The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 9, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 4
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Tuesday, January B," TJIE DAILY CUNTONIXN Page Four CONGRESSIONAL LtADEKS VISIT WHITE HOUSE THE "WHIZZ" KIDS' . IHE D AILYJCLENIOMAIN SSlUljHihril M t Weekly CHsrtonUa MM Tto CUatoo Ptainstesder absorbed In 190 Fubllsh4 Dallj Except Baturtay mnd Bumdsj torge I Carey - Editor and Publishw juien at the PoatofHce at Clinton, Indian arond Clan Matter 'oV ' --rw y$&ft r Iadbuaa Republican lSdit',.Hal aanrtafl "t r! JJ Phone 32 ActviATttm M " . f J ? "-' rn Sw fe (r- '4 1 .1 I J ttA' ,:lN""""",-,,,-,-"'':' " '.w.-fc.'.--"' " MPfTINU WITH THI PRESIDENT for the first conference of the year were the congressional leader SSffli "tile House door, left t, right, Vice President Henry Wallace; tgMjtm iS Sam Rayburn; Senator Alben BarWey, majority leader of the Senate; Vice r6.ident-ja.ct iiouse cam iuiyuu. , M..-i, mnim-ltv leader of the House. Roosevelt inUmated at thnfereLe ttot to would meet "wmetime won" with Churchill and Stalin. tlMvtMiotpl) TIME FOR COURAGE AND LOYALTY. The German offensive may have amazed and stupefied some Americans and our perple may be disappointed and distressed, hur. Tated and chagrined, alarmed and r " i '. some people assert. U . the truth as to the mental f a c ol . . people of this country, it re-J leciw their courage even while it dis-a.', .xjustified egotism. - official leaders of this nation, with ;o v exceptions, have warned us for i . .1. jonths of the hard struggle ahead. Be, A them encouraged the easy opti-a. -1 that surged through the public mind " the spectacular victory in the Battle eg. - -Jince. . ' While it is natural for us to regret the success of the German Army, even if it proves to be temporary, there is no occasion for stupefaction, humiliation and fear. Regardless of the outcome of the present offensive, instigated by Marshal ,r r At th Movi j W ABASH Warner Bios, picture wne'U on-ens at the palace Theatre tonignt. With lane Wyman starring a-liis comely i nd clever secretary, Jerome Cowan is featured as ia'.'.i j Campbell, ll'e detective who must ; ninL tin murderer from among : Sunday, Monday firemen's Pay , :. Per capita expenditures for sal. aries of lire department wnplvyses .ncrcased from $3.02 in 1942 jto in 1SH3. In connection with fiy increases (or firemen, larger cities were slower to respond last fear. With an average talary increase of $100 a year for ail .cities, tho of more than 500,000 population increased salaries $60 a year. , . I Takina a Backward Glance ll Mrs. James Fox of Crompton Hill was hostess last evening for the meeting of the Golden Star and Tuesday For the second time in succession, Sturges has a movie plot laid In a tiny town of a few hundred citizens. His current film, "Hail the Conquering Hero'' opening at the Wabash Theatre Sunday, starring Eddio Bracken and Ella Raines, all takes placo, with the exception of a brief opening Sequence, iu a little country town. "Hail the Conquering Hero" is due to bring even more laughs than "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek," it's said. Club. Contest prizes went to Mrs. 1- !l 'Twistesoa' Little wired papers tailed "twist-ems" are most bandy in tying up plants or vines. The wire is covered with green paper and therefor pot noticeable. They are tfOB: snd well made. Homer James and Mrs. Bryan Attend I'lassi lu 1 liam or Fuirvicw had as tneir .I:ickson. such suavj and civilized people as Faye Kmerson, Eleanor Parker and Charles Lang can port ray. "Souora Stagecoach" with Bob Steele and Hoot Gibson opens as second feature at the Palace Theatre tonight. Slrciivaru Violin Antonio Stradivari was born In 1C44 wid died in 1737. He made violiar. as early as 1680 but his finest instruments date between 1700 and 1725. His label reads "Anto-rius Stradivarius Cremonensis. Fecit Anno . . ." followed by his initials, the A and S being separated by a Maltese cross. If word is "faciebat" instead of "fecit" it is a copy and not an original. Kvligloiu Kduiatlon guusts Monday eremite -ir. au Mrs. James is to be hostess for Several members of the Meuio- -wrB. uioyu tanea, the next meeting of the club. dlst Church attended the first llaase and jester uuiiuiumui. The members of the W. C. s classes of the Union Leaderslnu Bridee was piajed ounug uie U. held their regular meeting yes terday at the home of Robert Training Scliool in Religious Ed- evening. , . .i. f...., Mrs H. M. Pentreath of Black- James of Whitcomb Avenue. Cut Ewlr There Is no practical control lot leaf -spot of alfalfa; but because th injury is more severe on ovsrrlpt, than on underripe plants, losses can be reduced markedly by early " von Rtx-ateat, tne uermans wui ue w-ped a id the Americans will do their share of th- job. If the myth of invincibility, which mysteriously seems to surround Americans, l:as Lean shattered and we have learned, as a people, that ordinary rules of warfare and of nature operate against Americans as well as other people, the net result may be beneficial. The search for a "goat" to excuse our reverse indicates, however, the eagerness of a people to hold firm to their myth rather than face the hard facts of life. odist Church in Terre Haute laat man Street entertained the lues- Mrs. Kffio J. Harrison had IAI,ACK TurMiuy Wednesday Soui'3 of the nicest peoole am! three oruta'. axe-slayiugs are lh. tantaliz'ug combined iugrci'ieuti of "Crinn By Night," thr. new charge of the deiotiouals and evening. The school is to De con- aay jjunciieuu-unuec ducted there every Tuesday night torday. Mrs. H. A. Moore and for six weeks, and will be attend- Mrs. L. 1). Scott of Terre Haute Mrs. Mabel Church in charge or the program. Other members on ed by members of various Metho the program were Mrs. oesse Smith of Fairview, Miss Klizabelh dist churches. Plunder of Hill Crest and Mrs. Corn-HoR tlu-cks Heady for Sillgeiw wore guests. Mrs. J. N. Frist waB awarded high score prize and Mrs. 11. M. Caldwell travel. Mrs. W. D. Gerrisli is to be hostesn (or the next meeting. . Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor of Grace Huberts. CLOTHING h EBERHARJ Checks for the second of the 1934 corn-hog re DiSTKIaUrfO Jtr KIMS ffATUfseS SYNDICATE, INC. duction contract -have been re- II - t- - 1945 BY AUTHGX M.'s. George Herwig and Mrs. Editli Sims sang a duet. Alter Vho program a social hour was enjoyed t Portable AJ CondiUocing A portable air-conditioning unit, ueinhine only 13 pounds, has been MURDERED AMERICANS. Here is an item for sentimental Americans to remember when Pacificists and pro-Germans begin to talk about mercy ceived and signers have been aok- ouiu iniru bireei nave as ami ed to call at the county agent's guests this week Mrs. Taylor's office for their checks. .mother, Mrs. Oscar Johnson oi The corn-hog board which is Fannersburg. composed of Earl Cliugan, Per-' Mrs. Pearl Kelty and daughter, in. a nrt.,hi -'avium iiss Mabel. Morris 13astide and for the Nazis. . . . . ... 1 x 1 ..j n.L K..111, . Krt. In in Jlrs. Herman Sl.ultz of Torre CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO I wnt icc'k to Craig's room. Alexia vua fritting in a kind oi sul.'.y fclencc K-side the bed, and Craifc1 wir- lyLiff tht-re ifioking straight aheaJi neither 0 them upcko when J came in, although Alexia's cyJ shifted toward me. And after 0 while siie got up and waJ'ced oat o' the room. As she went Beeveus came to the door; his color vas a pale blue-gray, but he eaid punctiliously enouirh: "The The State Uepartmem nwu ,0"'lo.y, arranging details Hame were dinner guests of Mr. a protest to the German Government Jor Ue 1935 reduction program, and Mrs. Don Jenkins of South against the recent killing by German SOl- After signers have been paid for Founn Street, yesterday. Amprican DrisonerS The mass , their 19S4 contracts, the board Mr. and Mrs. George N. War- dierSOt 110 American prisonei a. iiieiuaoo publjBh a d(.,.lil(,d deu 0I Chicago have returned murder, in violation Of the rules OI war, 1 8tateniellt of the money received home after visiting Mrs. Warden s unA koon onViontipntpH hv Amprican offic- (,. n,i,. i,tv uurents. Mr. and Mrs. Claude invented fur homes end ofliccs. Circulating air cooled by evaporation of water. . Hi Vote Over 18 Any person over 18 may vote ii; Brazil, except beggars, illi'.erales. soldiers and persons whose political rights have been suspended. u English Lottery The last slate lottery in England took place October 18. 1826, in Copper's Hali, Basinghall street. . . ..... . . ,. xl., 1L.1.. T.ihlil.. nf Knnlh Slvl 1 Street, a pvlwi arc iu the nojrth meadow, sir ; I thought yuu had bettor be in fo.-med 0 t!.ir arrival.'' 1 1 riMJOUUs x..- - ers. It leads oniciais 10 oeneve max t.ic Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cunning- few days. Lu.:' van it least two hours be- j. 'c ;.ii-7 cere l? Craig s room and uriiurk! A'.c thiuf-3 tl'iev brought CROSSWORD ' By Eugene Sheffer It a cr-er tvtf -hours wiich rcs'jiicr ii I'litehes. Mostly we waited. C'-ain sal-: nothlllK to me Germans expect to wage ruthless and unrestrained warfare on land. . This particular act of brutality may mean that the Germans will kill prisoners of war indiscriminately in the future, but it more likely reflects the opinion of the Jocal commander that, if he was to get .. along with his attack, he could not be both- - ered with m isoners of war. , I'i-u- cr i A!- Air.. Naturally, 1 fi.i-j n .:'.-. iiif cf -i io him and niai t:. ;.-.w -'-.aaiks I aaU to make as ..-t vi .-.y-ii ics 1 could make then. ret".- 'ubcr Lif'-a-iit Maud Chiv And aii uIy picture presented it-sflf in my mind: Maud in her dark cloak waiting for Claud in the meadowand then afterward walking in to Balifold, trying to establish a kind of fumbling alibi, and drinking because she had to, to steady herself for the discovery. She had told me to take tho short cut which was the path through the meadow and led inevitably t'J the discovery of the murder. Wai that '.o give herself another alihi? And what of the time? Claud had left the inquest fifteen m:r:iU-B 1c-fore it adjourned, which wouid have given him just about enough time to reach the meadow. So what of Maud? How long actually had she been in the bar? Atwj hc-y Icntf had Chivery been dead? Craig and Peter were probably thinking very much the same thoughts for, after a longhih silcucc, Peter declared, "I don't think ahi did it. A woman " Kicky came in ju.-t tln-n ta r.ny there was a dinner of t-orls in the dining 100m. A little to my surprise, Craig tackled him then and there about the checks. "What were those checks for, Nieky '!" he asked. "It coulJn't have been an allowance. My father wouldn't have given ycu or uie or anybody an allowance." Nicky answered instantly, smilingly. "He would have, if Alexia asked him to. As she did for me." A slow flush came up into Craig's face, but his voice was quite level. "Do you know Frederic Miller 7" This time Nicky didn't answer promptly; he seemed to think, cautiously. Then he said, "No. What about him? Are there canceled checks to him, too?" 13 ut Craig shook his head and made us all go to dinner. Gertrude, the little waitress, popeyed with excitement, stayed with Craig while I ate hurriedly with the others. X was alone with Craig when the police finally came. Lieutenant Nuk'ent asked me to bring a towel b-".-': t'-j Vionso. Alexia helped - - f lj and Wjcr I irave her a Tt mnv hp pxtremelv distasteful to ci.atin-. i1!;' iI. s.-.i-l almost noth 11c; S't &l;tJ srcnie'i io know every 'A-z SpoHed !n?pn?!er p- rpTT 1- nr. ' ""tl I .ZTJl J h- vjI - : p n &Yi ' fi ' ' Ar'Vi Uiinc we did, her tyns were so bri"h: od knowir:?. ii may have Leer 6:n.c! or branny sedative or u!l Lh4"e white er it was, she Rent to bud riotilcly enough and then ail tt vnw to sleep. Alexia stayed with her for a while and Niekv tooit har ulace. Kvrr.v fitcn aomoone would - J American principles, but we have enough German prisoners of war in this country to make effective retaliation for German brutality toward our men captured in the course of battle. German families are interested in the welfare of their men, now held captive by the Allies, and a threat of retaliation would put pressure upon them to restrain the brutality of their own government. SENTIMENTALISM. "I don't want to send a war hero to prison," declared a judge recently, in suspending oprtpnw unnn a sailor who had been brinjf a b jH.'tln from the police in I had heard in the brush and -thy gruesome discovery. , 1. Mainly they asked Craig About Dr. Chivery. Nugent asked, "Did the Doctor know anything about your father's death?" , f. . "Claud didn't tell everything he knew," remarked Craig obliquely. Nugent's green eyes sharpehL "Why do you think he was killed, m-ent?"- ' ' "I don't know. But I'd stick to the knife if 1 were you for a clue, 'j he glove . . ." "What about the glove ?" Oh, nothing. It doesn't seem to mean anything.'1 "You're not being very frank, Bic.fc." "I can't do much to help you when I'm hi bed." Nugent said slowly, "I'd better toil you that it would help if you hud an alibi for thia afternoon.V "I!" Craig lifted himself abruptly on his elbow, winced and lay cautiously back again. "An r.libi always helps," declared Nugent. "But tlie fact is people are spying now that you and Mrs. lil t at inherit practically all of your father's money. And everyone knows that you and Mr. Brent . . ." A slow flush was creeping Up over Craig's face; his eyea harrowed. "Well? Say it." "You know as well as I do what E mean," said Nugent. "Everyone thought you and Mrs. Brent were to be married over a year ago; then you married the nurse and Alexia Senour married your father. New they're saying ..." "Listen! 1 didn't kill my father! Get that into your head! I didn't kill Claud, either," said Craig bleakly. "I've 00 alibi for thia afternoon, unless you consider it an alibi not to be able to walk without getting dizzy." Nugent leaned forward. "Are you Pure of that, Brent?" "What! Do you think I'd Stay here if I could help it?" he cried angrily. "Don't you think I'd get out and do something!" "What would you do?" broke In Nugent softly. Craig stopped abruptly. "I dont know," he said wearily, after a mo-, ment. ' I said, merely in the line of duty, and not to defend Craig, "He couldn't have murdered Dr. Chivery. He couldn't have walked that far rnd back. I'm sure of that. Lieutenant." Nugent's grey-green gate plunged at me. "Are you lire,' Miss Keate?" "Yes. And as to that, Mr. Brans had an alibi the night his father, died. I was with him.' "I know," said Nugent without! any expression at all in his faoajj "Still, sick people have been known to walk incredible distance. And there really is no alibi in the aaaa of murder by poison." Craig made a quick motion for ward as if to expostulate, ana I said hurriedly, "I can't let you oueatioi my patient very long, Lieutenant,' And put my hand on Craig's wriat (To be continued) lie nc:;'t p.':ac;w and once reter, Nit 'rcy, ivrtl L'.xvens went down in-iu t!io iiiL-ido t until they encount ered a policiPim who sent them Lack. A tioTer bk-ki -ms outside 0iu"'r c nJ when I attempted to enttr iny ot'n room and then go to 1'iiiP. he vluMj'ed me. "Orders, " e - j nnnvint&rt nn a hnlrliin ion. Mis," he m'1. And when I said. 'Orders iith;r g; it's my room," hi remove J my h"'id from the doorknob in a very muscular way. Bcevrns irave ui a kind of dinner, ?! w." n AiV 1 . i-8 sorvtd :i'ur.i the bu::'et in Uie big from the bathroom. When I spread it out on the foot of the bed so Craig could see, they put down upon it elaborate dini. x room. Anita didn t help him s-rve; she wys having Cil uniform 52 fan ten two ugly objects. f v - v hystericv in her ream ami I sent One was a small kitchen paring her pome euinu of au-uwrnia. knife with its blade sharpened ra But l"iure dinner Peter iluber 2 monster 3 to mint 4 pasacge between cliffs 6 neib eve 6 compound in resinous pine-wood 7. act toward zor-thin; it was spotted, especially came to r.ix r-m; I was there about the wooden handle, with 53 new 54 noxious plant rj6 evil VERTICAL I paper measure tio rem c ned w L ae rd every dark, dried substance, now turning L.i:r; they said. Peter icld hi;n of lii" inquest and of our visit to Ba!i- brown. The other was a yello' iold wrere we iounc Mauu Cmvjry string glove; it, too, was stained in thick reddish brown patches, dry "I in horribly sorry. Alias Kw.'-C," now and stiff. Answer tc Saturday s puzzle. fi L.J he s;d. "ii must have bacn a tei-tihle i.-ioct finuinir him like that, I Both had been found near Dr. Chivery's body, but not near enough for him to have used. 0 it did not ojfe-ht to havu taken you to the house. Craig, what's yo'JX idea of The ex-sailor had forced a man into a rear room, bound and gagged him, then hit him on the head with a bottle, in order to rob him of a small sum of money. For this crime, the individual deserves punishment, regardless of whether he was a war hero or not. The judge correctly charged him with perpetrating "an infamous crime" but then, in an exhibition of silly sentimentality, declined to inflict any punishment. Washington Sen. Arthur Capper (R), Kan., interprets move to draft deferred farm youths into armed services: "Military heads are preparing for a possible eight to 10 years' war, with casualties in the coming year of possibly a million to a million and a half men." Paris Allied Commander-in-Chief Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower: "I am confident that 1945 will be for us a year of victory and will bring us peace." g afflictive . at whatever time 10 be 1U 11 lad 16. evening meal 20 menace 22 give heed 23 of that thing 25. gauze 26 perceived 27 small river-fish 28. reverberate 29 climbing 31 check 33 mineral spring 35 to stow 38 twist 40 impel 42 South American monkey 43. sinful 44 rmd 45 bird of prey 46 bv wav of indicate suicide. And there were no other clues, IIOKIZOMAL 1 fabu.u bird to mop it 501 IS allege K Stat !5 av.r.e.i 7. truiU li consuricti 21 slab under 24 wap.ti il notwiin- standing 30 crow tike bird 32 admittariie 33 calm 34 map 35 email bud 36 age 'Sl posesions 39 dolt 41 ait 45 at an end 47 pertinent 0 mfan of flight pfclllEffloR T E D itiE is He 5Hpill M KHt.-'llfr'N'fttfll'l'r f' 'tlflfhM" except my own white cap and some nickels, which they returned a little ceremoniously to me, Peter having; t:s? Why do you uunk ui. 1 hi very ttr: mujdered?" I thouhi Craig hesitated before-saying, "It's hard to say; Claud wai very secretive. Pete, what about these checks to Nicky? It doe? Ix-k like blackmail, but there was nothing anybody could blackmail my father about, nothing t" Pet.-r shrujftred. "The police found the canceled checks." C ra i rema rked suddenly, "I knew al,ut Ui will, of course; Maud inherits now from Claud' I remeu.ltered Maud sitting quietly In the bar. drinking kUadily. explained them. The police requested me to stay, for they wanted to question me, and thus I heard the whole thing. Beyond the fact that they had found no one yet who had seen Ciaud Chivery after he left the inquest, I SALLY SEARS, 21-year-old Boston society girl, is being credited with bringing about the arrest o' William W. Holt, alleged bogus Army captain, who had been wined and dined by cafe society in the east. Miss Sears' suspicions were aroused when her much -decorated escort, whose picture she is holding, began bragging of his Ger-man anrentrv. f international) knew no more than I had already known. CoprndM by Mil mb BWriMi'- Kim v They asked me about the rustle AtcrAff Urn? of MluUi'f: 24 mtool. sheltt-led side msi. !) K it) f taiuiee inc. g connecuvt

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