The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1945
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

it'. Page Six THE DAILY CLINTONIAN JAPS FORTIFY OVERLAND SUPPLY LINE AND COAST Three Armies In Drive on Nazis Bulge in North (Continued lit- ( 1) Monday, January 8, 1943. Relief At Last : For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly bo-cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it q lick'y allays the com'h or ycu are to hav your n.uney back. CREOMULSION For Couzhs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis PAID NOTICES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices NOTICE! Women of the Moose. Dues must be paid by January 15. They can be paid at the club, rooms on the evening of January 9. t51x First day Insertion: 80 (or each udlnc line (on column line, like V VN XJVS HANKOW -ifc.i3 ' SrtS--- CHINAS 4r CH0CH yH BUKMA ROAD I JJ $? , S 'JtCt xxhuch.h Hr 7y 'tlj&zzzzxz-sV sSy -arVz- one ot these). Tlifi French Flrnt Army counler-ntlucki'd hitwwn Colimir anil Strasbourg !p. sr. aUmint to offset of a (lertnan assault yesterday Next two dan Insertion: tbe lame NOTICE! I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by my wife, Hn?.el Beam. Burl Beam. t52x ttlimis t tie Itlione-lthme Canal which pushed the Allies out of Wlncrhelm. Cerman forces are using tanks and armor and the battle is contlnti-Iiir. The Allies are In control of le charge (you get three days at double tbe coat ot tbe flrat day). Next tbree days Insertion: the same 6c charge (you get a whole keek tlve days) at tbree times tbe aost ot one insertion). Etcu group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. ' Blackface (like this) 10c per line. PALACE? taviti? ALW ' Jerusalem Lodee No. 88 F. & x-jAA. M., called meeting, Tuesday, Januarys, 7 p. m. Thomas Conne-ly, W. M.; Charles Drown, secy. t51 (lemsbhelm. Imimive Hani I'ttstn ITHUC NOTICE Euchre: Tuesday night. 7:30. Hall. 120 S. Main. t51 All classified ads Including mem-orlams and notices of all kinds must be paid in sdvance except those by WANTED TO KENT regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from or- mnliatione whose bills must oe a SMALL, MODERN, FURNISHED apartment. Call Kathleen Cobble lowed before being paid. In the at 55, between 8 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. t52x latter case the person asking the publication of tbe notice will be beld Despite the fact the fiennans made sliRht penetrations east of Kaargtiemlnes, headquarters said. Allied forces Improved Ihclr position In this area by pushing the enemy from Achen and OrosiTderinit., The Hltehe salient has been reduced two miles as a result of our attacks usuiiiHt VIn,';en and Liclhten-berK which now are deal' of tite enemy. Virtually all Nazi forces south of Hlpertswlller have been eliminated. On the northern flank of the Ardennes salient, the First Army scored small gains In the Mnrche area to the Halm river, with British Infantry mopping up small villages and hamlets bypassed by the armor- responsible for Its payment. BUSINESS SERVICES FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF FOB SALE Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and INSTEAD OF RISKING a drive deeper Into the interior with the consequent chance of knocking out U. S. upport to China, the Japanese, according to military analysts, are holding while making preparations for resisting possible Allied landings on the China Coast. At the same time they are reported to be consolidating a defense In depth along a line of land communications between Hankow and Hanoi. This line, running roughly from Hankow through Changsha, Hengyang, Kweilin, Liuchow, and Nanning to Hanoi, is the overland supply route being developed by the Japs to carry their raw material from the Dutch East Indies. With the approach of U. S. air and sea power to the China coast, the sea supply route to Japan can no longer be employed by the enemy to full capacity as in the past (International) Recapping neatly done and Guar anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf mm ff' 4 . " AS GALLANT YANKS MOVED OUT OF BASTOGNE : 1 1 ' o ' f . . , , p, ,. I . - . . . Strain., Motor- 4 ROOM HOUSE WITH PANTRY, 2 porches, basement, Rood well, large garage and store room, 42 x 14. Poultry house. Buildings well roofed. Plenty of fruit. 6th vein coal worth more than price of place. In Universal. Price $3110 cash. Address Edward Keck, owner, 1123,j8o. Main,-Clinton. t54x bTb'y BASSINET. LIKE NEW. $5. .Man's Topcoat, size 3(1. $5. Four burner autogas stove with built in oven In good condition. $10. In- Mmlrqat 1408 South Fifth Street. t51x DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwlggina and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. tBxf B & 4 1j "?fqi't evertoad the washer. ' Too many clothes reduce washing efficiency and strain the motor. Clothes shoul. circulate freely in the water. Don't overload the wringer. Distribute the garments eveily over the entire ienyth of the roll. If you have a spinner-type drier, be sure to distribute the clothes around evenly in it, to prevent vibration and undue wear on the machine. KU Tranquil History In general, the modern history of Costa Rica has been more tranquil than that of many of its sister nations, and years of relatively peaceful and democratic government have made it one of the most progressive nations on this continent. REGISTERED HEREFORD shoats and Manchester Toy Puppies. 3 Blocks south of Lyford echoolhouse. Fred Bennett, Rose-.dale, Ind. Route 1. t54x , .,.''!' LI fx I I (r-t; ' '1 j n Colors V -ft GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER-ation Service. Commercial ' and Domestic. F. L. IJonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tl6f RECAPPING" AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and antl-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 USB YA-DE TO PREVENT MOTH damage. 1 Spraying Is guaranteed ' to prevent moth damage for 5 years. Lewis Hardware and Book Store. t54 FOUR ACRES OF GROUND, NEAR Klondyke, house, barn and outbuildings, all with new roofs. AN dona Skinder, 3448 S. Emerald Ave.. Chicago, 111. t52x Cut on Wood To keep knives sharp, cut food on wooden cutting board and not on a metallic or enameled surface. Avoid leaving knives in hot water. Store in a wooden wall rack. Never store knives loose in a drawer as the edges become dulled. MONARCH KITCHEN RANGE. TRUCK DRIVERS GOOD COAL AT all times. No wafting. Paved road. good condition. 106 North Twelfth Street. t52 S Miles weKt of Clinton, Hazel llluff. 8 & O Coal Co. t28r t . Ai 1 WAGLE'S GARAGE NOW IS OPEN for business. 10S Elm Street. t58 1934 CHEVROLET PICK-UP truck, good tires, cattle racks. 831 South Fifth Street. t02x ONE LARGE HEATING STOVE. Call at 458 N. 9th St. Anna Costa. t53x MEMBERS ot the gallant 101st air-borne division which fought oft the Nazis while hemmed in at Bas-togne are shown thev moved out of the town. Signal Corps radiophuto. (International Soundphoto) BURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. HELT TOWNSHIP LOANS . . . S50 $100 S200 S250 and $300 Vs, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay interest ONLY for the time vou have the loan. Tbe Public Loan Company will assist you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed in a factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come In and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on unpaid balance for amounts up to 150; amounts $150 to $300, 1 per month on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid in five monthly installments of $10.92 each, costs $4.50 but if repaid in 10 days, costs only 50c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. It s loan can help you, phone or come to the l'ublic Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. FOUR ROOM HOUSE, GOOD well. Inquire 636 South Third Street. t50x PCKO' First Round Of Ward's Seizure Battle in Courts BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 464. t86f (Coninued From Page 2) THPCWRS Ituy More Bom!! 9c FINAL TUE. 40c MAN'S TOP COAT. GOOD CONDI-tion. Size 38. 203 South Ninth Street. Cheap. t50x BRICK, ANY KIND YOU WANT. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's, I'bone 8, Cllnlon. 85tf plied agreement that ainy portion thereof shall be retained by or repaid to me or any other person. And I further declare, uud swear or affirm) that I have received no money nor articles of value. In consideration of any contract made by me as Trustee of this Township. DR. S. I. GREEN, Trustee of Helt Township. Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed! to before me, the Chairman of the Advisory Hoard of this Township, this 2nd day of January, 1945. ELMER STEVENS, Chairman of Advisory Board of Helt Township. fContlnooa finm part It Disbursements Therefrom and Balances Remaining Therein, for the Year Ending December 31, 1944. Tmn.4iip Fund Bal. on hand. January 1, 1944 $2,595.32 Receipts during year 3.003.C4 Total of Balances and Receipts $5,598.96 American Task Force Races To Luzon Invasion (Continued from page 1 1 ity of government seizure of various units of the half hi 1 lion dollar business. Brig. Gen. Joseph Wilson Byron, who seized the properties Dec. 28, at the direction of president Roose FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t7-17-44 f FOR BRAZIL BLOCK OR LOCAL coal hauling phone 343-J. t53x fTfTH VEINCOAlTcALL 592-J. ttii.x said, "this is the enemy's usual tac-1 Disburse, during year J.67.m tics preceding a landing," Indicating Final Bal. Dec, 1944 $2,019.45 that at any moment MacArthur's ' D" Fund men may storm ashore at Llngayen j on hand, January Gulf In the exact location where 1, 1944 Japanese forces first launched their Receipts during year This report wub received, aceep-ed, and approved by the Advisory Board or this Township at its annual meeting, tills the 2nd day of January, 1945. EI.MER STEVENS. ROSCOE 11. MARTIN, JOHN R. GRIMES. Advisory Board Helt Township velt, and four aides, chose seats near the front but widely separated from Avery. Kee-k TenifMH-ary Injunction ' Assistant Solicitor General Hugh R Cox opened the government's argument for a temporary Injunction restraining the 79-year-old Avery and 15 other key executives from None 437.65 437.65 120.65 317.00 LOST thrust against the Philippines in December, 1941. Total of bal. and receipts Disburse, during year Final Bal. Dec. 31, 1944 8 Pay 10 Pay 12 Pay ments, menta. ments. ISO $ 7.13 B.86 $ 0.02 $IOO $14.25 911.72 910.05 - 92M.S8 9-.iH.20 910.98 92SO $:i!.17 928.87 924.67 K0 941.94 934.80 920.80 LADY'S YELLOW GOLD BI'LOVA wrietwatch on plant bus or on As the Luzon area appeared ripe for a climatic invasion, General Mac- interfering with army operation of j the seized properties. j Arthur's communique reported that "strong formations" of heavy bomb Main Street between Elm and Mulberry. .Very liberal reward Call 6 or 240-J. C. D. Wright PUBLIC LOAN CO. Joan Kelley, 527 Blaekinan Street Strftn EDDIE BRACKEN EUSPAJNES Krf WILL LAM DEM AR EST Wrtttssr. and 4ucW PRESTON 8TURQE0 Color Cartoon News ers struck at a cluster of three air-drdmes in the Manila region, damaging runways, destroying 18 parked t51x Japanese planes and starting larg' FEMALE HELP WANTED 210 Mala St. Pboae 952 Tuition Fund Bal. on hand, January 1, 1944 $18,133.85 Receipts during year 52.696.03 Total of Bal. and receipts 70.829.8R Disburse, during year 55.104.39 Final bal. Doc. 31, 1944 15.725.49 llond Fund Bal. on hand January 1. 1944 ,-$7,624.96 Receipts during year None Total of Bal. and receipts 7.624.96 Disburse, tlurlm; -yeirtte-t-; ?,T3;7f Final Bal. Deer Si, '. 4.88!21 Victory Tax Fund . Bal. on Hand, January OPENING FOR SALESLADY. Ex perience preferred. Louise, Inc. Hospital Helps There are a number of easy-to-improvise hospital helps that will make the task of the home nurse easier and give the patient added comfort. The average bed in the home is so low that it is difficult to care for a patient. It can be raised to a comfortable height through the use of solid hardwood blocks about JO v4jo. & Caches in height and from 6 to o inches square. Bore holes in the blocks to a depth of at least two inches and a little larger in diameter than the leg of the bed. Remove the casters and place a block under each leg of the bed. t : ... t45f COLUMBIA THEATRE FOR RENT o. Dili Kt. Clinton, Ind. ONE OR TWO LIGHT HOUSE-keeplng rooms. 239 Vine Street. t50x fires In enemy installations. .u (From Pearl Harbor, Admiral Chester AV. Nimitz announced that carrier planes of the Pacific fleet hit Japanese installations on Luzon. Nimitz's communique reported that navy airmen shot down eight enemy planes' in aerial combat, damaged 14 and smashed 19 Jap aircraft on the ground.) These strikes against the strategic enemy airdromes in the Manila area, virtually confirmed the enemy hints of an invasion of the Llngayen shore in the accustomed American pre-invasion pattern of reducing enemy strength in and around the potential objective area. 1, 1944 Receipts during year MODERN TWO ROOM APART-" nient. 258 Walnut Street. t50x None 7. S18.R0 7.318.80 7.31S.SO None Totals of bal. and receipts Disburse, during year Final Bal. Dec. 31. 1944 . MALE HELP WANTED Cox was , to be followed by Charles Fahy; SpHcllnr- General of the Department of Justtee, whose presence was- indicative of the importance the BOveriuuent attached to the suit. - "We are hew because of a dangerous situation which endangers pro-sp'outlort, t)rt i'aiv't fit said, "and the whole' structure which congress and the President have Set up to deal with labor disputes In war lime." Review 2-Year-old Quarrel Cox reviewed the 2-year-old labor-management dfppule which first resulted in government seizure of war properties last April when tbe adamant Avery refused to acknowledge the seizure and was forcibly carried from his office. Avery's refusal to heed War Labor Hoard directives led to labor troubles which resiihed In the present occupation of Ward properties by army nersonnel. These directives, or "sanctions." ordered Ward's to Include In Its retract with the CIO T'nlted Mail Order, Warehouse and Retail Employes Tnion maintenance of union membership through the checkoff system, and retroactive wage adjustments. Mav Terminate Pledge Cox declared that as a result of the Ward dispute with union em- Knecial School Fund SUNDAY and MONDAY JAN. 7 and 8 Adtiiih.sion Mi- and li.V AND THE ANGELS SING Dorothy Lamour Fred MacMurray "DI CK SOUP TO NUTS" Merrie Melody KKO NEWS Bal. on band. January 1. 1944 - $ BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, BUI Blackburn, Clintonian. S. 252. 77 Receipts during year Total of bal. and receipts 40.7S5.43 48. 988. 20 34.714.7fi 14.273.44 Way They're Doughboys During the Mexican campaign the American soldiers called the Mexicans "adobe boys," because their uniforms, covered with mud, were the same color as the adobe huts. Then, during World War I, the word, now spelled "doughboys," waa.ured by American soldiers to describe themselves after they were covered with mud during the battles in France. Disburse, during year Final Bal. Dec. SI. 1944 . Throw Tur Rcrap Into the Fight I Totals of All Funds I HELP WANTED MAN OR WOMAN WANTED TO handle distribution of famous Watkins products in Clinton, selling and serving hundreds of satisfied customers. Excellent opportunity for right party. No investment. Write J. R. Watkius Co.. D-96. Winona, Minn. Bal. on hand, January 1. 1944 $ 36.606.90 Receipts during year 104.191.55 Total of bal and receipts 140.79S.45 Disburse, during year 103.574.86 Final bal. Dec. 31, 1944 37.223.59 1 Total Balances as shown TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY JAN. 9 and 10 Admission lie ami 20 IMU Itl.K FKATI'ltK KANSAS CITY KITTY Joan Davis, Jane Frazee, Bob Crosby THE BLACK PARACHUTE John Carradine, Larry Parks, Osa Massen by this report $37,223.59 Guaranteed PARTS and SERVICE On All Makes of RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor's Radio Service M N. Btb St. Phone 702 Chilean Mining Much of the nitrate ore in north Chile is mined by the old methd of placing an explosive under a deposit and blowing it up so it can be manually sorted. At the Chuquicamata copper mine, largest single mining property in the world, latest scientific methods are used. I Warrant-Checks oustand- ing Dec. 31. 1944 21.60 I Total Balances and Out MAN OR WOMAN TO WORK AT our canning plant. 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Happyland Food Company. Mulberry Street. t5U CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route op-n on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 32. Clintonian Office. j ployes fn Detroit, the CIO director (there "has called for a referendum in February, to vote on termination I I iof the union's no-strike pledge. The attorney pictured Ward's ns n Marine Corps THURSDAY JAN. AdmiKMion ih- anil 'JAX- symbol of non-compliance with - -- standing warrants. Dec. 31, 1944 37. 245. 19 Cash in Depository December 31. 1944 37.245.19 I. Dr. S. I. Green, the Trustee of Helt Township. Vermillion County. Indiana, do solemnly swear tor affirm ) that the preceding report of Receipts, Disbursements and Balances is true and correct, as I verify believe; and I further declare The two great marine corps m - ( the world, the Royal marines and government orderr necessitated by. United States marines, have similar the war. I insignia, uniforms and duties: each The case, with the issues virtual-1 in their respective countries have un-I Iv Identical, was before Federal j paralleled reputations for devotion I Judce William II. Holly last sprinc. , to duty and bravery. hut before he could render a deci-; M-O-N-E-Y FOR WINTER NECESSITIES HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY George Raft, Joan Bennett, Walter Pidgeon "LOYE YOUR LANDLORD" Edgar Kennedy Comedy , "MY TOMATO" MGM Short sinn company employes voted the CIO union their collective bargaining? SECURITY LOAN CO. Feed Lost Every time a fotnvmorrrhs-olS n: that the sums with which I am , charged in this report are all of the 'sums received by me. and that the various items of expenditures credited have been fully paid in the sums stated, and without express or im aeenry and the properties were turn Phone 62 224 Blacknian St. dies, about 300 pounds -f (eef is H back to -the company by the gov. - f LINTON. INDIANA iusu . - lernmem.

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