The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1945 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page Six THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, January S 1 HIS PART IN NAZI DRIVE ENDS HERE was hiphly sensitive, sending out a number of counter-aliacUs, one of which was made in force ea:it of Lublin Polish Rule Wins Red Backing; U. S. Opposes Move Profllalilc Croves ? A grove from which the operator expects to get considerable financial returns should have at least 500 trees, the smallest with a diameter at breast licrejit of 12 inches. It is an advantage to have the grove close to tlie farmstead so that the work may lit in with other farm Rates for Classified Ads PAID NOTICES I ,j is Honerus and was repulsed only after nl(hlionts fiuhtliiB. The heaviest fiuhlint; now is In the .Milioment-Tillit-.Mande-SI. Kli-eiine. sectors, where the ein-iny has been pourliiK In tanks for many hours. Al Wardin, one enemy blow made with 2it tanks was rcpui.d by artillery fire. 5 and Paid Notices 1 NOTICE! Sale of year around felt liats. 60c (Continued from page 1) f 1 .Ktl and 12.00 Saturday, January That statement reasserted the Am Ft rat day Insertion: 80 (or each reading line (one column line, Uke (i. La Grace Hat Shop. t49x erican Intention to maintain diplo ,! r.. - one of these). Mclelilli .4lin I'ront .Vllve if w Next two dan Icier Hon: the Mine V f , . , ' It '. i . NOTICE! Fish Fry Filduy night. Cozy 405 North Seventh Street. 148 le charge (you get three daya at a f 1 On the Si'veiiih Army front, hard fiKhllns was waKed yesterday and today analnst the Nazi offensi'. e in double the cost ot the drat day), matic relations Willi the I'ollsh uov-ernmenl in London, which is strongly at ndcls with the liberation committee In Lublin. Hv Its action today in restaiina. this position, the American oveni-inenl made It clear that there Is no Intention of roIhk "Ioiik with lins- WANTED TO KENT G09GHS Next three daya Insertion: the asm 8c charge (you get a whole the lillclle sector where the Auier;-cans coucentraled on tiyln to cp-jtaln (iernian effoits to widen ibelr ; bullie huh I ili'il! I of I lull l ily. ' h ' Oeinuins e.vei i. d stroiife innKiir al SMALL, MODKKN. Ft'llNISHKD Hiuirluient. Cull Kathleen Cobble at CO, between 8 a. 111. and 5:.'i'l p. m. IS2x Keek five dayi) at three tlmei the eoat of one Insertion). Each group ot three dayi thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (Uke thla) 10c per line. sia In recotinlzlni! I he Lublin r; ou. and by inference, there was an ex 0. l.euilJUlK on the v,'.-.; ;-;de i;l' )!,. :,:.-lent and increased He ir arlllleiv al.d pression of displeasure in Iiussia's HELP WANTED All classified ada Including men MAN OR WOMAN TO WORK AT orlama and notlcea of all kinds must I be paid In advance except those by 1 our canning plant. 0 a. in. to 5 . (Resulting From Colds) - Bjckky'i Famous "CANADIOL" Mixture Acts Like a Flash K'ju ij.i a f. w rrms ttijuy ut riiv .Inni r ; r . i . fur u bolllo nf 1 iii. Ii T i- a 1 ANA I I01, MKIiiiM liiij.l,. uilhu;J. Tiiko a cuup.'e of B.l:i 1,1 b' .itiCK-. J' til lis lllStllllt I, .MVi i fiil elt'O' tlv.. artlon sari-ail II. rn liM-o:il. In .1.1 ami lrorn'l;lnl t'lbis. IL t-t.-uls ut oiiii1 tu luu.'i-n lip tfil'k iliDkijit? pli li(?rn, sootlio iiii'tii Iii'uiiti'ij unil inuke bi'i'Ulli- S'liii .n in freni tlio.o pf-ralstent, n-ii' h l iuilin:; I'liUKn-: or liroin liiul inMa'i'.iri ilnr In t"Ms I. ml ttui'k-li y's eiintifi .Miiik (iri.l efj ei-t l u ev lli'l'. Ii'.irt wi:il ni t Uie-lili-v's Pnn-n.Coi t'. i'-v. ,u l-rt ri'licf Instantly, (ill. I. IS rilAli.M.K'V having taken such action. It was acknowledged, however. Mint the Soviet povernnicnt informed the American government in advance of its aclion. Hope to Avoid Development Officials chaffed with American regular customers whose accounts 111. Ilappyland Food Company, Mulberry Street. tliO morlar fire al llai nihal on tlie np-posiie wine. J Soulh of Wlnt-en and IhIom' KI,-( persweiler llie cneDiy iu j 1 1 r.'l ' i (I I be I Anierienn lines ami now ilireaiens lo ! sever Hie cast-west I.Uhwcy linkinu-l Sanriinlon with iln'ueuait. In i.vles! east of Ihe S,i-erne I'as:-:. 'i'lii.-: resents a Cernum aihanie of some 1 two miles. j CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. boys for route opn on seventh eiiilith. and ninth streets. Call 32 Clintonlun Office. relations with Russia and .Poland had loner hoped thla developnieul. would he avoided. There was no attempt to conceal FOB SALE PUBLIC NOTICE the opinion that the Lublin croup is not representalive of Poland, half of which is slill under 1 1 CO MBIA XHEATR FOUR ACRES OF GROt'ND, NEAR Klondyke, house, barn and outbuildings, all with new roofs. Al-dona Sklnder, 3448 S. Emerald NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OK ESTATE Notice Is hereby given to the cred o. (Mb St. Clinton, Ind Summit Crovf Ave., Chicago, 111. t52x itors, heirs and legatees of Vila E. THIS GERMAN soldier was killed in Stavelot, Eelniuin, ' during the Nazi counteroffi'nsivc tliere, and his body lies where it fell on one of the city's street corucrs. V. B. Signal Corns nhoto. flmprnatiarnl) Alofflor, deceased, to appear in the Vermillion Circuit. Court, held at FOUR ROOM HOUSE, OOOl) well. Inquire G 3 fi South Third Street. t50x ,(.'pl. 'Boy', Rhewinaker, who . liar, been Glrlioneil In Hawaii. In speiul-InK a thirty day fuiiouph willi hlr. Newport, Indiana, on (ho 20th day of January, 1 U45 and show cause, if IS YOU IS OR IS YOU AIN'T? any, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT parents, Mr. ,und Mrs. Ileauford Shewinaker. ,, MAN'S TOP COAT. (SOOO CONDI-tion. Si 38. 203 South Ninth ..Street. Cheap. t60. ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; Mr. and frs. ' Milo rfoqkcii imi.i chilrlj-en anenl Rundnv u-itli l , y MUCK, ANY KINI YOU WANT. ' Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. . Krnle's, I'lione 8, ( Union. 81 If and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 20th day of December, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. FIFTH-VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t7-17-44 f Heskett's father. Homer Mitchell and family In Terre Haute. 1 Miss Kllen Tennis, Detroit. Mich, spent Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Collell Harrison and daiiKhler Mary Adeline. Miss Marprarct Heskell returned In Homer. III. Tuesday, where the is teacliinK, after spcmlinr the Christinas hoIidaVB with her itari.iit l i- FUIDAY and SATUKDAY JAN. 5 and G A.:ii!i'.HHm lt and iJtOe THE DEVIL'S TRAIL Kill KUU.i, Tvx L'ilhir, VAUi-en O'llcarn "A.N' DEL PUSS" Mt-rrie Melody "NIFT1 TO HE THRIFTY" Little Lidti Comedy I!TJE BODY HV. MID" MGSI Cartoon S5I?;i)AY and MOXDAY JAN. 7 and 8 AdiiiNsi'on ih and 2.1c AND THE ANGELS SING (, liy LniitoHr Fred MacMurray 'BUCK SOUP TO NUTS" Merrie Melody KKO NEWS 1221-28; 1544. FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL 5U2-J. tti'x YOUNG VEAL CALF. JOHN VAIt-da, Klondyke, Ind. R. R. 3. t49x In Memorial!! BICYCLE. 1458 SOUTH EIGHTH Street. t49x In memory of Frank Rhoads, who passed away nine years nf,ro. !PJ " I ff W VU L": lr ''V'; ;; -i;!L f ? j 1 1 . s ji , t , ' , r , and Mrs. Prank Heskell. Mr. and Mrs. Ileauford Fhewm.-ik-er and son f'pl. Hoy Rhiniaker spent the day Sun. lay Willi Mrs. I Shewmaker's sister, Mrs. Mary Allen : of Kingman. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farrinaton I and son of St. Joseph. Mich, called I ou Mr. and Mrs. Collelt Harrl.on! BIG JOE'S PLACE. t48 FRIG1DAIRE. Universal. 140 BALES OF STRAW. SAVANT, Slaughter House. tlSx and daui-'liter, Thursday evenim,'. today, Jan. fi, 1937. At eve when twilight hour draws near. And sunset flames the sky. We think of you, dear husband and dad. And the happy days gone by, Thoughts of you come drifting hack Within our dreams to slay. To know that you are resting When the twilight ends the day. Sadly missed by His wife and Children. TUESDAY aad WEDNESDAY JAN. f) and 10 .tilllllssion !'c anil L.'li- !!(; ! IJ.lTt BUSINESS SERVICES POUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guar fSAS CITY KITTY anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf Blizzards Slow Yank Advance Across Salient (CoDtlnuea truv. nasre 1 ) Joan Davis, Jane Frazce, Bob Crosby Sua DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford G3109 Tsrre Haute or Dana 1426. JoJin Carradine, Larry Parks, Osa Massen We pay all phone charges. John 1 enemy launched 17 counlerallacUs Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. U37 THURSDAY JAN. 11 .Iduiission !tc and LlOc 01 varying severity from the Wiltz area to a- point west of St. Hubert. All were , repulsed without Allied loss of ground, while Americans In the Wiltz sector scored a new 4 no i DEAD ANIMAIiS REMOVED FltKli of charge by Dwlggins and Hons, ! licensed dealers. Call us aa soon as ; they die and reverse charges. Dana , Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. . tBxfj GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER- I ation Service. Commercial and In Mcmoriam In Memory of Mary Sakala who passed away seven years ago today, Jan. 5. She hade 110 one a last farewell, She said goodby to none. Her loving heart had ceased to beat Before we knew she was gone. She did not fail to do her best. Her heart was true and tender; She worked hard for the ones site left, And always will be remembered. Sadly missed by Husband and Children yard advance. ! IT IS DIFFICULT to tell whether Makoko is enjoying or protesting this hug bestowed on him by Oka in a lighter moment in their fe at the Bronx zoo, New York. The simians are gorilla babies who arrived In America from central Africa in 1941. Cute now ot the age of six and five, Makoko and Oka, when full grown to about 600 pounds, couId break a man's spine with a irentle hug. (International i Although the weal her im HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY George Rai t, Joan Bennett, Walter Pidgeon "LOVE YOI R LANDLORD" Edgar Kennedy Comedy "MY TOMATO" MGM Short troops and tanks still had lo inch ' forward through thick mud which I slowed up every movement. The front now extends 2 1 milna r,,,,' Domestic. F. L. Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 MUTE EVIDENCE OF NAZI ATROCITY AOretontaine to the vicinitv nr M.,r che with the Ilritisii holding the western sector where ihey occupied Euro. FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tl6f AW At In the southern sector (lie enemy m m. Only First Run Features NOW SHOWING Jc -8r,c RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plen ty of Ethyl and anti-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 THOiLLS FOLLOW TKpILLS...and In Memoriam In loving memory of our wife, and mother, Thelma M. Heard who died Jan. 7. 1944. Her deeds, words, ways and actions while passing through this pilgrim hind are the loving memories that linger in our hearts. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Matt. 7: Hi. Rev. Leslie Heard and Children. TRUCK DRIVERS iOOI COAL AT ifi'K'- iTi nil tr'" .1 1 f it i r all times. No wailing. I'nved roail. X'. -MUCH went of Clinton, Hnel 1 .' . K - i t ; f J : f , Ii Jtiiiv.ii ii iiic luajtt: ).. .. llluff. S &. O C011I Co. I28x BURDSALS "PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. ISuy IMore lioinls: . 9e FRI. & SAT. 35o Bl(i DOUBLE FEATURE Clauiped Ads Sell Most Anything RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f HALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. CEMETERY MEMORIALS MOM'ME.NTS anil MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. HUKIX V. IKK 1'buiie SMI Bvpreiitatlve 406 8. Seventh, Clinton FEMALE HELP WANTED OPENING FOR SALESLADY. EX perience preferred. Louise, Inc. ' t45f FOB RENT THsjE DEAD are Belgian women anil cliiltlien in the town of Stavelot, who were killed as the German army besieged the city in their coun-terofVenaive on Allied armies. Signal Corps photo. (International) ONE OR TWO LIGHT HOUSE keeping rooms. 2;! Vine Street. lf,1I.V released from the hospital Oct. last I 19. Young Dana Matron Dies At Kesidcnrp on Sunday MODERN TWO ROOM APART Sanil at wifinf ..Yipti it fcOtiBc...lhtj drug Hit laws tf lit uient. 258 Walnut Street. l; With The CoaapUmeau Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for BAPTIST ENRIETTO North Eighth St. Just Come la And Ask For Them! Wau h This Space Every Day YOfJR NAME MAX BE NEXT l ri is town ant back thtm up with su-funs! MODERN ROOM. CLOSE IN. 2:il Walnut Street. Phone &!.!. tt'iv '"-r--,-rr :"' "B- ; 1 I H Fiint'riil str vices wore held at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the Friend' rhureh in Newport for Mrs. Kvelyn Slyers Cooke, rtn. who died at her home south of Dana of a heart ailment and enm pi ua lions of two strokes at 10 p. in. Sunday. Rev. LOST Surviving are the mother, living in Newport; the husband; a 3'-year-old daughter. Carolyn Ann, and a 6-nionth-oid ton. Jerry Wayne; two sisters. Mrs. Eltfie Mack of Detroit and Mrs. Thelma Wittinston of Newport; and two brothers. Howard of Newport and St. Harold Myers, gunner of a B-21t in New Mexico, Mrs. Ceoke's father was killed in Decem LADIES DARK GREEN BILLFOLD containing money and basketball containing name of Joan Dicks Return to 945 Elm Street. Re-wurd. t48x ' i -'' --' V ) ber 1 !(:!.?, in an automobile accident Burnie Took of Sheridan, Ind.. officiated nnd burial was in Hie Thomas Cemetery at Newport. Mrs. Cooke was born Dee. 21. 1014 in Vermillion County, a daughter of the late Henry ilyers and Mrs, Al- j f'Kf iSeeo'i'l I eai rre Tree Owns Itself A white oak rienr Athens. Ga.. ii f unique in that there was willed to LET US SHOW YOU HOW TO PAY WINTER BILLS THE "PROMPT CASH" WAY. PERSONAL LOANS TO $300. PLUS SECOND PICTURE ice Myers. She was praduaied fro"m Newport Hvch School in 1 and was married on her birthday, Dec, 'l'-', 1 !:!S. to Warren Cooke, Dana farmer. Mrs. Cooke hnd been in ill health i lie past r-everal mont hs and had been a p.'Uient in Verm ill ion County Hospital at Clinton at different iu-tenals binee last August. She was SECURITY LOAN COMPANY it by us owner. William H. Jack-Bon, "for and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree and th great desire i have for its protection . . . entire poscsion of itself and all land within erynt feet of the tree on all sides.' This deed, dated is recorded in tne town clerk's oilice. STARTING SATUi:0.Y AT 1! P. M. THE SOUL OP A riione 62 MONSTER"

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