The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1945
Page 4
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.. hi; J , tr.n- " t " i i. ". . ' THE DAILY OLIN IONIAN .JPajce ThrM Behind the Sodalfifdtes ii in cio, Ind., and Mr. and Mis. Fred Lettle and daughter of Danville called on Mr. and Mrs. Bert Eickelman New Year's day. Mrs. Mnizle Hines and baby arc on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walt returned home Sunday fruni u weeks visit after Christinas with relatives In St. Louis, Mu. Mrs. Bessie Webb and Jack and Lavada Webb and Leo Cole spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Klckelnian. ji i mi it j. Clinton Sailor Meets Brother-in-law In Merchant Ship Tour NEW ORLEANS, La. Max R. Moore, boatswain's mate second class, 1,'SNR, of Indianapolis, formerly of Clinton, has returned to the Armed Ciuard Center here following 10 months duty aboard a merchant ship that delivered war materiel abroard, visiting Northern France. He served as a member of the Navy gun crew on the vessel. While in an English port he ran across Ills brother-in-law, Captain George Baglch, USA, of Clinton. More has also visited ports of West Indies, North Africa, Iran, South America and the British Isles during the 29 months duty afloat, serving as a Navy gun crews on those vessels also. He had exeprienced attacks from both hostile aircraft and enemy submarines during the course of Ills voyages. He enlisted on April 2:1, 1942, taking recruit training at Great Lakes, 111. Prior to entering tho service he wbb employed by the Great Lakes Steel Corp., at Ecorse, Mich. He is a former student of Clinton High School, his father, Harry Moore, making his home at G03 S. Tth St. in that city. His wife, Mary, lives at 1614 W. Alabama St. Indianapolis. Clean Milk Clean milk is milk of good flavor, comes from healthy cows, is free from dirt, and contains few bacteria, none of which are harmful. MARIAN'S Beauty Shop 408 N. Oth St. All Lines of Beauty Shop Telephone 490 Lady In Distress? Let Us Help You With Your "Dry" Cleaning Problem! I ft Upper Coal Branch The Christinas program at' the Sunday School was well attended. Dicky Hines was the Sunday afternoon visitor of Gerald and Billy Webb. Mrs. F.dith Eickelman called on Mrs. Mazle Hines Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Gladys White and daughters, Sonya May and Carol Ann, of Mun- f (steads I "A LITTLE BETTER" ? , ; ' - Monday, January 8, J!l 15. Dana Residents Announce Engagement of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Cuilit-r, 1'm.oi announce Iho engagement ol lle'l" daughter, Wanda KluliH'. I" I'uv James It. .Morgan, son cil' 51 r. snnl Mrs. 0. H. Morgan uf Iln rl I tin i i . I'ie. Morgan returned In Fl''l'' nunnery School, Yumii Army A"' Mime, Vumii. Arl. nfler KPciidllii: ii 21 il.iy fmlioigli ilh liia iniiiiii; I'rlnr let entering service, )n wim -iiiiiv'i m Mip wnow. Miss rollliT left roccnily to re sume her iiihIi 1iii iim toucher In Ihe I Dnl.nnil, Kin. high srl I ulicr ninl lfr n Iwn week's vacation here unci In lluillnglnn, In. A derinlle wedding dale haB not been sol. Women's Conservation Club Meets With 22 Present Twenty-two members of the SI. Dcnitce Women's Conscrvnlion Club wore present at the January meellnc hold recently. Mrs. Ernest Skinner, new president of the eluh, was In charge of the meeting. Alter the business; ninoling a social lime was enjoyed Willi refreshments being served. Assistant hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Karl Coleumn, Mrs. Prank Ernhurt. Mrs. Clyde Wagner. Mrs. Minnie Ford and Mrs. Ilex Myers. The door prize was won by Mrs. Arthur Stout. The next meeting is to bo lield on February 2. Mrs. Jardine Hostess For Modern Martha Class Meet Mrs. (leorge Jardine was hostess for the Modern Martha Class of the Methodist Church at her home Friday afternoon. Sixteen members and three guests attended the meeting. The regular business meeting was held and the meeting was then turned over to the hostess. A social time was enjoyed and the hostess served delicious refreshments. Bunco Played Thursday At Blanford B. B. Club Meet Members of the I!, ii. Club of Blanford were eulerlnino! Thursday evening al the home of Mrs. Ango-.Une Marietta. Runeo was played at two tables during the evening with Mrs. Lucille Marcinko winning bunco; Mrs. Josephine Perona. high and travel; and Mrs. Bessie Runvnn low. A delicious refreslmieuls was served by the hostess. The nexl nieol-ing will he held January IS with Mrs. Bessie Hunyan as hostess. CEMETEKY MEMORIALS MOXl'MEXTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. BlIELIi V. 1.1 E Phone 8S3 Kcprraentatire 40S 8. Seventh, Clinton I ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 1 137 North Tth St. I PHONE 184-W g TERMANENTS U GIVEN AT NIGHT RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 48-Hour Service THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ) Clinton i DEPEND ON PENNEY'S ! For everything you need and want, at prices you can pay (with ample left for War Bonds to speed a better day) Depend upon your Penney Store! Depend on us to strive to serve you well, as always, during 1 945. FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING, 9:00 Montgomery Calls For Full Allied Support Of Gen. Eisenhower (Continued iroiu page 1 ) stand hiti appreciation lor the American tiuoim under bin command. Ills endorseineiil ol Ihelr giillaniry und fighting uuulltlcH, It was belluved, would help pave Ihe way for Increased Allied coopeiullon. oil Hath for l (i A simple oil bath could save eggs which spoil each year because of. delay in marketing or in faulty storage. Oiled eggs stored 18 months ago at 31 degrees at Michigan Stale college lost practically no moisture and were well preset ved. A highly refined, colorless' oil was used, and no technical skill was required. Treatment cost less than a ha"-cent per dozen eggs, in 45 3 mm I'ltlXTKK TABLE CLOTHS 3.98 These arc grand values! Flowered designs on Htroiig blcachfd cotton sheeting. A Ky addition to any table setting. H 1'AlltS OXI.Y Tailored CURTAINS Beautiful lace panels Willi floral border. Slotted topB to easy hanging. 2 yd. 6 QQm in. long. fOp 24 PAIItS O.XI.Y COTTAGE SETS Colorful addition to any kitchen. White with red, blue or green. 1.59 Coffee Maker 87c '-. ,"?'v m 1 - m Icen mlchael has written a song called "Lauren" and if dedicating it to her. , Barbara Stanwyck couldn't be happier. The bomber she sponsored, Uie Ready Teddy II, survived 7 missions In the south Pacific without a crew casualty except one boy getting a sprained ankle. . . . The Mocambo's redheaded cigaret girl, Barbara Powers, may be a film starlet any minute. Warner's talent scout, Sophie Rosenstein, is interested In her and the Frank Ross office has called her to test for "The Robe." She'd be perfect for Salome. . . . Lots of rumors that the June Allyson-Dick Powell romance is cooling. She's been going with Peter Lawford, who seems to catch them all on the rebound, and Dick is headed for a long personal appearance tour. . . . Ann Jeffreys and George Raft have discovered each other. . . . And, speaking of Raft, his Man Friday, Mack Gray, has received an offer to appear In a New York play. . . . Ginger Roger had a picture of herself reduced to a quarter of an inch in diameter so Husband Jack Brlggs can wear it In a ring. . . . Humo Cronyn, already successful as a short story writer, has completed 25,000 words on a novel about an American family during depression times. . ' HOLLYWOOD HI JINX: Rod Cameron is dating Dawri Kennedy, one of Universal's "Salome" girls. . . . R-K-0 Cutey Virginia Belmont suffered the fright of her life when the folks upstairs had a leaky water heater and the ceiling of Virginia's bedroom showered down upon her bed in the middle of the night. . , . Tony Romano off soon with Bob Hope on another tour. They've traveled 300,000 miles together. ... A local 'merchant bought a $20,000 War Bond and will get 10 free -dancing lessons at Arthur Murray's studio with Glamor Girl Ann Miller as teacher. . . . Bud Abbott and Lou Costello met the year's cleverest hitchhiker a sailor who stood by the side of the road shining a flashlight on an uplifted package of cigarets. The irony is that Bud and Lou work for a cigaret sponsor and are among the few people in the country who are not short of smokes. . .". Add Producers Bill Pine and Bill Thomas to Hollywood's nice guys. They postponed their picture, "People Are Funny," for two months so Frances Lang-ford could go on a hospital tour and Jack Haley could accept an R-K-0 assignment at a fat salary. TODAY'S PATTERN Designed for style, comfort and easy sewing! Pattern 9120 jumper, blouse In women's sizes. Make several blouses: long or short sleeves. Pattern 9120, sizes 24, 2, 38, 40, 42. 41, 4H, 48. Size ;ili, jumper. 2 '2 yds. 39-in.i long sleeved blouse, 1 yds. 39-tn.: short. 2 yds. 35-ln. Send TWKNTV IHXTS In coins for this pattern to The Daily Clinton-Ian, Pattern Dept., 155 N. Jefferson St.. Chicago XM, HI. Print plainly SIZE, XAME, ADDItESS, KTVI.K XI MIIEIt. I'll'TKKN CENTS more brings you the .Marian Martin Fall and Winter Pattern Hook full of smart, easy-(o-imiko styles. A free pattern Js printed right in the book. SOOTHES YOUR THROAT below the gargle line Each F k V fourth Lozcnet pives youxtliroat a 15miniitrcomforting inatmcut. Really soothing Ixrause they're rmfh medicated. Tsed by millions for toughf, throat irritations or hoarseness resulting from colds or smoking. Only 10(i box. COUGH LOZENGES 9120 f SIZES ViMU LSI Mrs. Hanson Is Honored At Surprise Hirtliday Party jln. William Nnsmi was honored ul'a r.iriri" biiihdtiy parly riven at her linuie en '.Mulberry street Suu-(!;. i'Vi'ni!!'.r by a group of 1'rU'iuls. Those present al Hie parly were M' :tnd Mr;. ("IuiI'-k Crane, and'IMr. J::li'h Ann Kppor- s.m, Pnllal.l .Max Crane .if III!" Mor-, -,.,.1,1 .uurtHi- : nihl v. He, Mr. and I be, Mr. and Mrs. s. h.ab.'ll Williams. ', and -Miss llirillau- .Itiiin I'b' Mi. 'i KM, 1,1 .Inn. ' ll..liri,i nil ami iilc (in I I., u i ";limenls worn ser-l. sii reeened main Locr.l Womc'i's Group Re-e!(M'ts Officers Recently Officers ol II"' Women's lieliet Corps. ii;rni, Clinton were re elected a I Hie meeting held at the hall recently. Kcwrul members were appointed us new officers. The grout) serving lor 11145 includes Hie following: Mrs. (lerlnide Klewarl. pre.-i.lenl. Mrs. Cora W. Harrison, leiiinr vice; Mrs. Cora H. Harrison, junior vice; Mrs. liut-lon, chaplain; Mrs. lona Seldom-ridge, guard: Mrs. Faulds, conductress. Miss Eva Stokesberry, treasurer; and secretary, Mrs. Lou Balmer. Refreshments of coffee and ook- les'were served and a social time was enjoyed by all. ' Monday Regular meeting of Jerusalem Chnnter 2R4, OES, Masonic hall, 7:30 p. m. Woman's Clnh, Airs Ed Zell, 756 Elm street. 2 p. m. Tuesday There will be a meeting of the Red Cross cutting class at the hall at 0 a. m. Fortnightly Club, Mrs. Fred Porter. S p. in. Regnlcr meetinJ? of the Pvthian Sisters, 7:30 p.m. Installation of officers. Bring three sandwiches for re-t'reshmenls. Band Boosters nub. meet at the band room at 7:3" p. m. , Alpha Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Charles Walker. Rlnokmnn Street', at 2 p. m. Mrs. H. H. Moore, hostess. , . Croniptnn Hill P. T. A. mcot at school hni'se. January fl. 7:3n p. m. There will be a recreational leader. High school students are especially invited. . Tempos Fugit. Mrs. Irene . Scag-giari, 7:45 P. m. Wednesday Friendly Bunco meets with Mrs. Sybil Sperry, "::!) P. m. Social Sisters Club, all day meeting, Mrs. Hay Wright, Center. TJrjrsffnv Mudtrn Matrons, all day meeting, Mrs. Kalon Myers, hostess. Lieutenant, ami Mis. Ktnrst IJoyd, I'm TlV ir f "1 in t on and Detroit, Mi.'h Cie )i;Teills ol a daughter n'ny ill a .New Turk Ciiy bulil Srllliri'.. Ilost.ilal. 'I'll, poun.l - . . i. ! lioyd Aas for Hurl.itt nf I'll bab; w.-iL'llfri four s at l.irlh. .Mrs. .Mis-i I'JtauH'liiie lh Inoc.iilale With Itactcria Since the iiy i.; a ieiunie, inoculate your st cJ, More planting, with tiio bacteria that chaw nitrogen from the. air in icltirn for a place to live. Th i?c bacteria specifically recununended for' soybeans can be lia.i hi packaged form fxom your seedsman. Home Newspaper COMPLETE '. i t. F. I i I By HARRISON CARROLL Ktnj Fealiini SyndluM Wrltn HOLLVW'OOD A. bull being tired In Laurel lind Hardy'i new picture, ""Ihe Bull Klghtem," tupped nil the gag-writers on the film and sup- plied Holly- uiir wood' I m- promptu c o m-edy scene of the week. Mr Bull, weary of being tied to a post during the long wails between movie set-ups, broke loose and, after having a t 'W A mt fun cat" ,M .-tZmifii dl tcring actors Harrison Carroll before him. took firm stand in Iront of the ladies' powder room an the Twentieth Century-Fox hack lot. Two ladies, caught in-si'le, were marooned lor an hour before the four-legged cad was roped and removed. The Bob Aldas had the darndest ixperience. Driving in a fog at night, they saw a woman lying at the side of the road. They stopped and found a hit-and-run victim with a broken leg and multiple cuts. They rushed her to the town of Roscoe where, luckily, she was able to tell police that the Aldas were good Samaritans and not the ones who hit her. Incidentally, do you realize that Alda occupies the most ironic nosition of all Hollywood actors? He starred as Gershwin in "Rhapsody in Blue" and made another picture, "Cinderella Jones," but the fans have never seen him on the screen. Furthermore, neither of his films is on the War ner release schedule up to July of 1P45. No telling when Bob will know the verdict of his future. Warners held "Arsenic and Old I, ace" for two and a half years. Since "Going My Way," Leo McCarey is the man of the hour and, at the same time, the despair of Paramount. This unimpressed Irishman showed up for an important portrait sitting wearing a sweatshirt. When the protog-raphcr hit the ceiling, Leo called Buddy De Sylva and Buddy came over and literally took the shirt off his back so Leo could face the camera in the dignity of proper attire. ; On top of everything else that has broken beautifully lor Lauren Bacall, Hoagy "Star Dust" Car- SJOIRITAJ. Harry Runyau was admitted to the Vermillion County Hospital Friday as a medical case. Jlr.s. Volet Vearo, Universal, was admitted to the county hospital Saturday as a surpical case. Bill Jliddle, St. Bcrnice. was ad mitted to the county hospital Saturday as a medical case. fienrf? Amerman, Route threo, was admitted to the county hospital Saturday as a fracture case. I' rank Wheal. Shephanlsville. Mrs. Anna Snynrk, Vniversal, Mrs. Nellie (iinivc Norlit Kahili Street, Calh-rriiM- NifKs, Hillsdale, Mrs. Rosc-m;iry (Irilliti ami haby, route lhro and .! .MallickK. Kosedale, route oiii'. were dismissed from the county lui -I'ihil Sunday. I Alice Brooks Hoot mon. a Scottle makes a fine showinc embroidered In black on towels. Follow your kitchen color scheme in the rest of the design. Quick way to brighten a kitchen! Pattern 7'JM contains transfer pattern of 6 motifs averaging 7'4 x ? inches; i-tileties. Send KIKTEKX CKXT in coins for this pattern to The Daily Clintonian, Household Arts Dept., 564 West Randolph Street. Chicaeo 80. 111. Print plainly MM K, ADDRESS and PVTTKltX Xr.MHER. Our new Si-pate Needlework Book is yours for Fifteen Cents more . . . i:;o illustrations of designs for embroidery, home decoration, toys, kninini:. crochet, quilts. Bl K-r.-.- J ri.vvi i i, seoTTirc - tai-ff f --- - v-:. m- .'Ssf-' , All The Time 80 OXXY PLAID BLANKETS 3.98 Sturdy mixture of not less than 5 wool with cotton, bound in Kleaming satin. Grand warm protection asalnst chilly winter nights. Indian COTTON BLANKETS 3.98 WOMEN'S FLANNEL GOWNS 1.23 and 1.27 Men's Pay '' OVERALL JACKETS Blanket Lined 2.69 l.vii ;hey FACIAL TISSUES 25c Limit One llox To A Customer! SMOOTH RAYON PRINTS 59c to 79c Bright, attractive prints in materials wonderfully easy to cut and sew. Hint for home dressmakers! IXtVKLY Priscilla CURTAINS 2.29 to 3.49 Fluffy dotted marnuisette in white with blue and rose. Plain cream marquisette, and white cushion dot all complete with generous tie backs. BLUE SPECK ENAMEL ! GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES ; "The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker . . all need a different type of sales book and we have them. The world-famous Rediform sales book line gives you greater vaiiety, better construction, and finer quality, all at "mass production" prices. Let vs quote on your sales book orders. ' The Daily Clintonian COOKING UTENSILS 6 Cup Drip 24 Qt. Sauce Pan 25c 1 Qt. Double Boiler 79c 7 Qt. Covered Pot 79c 11 Qt. Dish Pan 59c 6 Cup Percolater 79c Vermillion County' 1'ho.m; Xfi US SHOW YOU Ot

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