The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 9, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 5
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Tago Five TIIE DMhY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, .I:iir.i:ii'y '. 1" 15. Seals Oat CONSISIENCY PLUS By Jack Sords Highlights ofF.D.R. 1945-46 Tax Message To House, Senate Kinploytuent: "Largo-scale demobilization can hardly be expected to begin durinn the period covered by this budget." "We must attack the einployinenl problem on every front." "We must make sure that there are opportunities for new and kiow-InK business." "We owe It to those who give everything that we set our sigliiB as high lor peace as we set li.eiu lor war." (Continued from emus 1) For Rcvema; Against. Atitca Cats, JU-d JJ:i't.,-.- M.-H Toiiiylit in (j r;i; ,no:l Game in Store fr I'.-.n-,; Matches Ht 7 p. in., ? i '. rliuloll 4 Alii': "Nevi'tthele, BOIlie recollviTHloll of war lildunlilea may become ponsl-ble, d.'pi'llii. llt upon tin- prom-ens of the war." "I tin particularly couci im i ou r the fact llial broad cutenoilea of workefB are not coiered by preeent ha-islaiion unij thai pnnclit Hand-a Ida for uiieuiployiueut conipenaa-tlon are not adeijualc In uiany Blat-eB." "To promol tniployuienl oppor-(ijiiiilM eun lnt accoinplinU thin olijecthe by the eblulilii-liiii.'ut. Trial of Six Yanks Charged With Cigarette Theft Opens in Paris v. ' t: . -on t; ' ' .'. . ' " .'V, " '-1,V (Continued tl. II through permanent leglBlullon. of an ' nVvime aaaignrd to duty as a I, effective national muployment sen- ice with adequate cuverage throughout the nation." "For Hie reconversion period we should prnwd" assistance for travel and ii'Uiilninc for war workers." "We ni'isi :itply snnie of our wartime h-ssons in lah"i-iii.uiagenienl ctiopcr.-il '"'I in vor'ii'f out a sound lon."-r:uie Itiber jiulicv Implemented by pirnuinenl m.d'atioii machinery for the adjustment of labor railroad fireman and later a checker at depots ear I'aria testified that when he was assigned to the 716th, fellow workers advised liim to get into 0 Company which was called the "nioney-iuaking company." "Klageiitl" Im After being assigned lo C Company, the lieutenant said, be told how cartons of cigarettes, candy and coffee would be sidetracked where they could be pilfered at leisure, He added that the amount pf loot which lie bad seen in the possession of the 716th was "staggering." "Union llijiil Kin. .. I it; Ill i Tim' ill' Hal ill".-; 7 i- in- . : I - iii- I Ollic iiiN: Willie lla. i hi Hill ii K limnil : tTMYfOX .lHt t .'o-l- K 'I'- ; ' Jttuics I'' I'c, ii ' ( HuuKiM-Ciml ' '':n - - v I . i - Hal-urn '!.) Kliillli i'i I The Wildcats will i "i r. VCIlfct! IOlV) V. I'd! l;V ,U - t laai Atlica Keii Ji jji hi i : t n ... id. hi Hie local ymiiL. iiain far tt I ' ' ) "'-j i.scs to l)- a fc-crai.j.1 lia''!1 v-i'l; II"-, invadi-rs: ! Lust ytur .. -.!l.l...r- !...' .1 j (lie f'afti jii nine-i.i.ii:! (!' m m I be Cat pair! a nil M-.-ir i..-"! em n.'isuborf ami ll.r I"' ! r. v. j Will l)P 0U In lrilu'ili lo.iifM ! it- j turn tli faor. I Couch Bob Burton' - : n I pood sluipp for roitia:! Y can.-- I- f ins forward to n l.'ac? rli -d- ' j the next two v.-cel-:'-;. On Fl'a, '7 .;' 1 I tile Tats f !) the ion: !, '"'.iv in.'.; . i Ville Atlir-irlairs wliilc .'. v v, -, .- I the start of III" Wabash V. -'!.-; I'r,- lims in finny.. ! V.l Cr f LN If ic-"- i i . . . , ; -"r' N v-a'.-n ? '.' VfTO Taxes: "There is no justification for tax reductions as long as we are engaged in a major war." "When a favorable development of the war allows a major decline in war expenditures, minor tax adjustments will become possible and desirable." "The mistakes in debt management and lax policy after the last war should not he repealed." I Piles! Ow!i But H SMILES, How Bp wise as & was. I 'st sonic- formula used by . aiijunctively at Muled .)'"!!!: toa Minor Clinic. Surprising U10rf palliative relief of Iio, Itch.. fh-lpi soften and 1'1 " ")' S"''u lag ?t tube Thornton & Minor's g..c a Oiutiuoai-oi- Thornwn i Minor b- ctal )5TW wa. low cost I; lefiiU-J-'J AL nil eoci diug aiores c-vvryr.-lici, 1 4 TUe PAS-t' seJeJ seAes : 7 Demobilization and I'ostwar Full iii.- six million rural families now without such s..-r'ifes. A!r. Koos- .-It advised congress he !'J;'Uf 'Tt,--!:2ft t'JifC!" hi I K'fL'ii.mjr.sI.s alieau'y had iveli his approval to. a r. commendation of i-'A Chief Marvin Jones lor an increase of t wo THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: mmwm o . .,Toulglu' sbh will l.t a l-.i! pf vet-eraliri since li.'iirly all l'. Ai'i ca players with-on llu' team w,v;.-i defeatvd ' .-.Clinton last .r f'lllltOU'S S(.Wi!(i lis. s l' J u i- bl..'-- ' rosukirly who I'm ,Mii'-a j-. i: i. Inst msiisou. 1 1 M - H U s I II the main inn ais lo nn,S'-s. I I plaverK fa i.'i;i;ti aail ce;:.. i i..-.--. the Attica leiun will a;.'." en Dh'Hev mm K.irM'an. mi rn and Swill, minid. ( 1 i I Foster. furwr.lMl: llJlia -r'or.i .. t r ' V 1 r f 1 ( 1 t I I I 1 M t I ana foil .mchc c - ai- . lii-mi . a l " I J points per same. II p. in. (oniulit with II a- Kr. ... m- . i-inj; Attica's H-sittiart at. . p. in. - billion dollars in borrowing author-; i;y oj tin- Commodity Credit Corpo-' lialion und . -flared he would re-; . .01:1111. ikJ anproprialions for limine-1 i.ia .lie r.-viv.-d crop insurance pro-1 i iani ' in the very near future." 1 r.4 . j i Calcium Arithmetic ! It is suggested that iiomemakers j 1 should have some idea of calcium arithmetic. The National Research 1 council recommends 1,000 to 1,400 ' milligrams of calcium each day tor ! cnilaren and 800 for adults. A cup of 1 milk half a pint provides 265 mil- j iigrams. An ounce of cheddar ! cheese provides about 250, an aver- j age serving of turnip greens 280 and ! kaie 180. j o ALL-GRAIN, OF COUR5E, BUT IT'S LEISURELY AGEING THAT MELLOWS STERLING'S RICH, TRUE-BEER FLAVOR Yuu'U know the difference at your first delighted sip .-true-beer flavor that only master brewers, wprking with all beer grains and grains atone, can achieve. Try it Imay. STI Itl lNC HKEVt BRS, INC., Evanivillt, Ind. ALL-GRAIN I -d I.. HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY GO T) :Ht!R)I KFMJ-1V Berry Vitamins The black currant contains two j or three times as much vitamin C as the orange; the strawberry has I about the same amount and the red I .--.L-.a.,., :-v nhni.l iinn-hr.lf as mneh I AMERICA'S CHOiatT FILSHi . . as tiie oranee. ' R ' - -' " V , AN' STARS -ji Vi POM'T SEE UUTUIN' ESCbVT . . ' '' e, ,,.,i -n iii,7I I'AA TV .1 IrtlU ft - . . ''-- ' - - - , r C ' jar a st'y C UJHO LIVES PC50JKI . .t-r . if ) - ) 'V'"' "71 - . . . ua v. m jr. Wit . . ' . . Vr-fF 1. ".. i i' ' c. rrouP r"" tlie-inf1 "'""",.:(. ' " " But PQPEVE-SREAKJ -nil . . a f - - . . - -s-s--g H-r n H bVT I iKt- I I ffrtAIMII CCT . 1 ) JUCfuor ci Y--C'-.' ; 1 Starring 7 'J hTir. s-cerH T i : tl : ..1" 1- i II .... U)F AlKl'T fiOT Rvw :-".1 NO f3PlMAcH ' "' "' nOBPVr ' CLINKER THAT ) - , oimkhr; SPINACH? '.&i i. 1 i w uiviammim ''. ''Vci'urllliim ( oiintj's Home .Ne.v-iiiiin-r" 5 J-, iK irmi i-IO .. c TUESDAY, 3A-'i(J&. e". Y . i, a tit gsw a. A LOCAL MCSill TAKE-g i S OUjKj MEASURE ;.,r.r- welAT DO f A MILLIOM A ( W MEAnVJ APlSCS IN IT IF VOO I ALISTSM TOfE.'W1 kT6 THE MANOWR1TINC3YMAVC6' lK? SWiPE! cr HOW HOOF V k I Vi-.fc LjuV j 11 P. ?i r- i'f ;' I' '4 .. ! -,"-' ' r ' iT 'fr" 6. ti 3 ts an 'i RA3ikHla.E '. I WON I TLAJ CAN LO A U-.I 66 Rt ELECTfD! T.0 MONTHS ft K1 '- - CAKI'T GET rCAMfiifl j kTtk.' AWAY.i-kcm; V CLINTON KI6H SC;KGCL GYfASIl'M tiAMKS AT 7 ANJ 8 1. M. 1 L i jwi-5 .. aiWkJar :frePWti ON t.UCTSMlN'J TOki-iC J L , PUT BAD nXiUi IN HiZZtS-ltP I T(X ' ft'JKi'ritN RQTTBHS V AKlO WILL 1 JACK UP TUt GAS GOOD iDtA Of HA&avS . O II i WITH A FEW P00MI5SORV HAIR -BREADTH KARRY In.-v. , .d ... A-.iT II ..W 1 Cl TO iO TO TU 6iOk6 1 life. I KAI btl ,NUn in IF uiwiKW-i.NMi. i W.I' VOLi IBIES IO Ihtun iu il I General ".'i lis1 i:n ''3c it'll cost a dime to son boil , HI VCOI Id I HE vjw.wwj . .- V EG6T STOM - a 1 EGG 11 w " t"- Iv AN M UC BCUGUT TIE CITY CjAB Ck'ELEB! ID, I C'rOLifeTiC TOAC wccks ii m-f d ' f A GftAFTEB i! ' yi7 j - f , A KJS i i V S--i-i FAMILIAR DA. ir-.! 1C ! ! V IA1KSU. -ii lb U ja . j i "' C '. ,; i "iL Wri vs. l:!vfi'v',L'0, ,Li. ' I.f tftW GA? S 6EB GETS CAGEY ! - '' i . - i i I YOU LL Lgeetti ; v. 'vc. JX i

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