The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 6, 1945 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1945
Page 4
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Saturday, January 6, 1945. Til E DAILY CL1NTON1AN Behind the Iceni i THE DAIJjYJOLM'ONIAIV ,' aMaMJahad aa Tb Weekly CltatoaJaa T OUafcm Plain dealer alMMrbed ! MM Pabllilwd Dally Except Saturday and Suadaf foorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Pa tared at toe Poat office at Citato. Indian aa Second OUaa Matter "Tilt. AM HOLLYUIOODS By HARRISON CARROLL Hine tVaturct Nyndlrale Writer HOLLYWOOD The stork isn't iur at Hr'ly Lnmnrr's until June hut Sqimilrim 1!97 cf the Air Tiiinfiort Command already has wrltti-n asking t KS priority on hid, v naming t h c crashed the party of Tamara Gevax and John Emery. . . . Gall Patrick finished with "Twlea Blessed" and off to Alameda to b with her bridegroom, Lt. Arnold Dean White. Did you know tit had almost three years of Atlantln patrol duly? . . . Linda Dtrntll will donnto threo scholarships to the Chicago Art Institute. Indlaaa KepnbUcan itdtttal Phone 32 TW Phono S3 Mount tn&B tifuaucAH 0nMM AtwiATitm pin-up Rlrl. or , I; W boy, Hdy . ' .-J. '.Si wai touched Louis Allbritton did a swell Job of making Boh Landry for(ret Donnna Di.bin. Incidentally, Lan-' dry will poise only a week or so in New York before taking off for n other overseas assignment by the request and, needless to say, her answer THE WOLF ! : , He's in War Lam; fS t c-v'r- . I-iSL.'. I2sfr if L i m a 1 is yes. r 1 I J IJIL IB Layers ot At six months, Maureen O'Hara'i daughter. Bronwyn Bridget Fltz-Simons Price (what a name to gtvo a child) is the spitting image of her daddy, Lt. Will Price, who's now in the Pacific. Harmon Carroll ar0,lm, Binnie Barnes' waist the cost of being a iady pirate in "The Spanish Main" and of trying to gel away from six-foot-six Mike Mazurki, former professional wrestler. Bennie suffered a couple of pulled ligaments. MMfW f9a o i Remember when Dick Arlen had his l.'i-acre estate, "Ercczy Top," In Northridge? Well, Dick sold the property to a steel executive, but it's now back In Hollywood hands. Dentist-Actor Buchanan is the new owner. Aeiiording to Virginia Weidler. her family hasn't had an easy night since they moved into the Hollywood apaiJ.ment where Oil Heiress (Jeoigette Bauerdorf was murdered. The fact that the killing still is unsolved makes it all the worse. V'itginia already has made one frantic call to the police when n'ne saw a man outside her window. It turned out to be a window washer. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Monte Blue starts his 35th year In pictures this month. He Just finished a role with Flynn in "San Antonio." . . . Phil Regan goes into Chlca' go's Blackstone hotel on Feb. 2 for four weeks. . . . Dance Director MVSTtRY of the fate of Gocntlier I'ricn, most famous of German U-boat commanders, in partially solved by the tlisclonure t it a t Prien, reported missing May 2-'S. 1941, is a prisoner of war in an Arizona prison camp. In Oclohcr, J930, I'ricn startled the world by slipping: Into the cloKcly-ginnVd British naval base at Scapa Flow to sink the 20.000 -ton Britlfh Battleship Royal Oak with a torpedo, f International ) an Industrial genius, la the hril-liant young ii'-weor.:, r. Ann Richards, who makes her feature film debut In this new King Vidor Despite its $4.000000 cost, the picture, "Wilson," now is expected to show a profit. In S00 bookings up to Dec. 1, Darryl Zanuck s biggest gamble had returned 51,732,-000 to the studio. AIRBORNE ATTACK xNO FAILURE The peculiar psychology of some American writers is exemplified by the conclu-sio cf L. S. B. Shapiro who, in reviewing tl v. in Europe during 1944, concludes I..V . 'ure to capture Arnheim" robs i i -f wrtunity to end the war in '.t by no means a certainty. Even had captured Arnheim there is .ii 'ike proof to indicate that the war , . : ...ive been concluded before 1945 be- om this start the writer goes into explanation for our "failure," which, k. , as we can judge, was not a failure but a brilliant operation which came with-jn an ace of scoring a tremendous success. Just because the airborne offensive in Holland failed to end the war there is no sense In concluding that it was a complete failure. 'V! -n the airborne army was dropped from the skies in September its operation Was e;;;hty per cent successful. Three of four l iver bridges were seized and the last, leading to Arnheim, was held by the enemy after hard and bitter fighting. The British Second army surged forward many miles and our general position in Europe was greatly improved. This was not a failure although the airborne operation did not end the war. While our commanders may have been optimistic in expecting results we have no evidence that any of them were counting on complete victory from the operation and we doubt if they consider the campaign a roi.iMiil Sunday anil Monday Taking a Backward Glance ! Hermes Pan and his assistant, An-jgie Blue, have called off their mock feud, each episode of which always tended up witli one of them getting a custard pie in the face, . . . Shirley Temple, rarely seen in night club, was at tiie Pirate's Den with two Air Force lieutenants. Even the employes In the place asked for her autographs. . . . Peter Lawford 'that lad certainly gets around) at Billingsley's Tropics with Ava Gardner, who gets around, too. ... The brief case that Mrs. Raymond Massey won't turn loose when she and her actor husband travel, contains his Income tax reports. Mrs. M. Is an attorney and helps out on the reports. . . . According to scroll sent to Jimmle McHugh' and Harold Adamson by a group of Air Force boys In Honolulu, the song, "Coming in on a Wlnf and a Prayer." w ill last as lnn as thsr is an airplane. . . . It's Harry Su-garman's gag about the wolf whet was trying to mend his ways and. every time a blonde passed by, asked himself: "Is this pip ,i-rinti nd" iit of the county poor farm for a p-rlod of four years: Ir. S. C. Darroch of CayuKa. county physician for a pcrioil of one year; Charles I'erKusoii. Clinton, reappointed road nupervlsor. TKX VK.lltS )t TOIt.tV Totvn,fifp TiiihtfCH Tafci- Otrlo- Twin)' N-' tniKt'f take offfrrft In tin? fU? townM'ihw of Wrniflllon County lodiiy. TJicy ar: Dr. (d''ll Archer, Buw-'diiiK Winging their way to th Co!- umbia Theatre come four angels on Sunday In Paramimia's "And the Angels Sine." It's a merry musical destined to put theatregoers in a delightful frame or) mind. I The three principal roles are handled by Kred MarMurray, Hetty Hutton and Dorothy l.amour with an excellent supporting cast which Includes Diana Lynn. Mml Chandler. Eddie I-'ny, Jr.. Prank Alberrson and Raymond Walburn. Eyebrows certainly raised when Lt. Wayne Morris and his wife showed up at the Mocambo w'itlt Bubbles Rchinasi ithc ex Mn, Mortis) and her No. 1 admirer. Arthur Homhyow, Jr. The foursome get along as slick as anything. . . . The Zachary Sculls still shakcy from a typhoid scare about their (laughter, Waveily. Youngster had been drinking from the overflow of a lily pond. . . . John Lodcr's first scene after getting over that rppier wound fit the ieg was to battle 15 men fa ia Doug-Ins Fa:i banks) for "The Fighting Gu?:il"man." . . . You'd be sur-I-ri.'fd to know the name of th famous masculine star who land Claud" Abernathy, Clinton, was appointed a memher of the H. I). KHlK will be hostess for the regular meeting of the Tr Kappa Sorority Tuesday evening. Mr. and .Mrs. Charles J. Drown were New Year's Iay guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen In i: reencastle. Mrs. Henry Oil for was elected presfdent nf the White Star Club last evening at the home of Mrs. John Gilmour on the Cllnton-Ter-re Haute Itoad. Other new officers elected were: vice president, Mrs. Ed Spence; secretary. Mrs. Ine Sh:nv, treasurer. Mis. Evan Adams, and reported. Mrs. Oil-foy. Mrs. Martha Iteese is to be hostess for the nevt meeting of the club. Lotto was enjoyed after the business meeting, irizca being a-wardetl to Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Oil-foy, and Jee Smith of Tern Haute. Mark floyce In Clinton. Town- i miners examining hoard, ship; Fred Karris, taking over the i Vi-mimi1k duties of Harry Jones in Hell I ;- y,IK. wiiitam A. Shute Townfhip: Frank ; il 1 1 P i am (. sup- of Casey. III. visited at the home planting Herbert fiawyer in Ver-If Mrs. Shine's sister, Mrs. W. million Tow nship: l-ws I'hillpotl. I h. Hrow n and Mr. llrow n of Kim snereeriing Kvereit O'Oonnel In ) street, yesterday. Kng'-ne Township, and lanie J Two new members were itiitia-Hfrks. taking the office vaeated ' ted at the Eastern star meeting Get In tii scrap! k, MIGNONG. OlOTMUIP wolf wmii 1 lli4 I il by Kdgar Trather in Highland Township. I 'ommiisiiiners bLU 1U J EBtRHAin last evening. Refreshment were served following the initiation wri IceK. Installation of officers for the incoming year will lake (dace net Monday evening at 7:30 p. IS4i GY AUTHOR - DlSTRIBUrED BY KING PFATURES SYNDICATE, INC. I Pick Kitiiiloyrc Appointment of county employee was announced today by the CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR . Vermillion County board of com-! oi. . ioner. which met ?t Newport I Mrs. Kwing Chapman wan ho-i yesterday for their regular ! ies for the Current Literature IIOKl M "When the mothers of the world assert ,votce Rrowintf thinner and more frijrhtcned at every word. It was exa'tly a if whoever was there with her, and had flopped talking when I knocked, was standing beside her holding a club over her head. But it wasn't really till sometime under Oavid M. club Thursday afternoon. Mm. A. themselves, the swashbucklers will disap- ( monthly session At the Movie .HSH Prid-jy nml Saturday A n'-w psyrliolojir-r?! mxHiory iltrfll'T, Columbia ptrtur-!' "TIm-Soul ol a Monftpr" wllfi Row Ho- Hanna. vritti"M tt the Uoartl. IT. IJrockway and Mis Julia Ov-Tlie appointments include M ; erpeck had charge of the pro-D. Weatherman, reappointed Kit-! gram. Tru, I was n'-ne the wi?r for any of wy ciurs, if clu''s thoy wore. or 1 didn't know ivho had mur- j dcred Com ad or Claud. But at HI th"relh"y were, and ujti.j.e wme- j thi"K happened to mr. Not that I intended to let anything happen to j mc; but I did want a clear or fair- j ly ch-ar conscience. Jut in case. Anl it wft eoualiy wnceivablc that the little I kite nii(;ht later,! in some way. ch-ar Drue or another ; innocent person, rather than con- j virt an von e. hurl, O'-orK Macr-ady, jfm Han- The other item Beevens had t relay was more serious. question of alibis, sir, he said-"Mr. Nicky told the police he apent two hours this afternoon in Iht morning room; he said ha didn t leave the room at all during: th time Dr. Chivery was killed. And Gertrude the housemaid w him there twice." "Well, go on." "But be did leave, air. I him." Craig sat up abruptly. "You aw him! When? Where?" Beevens looked quickly over hti -houlder and lowered his voice atill further. "He went out the id door, fcir. Walking toward the fa-rage. I thought nothing of it naturally. Until the police . "What time?" Beevens swallowed hard. "Not the next morning that they found the other yellow glove, bloodstained and stilT. hidVien under the mattress in Anna' room. And by that time it was impossible to question her. Well, luckily in a way. 1 didn't yet know about that. And I couldn't CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer non, J'-ahnc Hat and Knk Kolf 'HI oprii at thi Wahasli Th(atrf lonifild. It in tit' tulv of a ftfriis-tr woman from noirhHtv who iriv.K n w if to a dying; man. ActoTti ic to all advance rt" ports, tt'jwrn fans ar- In for break down the door to Annas room and I couldn't see through hard pine. I aid, "Open the door. Anna. So I wrote it quickly, a bare; Ktatcmeut of facta about the hypo- J dermic vot the wditinc box, lor j tnut v.u -.nil Brue's secretnut it tnnt lifflitnint un-nlay and hlaz-ini? Hciion. whn rane law and Bwyens said you were ill. I'd lite to get some medi' ine for you." in an envelop, and, a I doln'i L-t,(,u what else to do with it, I tfiiootin sit-cun riflf hri on bit? city crook In Columbia Hctuf-s' laif-rt Charl Snarrett thrilU'r, "Cowboy From River," which is opening at the Wabal- pear," declares a letter-writer to a newspaper in another state. This is an interesting assertion, but there is nothing much to substantiate it. Practically everyone remembers the argument that if the women got the vote, politics would be cleaned up. It hasn't worked out that way. An interesting question in regard to the sentence quoted is how are the women of the world to assert themselves? While it may be that "in every land, man's management has caused woe," there is no reason to suspect that woman's management would cause less. h ?6VEAIkS HAVE PASSED I Twenty -six years ago the President of t5 United States was in Paris, upon the occasion of the treaty-making that concluded the details of the Allied victory over the Central Powers. ' It fchould not br overlooked that the first World War effectively disposed of Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey as a menace to the peace of the world and the future development of democratic Th-ain tonight. Sundxy. 1.j.dH i 1 i' rr w p r r wTY" lIirtniI"IE Illlllllllllf to bt ti 7Zy oi t Is" tb tT" Am , and TiivIii ' S l or fh- fe-id tin:- in u t.- j ion. Sturiff ha a moil !ot !:d iu a f ii;r lwo of a fw bun-j ' 3r"l fiz!!. HS ijrrirnl filiij. ! "H-'ll fh' CoicMir!!iJ! H'-ro ojm-ii-j irg lit th Wabash Th-atr Hun-ftarrlne Kddl" Bracken and more than half an hour before tne i nurse found Dr. Chivery and i reached us with the news. Scarcely , half an hour, as a matter of fact." There was another sflenea. The ! butler's eyes watched Craig and re-i rved corirluMons. And I thought: : Was it Nicky then fn the meadow? j But Claud Chivery had been dead for some time when f found 'him. tThen why, if it was Nicky, bad he 'lingered? Or had he returned for something? The glove? The knife? i Craig said, "Are you ur it waa .Nicky?" I Beevens permitted himself si ;ht ahrug. "1 saw him walking toward the garage and thus towtrd , the meadow. Besides, 1 couldn't 'mistake his checked coat; I M i iookif.g out the pantry window. But 1 didn't see him return. I was busy then iu the dining room; he ) could have returned by th door jjutrt opposite the back sitrs, fon upstairs and then down again by t'ie front stairs. There's no doubt -he bad returned by the tima the j nure reacned the house." Ht ! paused. Shall I tell the polic, ifr? ' I heard them question him tfnd b definitely did not admit his absence "i hank you. Keale. o, I m ail riijht now." There was another .'i;rht pay, and is he added. "I don't need medicine, thank you. I dn't need anything. So ;n the end 1 was obliged to retire to the end of the hali. loudly, and return on tiptoe t the open door of a room opposite Anna's. B'Jt afiT five minutes no one had emerged and tm-re was no further w.':isd of a po--.-iMy ma.n'uKne voke from behind the cioed door on whieh rny eyes were glued. I was eyeing the keyhole thought-taliy and. indeed, had tojuoed nearer and w:is bending over ror!y to ser if a key was in it; as tbeie wa when I heard fwt-htepK MiUid mc and straightened unti woaitrd around and it was Bee-vei;. Who said "Ah" and coughed, giving me a chance to pull mytielf to-jreiher. Not that I needed it; I said "Ves EeeverjE?" a calmly as if keyhole investigation were my everyday and normal activity. "Iear, dear, ocrved Beeven. and again cghed and ehoked and eougoed h wdd:y that I aw he was atritateiily concerned wch wme-tning elte. H:s eye wre b-ilgmg and his throat palpitated hke a bsh's gi!l aboAe the lit! white wing of his collar. Crair wanted me at once, he pinned that too to the und-r side; i f my uniform, just below a p'cl;et o it oiHn't ivhow, and patted it ( down flat. t Kven ten, however, I Uidrt go to Urue. 1 had nothii-S to tell her, ' nothiritf a- all to off'-r that woaid . gtvi iu r tujK-rt. escpt my affec- '. tion fer h-r and fhe knew be had that. H'wjih. I'd have to ak her aain ab-jui the medicine itx. R-jt 1 was Hi;uu.fix to be ttiank-fuj for trie trw.per ou jfjaru at ii"--? dr. U'hau-ver the inu-iuion v-s the result mut be a dtrr'-e of cafety for Urue. After mat twiv lijrhi pioment or two down in the in'-adjw, a queer and borrihie -hufei" wa -verywhere in tiiat house, aa;c:if the Fhd" of drive-vay and garden, across the ireirh of lawnf. around every Kven the encirciing-, rhadow hil. teemed to know it and wait and wafu- I went firt in f-?a--h of Anna room. Th narrow hall tba" crow-d the main rorr.aor near tne tair- ' u ay led to itie back of the boue and I turned into it. pasned tne entrance to aorne rather tteep back fcta.ri, ' Uirned again aod brovithl up in i wing that was obviouI' the erv- ; anUs wing. 1 r.a!ked alonjr, paf j one or two ortn door beyond which j Anna obviounly waa not, and came j j Klla na:m. all tJl i-l"'- with 1ht fcfp'tm of a bri'f opfninu ' fu-nr-. in a Ittil un(ry town, j ' Hail :1m ConM'rine Hro" f i j dti'- to iirinc vu tnor lauth 'Itjn "Tn Mira!1 of Morgans ) Cri- it aid. j j j i I kxaiJai . Wita..- I HORIZOV1 L 4 r,afc.- an &J bCST Of and fcaiundn-y ' E:tt fc.d-' Kid. tho- ruf When President Wilson and the diplo- j mats arrived in Paris the w'2r bad brn, won, conclusively and convincingly. The, threat of autocracy had been removed; the, road ahead for the democracies ' as without immediate darker. ; lor An i v -" 1-' 7 t:..fcyciJ . -- ' ( 1 ' V). 'one vf jf 22 cicai? it':i..'s.i.y lit 'i'-rr.vtn rjv-f r;oi in rr'rerr.r-! tj'j u: nr r of a n.'.'fit f'rj'.j-am 1' 67 TRT1CAL 1. ' r rvr Y.ii.H 'J - F.hUr Z :'""'' rf 4 U" i Tt t'i i'i C. K fT 6 tJbic n.'nc ? said. Not even by a look did he question my presence just where I was and where I had no business to be. So I followed Beevens back to Craig's room and Craig was waiting impatiently, watching the door. lo a clod one. ( And ;ut a I knocked someone ' tne room apoke- It ; n urmur, furtner muffled by nay j knocks bur it aounded maaealir.e. And it ttoppe-1 abruptly at the Washington: Secretar of the Navy James V. Forrestal: "The Navy cannot ex- press itself too strong! v in its admiration i and respect for the de's of our solders in France, and for the military genius of Gen- eral MaeArthur and h! troops in the Phil-1 ippines' I l'J fyft-itVyJ j or 2 '.fK.lznm 2i ar.el of the f 't Ut ID E S Til iN:En? Paris; Brig. Gen. nthony C. McAulif-! 21 fev. Commander of the 101st U. S. Airborne ;- M j i who ar- -U'rnally jniuJar c!DOf ( tiioij" aodn-iKif , liat-' i') rul-.. 0t- ifc n'Vr to hit aj j d: . In "Bowrv Chamttf" oim-ii-I j Jug a lit Falar Thtr- ton.thf j If'ir rtij rii-- a tt. Ti.j runj irto a lad iiw lafc advantai:-j j of iht 'i by feint: ti-ii;- 'Tib j ii T'utiz to think you ain't no Ii.-?. ' -ak or.- of Uini aftr tijrj iN.rd wa!io I' a oHi'-dy-drafua j r.-Jli no ohT puiK'b1 rH-d. f fwnald l'arr' o - far w.'h iiniM If in his la (t! f)i'(ur fr ! It j-ublic Studio, "KuziUv' Kr'im 1 S'.uora. " rurrri!' -!to iu; at j I'ala-- Tnc'atrc. il- day a dual! , roi. -in both h'-ro and villain tiflturflav Midnlstit. ' Sunday and Monday Brian DonleiT- foIlowjuE hi turrfr in Much iciur-s at j ! "Stand Br For Action" and ; ? "tt'at Inland" ilayf tit- rr-at-Ft J i rol- of hi car--r iu MMro-ioid- j ' wyn-Maytr' An An'r'-ao lio- ; i ntan." rh n-w TThntcolor film : j oi'hk t f'ala- Th-atr- ; Satjray at midnieht. , j(poit ftnly. who portray j a VJovaian immigrant ho ri- j . in !?; I"ui'-d ?tai- it in coim- ( from the house. "Yes . . . murmured Craig, and changed bis mind. "No! No IX tell tnem. Is that all, Beevens?1' It was apparently all. But after Beevens had gone, closing the door carefully behind him, Craig lay for a moment in thoughtful silence; he looked perplexed but theft was something else in hi eyes, M tT Beeve-V story had given him the baret.1 glimpse of some new idea. Craig finally shook his head in Ail impatient and perplexed way and looked at me. "See here, Miit Keate, I've been thinking. You're fond of Drue, aren't you? Never mind answering, I've got eyes. Well, then . . ." He paused, hi gate plunging deeply into my own aa If to test some quality within me. "Look here." he said. "I've got to trust you. You're pretty 'discreet aren't you?" I lifted my eyebrows and nose. Presently he frowned and said slowly, "It's not me or you that's in danger. It's Drue. If they get hold of material evidence against her , , "All right. Tell me quickly." ( To be continued ) A But it was Anna'a room; for, afw a lontrian pause, I knocked affain and then Anna aatd quaver-mjrly, "It that yon, Gertrude 1 I m aWp " "It' Mtw Keate. I want to yoa." There vti another audden ai-In on the other aide of the door. 7" hi time however there was quality of consternation about it. Anna was not the type for tender; I didr.'t evTt think of that. But I didn't imagine the consternation either for it wai plain in "There you are! he snapped. "Come in. That's ail, Beevens. Shut the door." Beevers heitated. "If you please, Mr. Craig . . He looked unea?y but so determined that it checked Craig's impatince. "What is it, Beevens?" The butler cleared bi tbroat and came nearer the bed. "Two things, realiy, Mr. Craig. I've been in some doubt, but I if you feel quite able . . He glanced anxiously at me as if for my permission and Craig said quickly. "Yes, of course. Wtiat is it?" Beevens swallowed. "A large blue vase has disappeared from the hall." Craig frowned, his eyes per- EH vision heroes of Bastogne: "We resent the implication that we were 'rescued on needed to be rescued . . . we never asked ; for help." ! iurht-t crrjer 2" tne maf-ieii 2i clo; S2 Rutian ruler 'A enchanted frr.iil bottle A2 aprroached 43 v onf-;is 4" fld JSower T0 fun cm 0? rjn pod i) lather ill Vsjrr.nn C2 ini-je hi for 2 hrv s 21 tr s.: i;io 56 rftst 40 H'.-br-v 40 AVE R ,TL4 ' jv Z ! A 'L j D?UO 5 ; 1-3 NEW YORK Brig. Gen. Stewart E. ReimeL district ordnance chief, warns against Jan. 1 repetition of Christmas ab- j Anna's voice when ane said aud- ; denly, almort at the keyhole, breathlessly. "1 I'm all right now. j I'm iot uniset any more." I And when I insisted, she jut kept repeat m j it, "I'm all riirht. Thank j you. Nurse. There'? notnintr wronr I buttiintf wrvb " Wth tcr I piexea. Beevens added. o one knows anything about its disappearance." After a moment Craig aked. senteeism wnicn senousjy cut. war pxanuj 41 &.'r production of munitions: "Holiday absen-1 teeism has been gubsUntial and jeopardi-j 'r- m feci- If. 1 lr IT t' Tcililfei , Li..

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