You need only say yes or no. An old flame flares up again. You reach an unexpected breakthrough on a project you thought was past hope. A compromise settles a dispute. Cancer (June 22-July 22). Time spent alone is sweet. Employee or professional group is the source of a forward career move. Help a friend this afternoon. A different approach is eye-opening. Try all the angles in selling an idea. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Give employees a chance to air their grievances. Your point of view is in demand. Make time for children. Money you've lent is repaid. If you find you are still hesitant to commit, it's time to get the help of a third party. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Get a clear perspective on romantic problems by agreeing to spend private time with your loved one. A new acquaintance turns into a valuable ally. Spend money wisely. Extravagance does not solve your problems. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). Give in to a small temptation to avoid a larger one. An old relationship has a new twist. Prepare for a journey. A source of tension between you and a lover calls for flexibility. Your advice proves to have been sound. the asking. A strong relationship with a Virgo is important. Legal details concerning property ownership are To be eligible to participate you must be: between the ages of 18 and 40 in general good health at risk for pregnancy pertinent. "' '' 'i ' ' "1 Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). llpl ; ((nil : I'll I J ti?.liaafe. . ' SM (jftESElfflSi. ' I Community involvement is emphasized. Take a leadership role and your y Br:.." & fetffflllttllllViilnli i:Miil(liniii!l!! project is more viable In tne end. Be bold with friends who have a tenden Ben's Prime Rib dinner is iusf'..' cy to take advantage of you. Pisces (Feb. 19-Marcn 20). A Your participation in this research study will last up to one year and will involve the use of an investigational new drug. All study meditation, study-related visits and testing, including physical and gynecological exams, will be provided at no charge for those participants who qualify. Participants will receive up to $300.00. new lover is getting more serious. $13.95. Our manly 16oz. Sirloirijs only $13.50. And the 1 1oz. Sirloin is $11.50. Ben's dinners include soup or salad, potato Make plans for the future. A bank error is in your favor. Get behind the ideas of a family member, even if you or vegetable. Great Steaks are skeptical. People truly need your Seafood since I975 support now. For more information, please call: (561)731-0158 vAjlClinicol Studies "!!" tOYNTON BEACH 901 North Congress Avenue " SuiteD107 Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 Sheinwold's bridge by FRANK STEWART Ronald Ackerman, MD 3400 S. Congress, Palm Springs,. 1 II possible entry to the clubs. fWpt South dealer Neither side vulnerable can never get in with the king of aiamonosj When West leads another rh,h South ducks, wins the next club and then finesses in diamonds. East NORTH J107 PA62 OAJ976 76 wins but has no more clubs, and south ends up on cloud nine. DAILY QUESTION YOU HOLD: KQ6 5KJ54 OQ 5 A K 4. Dealer, at your EAST 9832 V83 OK1042 4832 WEST A4 083 QJ1095 South can surely get three tricks in spades and may get four in either red suit. His problem is to take nine tricks in all before the defenders win five. South won the first club and played like a man at sixes and sevens by leading the queen of diamonds. East took the king and returned a club, and South found himself behind the eight ball. He played low, won the next club and cashed the A-J of diamonds. When West discarded, South led a spade; but West won and put the contract 6 feet under with two more clubs. KEY ENTRY South can kill two birds with one stone (getting his tricks while shutting out West's clubs), but mustn't touch the diamonds with a 10-foot pole. South should lead a spade at the second trick, forcing out West's right, opens one diamond. You double, and vour partner bids 1 NT (Y0 The Holiday cx; ij &jjk rfsX lie' 1 Hawsr .; The opponents pass. What do you say; ANSWER: Your partner promises six to nine points, balanced distribution and at least one trick in diamonds. Raise to 3NT. You may have only 24 points, but part SOUTH 4KQ6S 0Q5 AK4 South Weit North Etit 1 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead Q ner will have the advantage of knowing the opening bidder has most of the missing honors. BABY BLUES RICK KIRKMAN AND JERRY SCOTT mot snsssa Ptfssjfc, n i v.v.nw.'. I .iJSrvtflifli ftiT:fi.l fit! KiSLt t. i-m. ,S.8 ' ihouEht-provoking news mi commenury home delivered by calling 820-4663 or 800-654-Pll ' 1 Tiiy"ii '-- ' - r-, ifJ'"'" ' ;tf) . t . . . 'Vr ' '

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