The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 9, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 2
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Tuesday, January 9, 1945. TPagc Two GSVE ME A 6$kA Miners ort Add Poundage When anyone eats more calories during a day than the body can expend in energy, tlien she (or he) adds poundage. Six Pliihuleljibias There are six cities named Philadelphia in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. 1 Sides of Nazi Belgian Salient i.oiitlfiuoa noro page 1) Cmithuiunre of the present li-p:ir-tiit;:n boards of control in state in-ai.!littions and of tin: state pursomu'l board and merit law likewise v as supported !)y tlie governor. I'ive Conservation Proposals Kive nH'omniendal ions of Mie state Conservation Depart im-nt were indorsed hy Ih'- .governor. Tliey an eleiision of tlie fores! classification act, extension and continuation ot the war resources investigation, reimbursement from i he stale mineral fund for the loss of license fees brought , about through issuance ol Her huniing antl lishhm licenses to Hning sold my Ijiiiii I will m II at I'uhlic Am (ion on ulial is known (he tdd Jack .M.trsbnll Kniiii located 3 miles west and 2 miles Mouth of Kintmaii, hid. A .Milew suiitheasl of ( uiiga, !5 iniliN west Blows Shatter Main Jap Isles (Continued from pai?e 1) s;hktUm1 that Hit' Ii-2!)'n, "in thr l';uv of tfftcthi liitfi'ciidtin Iiy tin-tnu'WP dt'fi'nSt'B." th'W nil' "wit hunt doing any nuitcrijil tin I tin (.ri". "ScohV in Italil lt was chI iiiuilcd by Tl; yi ih;it "Kcori's" Hi" the hii; homln th ;uiiei-(i;it(Ml in I lie niitl. ;iit! lo biive Immmm, a'loui 2 . tti. TciKyo lime 1 :i. in. i:vn. The liuni'-cii It- ti Tl i Tii Don r;iii! BKiiinwt Tokyo. .Honlinn to (In-,l;iin. wns invcrdi'rt hy ;it N ii.-I tl'p-r overnight 1'nriiyn hy I mh H-2!)'s I mile iioilli of liinief (be following iroH-rty on iiml duclion of ihe Hltche bulge Is continuing despite (iermaii counlerat-lacks in t he llagenau Forest and in the xleinity of Ooberoerdan and llatteu. Troops of the French Fhvt Army war eli'rans, jiciUisilion of lax de-linqih-nl landi lor reloreslatinn and prop, r upkcip and ni.ii'itenance ot :l;itt' parks and iin'iuori.ils. - r were forced Into a wliiidrawal by aj t went y -I a nk enemv at tack , conced V3r, Philip r Jly I Maiming ing lioofeldt and Hershani. j Weather Grounds .lrneii j Had weather n'.ain vrotuuh d tlie air a rni and the bat I lei ields were ' cloaked witli snow. I A spokesman for Field .Marshal j Sir Hernard L. iMontgouieiy was iiti-' thorily for the statinient that the! Corm a us now are on t he defoush v. ; throtigiioul Ihe northern sector. i The Cermaiis pulled back in some I sectors in Ihe face of tlie relentless j Allied onslaught through bliz?ard and biting vind but P'ield Marshal ' Karl Cord von Hu misled! 's wit h- FEIDAY, JAM. 12 STWITIVl ATlKMHI O'CLOCK 2 HOBSES 2 10 Head of E.vlra Good Milk Cows and Heifers. S'.i Head lirood Sows, (to farrow in Feb. & March). 5! Shouts, weight GO-J 00 ibs. 20 Head of Good Breeding Ewes. Complete Line of FA KM MACHINERY FEED ANB SEEPS Mr, mi. coitx .".on iin. oats Jim lin. ai.kai.fa luus STirAW Hu. run ion si:i:d ii Ku. i.i:sri:ii:A Ti:i!.MS CASH Xu I'lupiTly To lie It'imivi'd I "lit il Ti'ihh Ol Sftli' Ciiinilii'il W illi. X.i( lti'Ni(iii'.ilili' In Case Of A iilriils. GLENN DECKER, Owner Admiral lluslrr Nimitz Ml Htfillllfll tilTKCtH in ,jlna iiml mif the Kii iPt'iilnsiila, -'mil Invest ni" Nanoyii. j Aiiiiouneeiueiil of (h(!;i,-'h ;H lacks raiiio Hlihlly more than siv Injurs) siller tin1 Tokyo radio reiinried that a force of between 70 and Ml of the J bis American plain's had h! ruck NiiKoya Sunday night and a sain yes- - IVurl lhirliur, anni;;nn'iui; ih'W al-' InclM (in I-'miiKna. salil llial Ishiaki and Mijalo .lima in II"' Siildsliliiia ;Ki'inp and ()l:inaza in the Hyilku also were liil. I l-'oriiuiil Toll llrnvy ) drawal from tlie JVfarche area, at tfjday morning. Veterans' lion us Ih Federal Job, Gov, (wiles Says i; ine northwestern lip ot I no salient, is not yet general, field headquarters of Marshal Montgomery said. Hold off :fil Army i With First Army ' units closing down relent b'ssly from th'' north, the Nazis on the southern) .vflnnk d' the 4 An otfirial ii'sutiu' ul' ilamaiAi' (loin- in last wot'li":; raids on Formosa showed 111 .lapanesi' ahvraft !'-slroyed and 22a ila mairi'il. v. hili' :Ti ijuninyilitTi3 viiir, sanli 'at"! 0 Sv tUmi-a,ird. ' "' , .j:., ' :.e :; V - ("Jph". lacAfliur aniioun'-if con lli'iki , H. I.. Ivcllcr uiul Mm t Soiunui I.iiik Ii Sn vi'il lp Howard l.myiVj Aid .WHOXKKKS: !n cr.T'ItK: ;uy I Inilli v tinuation of Jioavy air :. al tarks . m Continued from pane 1 ) salii.'iit roacled violently n frt;di onslaughts by Ihe I'nited fiat's Third Army in an apparent effort to keep open the escape way lo the east, as long as possible. - GLEN H TAYLOR- newly-plccted D.-mueratic scqator from Idahq, with hiswife and A rod, 9, and Paul Jon, ;i, are Hliown on the steps . 'O'sib-Mdn" Wriii : of the capitol, as the incumbent .laycti his fcanjo while the family eioun sang "Home on the ltangc." bub:ditulin .."near tlie to lind The nt-w senator,, unable locale. dome"- for the "buffalo' fiu.tjgcsla that barracks be con-,. :i oioiud families. (International) .quarterain overcrowded Wns'iir.;; strucU'd to accommodate the co;k water wen After planting, water the trees and shrubs well. Tlie ground should not be allowed to dry out, at least during the first year. If rain does not keep the ground moist, continue watering. A mulch of peat mors or J straw v il! help to save moisture. the veterans was outlined by the lifcw governor, as follows:,, i therefore propose that t-ilUr slato (treat e by legislative enactment a HBial) .deptrunent .,-of- state govrtn-ijient barged prVinui'Q.U H h the duty of coord i Haling and correlat inr tftose yarious.J4locflK'''ftiite and Ibnal Services' for veteran hut designed especially to assist local commuuitles to meet those problems which fundamentally shall be theirs." Tax I'mler Treasurer A number of other; specific recommendations were made by the f p uli1 s'-h:'ld uirlitld:, in tin- .;:lli-!:i alvit ill which n;ldi i ion;tl I'm - I LCST 5Z LbS.! , WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN" 1 MRS. C. 0. WELI.S. FT. WORTH Ai Plclui-ud Her , ; Sisht Te ds' Ir. a comprehensive series of tests, workers witli better' eyesight than their fellows were nided M per cent ' by better lighting, while those with the most defective eyes were aided 22 per cent. Surveys have indicated that 40 to (10 per cent of workers in , industry have defective vision. A ! recent eyesight surwy among in- dustrinl workers (published in Ar-j chives of Ophthalmology) states that j for workers in skilled trades, defects ; were preseni; in 2ii per cent at ages i 20-24 and incrensed to about 75 per i in v phi n i s v.'i'i c ili-sl royt'd. I Ail ollifiiil Aliu'liriMi ;i riiiiitiiHi -lili'lirs CDiii'criiini; Ihe l'i.-ui.ur lidc 01 Ibaitii' in and around lilt' i'hi!.min ; I ei-lilerrd on nir aciivily. (iianl IX.. t suiicrforiri iiHe.j ll::slrd Furin.isa a: d Honshu. hundiT'ds ol carrifi'-hat; d uaiii":i rakod inland I'arrijains 111 j tlit- irinics of Japan and Lieut. i' u. i Ot'ore C. Konucy'H land-ia.'i('d ! ;'Ui- liern rijiiH'd am! loto a! lhr ai; i' 'dK Yon may lose pojj'nH ml iiuv more k For Routes in Town MINIMUM AGE ; 10 YEAKS " . : PHME 32 os 33 In tests (.iiiducleil v liH' tt.i-tutH,- l0 u vera Ho itt i few iiL im t lie A i t, riuiniu tJuuy Kctlucii!if I'liin. cent ;it ases'"53 and over. 'a Or Apply To: V1LI.IAM F. BLACKBURN Circulation Manager of .Manila. Open Easily If you want to use soy beans dry or for sprouting, allow the pods to dry on the plant until they lose their fresh grern color. Harvest them before u heavy frost and spread out the pods in a warm, dry place until thev'll open easily. Egg Storage Since the ej:g's freshness is lost quickly at ordinary room temperature, a nutrition consultant says l;ev should be stored in a cool place at between i.) to 50 degrees and fl'.i'dv from strong smelling fuods. governor. One of them was placing! the gross income tax department un-j der control of the treasurer of state, j who now is Frank Millis. a Kepubii- ! can. of Campbellshunr. j Jobless insurance payments would j be increased, under his reconimen-j dations. The governor proposi d an increase from the present payments of for 18 weeks to $20 for 20 weeks.! which be .said would be somewhat j better than, or at least etjual (o. ' any of the surrounding in dust ria I states. ! Stale Salaries Sound and economic in crease in j salaries of stale work'-rs and start- iug a retirement iay system fur ! workers in state penal. h"nevolc,nt . charitable and educational insiitu- tions also were urjied by the jnver- ! nor, who added, however: j "I have some doubt of the advisability of applying the provisions of any retirement plan to those who j accept appointment in stale offices ' which are subject 10 change ll short i Intervals and where such hazard;-- ! are accepted with the appointment." j ' MA fiilB HOW" FP.AUi.eiN' t LI JE IjCOULD GkJ INSIDE f FIRST I MEEo" U LADDER" J TWIS STACK OP OLD TRUCK TIRE RIMS WITHOUT MAKING A TADFT OP AAyfiFI f! JasI TV . r 1 VA'u ?t .1.: . J HsftO of a "onc-nvin war nsamfit tlie Nazis is versatile 9-year-oM I'vt. Francis Ctnrey. liurlry. iilc. N. Y., a battling Yankee infantryman. Usill a b;!ZOc!::i, auti.natic rifle. .50 and .00 caliber machine uii3, rule and hand fu'cnailes. he t'ousht off a Ilasi thmst which would have Hanked American l'a-Fi'tiiin3 and opencJ a ruad lor a tlcrnian ai mured j:vccp in tiie Ardennes forert. He has h'.ll nominated for the Con;;i crsaa! d Ii:lal of Honor. (I iitc::i::lio:::l ) i t i . 4 4 1, h Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CIIIROPKACTOR X-Baj 2351, niaekni.H DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48 ' - '"r GET READy, CHIEF f THEVRE COMING OUT.' , 4 DR. O. R. BREDEWEG f OPTOMETRIST -- J . Eyes Tested Glasses Made For , Those Who Need Tliem 2 IH liliickniiin St. ( 1.IXTOX, I .V I . I'lioiie 17." J --jn. X Hi. 'V - ' Shielded BY HIS MAKE-SHI FT TURRET , OF OLD TIRE RIMS, i DAN POURS ' A VOLLEy OF TEAR GAS SHELLS INTO THE V HIDE-OUT , OF DOKTCR KRUGG ' AND HER GANG 1"RQ6ER! THE PORTRAIT'S r; i is I- A to- IT'S A SOOO THIMS kM AROUMD TO SAVE RCSER' PAIMTI MS FCR HIM rT :l'D PUT THAT PA1MTIM6 VMHEXE ilLOMA CAM'T SLA.SH IT LIKE SHE DID! prHAT THE rrCfti RI6HT, YCXJ "STAY HERE, TILLIE. JOKAY I'VE (SOT TO RUM OUTrfilL MiNC FOR SOME TUSESCFJr THE PAIMTI " T lft;(iTRAiT vita I rZ Wik.V '.rtl HER.CY1 VMHAT A1ILL RC6BR SAV AlHM HE FIMD'5 THE PORTRAIT'S rr-x- GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker . . ." all need a different type of sales book and we have ihem. The world-famous Redifoim talcs book line gives you greater variety, better construction, and finer quality, all ot "mass production" prices. Lei us quote on your sales book orders. The Daily Clintonian By Russ Westover w HJ Com)) i -4 11 "TT1 iJ'i'yV TILLIE I VslHAT'SIVSOMEBCO'o Happened 7p stolen the '' V j .PA'NTlNg) 7 -"P 'rrmilliiin rminlyN llimio Xt'lvspurHT I'HOXE 3-2 LET US

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