Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page M8
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page M8

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page M8
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8 Sunday,October18,2015 • • Democrat and Chronicle • TV Week KIDS SPORTS MOVIES TUESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 20 News (N) New 8 (N) News (N) CBS NewsWheel (N) Jeop ardy!NCIS: Lockdown (TV14) (N) NCIS: New Or leans (N) Lim it less: Per son al ity (N) News 8 (N) Late Show Late night talk. (:37) Late Late Show (TV14) Com ics (N) (:07) Paid (:37) Paid Half HalfHalf Half‘Hood‘HoodHughleysHughleysB. MacB. MacFam TimeMannBooty Call (‘97) ‘R’ Fam TimeMannThe Blues Broth ers (‘80) ‘R’ News 10NBC at Five (N) News (N) NBC NewsNews (N) Ac cess (N) Best Time Ever (TVPG) The Voice: The Battles (N) Chi cagoFire (TV14) (N) News (N) (:35) To nightShow (TV14) (:37) Late Night (TV14) (:37) NewsThe Meredith Vieira Show Emer gency!C.H.i.P’sM*A*S*HM*A*S*HGrif fithGrif fithHppyDaysLaverneHo ganHo ganBur nettPerry Ma sonMcMillan: About ‘NR’ Gal leryGal lery News (N) News (N) News (N) World News ET (N) In sider (N) Pump kinTer rorAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (N) Shark Tank (TVPG) News (N) (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (N) Night lineTMZ (N) Dish (N) (:07) PaidWorld News Hw I MetHw I MetNameGmNameGmFamFeudFamFeudThe Flash (N) iZombie (N) Two&HalfTwo&HalfMikeMllySeinfeldSimp sonsFmilyGuyMikeMllySeinfeldCleve landFmilyGuy KrattsHmeworkBBCWrldBus. RptNewsHourAmer i canFrontline: Im mi gra tion(N) Char lie RoseBBCSmileyLa tinoLatinVwLatinVw NewslineDW NewsAfroPoPAny oneReFrameInd. LensNewsHourBus. RptDW NewsReFrameInd. LensAny one Vic toryYour HmDan ielClif fordBerenstnCu ri ousWordGirlKrattsChef’sSmokeWdwrghtEu ropeYetmanMar thaKitchenCook ingStellinoEu ropeMar thaKitchen The Peo ple’s Court (TVPG) Mod ernMod ernBig BangBig BangGrand (N) Grinder (N) Scream Queens (TV14) (N) 13WHAM News @ 10 (N) CrazyTlk2 BrokePaid2 BrokeAn gerPaidCou garAn ger Jus ticeJus ticeFaithFaithMin uteMin uteDead (TV14) Dead (TV14) Ray mondKing HillTosh.0Cheat ersCopsPaidPaidPaidPaidCrime Crim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalSav ing HopeSav ing HopeFlashpointFlashpoint Blue BloodsThe Green Mile (‘99, Drama) Tom Hanks. ‘R’ ManhattanManhattanManhattanManhattanManhattanRulesRules Caso cerr.Caso cerr.DcisionesNoticieroCaso (N) Celia (N) Bajo (N) Sra. AceroAl rojoTitularesBajo (TV14) Sra. AceroPagadoDcisiones Sit u a tion (N) Sit u a tion (N) Erin Burne360° (N) CNN Spe cialCNN To niteCoo per 360°CNN Spe cialNews (N) News (N) Fast MoneyMad MoneyThe ProfitShark TankShark TankRich GdeRich GdeShark TankShark TankRich GdeRich GdePaidPaid HornInterruptnSportsCenterPlay offE:6030 30NBA Pre. Bas ketball (Live) SportsCenterSportsCenter SportsNationHornInterruptnNFL LiveCol legeFoot ball (Live) SportsCenterSportsCenterBase ball30 30 Foot ballSyr a cuseCol lege Soc cerOr angeOr angeCol legeFoot ball (Re play) PaidPaidPaidPaid Pro gram InkMsterInkMsterInkMsterInkMsterInkMsterInkMsterInkMsterInkMsterSweat Inc.Sweat Inc.InkMsterInkMsterSweat Inc.Bar Res cue New GirlNew GirlAwk wardTeen Mom 2 (TVPG) The Craft (‘96) ‘R’ Carter (N) The Craft (‘96) ‘R’ Awk wardAwk wardCarter (TV14) Bas ket ballCrew (TV14) Love & HipLove & HipVH1 Spe cialYou Got Served (‘04) ‘PG 13’ Crew (TV14) Crew (TV14) Love & Hip AlvinAlvinHenryThndrmnAcad emyThndrmniCarlyiCarlyFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull HouseFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsPrincePrincePrincePrince Corpse ‘PG’ Ho cus Pocus (‘93) ‘PG’ Monica (N) Stitch ers (N) Stitch ersThe 700 ClubCas per (‘95) ‘PG’ PaidPaid Fast FiveThe Day Af ter To mor row (‘04) ‘PG 13’ The Lost World: Ju ras sic Park (‘97) ‘PG 13’ Mod ernMod ernMod ernMod ernSVU (TV14) Or der: CI Sherlock (‘09) ‘PG 13’ The Book of Eli (‘10) ‘R’ Pub lic Mor alsPub lic Mor alsPub lic Mor alsPub lic Mor alsCSI: NYCSI: NY: Prey Thin ner ‘R’ Trem ors (‘90) ‘PG 13’ Trem ors II (‘96) ‘PG 13’ Tremors 3: Back to Per fection ‘PG’ Tremors 4: Leg end Be gins ‘PG 13’ Wife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife SwapWife Swap Yu kon MenYu kon MenYu kon MenYu kon MenYu kon MenRe bel GoldYu kon MenGold RushYu kon MenYu kon Men Stor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor ageStor age FuturamaFuturamaNightlyDailyShwDrunkTosh.0Tosh.0Tosh.0Tosh.0Tosh.0Tosh.0DrunkDailyShwNightlymid nightTosh.0DrunkDailyShwNightlymid night BotchedBotchedE! News (N) BotchedBotched (TV14) (N) Botched (TV14) E! News (N) Botched (TV14) Botched The WaltonsThe WaltonsThe WaltonsThe WaltonsMid dleMid dleMid dleMid dleGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasier Good DeedsDiary of a Mad Black Woman (‘05) ‘PG 13’ Being Mary Jane (TV14) (N) Being Mary Jane (TV14) The Real (N) J FoxxJ Foxx 1er im pactIncluidoNoticieroMu cha chaAn tes (TV14) ImperdonabYo no creoPrimerNoticieroDeportivoCo ronaAlma deIncluido SaintsChoicesEWTNNwsAr me niaDaily MassAn gel icaEWTNNwsRo saryEWTNNwsHope (TV G) WmnGrceDaily MassAn gel icaEWTNNwsDe fend ing Pi o neerTrisha’sChoppedChoppedChoppedChoppedChopped (N) AftrHourAftrHourChoppedChoppedAftrHourAftrHour Daily NewsLoudMthsYeahJetsCol legeFoot ball (Re play) JetsSportsSportsSportsSportsSportsSportsDaily NewsPaidPaid Yan keeYan keeWk FtbalYan keesRun ningForbesPenn StateCenterStgForbesCenterStgNotreDmHOPE WkNets Mag.Run ningYan keesCenterStgPaidPaidPaid MTP Daily (N) MSNBC LiveHard ball (N) Hayes (N) Maddow (N) Last Word (N) Chris HayesMaddowLast WordHard ball 2015 MLB Playoffs (Live) PstseasonSeinfeldBig BangBig BangBig BangBig BangBig BangBig BangConan (N) Cou garConan (TV14) Cou garThe Of ficeCow boys Praise the Lord (TV G) NowPot terTrin ityMeyerReignEl e va tionPraise the Lord (TV G) BlssLordACLJCrefloGod forBlssLord Rang ers 60Game 365Dev ils PreNHL Hockey (Live) Post GameCntdownCntdownDevils in 60NHL Hockey (Re play) CakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssOur Lit tle (N) CakeBssCakeBssOur Lit tleCakeBssCakeBssCakeBssCakeBss The Cur rentRe portPregameNHL Hockey (Live) Post GameGame 365NHL Hockey (Re play) NHL Hockey (Re play) Be low DeckBe low DeckBe low DeckHouse wivesBe low DeckCouch (N) WatchBe low DeckHouse wivesCouch (TV14) Teresa Fixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perTiny HseHunt ersFixer Up perFixer Up perHunt ersTiny HseFixer Up per The Five (N) Spc. Rpt. (N) On Re cordO’Reilly (N) The Kelly FileHannity (N) O’ReillyThe Kelly FileHannityOn Re cord WabbitTi tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Be CoolGumballKing HillBob’sBob’sCleve landDadDadFmilyGuyFmilyGuyRo botSquidMetalDadDadFmilyGuy Rap ture-Palooza (‘13) ‘R’ Men in Black II (‘02) ‘PG 13’ Face Off (N) Face OffFace OffGrendel (‘07) ‘NR’ Gar goyles Young Bess (:15) Green Fire (‘54) ‘NR’ A League of Their Own ‘PG’ Sleep less inSe at tle (‘93) ‘PG’ (:15) The Prince of Tides (‘91) ‘R’ Hmingway Aus tinAus tinJessieJessieGirl MtsBUNK’DGirl MtsGirl MtsGirl MtsJessieAus tinUncercvrGirl MtsJessieGd LuckGd LuckBlogZackA.N.T.Shake It RebaRebaLast ManLast ManLast ManLast ManRebaRebaRebaRebaThe Pro posal (‘09) San dra Bullock. ‘PG 13’ Skull (TVPG) HopeHope Amer i canAmer i canCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCars Gilligan’sGilligan’sFacts LifeFacts LifeFacts LifeChris tineChris tineRay mondRay mondRay mondRay mondQueensQueensQueensQueensChris tineChris tineHw I MetHw I Met Crim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalCrim i nalSav ing HopeSav ing HopeFlashpointFlashpoint PGA TourLearn ingRE/MAX: Fi nals Pre GameLong Drive: Semi fi nals (Live) Golf CntrlLong Drive (Re play) Golf CntrlLong Drive White House Down ‘PG 13’ Cap tainPhillips (‘13) Tom Hanks. ‘PG 13’ Ex e cu tioner (N) Ex e cu tioner (TVMA) Ex e cu tioner (TVMA) MikeMlly TBATBATBATBA (:01) TBA (:02) TBA (:03) TBA (:04) TBA (:05) TBA (:06) TBA NASCARProFan tasyNHL LiveNHL Hockey: Dal las vsPhil a del phia Over timeNHL Ri valsTop 10Men InPre mier League En coreAd ven ture CrazyTlkCrazyTlkBad GirlsBad GirlsBad GirlsBad Girls (N) Strong (N) Bad GirlsStrong (TV14) SnappedBad Girls truTV ToptruTV TopJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersAdmRuinsHack MySix DgreeAdmRuinsJok ersJok ersJok ersJok ersAdmRuinsHack My Par a diseBi zarreBi zarreBi zarre (N) Trav eler (N) Ho tel (N) Bi zarreTrav elerHo tel (TVPG) Bi zarre Grudge Match (‘13) ‘PG 13’ Left oversTaken 3 (‘15) ‘PG 13’ Real SportsAmer i can Sniper (‘15) ‘R’ Doll & EmReal SportsTaken 3 Au tmn NY (:50) Ver ti cal Limit (‘00) ‘PG 13’ Work ing Girl (‘88) ‘R’ The KnickVi sion Quest (‘85) ‘R’ Top lessTop lessVan Helsing ‘PG 13’ Walk ing Tall ‘PG 13’ Play It For ward ‘NR’ Home landIn side NFLNotreDmeNotreDmeIn side NFLPlay It For ward ‘NR’ The Power of Few ‘R’

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