Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page M12
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page M12

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page M12
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Page M12 article text (OCR)

12 Sunday,October18,2015 • • Democrat and Chronicle • TV Week KIDS SPORTS MOVIES SATURDAY DAYTIME OCTOBER 24 Lucky DogPet Vet (N) In no va - tion In spec - tors CBS This Morn ing: Sat ur day (N) Heroes (N) Chang ersPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidFoot ballCol legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) For giveNwlywdCatch 21Catch 21BounceAwe someLive Life!An i malAwe someOne LoveBlack Knight (‘01) ‘PG 13’ Bowfinger (‘99) ‘PG 13’ Life To day Week end (N) PaidInto WildTree Fu Tom Ruff Twt D Astro- blast! Clang ersEarth Luna LazyTownEng lish Pr. League Soc cer: Ever ton at Ar se nal (Live) 2015 IRB Rugby World Cup: Semifinal 1 (Taped) H. R. PufLandGreenGreenTravelTravelMys teryMys teryWagon TrainBig Val leyGunsmokeBo nanzaRaw hideDead AlvDead Alv PaidNews (N) Good Morn ing America (N) CntdownOcean (N) Sea Rescue Wild lifeRock ParkEx plore (N) Col legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) Foot ballCol legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) Dr. PolDr. PolDogTwnWhsperWhsperWhsperWhsperShel terHatchedDreamThe BlitzCol legeFoot ball (Live) PaidBones (TV14) Ses ameCu ri ousCu ri ousBobHomeOld HseAsk ThisSmthShpCiao ItaliKitchenChef’sMar thaMingKitchenCook’sOpin ionEu ropeOpin ion Con traryMcLghlinFes ti valAwardsInd. LensWlth TrkRe li gionInd. LensAfroPoPFes ti valAwardsInd. Lens Chris tinaVeg e tar nCook ingPati’GrillHealth fulKo reanChris tinaVeg e tar nGrillSmokeMingKellerKitchenCook’sFreshSmokeOld HseEu ropeBen e fits Live Life!Amer icaCa reer (N) Think BigBig WorldIcons (N) PaidPaidPaidPaidBig BangPre RaceNASCAR Camping World Truck Se ries: Fred’s 250 (Live) Big BangJudyJudy CitywiseBizKidEdgeAn i malAn i malDog TalesRchesterOn SpotShwcaseDsigningMcKenziePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidDead (TV14) PaidPaidWor shipMir a clesSVU: Waste SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU: Risk SVU: Rot ten SVU: Mercy SVU (TV14) PaidPaidPaidPaidLaw & Or derLaw & Or derWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerBlue Bloods PagadoPagadoRaggsNoo dleChicaLazyPagadoPagadoPagadoMindfrkVídeosAn a con das (‘04) ‘PG 13’ AntesalaCopa Mundial (Directo) New Day (N) New Day (N) SmerconishCNN (N) CNN (N) CNN (N) CNN (N) CNNVi talCNN (N) CNN (N) PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SportsCenterCol legeGameDay (Live) Col legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) ScorebrdCol legeFtbl (Live) NHRA LucasFirst TakeNFL MatchSportsCenter Col legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) ScorebodCol legeFtbl (Live) Foot ball (Taped) Col legeSide linesCuseUncutCol legeSide linesOut BndsCen terHigh School Football (Taped) Fan tasyCol lege Soc cer (Taped) PaidPaidPaidPaidBar Res cueBar Res cueBar Res cueBar Res cueBar Res cueBar Res cueCopsCopsSweat Inc. Cat fishCat fishCat fishCat fishAwk wardThe One?The One?She’s Out of My League (‘10) ‘R’ Pro ject X ‘R’ VH1 + Mu sic (TVPG) (N) VH1 Top 20 Video Count (N) B.A.P.S. (‘97) ‘PG 13’ Dance Flick (‘09) ‘PG 13’ SNL (TV14) SNL (TV14) SpongeSpongeAlvinAlvinSpongeBob (TVY7) HarveySanjaySpongeDinoAlvinAlvinAlvinAlvinSpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeThndrmn Matilda (‘96) Magical girl. ‘PG’ ParaNorman (‘12) ‘PG’ Burton’s Corpse Bride ‘PG’ Night mare (‘93) ‘PG’ Cas per (‘95) ‘PG’ Addams PaidPaidPaidPaidChrisleyChrisleyEng lish Pre mier (Live) Char lie’s An gels: Full ‘PG 13’ Un der world: Rise Lycans ‘R’ Leg end (‘07) Law & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derPitch Black (‘00) Vin Diesel. ‘R’ Fi nal Des ti na tion 5 (‘11) ‘R’ Fi nal (‘09) ‘R’ Day of the Dead (‘85) ‘NR’ Res i dent Evil (‘02) ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Apoc a lypse ‘R’ Trem ors (‘90) ‘PG 13’ Child’s Play (‘88) ‘R’ PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidJacksonsDirty Teacher (‘13) Dark De sire (‘12) ‘NR’ Sto len ‘NR’ PaidPaidPaidPaidPa cificDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalDual Sur vivalGold Rush: Blood, Sweat Gold Rush Dog BntyDog BntyDog BntyDog BntyDog BntyDog BntyGang landGang landGang landGang landGang land PaidPaidSth ParkSth ParkSth ParkSth Park (:05) Hit and Run (‘12) ‘R’ (:20) A Haunted House (‘13) ‘R’ Let’s Go to Prison (‘06) ‘R’ Schmucks House (TV14) House (TV14) House (TV14) E! Wknd (N) The SoupBotchedBotchedBotchedBotchedBotched LucyLucyLucyLucyGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenThe Good Witch (‘08) ‘NR’ The Good Witch (‘11) ‘NR’ Good Witch’s Charm ‘NR’ Inspirat.Black Knight (‘01) ‘PG 13’ PrincePrincePrincePrincePrincePrinceMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tinMar tin PagadoPagadoPocoyoSésameMickey (TVY) Jun gleHandy MPagadoPagadoNetas divinasLánzate! (N) Roxanna Entretenimiento. (N) (:55) La rosa Mi chaelLoretoDaily MassCath o licJe susTruthAt HomeRo saryDaily MassEWTNNwsMnyFacesEWTN (TV G) ReflectnRo saryWeb Faith BstThingGuy BiteGiadaSouth ernTrisha’sPi o neerPi o neerFarmhseThe KitchenPar tiesGiadaHal low eenHal low eenDinersDinersChopped SportsSportsSportsNotreDmePaidPaidPaidPaidSportsPokerCol legeFoot ball: Prince ton vs Har vard Jets GameCol legeFtbl (Live) Run ningYan keesPaidPaidPaidPaidFrancesaRun ningYan keesRun ningTBATBAFrancesaTBAPenn StateTBAWk FtbalYan kees Alex Witt (N) Up Pun dit panel. (N) Me lissa Har ris-Perry (N) Weekends with Alex Witt (N) CaughtCaughtCaught SeinfeldSeinfeldMeet the Browns (‘08) ‘PG 13’ Why Did I Married ‘PG 13’ Think Like a Man (‘12) ‘PG 13’ 2 BrokePre-GameMLB Playoffs (Live) VeggieDr.WndrGina D’sStorykeepRocKdsTVAuto-BIs landVeggieTruckHopkinsLassieDaveyiShineMike’sNestVeggieGreat estBlssLordChris tian PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe LineupThe MaskThe MaskThe MaskThe Mask PaidPaidPaidPaidAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaA Haunt ingA Haunt ingA Haunt ingA Haunt ing RutgersPaidPaidPaidPaidNHL Hockey (Re play) Col legeFoot ball: Teams TBA (Live) NY Gi antsNY Gi ants Couch (TV14) TBAL.A. (TV14) L.A.: Karma’s L.A. (TV14) TeresaTeresaHouse wivesHouse wivesHouse wives Fixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perTiny HseTiny HseTiny HseTiny HseTiny HseTiny HseTiny HseTiny Hse FOX-FriendFOX-FriendFOX-FriendBullsCavutoForbesCashin InBob MassiRespctdAmerica’s News HQ (DC) (N) News HQ (N) News HQ (N) SonicTi tans!PkémnXYTi tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!GrandpaGrandpaTi tans!Ti tans!We BareWe BareTi tans!Ti tans!GumballGumball PaidPaidTwi lightTwi lightTwi lightThe Wraith (‘86) ‘PG 13’ Texas Chain saw (‘06) ‘R’ Hos tel (‘06) ‘R’ In stru ments ‘PG 13’ Gal lant ‘NR’ Count of Monte Cristo ‘NR’ Bat manDrummondRide Lone some ‘NR’ (:15) 3:10 to Yuma (‘57) ‘NR’ The Big Sky (‘52) ‘NR’ Doc McSo fiaJakeMiles frmStar WarsBlogJessieI Did n’tLivLivLivBUNK’DBUNK’DBUNK’DLab RatsLab RatsAus tinBestBestBest CMT Mu sicCMT Mu sicHot 20 Cntdown Vid eos and news. (N) Cross roadsFoot loose (‘84) Kevin Ba con. ‘R’ Hope Floats ‘PG 13’ Amer icaAmer icaAmer icaAmer icaAmer icaAmer ica51 Amaz ingMar velsMar velsGreat Wild FamFeudFam ily FeudFamFeudFamFeudRebaRebaReba (TVPG) RebaRebaRebaRebaRebaRebaRebaRebaRebaRebaReba PaidPaidWor shipMir a clesSVU: Waste SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU: Risk SVU: Rot ten SVU: Mercy SVU (TV14) (6:00) Eu ro peanTourGolf (Taped) Morn ing DriveLPGA Tour Golf (Re play) Pre Game El lenAn gerAn gerTwo&HalfTwo&HalfTwo&HalfTwo&HalfSnow White and the Hunts man (‘12) ‘PG 13’ Para nor malAc tiv ity (‘09) ‘R’ Para nor mal Cat (TVPG) Cat (TVPG) TBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBA Pre mierPre viewMen InPre mier (Live) (:55) Eng lish Pre mier (Live) Pre mierFor mulaOne Qual i fy ing (Live) Qual i fy ing PaidPaidStrong (TV14) TBATBATBATBASex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&CitySex&City PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidHack MyHack MySix DgreeSix DgreeBilly OnBilly OnJok ersJok ersJok ersJok erstruTV ToptruTV Top Weird (TV G) Mys ter iesMys ter iesMys ter iesUn knownTrav elerCreep i estDestinat.2Ter rify 7Ter rify 2 Like Mike ‘PG’ Like Mike 2: Streetball ‘PG’ Real SportsMust Die (‘06) ‘PG 13’ Fault Our Stars (‘14) ‘PG 13’ Doll & Em (:10) Un bro ken (‘14) ‘PG 13’ Her cu les (‘14) (:55) The Pi ano (‘93) ‘R’ Boy Next Door ‘R’ Beauty Shop (‘05) ‘PG 13’ (:25) Belle (‘14) ‘PG’ All the Pretty Horses ‘PG 13’ The Jam (‘15) In side NFLNotreDme60 Min utesDragonheart ‘PG 13’ (:15) Prophet’s Prey (‘15) ‘NR’ Home landHome landHome land

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