The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1945
Page 5
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" Page Tlv THE DAILY CLINTONIAN By Jack Sords RESPECTED CAGER Reported German Superiority Brings Probe Demands (Continued from page 1) however, that lie knew of no administration legislation which might come to congress on this or such kindred subjects as universal military training. May said lie expected to have as first witnesses on his bill secretary of the navy James V. Forrestal, undersecretary of war Robert P. Patterson and war manpower chairman Paul V. McNutt. Purdue to Meet Second Conference Opponent Tonight Boilermakers Take On Gophers After Upsetting Ohio; Indiana to be Idle The Purdue Boilermakers, who If.? '?ti& a trip to the battle zones, Bald superiority of German tanks' was discovered in North Africa. He said American military authorities claim that U. S. tanks are more maneuver-able, and that this makes up for (A Reuter dispatch saWlithht the i Russians also captured - a- big- Wes-serschmitt factory within the city.) Numerous tanks and self-propelled weapons were demolished as the Germans launched 12 consecutive counter-attacks. The communique said the Nazis were building barricades in the streets and blowing up private and publio buildings In attempts to stem the Soviet onslaught. West of Budapest, Russian forces killed 1,400 Germans and knocked out 49 tanks. (The Nazi-fostered Hungarian command claimed German troops were within 15 miles of Budapest.) "ltlggest Campaigns" The Soviet army newspaper Red Star said that "the battle of Hungary is one of the biggest campaigns of the war." The Soviet command reportedly expected the climax of the German offensive on Budapest to be reached within 24 hours. ft--.' "I. ; achieved a mild upset in defeating deficiency in Btrt ngth and fire pow- ! Two Soviet Armies Battle Way Into Heart of Budapest (Continued from page 1) Monday, January 8, 1345. Heavy 2' Weeks Outlined For Clinton Cagers Two Home Games on Cat Schedule this Week With" Valley Prelims Set For Jan. 18, 19, 20 at Dana Clinton's Wildcats face a busy tw o weeks as games with Attica , and ' Crawfordsvllle are sclmduled for Tuesday and Friday nights of this week and the Wabash Valley Preliminaries are sot to be staged next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Dana. Both games are at home this week and the Cats are expected Jo be in top form getting final polish for the tourney events. Interest in the prelims is hiffli and, despite the fact that they will be held In the small Dana gymnasium, a large crowd of county fans is expected to attend the sessions. One of 15 centers, Dana will be host to seven teams, all Vermillion County squads, as Hillsdale, Newport, Perrysville, Clinton, Dana, Cayuga and St. Bernice will be represented. :.' Clinton's, first game will be with er. "I don't want to say anything publicly, but if I were on the military affairs committee I certainly would demand an investigation," this senator said. Sen. Brewster (R) Maine, said the senate war investigating committee should go into the situation. "I think it would be very appropriate to investigate theBe claims of inferiority of our weapons," he declared. "That Is the kind of work .... ,., .. . ' 1' ' : ; '.' -'"'.VjJiflfef costs," Soviet forces knocked out 116 German tanks and 62 planes on all eastern front sectors. Within the Hungarian capital, the ferocity of the house-to-house and street fighting was Intensified Ohio SUtc's defending champions, 37 to 36, in Purdue's first basketball game of -the Western Conference season, get another test tonight when they meet Minnesota at Minneapolis. The Gophers lost their first game to Iowa Saturday night, 41 to 34, but managed to slow down the Itawkeye offense which had run up an average of approximately 70 points a game in pre-season contests. One Conference Game Tonight's will be the only conference game until next Friday when Minnesota will play at Northwestern. The Saturday schedule calls for Illinois at Michigan, Northwestern at Ohio State, Purdue at Iowa and Minnesota at Wisconsin. Thus Indiana, which lost its only conference tangle, a 54 to 53 defeat by Michigan Friday night, will be the only team idle this week. Purdue, Northwestern and Iowa now head the conference standings the Mead committee should engage as the encircled German and Hun in. You don't acquire infallibility by garian defenders waited for what Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 2351 Blackmail simply putting a uniform on a man. they hoped would be rescue, Red army troops continued their plunge through the city, however, and captured 116 more blocks of houses. M Speedy Enactment Of 'Work or Fight' Bills is Expected trvinHiuied l-Toni Page 1) Jack ' 1 (:. J DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST (Eyes Tested - Glasses Made For . Those Who Need Them the lJerrysvnie omni. iiiursu;ij its ' QQGG&R, Atav'J ,rl riiS -ftlKt) ifcAiOM Of5 fcU'jAfacc A"s cms of iae- bv virtue "cf each having won without a-voluntary rush of 4,-F's in- only game played. fMichlBflri.'jq 'ar giants, aoni&of the! '-nation's Phone 17S t - ' 248 lilackman St. CMNTON, XND. 35!-million men lit- that ategory would find themselves , Jn an army "K. P." corps. '- ' Although the oiftlook for passage the busiest of the conference, teams witli three games, has won two and lost one. - " "v . . - The Wolverines,- after losing to Ohio Statft In an overtime battle, of a national, act recommended by won from Indiana Friday ana- vien President Roosevelt Jn his state of the union message was dim, Sen defeated Illinois 43 to 38. -Saturday Industries and time reiiulre- Hill (D) Ala., introduced a "'total ii'.ersiun of our liuro to peace ' In.1 asserted. mobilization" bill and the- Bailey- ilgfll'ii ni'-nl,' Brewster 4-F measure was reotfered 2. 8:15 p. ni. -Perrysville v: ton. 3. 9:30 : m. vs. Cay 1 ihlay, .I;tn. 1!.' 4. 7:00 p. in. Winner glim winner giunc 5. 8:15 p. 111. St. Uernice i night In the second game ai Three games will be played Thursday night, two Friday night and the finals on' Saturday night. One hundred and fourteen teams in the Valley are competing in the giant tournament, second only to the state contests in importance to Valley fans. Clinton's game tomorrow night, will be one of the better ones of the season with the Atticans offering plenty of competition to the locals. Feature player on Attica's team will be Jerry Stutevllle, son of Clinton's former coach Ed "Slim" Stutevllle. Friday's game will also be in the top bracket with the Athenians expected to bring a tough cage crow over for the match. Prolim Seliwlulo Dana 7 Teams Thursday, .Ian. 18 1. 7:00 p. m. Hillsdale vs. WANTED! CAilRIER BOYS! For Routes in Town in the Benate. Demand Karly Hearings Senators Bailey (D) N. C, and Brewster (R) Maine, sponsors of the senate 4-F measure, said they would demand early hearings on their "work or fight" bill. Senate majority leader Barkley confessed. ner gan Hntnnlay, Jit". p. in. -Winner winner 7i?id AVintor Meeting of OOP Edifors Set in Indiannpolis IN'lHANAI'Ol.M, lud. Plans h-ive been outlined for the Oilth mld-winier iii.c'iing of i he Indiana Republican Kdllorlal ABsoelalion nexl NMHUh In liidiainipolis. t.eo Kiunian, of Shelby ille, ni'so-eialion presldenl, said that Feb, 1(1 Ofliciuls- -Hodges. V.i . rj, night. This ranked them next to the three unbeaten teams, with Ohio Slate next, the champs having 'one victory and one defeat. Four teams are at the bottom on the standings with one defeat each In the only games they have played -Indiana. Illinois, Wisconsin and Mlnnesotn. Saturday's scoreB in conference and other midwest games were: Purdue 37, Ohio State 36; Michigan 13, Illinois 38: Iowa 41, Minnesota 31: Northwestern B2. Wisconsin 37; Great Lakes B, Notre Dame 58; Radio Chicago 59. Chicago 47; Cincinnati 3, Michigan State 27. Great Uikos. one of the strong Minis outside the conference, tries Its fortunes tonight at Fort Wayne, ind., against Valparaiso. Notre name, beaten by Great Lakes, clashes Wednesday night with Iowa Prefllght at Iowa City. Great Lakes will play the fre- MINIMUM AGE 10 YEARS I lK,S lee nieeiiiir Ralph F.CatfiH Is In til ana's 'MMi Governor (Continued from page 1) l trnlatively eliosen rnr the The principal objective of i Kininan, said, Is lo del e for the (I. (). 1'. In the el Inn and to elect new nM-e.-itliuateil that apiroxlnuile-t,eople would attend the v.. . .. ..... ..... . can't lleci with Rheumttle or FIRST Ncurltie Pain, try RUX. Thli LIQUID PHONE 32 or 33 Or Apply To: WILLIAM F. BLACKBURN Circulation Manager used INTERNALLY brought pleat nt, prompt fllUNOFA relief t thousand. You'll agree, no Better in predleatt arc available MUAmA-. tOOay l or inccun ri.. A million bottle told prove It'i food: Inexpen-itve. Aik tor STRENGTH RUX Regardless of any desiro to be j cooperative in wor'd affairs, nothing j must be permitted to inter the Ann'- j rican way of life which v. ill threat- j en "complete freedom" in tins mi- j tion, the governor added. j niscttRslnr ' wartime restrictions : ENED . COMPOUND Easy to Grow Strawberries are productive and easy to grow, so they deserve room in most family gardens. utientlv beaten Marquette Hllltop- WHITE'S PHARMACY Cold Preparations as directed pors Saturday at Milwaukee. f JUST .TAP OM THE IA)HAT CAW I PO ,i,i,.i, ht. :,;H were not aMteipiuen pipe mmk PAVS IOg ITS 0A IF VA t! K ..... tw tlio founding t'nt hers end are. n C?U I I nt CJr-w-Mi lyo LIKES VDLCAMOES-I K.'.d' BUT p45ei ATTENTION a nart of lav. Governor 'rlijELL i-;ei?f:s the little place KIN TAKE EM Qg "We willingly submit, to ail S" regulation directed Inward v,inni LEAVE? mrfTHE AWFUL TAPPING ON THE PIPE KEEPS ME - I CALL HOME- HOUO PO . , V0L1 LlkE ,T ? EAA ALOMEyHEAT UWAT A the war, but we nm-t that our basic stiueut neuii'e PO VOU c?o COOL THE Bt?EEZE, I MEAN, of itocrn-dfstroyed or en-. r,:,criili! t ioiiH and ected tov.ard ot li A-toJ,,Atsoui i rim ment shall not b dangered by rule ( s UUHEM ( OJAVE -.A I edicts that are (li the Theatre Starring P0FEYI I er ends." (Jrentest Test In Postwar I Governor Gales warned tie I greatest test of llmw'vr will ! at'tei; iiostilities ceae. j "Great though our tasks been during this p-rind. (tasks ahead prow in ifticnll'tili jwe consider the of 1 i hnbilitntion er ann.noo or 1 members of the oneed f.'-rr y , v r i Hi. and rtrvnn. hipf IS BUSINESS AND'li nw-u Or YOU e . ... mni SENSE ANY 1 HIMQ ItJ DC, H FOR THE BUSIMESS WHAT? SEMSE VOU II i VI a $ 3poo o"' pdr "the ' " portrait! av a. , i-i SHOWED -a ' vet" "N" V' fr VM ' blithe I1-1 SjM2 Mm Vlas J I'elli (lie war efr.nt by t ill a l iillo-.d ioli SKK V.Klt'.KSKW.Vr-IVK KA!I.IIOAI liMTIUKV-ilM' lUIAIill Hatieii Sloan! Office Kvery 'l uesday j Clinton, Indiana to I1:!!0 A. M. 3pOO i V4HEN DAD COMES HOME THAT'LL COMVIMCE HIM THE DAILY CLINTOMiAN .. . "Vermillion County's Home Newspaper" C7 GOOD DEFENSE BUT POOR Apr! A CTACK OP OLD r I'VE fSOT TO GET '. OFFENSE ;I OUGHT TO Bt r ' TRUCK TIRE RIMS.' THAT METAL TANK, OR WHATEVER IT IS, WILL BE BETTER INSIDE THESE RIMS, BUT fl AW WINDOW WITH THIS IF I TRY TO CLIMB OVfcK NO ) COVER THAN NOTHI THEV LL PICK ME Url- TUESDAY, 3Aii LIKE A CLAY KltrtUfM CIS SB ran Secret - upcrative k .i&wpyri 45 'ftjN.-''tA.''.' r : CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7' AND 8 P. M. General Admissicn 35s NEXT HOMS ? i , if l UAC PCCiaM DM . . lgSfLL- TIME'S OP! . rSggf SOMETHING GOOFY! , &Sli6s0r16TUIMS STRANGE! I AK10STS.VJNS DRAT! wis wicwiraa r .. ""-.' . . ,-.. A, I AN I WAX. WAS GOV1TA- voo J CXI "r, -.rA alwiTI J no mio orTnrcifC rAME I TIME ! VWST A5 I WA'j lu uei U , V t:" r. . KA. w v-i- '.Mm HAIR -CREADTH HARRY - i m Tv Mill ens vs. mmm, r. lil ? " ! ill 'J T,Lyi.. Jiwi 'A4 eaxss W back FRIDAY, JAH! Liu 'J CL WW

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