The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 13, 1968 · Page 38
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 38

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1968
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

3ft Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 13, 1968 I j WMENVGR THE BOSi! Ibok"STEA& YOU N. I I f M. D'THgaS I MAY nOt f7" I D"D IT Ji.:' O ( I GET EXCITED AMD SAy TW BASlEY CONTQfiCTj ' BJJl'wi NEvEft QlGMT "V U 4 THE LITTLE WOMAN Answer to Previout Puule Indian Life He "KWW 1 Ml "NO ' Imxdie ' t Ol'V I ThSRE's SOME WILD I I THOSE ARE THE KINO I f " WHAT L,, -yiT 2 V AND WOOLLV SUVS OVER k OP MEN JM LOOKING i J FIREWATER ? , -Nj,ab- Thi ERE JUST ITCHINS- Rt, fOR TO &UARD TWE M . SJL V--fe -3? FOR A FI&HT VftfT FIREWATER.' 5p 5 T iBMNPI 38 Sly glance 40 Small piece (Scot.) 41 English stream 42 Feminine name 44 Masculine nickname 45 Half-wild horse 48 Decline to do 51 Bullfighter 55 Gets up 56 Newspaper executive 57 Liquid 58 Related on mother's side DOWN 1 Bishopric 2 Wolframite 3 Mindanao native 4 Telescope part 5 Tidy up 6 Social unit ACROSS 1 Indian trophy 6 Tribal leader 1 1 Consumers 13 "Last Frontier State" 14 Small kite 15 Rag 16 Priestly discourses 18 Seedcase 21 Fastener 22 Gypsy husband 25 Mimics 27 Small island 29 Roof finial 30 Far East skiffs 32 French sculptor 34 Indian wife 35 River into Chesapeake Bay 37 Europe (ab.) JUfFniitM $rnd- ! nfli "This couldn't have happened at a worse time, Herbert spent all day yesterday washing it." HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY - redeye (jfrM ' I "V flT WAS A SPEEDING CASE X BLONDE AND LONGt)H ' X TMO-SIX-TW-SEVEn fTWIS PLASTIC BAG FULLTI AS WEuBHTUPHE L A PRIZE GRAPE, y iawdlk Ktti ! i hai s Wfl ?ur srsssjfifis Fsa T 12 13 14 15 I 6 7 8 9 10 ll 12 fl3 H 15 i6 rr I 18 119 j 20 I 121 I ' 22 2T2T" 25 26 j 127 28 29 30 31 j32 33 34 r"35 36 37 138 39 I 140 41 42 43 I 144 45 46 47 48 49 IbO "" 51 52 1 53 54 55 56 57 58 Mill I I I I I 13 (Newipoper 7 Head covers 8 Devotee 9 Piece out 10 Distant 12 Draw taut 13 Coral island 17 Squandered 18 Elapsed 19 Not transparent 20 Staid 22 Indian 23 Narcotic 24 Spoke with affected nicety 26 Watering place 28 Urge (Scot.) 31 Pointed tool 33 Out (Scot.) 36 Embellished 39 Alleviates 43 Positive electrode 45 Meditate 46 Employer 47 Broad smile 48 Uncooked 49 Age 50 Suitable 52 Greek letter 53 Decompose 54 Native metal fnterprij Attn.) They were correct in their guesses but not satisfied with their results and have decided that if they ever hold this hand again, a jump from two spades to five clubs will be a straight asking bid in clubs. It seems reasonable but we hope that they remember it when they pick up a similar hand five or 10 years from now. (Newspaper enterprise Assn.) 13 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Pass 1 A Pass 1N.T. Pass Pass 2 Dble Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ10854 VA10 453 7654 What do you do now? A Bid two spades. Your partner may be able to beat two diamonds but it is not worth-while letting him try. Your hand is worth very little for defense. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of rebidding one no-trump your partner jumps to three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's MOBY ON BRIDGE 'Asking Bids' Simply Ask LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Some of your money concerns are relieved. You get chance to add to income potential. Key Is willingness to assume more responsibility. Overtime could be requested. Co-oper ate. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Cycle moves up. You are able to take initiative. Finish important project. Expand horizons. Means show interest in long-range possibilities. Personal appearance Important. Spruce up. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Shake off tendency to be fearful. What is now unknown is due to come to light. Be confident. Initiate move dine out with congenial person. Don't brood. Someone is working in your behalf. SCORPIO (Oct. (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Follow through on hunch. Some hopes, wishes can be fulfilled. Share knowledge, aspirations. If you confide In friend, opportunities multiply. Be sociable. Study LIBRA message. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Versatile approach could produce solid achievement. Lunar accent on advancement, prestige. Superiors impressed if you are enthusiastic. Social contact proves of value. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Favorable lunar aspect today adds up to completion of assignment especially good for putting thoughts on paper. Write and read; add to knowledge. Utilize past experience. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Mystery could be solved. You need co-operation of mate, partner. Settle financial questions. Check agreements, contracts. Change is made and favors you. Pounce on new opportunity. PISCES (Feb. 19-M3rch20): Accent on public relations. Strive to improve Image. Harmonize relations with associates. One who opposes you is in weak position. Play waiting game. You begin to build strength. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are a determined Individual who sticks to job until It Is completed. Social life recently improved; make good use of contacts. Communicate with one at a distance. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for VIRGO, LIBRA. Special word to ARIES: adhere to health-work resolutions. Time November 13, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the wav. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Stick to practical course. Avoid one who is eccentric. Today, some boast. But quiet person with experience Is of most value to you. Know this and respond accordingly. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Good lunar aspect today coincides with greater freedom, added pleasure. Romance surrounds you tonight. You rediscover loved one excellent also for dealing with children. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Domestic affairs, home comforts grab spotlight. Study possibilities of improving relations with family members. Don't permit pride to stand in way of harmony. Make first gesture. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Emphasis on short journeys, messages, ability to crystallize Ideas. By analytical. Know difference between rumor and fact. Neighbor may be alarmed over nothing. Keep your cool. CARMICHAEL very kJIce people JOG&IMG AMP some very nieaj They'll Do It Every WHAT TIME'S UUUK - SLURP J. LL KD n-i3 .gvtsyU ALL ssssr- T DICK TRACY - , fC -;;';,rTf ;n, .;1;,v, f MWf 5 W5 ro a stone-ihen - then drops it over, the ? ) ATOP 'WALKER'S TABLE" LOOPS WIRE AROUND THE ROPE" c-i CLIFF, i n , fkr'llllw -THE PHANTOM'S EWE. - ,,. ., JstTTr; 'll vJj IM if 1 I "JI I'll HAM6 UP Hnnn nirT" T!1 Tf- X h NOW, BETTY... FREP ) IpWM JTOy ONf.- W WILMA, WANJTS TO CALL . i1 E5TllVATE El lNgR (T i: THE FLINTSTONES J 1 I ( L ... .7777 ,., .. , , ,j I X SHO"NUFF -N! f HEV,FATSO.r)OH,VOU DEAOBESE?) '-r' STILL) , fi SAM IS TH' NAME-AN' I WHV ARE V ROAANTIC FOOL.'.' V 4 GOO EAUST6ET PH MARRVIM' IS MAH ,VOUPACKIN' ( VOU WERE GOl NG A f IDEA.'.'-) MARRIEP )if ieGAME" rK ( THE HEATER? J TO KILL VOURSELf ) V, , 1 NORTH AAKQ74 V AKJ9875 Void 4 13 WEST A62 VQ102 1072 AAQ982 EAST A5 V643 9854 AJ10753 SOUTH (D) A J 10983 V Void AKQJ63 K6 Both vulnerable North East South 1 2 V Pass 2 A 4N.T. Pass 5 6 A Pass Pass West Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- - A An "asking bid" is one that requests your partner to reveal his exact holding in some specific suit. They were first thought of by Ely Culbertson in the early '30s. The game was not ready for them at that time and Ely abandoned this particular brain child. As bidding methods have improved over the years experts have continued to study these bids. A few actually use them, but for the most part experts have not got around to them as yet. Today's hand illustrates a real asking bid situation. North responds with two hearts to his partner's opening diamond bid and is surprised to hear a two-spade response. After checking his hearing, he goes into a brown study to find out what to do from then on. Obviously the only card he is interested in is the ace of clubs. How can he ask about it? When this hand was actually dealt in a friendly International Match Point match between some of America's best young players, each North tried to solve his problem by the use of Blackwood only to elicit a five-diamond response to show one ace. After that each one decided that it was far more likely he would find his partner's ace would be in diamonds than in clubs, and settled for the cinch small slam. m 70 SRAB HIS BREAK-THE RUN ANP SLOPS OVER HIMSELF" IT NOW, MAC 'fYlDC in-r-r. 'C, lll nil? BACK TONIGHT' Sb-W Df ' J'VVH 7 11 fHl ':iA 3f-VA:J43V Jilltfl'''lllfi'N0 NE T"no one 111 wheke is V we pon't II vekv well,V suh-' come that means I&J1' HIDINS IN THE 1 HENRY fcNOW WHEgg YOU MAY WOMAN NEAR To V SMALLPOX! I r(rV II (If VOU ARE THE IN THE AlRCKAfT RIZE ? 7 HENRY RIZE 7 SO ! r-f HAVE BABY-MUST i 711 AMERICAN V CAR I ''Sfea. .W ' HE WENT v 1 fiO ON IRON BIRO I f rr i &$P AtV'lEj OUR BOARDING HOJSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By Neu Cochran rl- V'N" I . . (THE 8HTZ 1 ITOLlSHTA- V ;vM 47 ' breadfp pdrk hb poeswtT you would if you ' i M" " " o 60LLV, II WE'RE BIOGER'N ssre'5 chdP5?well- have ahY J hapaaaaRRiepsiS- S'Mi hw hearo we wwy oon'tA WE5T ,D(E i tJ ?wodV .- yj' 2( V3Ev sO? STOPPED UN6lN' U WE TR JPACKEMLET edzyouk S GETr houses.' whem they J5 lf' WMii 0AU6HIM THE TtTLE 6AMeWe) THAT? IT CALL RET I'p better " Ht-I say wwpiwjT ftM F?7 5 AMD RUSHES HI MA OJyfJy tiff--3 here 7 I eral jobs waitiw' 7 ' lj?yy u4L1urla i -U l Igar- the tip-off FERD'NAXD 1 j ... llCr-Ijj MR.POOPLES '" ...NOW, MISS OOOLA. BEFORE WE I I AKtOTMER YES, BUT I ...CAN YOU SPARE Ut THIS IS I Hlf GLAP THAT CONTRACT GO INTO I MATTER? IT IS US A PAY OR SO WE V MR. OOP.' ItMEETCHAu..) OF VOUR3 WITH THAT, I'VE J REIAIIVE OF YCXJR TiMEK Al J K.QENNIS. X ANOTHER , 7 a. Tnrrf TTTOh--. r MATTER TO (T"0 fc wm2m BJ Mm 'v.'.vyrrf f--f-- II ill 11! ji 3csz0

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