The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 6, 1945 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1945
Page 3
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I'age Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN 8a! unlay, January fi, J!)J5. i i ',- i ' " QCMonSodalNoks aw Yank Convoys Head for Key Island: Tokyo (Continued from pae 1) Mrs. Mayes Hostess For President lioosevelt says: "In .. .....,...,liv n Hie : : .. .L :..h el,,,,-., (he bablt of feeling responsibility i Lw H ibe excuses. creator iii a grove of trees, or by a bouse, as well as In church. Hut I also know as a matter or cold ia.i. (hat the average man does not thus worship. "He may not bear a good sermon at church, lie bear a ei mon by a good man who, with his wife, Is engaged all of Ibe weef in making hard lives a little easier." , ru, u NFX'i uil. ..... ,.,. il,.. Invitation and COMIi TO ' III lit. II ,M,M S1JNDAV? OvftPlHftCHM i i i v Can you take it? More tase, more bard work, more calls for your kin to eiiler the armed service. Are you brave and courageous enough to give heart to otbersT Vou need to be stabilised; so use good reason; do your to discharge every duty with Okinawa, in the 4.our perioa v.Jiieij nuw i in' earlier pinoes in urn- statu ail ion. ",?.t imi: w airplanes ami l,.e' were punk or damaged. Kil'iuMrineo'i'-ly with these blasts Wbieii tee;, Hie J.-! r.-.:,t' air foree a'-ie" fro'ii one tbreijeiud point 11 snoiher. :e. MaeArtbur led his troop ashore on .Malli'duijue Isllini, only )u miles from Luxou, occupying it ;:i,iii-aUy sllgbt opposi- lion. I ni'id States Infantrymen, vnii by warships and planes, eap-tunii He Ktrabegtc Island without opposition. On. Douglas MaeArtbur annoimi e,l in fodaya eoiuuiuniqu. On,. ? l .witiKt Willi Iai7i "i'hioneb the aeinure of Ibis island east of ilindoro," MaeArtbur eow v. er.ieJ, "we gained eonlrol of Ibe Sibuyaq Sea and .established direct coiiiaxl with southern f,uiou." Yank warplanes are already oper ating with devastating effeet from Mindoro. where Infantrymen have made at least three landings tine Oee. 15 on the euuth, east aol west is only eight piiles couth of Lusson eoasts. The nortnera tp ot jwinaoro aeioss (be narrow Verde Island pat, Republicans Bid For Liquor Traffic Control in State (Continued from ft ) rd Maitin, rtemoerat of logans- uort, will be eueded by Jorge Fate, republican of Keasselaer, aa secretary of the Indiana Wholesale Liyuor Dealers' Assoeiatios, Indicationa re tba Readers of botii parties will work quietly gainst tbe fortbeomiog driv of (be ftidiana Anti-Saioos teague U obtain passage tat a .county ptio bill, Jouat tuuig:watiw Kkvewouy Menjbeit ut (be Sim leneral Ass- einbiy will ue( briefly Monday nor oiug and ithea join ii tiie inauguration eremouies a( wliicb Ralph F. ;l wit.1 become governor, itieti- a smile, lie calm and irast ''O0.M snow. j "I found Birthday Party Hdi Sunday For Charles Anthony Vita lie Charles Anthony s italic of 1 . niv-ersai celebrated li i sixth - iy anniversary Kundny, I), emile r 3 J. Cuests alteniliHH were Anna id.-.ri" Koyaek, Theresa A"" t-'rui'd.'iio. Jfary l,ouise Solli. Jo Ann J:-vti 1 . Volaud CeataKnoll. n liii' f.'i" Vi-alie, Hold))' l.awson. I', liu :j'':':'-Botl, Dennis K. Tliornioii, J'!i and liwij l.atinovich. ;. r I;' ii -' iMty Cobble ;ii '1 Hinni J" Vallosio. Cames were .l;i'd with !" i'l " bring awarded " Cclxo ''''" Theresa A. Beeondino 1 Jilt I .!-ovicb. Iln. Clara Siwui of Detroit, sis- -r of Mrs. Vitaiia, assisted in .--ervi.--ice cream, icake aud poll to ,!:' ):-'' urcKCIlt. The honored yuest received uisv nice rifts. Afternoon callers at (lie home rl Mr, and Mrs. William Vitalie were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sol tin, Mrs. iTm-ie .Saute, Mrs. Anna Claeolctlo, Mrs. Mary Pavitlo, Mrs. I'at Thorn ion, Cleui l,awson and Caroll Vaufdi. Octette Members Play Bunco At Hollingsworth Residence Mrs. Mac Holllngswortb was hostess for the Octet! Club members at lijijr h.lltie S-ViHllV. Followinsr the special meeting con- ! ducted by tli president, Mrs. Julia' Hatfield, buuo was played with Mrs. flatfieid winning bigb; Mrs. patenter, bunco; Mrs. Hild, travel and Mrs. Alley, tow. Others attending were Mrs. Kimble. Mrs. H.eacock, Mrs, Southard find Mrs. Bechtold. Mr. end Mrs. Martin Reiber i children entertained witb a New years' Eve supper in honor of fgt. Jacob Reiber who is home on a nine day furlough. Those atuv-ndiua: ww Mrs. Anna Reiber, Mrs. Wanda liab tctt and Mrs. Jacob Reiber and children. HtM. and Mrs. Jacob Reiber and children, Mr. and Mrs, Martin Reiber and children spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Jeorg Plwe of Scott-iaud, ill. i(:pl. Jacob Reiber, husband of Mrs. RutB Reiber of 4jeiievn, lias been promoted t.o the Y; uk of Teeh. Ss:(. He is stationed al Furl Brnep, N. '. A BIT f Votu WilliiUU J)HlO. 'li.MI:;i, WHK II miUed to the V'i'i million Coum lHoK)iUil i''ridliy UK a en -dieal r; t'iemi'lit J.ilKlsey of North street, -JJoua barker, ll'ifl Tel JHiiUle and J-'l'd J I'r'y. route l lift mere disniissed from the county Ik pital iKriday. BOBEKTA'S BEAUTY SHOP SUT Kortb Till St.. HKWI! IK4-W jermani-:nts civkn at ni'jht RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 48-Hour Service THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WSCS ol' Balein Churcti The ineiiibere of the W.-'CS of the : jI. jij I'liiiii'li. no rlli of town, met at Hi., home of Mrs. (Jiaee Mayes re, i-enMy. 'i'lie mei'tiilli ot" in J s.,11!..' . ( h.ny" I" Keep f Have' loii.n'.'ed hy jir:i)er by Die out eoiiig pndpt, Mir. Kl-ir K.'il'-r. Ti e 1 i'ei:. I report for tbr ia I y. i.a m is i.'iM'i lilHl tile ilenjiifl el ofi-eers m l'-v!'n K.r brfltt" a rle et,,t ,)r.i(Jen ', :',lis M'lK vfee.iii-ectdeiii ; Mrs. (.;i.. ., o i . Al.iy ji. eor" i.'ino in' fi e-n,,.,iv; ji-t. ' Kh'a Krlst. trur.fiirer: vonili s'"'-'-i-""-. Vs !!'S":r :;..,-I'ovd: M'f !'. Iljyi" fh-'s'ti-e sniaJ re':tlntl !"! "rs .'flo ' in 1!. r-erery K",r""". Vn ii ie'e..i!nf :n'iel" ei bo I!)ll-il,pi..e l)!i,l!.is a elvrn fl"evved b--H.p i.i. i.ih. rsiru i:f!'i""tiu imd jIii;-' 'ir J045. TI-. eii-'it seals fur the y. ar v., re beard, 'l-e rwin 'at !.. d wiih ':e liyi'in and Hie Uii-V fr.-yer. Af" r'ilb f'i nienz and duui'llfer. Krrbnra. 'lie SIH'sl'i of Ml', lied Mrs. ' barles West of Tanab r Muu-day. Mrs. Nina ii:leuieu left tor br home in Tangier on Sunday, Saturday guests of Mr. ud Mrs. Russel Rush nd eon of New Market, inrf were Sat. and Mrs. Jaeoto Ri- br and ehUdre and Mrs, Wanda H alien. 00 m,, warrfn Weir bas reeh'4 word that ber fcusband bas arrived safely sotnewbere is Italy. 000 maamA 1 1 in Monday Wakofe Club uietiug a Clintoo Hotel. 7:45 V- t'ia al 8 b Sunday it uot going, Mieinu of Jerusalem CJiapter tli, tKS, Masoaie hall. 7:89 p. m, Woman's iflub, Mrs, Bd ZeU. Ji6 Klui street, ? . m. Tuesday Remilr meeting of the Pytbiaa Sisters, 7:? p.m. installation X of f leers. Bring flinw sa.n4wu-ies rr r-1 reshmts. Baud Boosters Club, jnoet t tl biinH room at 7:8 1. in. A'pba it'lub will meet at Home 'of Mrs. Charles Walker. ! Streel, at t p. ui. Mrs. Jl. M, Moore, hostess. Cromti'ea Hi'l P. T- A, mk hpUooI house, January 9. 7:80 . ui. There will be a reerea' ionail leader. Jliyh Hfbooi btuderts are eppeoially ili'iied. f (.,,,. .ip Fnpit. Mrs. Irene Seiig giiil'i, 7:45 p. IU. SSPMIK j 4'. IJ 1 1 vi ii I Mr. pud I'rs. James Jlall, route om , are iiie naien s ol u son born : Friday at the Vermillion County Hos-1 pSl. The ilitant w'-irlM-d five pounds s,.v and 1ms not been named. 00 i Aids Teeth 1 Fluorine cfi-vs new hope for curb-i ins tiie- rnvi.ees tl at modern diet is ' inakmy, on ine tee' Ii of our rwople. ( l,J:.i,enni:.nte huve fiiiawr tiipt where iltio-nie is r.otui ally in v. uter supply s-ysleirs, eonmrur.ities iiave strikmg- , iy low i-,rKleiiee of tieiitaj deeoy. 'i'..e stale sl;eiiyj test proippliy the ; elVi-ets oi od'.-ii.t' fiuoime to the water t .".(;:!-;. o! i: .iee-t :1 ( oni;",uinti'E. t'l'M!:T! MOM .Ml-. ;)' .fi.-MoitlAi.s !.-- and M .-.': I- 1.IIS Terre Mettle Morvjaeal Co. MII.IJ V. I Loin- WK ll...r.flil.llMe ( K s..nmTli. I- liiiUin aid T. James will become f .leuten-j R,(.y. Kiiyiuoud Sk.eli.on from Oii'"-airt Governor and Atitorney tjeueral : iusl' v ill be tbe sea'fcer. His ub-janies A. ICmiueri will staK a oc-jj,m iK --1'iie Road Ahead " ond term. j 7.0u p. ). Tuesday, W. W, . Membi-rs of a state retireumit ' -; iyl will met at Miss Wiiileuietia plan advisory comtuiKee niel today NM(ng. Miss Beverly Crowder will to I'lan a retirement iirograut forjbave the Jessop. workr-rs in stet.e insti-tulioiis, A irop. i 7:ub Wednesday. The IX) VOI' fc OM'? t. What sere Ibe iiin (o-year 'iiods of' life? j, Wiiy was Moses not perniii-bed to euO-r b Promised Mud? t What mail in lb" Bible bad greater mrtifU. less iibeny. a bedst4 12 'i feet long aud si feet wide? 4, Wbieb ll jls Of Itrae-I were to possess (lie land east of Ibe Jordan? ?. fjidicsie is id.cai boiwe as suggeite4 in Ibe fSibie, T MODEL CLEANERS f ll ' ad l44--; Ffiofliti 13 and 53 e T T T X T K Af'ii HtHM'it t', FRIST FUNERAL HOME Phone 108 f-iMtv is 4irtieMe (Mle H. S. CAUL CEN'L INSURANCE 22? ttlackMuui (In .lie &j CAI.VAHV iirit-r ( HtlW H 7 lila (.mail hi reel Dr. p'liuik K. Kernel-, 9l(In-r Mra. I'nuik t(. Keier, 11aM lleaxl l,an.bT, Dlreelitr f Mualr :45 a. in. llible e(ioil song Service. l:lin a. in. Hlble ! aion. John Carneli, Kupt. . II a, in. Morning Worship. Seriuon Iheme "Chrlsfa t.'ali; a yielded Life." :iS0 p. m, Young Peoples Services. 7;3 p, m. Kveniiig Service, sermon subject, "A Cift to Christ by One Who Ixived Him; Its Significance." 7;;j p. in. Midweek prayer service Wednesday evening. Children's hour Friday afternoon from iS:80 to ;'. All children are Invited. 7:3 p. in. Krlday evenlug. Visitation and teachers meeting. KHKI'H RDSVIM,K KEW TBWAMKST HriM'M W. JMedi K, HuuierickhHuse, I'aetor U:i) a, oi. Sunday School. a, m, Morning Worship. 1: 3D p. m. Evening Service, 7:3 p. m, Wednesday, Prayer meeting. Verse of the week; "Jesus Wept." Thought of (be week; "Do We Weep Over Sinuers?" Jerry Ogle, IIHMale, Named 1913 Derby Winner The luei) seia to bae an elge on this first baby deal ince last year's Waiia.ce Heed I'age of t. iserniee wiener was also of (be niabv order, was the oflieial first baby of lM vUbowU bis entrance wasn't timed as well as (he 115 winners since be was born several days after (be start of l(. Tw fclris Itore Twewlay Two girls were born t (ii local iLO&iv-Lai oa be stsAind day of (be year, too lUit to uim for (he ierby Crown. Mr. and Mrs. fa-lis Khtveae of iHZi Au&ti&M vtret be-i cawe Hi varejits of a si; -tiound-sev- en - O-Uiiice li.ugUM-r. yauaa 9 w1ii!? a daughter, Sandra 1 i-lerie. was bom to Mr. and Mrs. ICiwst, .wpurgeon o Oatia ro u'e one. -i In addiiioa to t he b-s wish of ; Vei tuulliou Coutiiy ug Jerry '. will -receiv the fo-Uowiiig jritts frou ; Clinton auer'-liacts: (xiuise. Inc.. ba-' by shawl; f. V, (-"enru-y iCe.. fldH is uerciianise: Mefltoek Jeweji-y vu, gold baijy ring; The liaby ibop. oiie dor-en tfiaiiHfcil liapTS and a baby .biadiket; Lowell's I'baj-inacy. Jobnson's Haby set; Jtosenblatit Bros., (irst jiair - shoes ud ids- mon Hros., 4t Jv'ursery Chair. (Wilis' pliaruuacy, six Hyg-ia bottles aud six Hygeia ipples, id Muien Baby Set: Aunoue Hros. Dairy, a n.uart of uilk e-very day for two weeks; Wake's JWighoborhood Store, .clectr-ic si4ottle stiltwr; llersbey'a J''lowr Sbop, a baby era-die filled with flowej's; liouacorsa Hros. Grocery, doseu ans aA ilteins baby food; Model Cleauers, erti, cat for $1 in .cleaning and (-'araoo's Art Jewel ry Shop, a gold hai and cross. Drastic Manpower Ijegislation Goes Before House Vote Continued from page ti May's bill tit-wribd h ynwwt Bpoial wrric' uniis us ahihs 1.0 b-U(H!1 for "peTtorniHii1 vi tb more-unutt i iioUve tttifiiKiiiunta wit bin act, of tli' luwd or navtU ftrftwt-." Meu iiiducLnd into hu:1i unitt; oould not he uwd lor outi(i' iioii-iiiilitury work unlBti rtilid by thf -war J mobllizutiou diur jtlur "consul- tuiiou v-'Ub bib labor and luuuug uteut advisory couimittees. MAXUAtrS Beauty Shop tM . SHb tit. All l,ine ut Heaull) Miop Bethel Spiritualist Church Auditorium . Vtb M. 4'mmut Till eveliue T1SHK; MAtl'K (t llUton Hun Jsues t'llMTi-ll) Kr: Mry Kit-, ti. I). liihlittp at Largf, tHA. Church S-m ifc huiitia , W ediie-Miay 7:45 p. hi. 1-Iur' and All Message llt-risr. 1 it-., 'J'hursM I n. i. ut. ktiarji et'lrtllg t 'uMeS Hl.Ai.IM- Hex: Kit at Oliurt b farsonage Daily Alter Phone- Harriwn 09'i3 j j a cliurehlesi attendance mean the eulthation of for others. I know thai one can worship tie running brook, or In a man's own - D. Carl Voder, 'I be t alui' "f Eoliis A ioung curate found the I 4ies of bis parish loo helpful and at last became so cmoairasw-' that lie left, .Not long afterward, be met the curate who bad sue ewl.d him. a babelor al, and. asked : "Well, how are you getlfn; along With Hie ladies?" "Oil. very well," said Ibe oili er, "there Is safety in nnuibert it only In exodus, was Hie reply IK) VOI' KVOtt WHOM I, a In Ibe eoorl of I'bar oab, lb) in lb ibleiiis lend ing ibe sbeep of bis fat lierHn-law Jeibro, ) iu (be -ilderuess will the Children of Israel, t. He eslled forth waier fron Out rock in bis own name rat Iter (ban in d's; bis si was 4isobe dietlC-'. .3. Og, king of ISas'Jiafl (leiil :S : M ) I. K.-iib'U and Cad and bal l-ije Inbe of Manssseb. ii..i. ti l'4, KARAKOVICH FUNERAL HOME ffion 103 S!l Hour Vll,Mlaee ieb- rut: '' ' mi-.; OSMON BROS. For Urn Hum-" tm Mai eWMSiMie( ud, CITIZENS STATE BANK Wsvjxirt - CtinUm MetilU- '. H. I. '. HERSKEY'S Flower and Gift Shop 3JJyrj. Main hi. !1)t)if 21 fGfeifijbouiiitN rainier' aim is airimc. .ove!!. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. Illai-kllUiil l. CI. .,11.- o:J MV ht-ll Tlw Mtxt IjUuiU-r" I'llOIM? 12 Ibis actual worbi laoid down-grade. r wit ZM Wisdom 25?'-! UltfiT I'KWIHI'TKKI " Xnl anil MiiMwrry Roy (liarle IJirtiein, lliiller Mk, Y , Hulebllisotl. lulc iaJ Vtii. HuikIh wluail 9: a. 111, wunoay jv.-nooi. IbMfi a. ui Srvlce. of Worship. Coiumtiulon hervlee. Title talk: "On h woven I'lec- es. ' The anthem, ")i f he lleytli.' p. u. lfouog People' ser- vlce. THK FIHKT METHOIMtiT i'Hl'WH 1ifforl i', J'inlaJl. Miuister Join H', Klee, liiu-eli tw iixol HufterinUwlenl Mm, i. H'. Kettder, Mitiister of MuU Hm. I 1iun. l1falI :80 a, IB. Morning Worship. Sermon gubjeet; "Wishing For (he Day." l:45 , :00 p. Fellowship. m, m. Jack Church School. Methodist Voutll Reeder, president, - ienfug service. 7:0 P- m. Sermon subject; "The Trade Winds of Heaven." 7; GO p. in. Monday, Scout meeting and gym cession. 7;uu p. m. Thursday. General gym night. 7:2 p, bi. Thursday. Choir rehearsal eonsideriug anex-ial Easter music. 7:0 p. pi. - Wednesday. January family Night, Kvery family of the Church Is Invited to bring a covered dish or sandwbbea and aai-a4s. Tl program will begin promptly at 7; with the aupper, followed at (the tables with a varied and important program ut Interest to ail. The W. if. C. 8. meet in (is Jan- u.ary westing nejtt Tiiuraday ( 2: j, oi, at (ii Cbureii. THK rllilvT BlriT Hl iil H tf 1JTOV f'irwr ut Walnut i llftli Bay Owl, Miuiater 1enlutl, Miuiuher (A Musk' Mnv T4 Horgaai, JMani ad Biaxa. iMuierittUcvdent :tl a. u. Tfce graded Cbarcb Scbool wiil mpeo with erebestra - sic. : as. Morning 8'wio. Serinou subject, "e took and Blessed." . m, Baptift Voutb J'el-lowsiiip. Jiuewr 4 llor - 7:'JU p. m. - Evening T.'.orEbJP, .prayer meeting is i -hairgeof M1s itiiouary Society. True leaaws us unw by Mrs. Kutu Dowy . an. Wednesday, Orches tra iiraetice. l.:8u p. Ml. - Tbursflay Mission- ary uieeiing at Mrs, Cbwence HoHers. Ana Adams will av the ibisson, Mrs. Mable Jenkins will (have the j devotions. I The burcb will bsve oBimun- I Jon t tbe wrn.hig worsnlp service, , fp utt'fKV WUUHH ja4wltk, MiniuU-r i tZmuiintr .ai u. - Sunday School. An drew Simpson, suut. 7:8U p. in. Worship. Stirmoii: "Cod Will Win the War?" tiuinu Jti:U . m. Sunday School. K. JS. Kaudolpb, supt. J1;PU a. u. -WorBhip. iCouiniuu-ion. 4 Vltej- j u : HO a. jn. Sunday bchuol. Krueat Myers, supt. H. Hii aud Mk mmrU Hoy illbarles IAiriier)C. MJuister (-Wence Auer, Musb- Mm. Auiut Ouuuoe. fcund hiaiouf :3U a. ni. Sunday School. 7:1C Ji. iu. Evening Service of Worship, first Sunday .Communion Service. Table talk: "Borrowed." Th autbem, ''The .Cross of Calvary." 7:80 p. m. Tuesday, Sunday School teachers meeting. Hoy Scouts meet Mon., Tus., and , Wed. :45 to 8:U0. 4:00 p. in. , Thursday, Girl Scouts meet. 7 mhi p. m. Choir rehearsal each Thursday. , J'oung People s Recreation in ' Khythni on Wednesday from S:00 to i 10:110 p. ni. I The Sunday School youngsters ; from beginners, primary, and Junior i departments will have a special en- j tertalnment every l-'riday aft-rnoon i at :t0 o'clock, consisting of mov-, ii of the Adveniures of Uouald i Uuck and Mickey Mouse. lusTl (wrwn 1.. -'. l-tostHr, fa--ti-Bhe-buutu nd Ttli eeete l::iti a. in. - liilih- school wifl. classes lor e-iy age. 10 :4ii a. ut. Worship st-r ice sitli Communion and -sermon. Ihe rliuieh Hoaid t-r Il'45 end I'41 will be officially installed at tie morning worsliip- A' nt speeiai s.-r- Su Jirs. Dorothy .;'-ti-l i.y :ii CWRISTfAHf ,1Ki'CK; fcOCIETr I M t-X Hlaekmao M. tfyUivao Hall) :) a. m Sunday School. i 1 1 a. n. - CburA. Testimorrl.l meetings ry 1st j Md flrd Wxlnesday of each month. ; ; V Ue uui tv is of real talue Do s i"l) das a )rogjsu. -. . rrr ' osi.l indorsed by both republicans and d.-mwrais. 1'se of the fbot os-tat to replace ypisrs in preparing -copies lt i'gis-1ive hills will be considered at S'iinK of rl.e sf'iiat.e and bouse rulps eo'nnittV'es Tuesday afternoon. d'Ht l-'otir New Hub eformn'inn of oroe(;d"rc was .f- foriieri l.y the House in four nee rules, (is follows adopting Tiie House will take no action on the t i nr I day of the session on House hills up for third and -filial reading. I -. ; 1 1 s rHiended on second reading V1!1 lie -reprinted. i-oiifer-nee ro'emittee reports must Tf-Jiorts BiUHt lii cutf by Hw Ws- one A ; ,t-l,i,'f ! i'!if:i; bureau iU i' Hiihnti-Ml w iih arh .bill. f)HHiit;' Jlorai illiU jjffj.rp !! lielatora lodfty m I rci'minn'tHlniuus of lgialativ(e ' f-'w nui ' maued iu Ji41 .udy it j n roforni i u J itdmua . Th . '. 'iit.-siou urM'.d 'TwviBing fialaries of -) Mi'y Hune-yora. bamitg -the a-!nn!Pt uti iuiles of draiuaK lHch tin cuuuty iuat'ad of ou jjopu-y at iria'iit. toiuuiitiet ot,d uiaiiurt fiu- '11, . iuieinsr drainuKP projocm out of thf Btnle'e penoral fund. Desperate German Attacks Hurled At Reds in Budapest (ConUnoa turn, mm tf degree of ferocity which has marked the Russian drive through the city during the pBBt week. Soviet forces occupied 2Ii:i more hloi-ss of houses iu the city in their house to bouse fighting assault a-gainst the rjernians and Hungarians virtually trapped within the Hungarian capital. A total of H.40U Orman and Hungariau ofllcers and men were captured. J'oiMila.tiuu I nderssi-ouiid (A military correspondent of the German 1JNB agency, in a broadcast beard in Loudon, said that Budapest had '-become the field of the most stupendous buttle ever fought vn Hungarian soil." He described lluda- pest as "a city wrapped in fire. smoke il lid the sickening sweel smell of decomposing bodhs." a city "in which the civil population lias gone completely underground.") ned Thicalli tropin-' Acrorriini; to information gal i rem t.ennan prisoners, the Sovi. .-om niuni-iue said, the Nazi With -,, mud has issued u slial order 1 BLAKE'S NEIGHBORHOOD STORE M)ll-at to TI Z . 4M b Clioie ft ftil fuilure but low MED LOCK JEWELRY COMPANY "L'ufW tif lK wti" See Our Complete Line of Coty's Toilet Goods Visit Our Modem Fountain BLAKE'S GET THE "PLUS-VALUE" OF REDIFORM AT MASS PRODUCTION PRICES "Th butcher, tne bolter, lU conoWiek maker . , . - oil need o diKwenf type of sales book and we have them. The world-famous Redilotnt tales book line aives you stealer variety, better construction, ond finer duality, all at "moss production" prices. Let vs quote on your sales book orders. The Daily Clintonian Vermillion I ouiHy's Home Newspaper 1'UWii 8i - - Neighborhood Store d.-elatiiii; tua' tl any soldier leaves lii post or sui rentiers all the meiu-ie Is n', hi.- t.nlilly will h" she. More tii. ii tint' tie. mans wt-re Hl-d ii. -ieii'iHe in the area of the l;vii; p. sf iii ppodrume. I GO TO CHCKCH St'NDAT

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