Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page M3
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page M3

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page M3
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Page M3 article text (OCR)

3 TV Week • Democrat and Chronicle • • Sunday,October18,2015 MOVIES SPORTS KIDS SUNDAY DAYTIME OCTOBER 18 The Er nest Angley Hour In Touch: Prom ise to Heal CBS News Sunday Morn ing (N) In sideFace the Na tion (N) The NFL To day (Live) NFL Foot ball: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills from Ralph Wil son Stadium (Live) NFL (Live) NwlywdNwlywdCatch 21Catch 21Amer i canLive Life!EdgeFam TimeMannCross Creek (‘83) ‘PG’ Truth About Char lie ‘PG 13’ Eddie RchesterMassTo day Week end (N) Meet the Press (N) PaidPaidPaidAc cess Hol ly wood (N) PGA Tour: Year in Review CntdownNASCAR Sprint Cup: Hol ly wood Ca sino 400 : from Kansas Speed way (Live) F TroopF TroopWel comeWel comeGilligan’sGilligan’sSavedSavedSavedSavedBradyBradyBradyBradyGilligan’sGilligan’sHppyDaysLaverneLucyLucy PaidPaidGood Morn ing America (N) Many Voice FullThis Week (N) PaidPaidSportsMcCarverMon ster (‘04, Drama) Charlize Theron. Serial killer. ‘R’ X GamesTimbersports (Taped) PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidAbil i tiesMcCarverKick off (Live) PaidMaryShel ley’s Fran ken stein (‘94) ‘R’ El e men taryTMZ (N) Ses ameCu ri ousCu ri ousKrattsWordGirlCyberBizKidRe li gionKnowCon traryOpin ionCitywiseReadMas ter pieceOpin ionOld HseAsk This McLghlinOpnMindEu rope3000ReFrameMid dleBe tweenReadHeart landCol o radoCol o radoStartCon traryWash WkMcLghlinOpnMindEu rope3000 Mex icoFast FoodChowCiao ItaliAmer icaKidsAsk ThisWoodshpGreenerSoupStellinoBakeCook’sBakeKitchenMar thaPepinMex icoMar thaPepin PaidPaidDrag on flyPaidFOX News Sunday (N) Full (N) Press BoxRex RyanBuf faloFOX NFL Sunday (Live) NFL Foot ball: Wash ington Redskins at New York Jets from MetLife Sta dium(Live) OT (Live) Mon ster CitywiseMiss ingZoo CluesCool estInnerloc’sHard CorePathOut doorsPaidMistyAnt ler IceMad DogRushOutdrsmnWildPnnCmmndosPaidPaidDead (TV14) Turn ingLead ingIn TouchChooChooChooChooDive, OllyDive, OllyDokiDokiThe Ka rate Kid (‘84) Ralph Macchio. ‘PG’ The Ka rate Kid, Part II ‘PG’ LordWayCrefloDa vidPaidLaw & Or derLaw & Or derHeat NightHeat NightHeat NightHeat NightHeat NightHeat Night PagadoPagadoRaggsNoo dleChicaLazyPagadoPagadoPagadoMindfrkEnfoqueMindfrkVídeos másAntesalaCopa Mundial (Directo) New Day (N) New DayPol i ticsState (N) GPS (N) Re li able (N) StateGPSCNN (N) CNN (N) CNN (N) PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidWen HairPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SportsCenterSportsCenterSportsCenterNFL In sid ersNFL Cntdown (Live) Champ.Col legeFtbllNBA Pre view2015 WSOP (Re play) Col legeFtbllCol legeFtbllOut sideSport RptSportsCenterFan tasy Foot ball NowCFL Foot ball: Ham ilton vs Montreal (Live) Qual i fy ing Col legeFoot ball (Taped) OrngeOvrOrngeOvrHeart landOut BndsOrngeOvrRacelineFan tasyWrldTnnsOrngeOvrOrngeOvrHigh School Football (Taped) PaidPaidPaidPaidPowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.The Expendables (‘10) ‘R’ The Expendables 2 (‘12) ‘R’ Bar Res cue RdculousRdculousScary Movie 3 (‘03) ‘PG 13’ DemiRdculousRdculousRdculousRdculousRdculousRdculousRdculousMid dleMid dleBrokeA$$BrokeA$$RdculousRdculous VH1 + Mu sicVH1 Top 20 (TVPG) Bas ket ballTher apyLove & HipB.A.P.S. (‘97) ‘PG 13’ New Jack City (‘91) ‘R’ SpongeSpongeDinoAlvinAlvinSpongeSpongeSpongeTMNTAlvinAlvinAlvinLiar Liar Vam pire ‘NR’ Shak ersHenryThndrmnSpongeSponge Harry Pot ter and Pris oner (‘04) ‘PG’ Harry Potter and the Or der of the Phoe nix ‘PG 13’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (‘09) ‘PG’ PaidPaidMir a clesPaidSVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU: Cage SVU (TV14) SVU (TV14) SVU: Burned SVU (TV14) Law & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derLaw & Or derThe Lord of the Rings: The Two Tow ers (‘02) ‘PG 13’ Rings (‘03) ‘PG 13’ The Dark Knight (‘08) ‘PG 13’ Constantine (‘05) Keanu Reeves. ‘R’ Res i dent Evil (‘02) ‘R’ Res i dent Evil:Apoc a lypse ‘R’ Res i dent Evil (‘07) ‘R’ In TouchAmaz ingDa vid JereOsteenTry ITStep It UpMoviePre mium (‘06) ‘R’ Ob sessed (‘09) ‘PG 13’ PaidPaidPaidPaidAmer i can (N) Gold Rush: Blood, Sweat AlaskaAlaskaAlaskaNa ked (TV14) Na ked (TV14) Dog BntyDog BntyBe yondBe yondBe yondBe hindBe hindBe hindThe First 48The First 48 PaidPaidSth ParkSth Park (:27) Beverly Hills Cop (‘84) ‘R’ Black Sheep (‘96) ‘PG 13’ (:08) Tommy Boy (‘95) ‘PG 13’ Zohan (‘08) E! WkndBotchedBotchedBotchedDash DollsDash DollsDash DollsKardashianKardashianKardashian LucyLucyMid dleMid dleGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFirst Daugh ter (‘04) ‘PG’ Oc to ber Kiss (‘15) ‘NR’ Stranded in Paradise ‘NR’ (4:00) BETIn spi ra tion (TV G) B. Jones (N) Voice (:32) SimpsonFirst Sunday (‘08) Ice Cube. ‘PG 13’ Uncercvr Brother (‘02) ‘PG 13’ Soul Plane PagadoPagadoProg. pagadoLa rosaAl Punto (N) DerechoFútbolFútbol Liga MX (Directo) Rep. dep.La rosa Mi chaelThe HolyMass (TV G) Lit anyofBook markGod WpsAt Home (N) The HolyHoly Mass andIn Con certChestertnReflectnRo saryCatchismShep hrds Week (TV G) Bare footGiadaPi o neerTrisha’sB FlayTBAPi o neerPi o neerSouth ernTrisha’sThe KitchenWorst CookDiners (TV G) Diners (TV G) SportsSportsSportsSportsPaidPaidPaidPaidSportsSportsSportsSportsRed BullRed Bull Sig na tureYeahJets Post PaidPaidPaidPaidYan keeYan keesCenterStagDraftKingsMo mentsBrook lynNBA Pre. Bas ketball (Live) Vol ley ball (Live) LockupBusi nessPol i tics (N) Up (N) Me lissa Har ris-Perry (N) Weekends with Alex Witt (N) Meet PressCaughtCaught SeinfeldFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsZoolander (‘01) ‘PG 13’ Road Trip (‘00) ‘R’ Role Mod els (‘08) Men tors. ‘R’ Hangover Part II ‘R’ J. FalwellT Ev ansPisegnaTouch ingKing domTurn ingWlkWordWin ningReignCar pen terSchullerIn TouchGra hamWrit tenJeffressNowKolendaDuplantisJhnHageeMar riage PaidPaidPaidPaidNY Gi antsNY Gi antsNY Gi antsNY Gi antsKnicks in 60Pre GameNHL Hockey (Live) Rang ersRang ersGame 365 PaidPaidPaidPaidAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaAt lantaSay YesSay YesSay YesSay Yes NY Gi antsPaidPaidPaidPaidBelmontNHL Hockey (Re play) NauticaDev ils PreNHL Hockey (Live) Post GameFlash backRed Bull VanderpumpVanderpumpVanderpumpDash DollsTeresaManzo’dManzo’dManzo’dManzo’dDon’t BeDon’t BeDon’t BeDon’t BeHouse wives Mar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketMar ketFlip pingFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up perFixer Up per FOX-FriendFOX-FriendFOX-FriendSunday (N) MediaBuzzNews HQHousecallNews HQ-DCFOX NewsBob MassiRespctdNews HQ (N) PkémnXYTi tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!Ti tans!We BareWe BareTi tans!Ti tans!Clar enceClar enceTi tans!Ti tans!GumballGumballTi tans!Ti tans!We BareWe Bare PaidPaidTwi lightTwi lightTwi lightSi lent Hill: Rev e la tion (‘12) ‘R’ They Found Hell (‘15) ‘NR’ Blade II (‘02) Wes ley Snipes. ‘R’ Trin ity (‘04) ‘R’ Sec re tary Silk Stock ings (‘57) ‘NR’ Hol ly woodHol ly woodGilda (‘46) Rita Hayworth. ‘NR’ Anna and King (‘46) ‘NR’ Latin Love Doc McMickey (TVY) So fiaBlogBlogAus tinLivJessieJessieJessieLivLivLivBestBestBestBUNK’DBUNK’DBUNK’D (4:00) CMT Mu sic (TVPG) (N) Hot 20 Cntdown Vid eos and news. In stantJamCow boysCow boysCow boysCow boys The HuntThe HuntThe HuntThe HuntThe HuntIce RoadIce RoadIce RoadIce RoadIce Road Chris tine (:48) Chris tineGoldenGoldenGoldenGolden (:48) GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenRebaReba Turn ingLead ingIn TouchChooChooChooChooDive, OllyDive, OllyDokiDokiThe Ka rate Kid (‘84) Ralph Macchio. ‘PG’ The Ka rate Kid, Part II ‘PG’ Morn ingEu ro pean Tour Golf: Por tugal Masters: Final Round (Live) Golf Pre Game (Live) Cham pi ons Tour (Live) Buffy (TV14) MikeMllyMikeMllyHw I MetHw I MetHw I MetHw I MetIce Age: Dinos (‘09) ‘PG’ IceAge:Con ti nen talDrift (‘12) ‘PG’ The Croods (‘13) ‘PG’ Un tamedUn tamedTBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBA Pre mierPre mierPre mierPre mier (Live) (:55) Eng lish Pre mier (Live) NASCAR/DriveAmer ica’s (Taped) Racer TVLucas Oil PaidPaidHouse (TV14) House: Safe SnappedSnappedSnappedSnappedSnappedSnappedSnapped PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidRoad SpillRoad SpillAdmRuinsAdmRuinsTop 20Top 20Top 20Top 20truTV Top Mys ter ies (N) Mys ter iesMys ter iesMys ter iesMys ter iesUn knownBi zarrePar a disePar a disePar a dise Banks 2 ‘PG’ The Kid (‘00) Bruce Willis. ‘PG’ Secret of Tomb ‘PG’ First LookFightGmReal Time28 Days (‘00) ‘PG 13’ Char lie’s An gels (‘00) ‘PG 13’ Ed (:35) Breach (‘07) ‘PG 13’ Transamerica (‘05) ‘R’ (:10) Belle (‘14) ‘PG’ (:55) Jackie Brown (‘97) Pam Grier. ‘R’ A Walk Among ‘R’ Run away ‘PG’ In side NFLRomeAu gust: Osage County ‘R’ Amityville (‘05) ‘R’ The Lovers (‘15) ‘R’ De liv ery Man ‘PG 13’

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