The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1945 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
Page 5
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Page Ffv THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, January 5, 1945. BEAR PILOT By Jack Sords Threat of Clothes Rationing Denied By WPB Officials Tourneys Mix Up Ratings in State Prep Cage Circles Jasper Still Tops on Big Ten List; New Faces In State With Tourney News WASHINGTON, D. C. A high WPB official denied today that clothes rationing will be ordered, despite tightened textile supplies re FOWLING RESULTS OOTA-COI.A I.N.UJlti VEHMILI.ION KOOM Hiiys, 173, 201, 171 54a; Guerri, IBB, 145, 151 452; Anbury, 172, 179, 185 53(1; Kirkman, 182, 165, 152 4!I9; TaBso, 144. 157, 152 453; handicap, 158, 158, 158 474. To-tulH, !I85, 1005. 909 2959. PI'BI.IC SERVICE CO. Moon-py, 1911, 189, 180 505; Duber-nopk, 140, 140. 103 443; Jones, 112. 15(1, 148 414; HuyBliiKor, 184, ir., 130 475; Straw, 1(11, 201. 201T 594; handicap, 171, 171, 171 -- 51S. TolalB, 1024, 1012, 1198 3034. sulting from Increased military de be halted for approximate!!'" five months to channel vital wbrsted yarns and woolens Into the production of overcoats and battlejackets for the armed forces. "The situation is much lesB serious now than It looked to be at first," the spokesman said. "It looks as If the army will be able to obtain nil the warm clothing thut It needs. "Overcoat manufacturers will continue to be restricted to military production, but the army la releasing some still and separate cout people and they can work from a slx-inontli Inventory niuklng civilian suits." Kpot shorliiKeB (if civilian apparel throughout the nation were attributed to faulty distributor luck of manpower, underproduction of essential Items und curtailed output in mands for winter apparel on the INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Hoosier hlgli school Dba ami Dona who returned to school to find Mint tlx1 holiday had mrnet their routine, lnul Clinton, Red Devils Tangle At Gym Tonight Wildcats to Meet Brazil Crew in First Home Game Of 1945; Rivalry To Promote Fast, Hard Game Time of Games: 7 mid 8. BRAZIL CLINTON Sweurlnger Foster Clurk James Johnson Hungerford Crabb Smith Hayes Watson Clinton's Wildcats will have their work cut out for them tonight when they meet the Brazil lted Devils in a rough and tumble hardwood session in the locul gym. The varsity game will be at 8 p. m. and the second team curtain-raiser at 7 p. ni. With intense rivalry between the two schools, tonight's game will furnish plenty of excitement for basket nothing on Indiana spurts wrlKtru DIANA HWEKT SHOP Wt-lr, 149, 145, 148 442; Fr. Shea, 150, 1 48, 104 408; Manship, 205, 154, 155 514; Allison. 142, 184, 244 550; Ave, 190, 1H2, 1C2 514; handicap, 139, 139, 139 417. Totals. 981, 912, 952 2845. IIOUNHV BATTERY SHOP western front In Hurope. "We sen absolutely no possibility of Instituting clothes rationing," the WPB source said. "This Is one of the last kinds of rationing we want to get Into anyhow." The WPH forecast coincided with official reports that the army will release an unspecified number of men's suit manufacturers from the present ban on civilian suit and overcoat production for civilian output. The firms, which are expected lo continue production from six-month Inventories, were Included in WPH's "freeze" order of January 1 restricting the use of worsted yarns and woolens to military and essential civilian goods. When WI'B announced the ban In December, It was explained that the manufacture of men's suits would certain classifications of goods. t;,w 'Tfe-ifA A VvV J -foe HeAf!. job was Lane, 191, 1S2, 1S1 557; Watlgll, 179, 1 59. 13B -- 473; Paloncy, 170, il2G, 136 4,2; Cooper. 1 40, 170, 1177 487: Karannvleh, 158, 148, l!;i 4r,r,; handicap. 12S, 128, 12K 384. Totals. 9(i9, 911, 908 Raw Cabbage For food value and delicious fla-vor, raw cabbage dishes are best, but when it is used this way it should be as fresh as possible. It should never be soaked and should be washed quickly. If it is cooked, add meat flavor for zest or variety, or scallop it, cook it in milk or pan it. this week. Holiday tourneys Bcmnihlpd the outlook for prep basketball just ns thoroughly. Tourneys may not be adequate barometers for team strength, but that's the way a state champ Is selected. Tourneys iliange ItiilfiiRH Although Jasper remained at the top of the International News Service "Big Ten" this week, the remainder of the list shows tho strain of tourney stress: 1. Jasper 2. Bedford 3. Lew Wallace of Gary 4. Bosse of Evansville 5. Elkhart 6. Anderson 7. Kokomo 8. Tech of Indianapolis 9. Michigan City 10. New Castle and Jeff of Lafayette. . Absent from the top ten of last week is Riley of South Bend and New Albany. The 'Wildcats are expected 'to return to the top bracket 1 tiT CAsey ball fans. Tho Cats will be playing 27SS. MATTIODA GiiOCF.IlY Costel- their first home game of 1945 when they (angle with the Red Devils. - lo. 173, 175, 220 588; Lyday. 155, 153. 210 518; Mattioda, 149. 104, 200 t-513: Mlll'dock, 212, 200, Both teams come into the game on the heels of a win, Clinton having bested Cayuga Tuesday night while the Brazil crew set the Greencastle Tiger Cubs back on their heels Wednesday night. ' DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them t, SW8 lllni kmun St. , CIJNTON, IND. Phone 17? Starting lineups for tonight will be ?,Aep-rbMAJAe&'-fte' ., (JeWARK gSARS, -CoP tAM OP 1ME VAfVeg FARM 149 501; Brnzukas, 195, 173, IBS 581; handicap. 110, 110, 110 330. Totals, 994, 976, 1Q82, 3051. e. GREGORY CAFE Lamrney, 180, 173, 142 475; McDonald, . 178, 175; 228 - , 579;' Bredewcg j (10, 148, 14 3 451; Maloney, 102, 180, 179 501; Wilson. 189, 206, 179 573 : handicap, 122, 122,-122 300. Totals, 971, 983, 9912945. . Bruzil:t Swearlngef, Clark, Johnson. Crabb and Hayes; Clinton: Foster, James; Hungerfojd, 5m!tU nnd Watson. ' ' ' -. ee out of the name fnletul tourney; on ly to lose to New Castle, will t'aee soon after falling before Adams in a South Bend holiday tourney. New Albany, went down before the Red-ford Stonecutters last week 39 to 40. Jasper Heads for Vincejuies The awe-inspiring Jasper quintet 1 expectant of adding Vincennes, Bills -Flood."." Early Session. Of Assembly (Contln'jea nuui pate 1) THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD; Muncie Central toniRht.- Tecli of Incliana:ollb, nidfil hy icy weather, becomi'S. a member of the two-games-tllls-week-clul). The biR Green playa at Jtlchmond tonlnlit defeated six times this season, as , a tenth victim tonight. i The Bedford Stonecutters are JULES TAVERN Taparo, 179, 198, 178 555; Roth, 220, 187," 105 572; Gamblanl, 188, 155, 137 480; Iacoli, 160, 143, 175 478; Benetti, 169, 156, 151 476; handicap, 112, 112, 112 338. Totals, 1028, 951, 918 2897. COCA-COLA Hollingsworth, 150, 163, 154 467; Butlers, 141, 99. 121 361; Fenogllo, 203, 169, 130 502; .McCown, 101, 130, 126 303; Hageman, 148, 169, 157 474; handicap, 195, 195, 195 585. Totals, 938, 931, 883 2752. Soy Pods ?' Soybean pods are so tough-and so hard to open that many a housewife, attacking them for the first time, has given up.- This difficulty can be overcome by pouring boiling water over the pods and allowing them to stand 15 minutes before draining. Don't try to cool the pods with cold water before shelling, as this will toughen them again. If they're too hot to handle, allow them to cool sliehtly before shelling. How To Relieve Bronchitis f!rpnmiils(nn relieves DromDtlv be scheduled to play a holiday tourney winner, the Washington Hatchets, tonight. The Gary Lew Wallace Hornets Journey to Hammond Clark and should lengthen their winning streak to 13, counting the victims crushed as they won the Gary tourney. However, winning streaks have been snapping ominously lately and Clark might be the one to do it. , Bosse of Evansville, undefeated defending state champs, have a stiFf nnliailnla Patrol nf IPirn n diU1 a and will entertain Itushville tomorrow In a gamo post polled from last Friday because of Icy roadR. liitiiim rlty ew Michigan City, new to this rating, was added because of its victory in the South Itend tourney, but may get shoved down again by Klkhart tonight. New Castle and Lafayette Broncos are placed in a tie for tenth position pending outcome of their conflict tonight at Lafayette. The lironcs, who were on the downgrade for a while with injured and ineligible players a factor, started upward by winning the Muncie tourney, eliminating both Muncie in tile process. New Castle Is the champ of the holiday tourney at Anderson, winning from Logansport and 'Kokomo. Act". 01 hers would forco free school textbooks, liberalize workmen's compensation payments and Increase salaries of police and firemen. A Senate resolution would reduce the voting age to 18. An important Republican bill would create the office of Public Defender (o represent pauper prisoners who are seeking release on grounds they are illegally imprisoned. The attorney would be named by the State Supreme Court and would receive a salary of $6,000 a year. From Democratic sources came a Senate bill to exempt religious, cliar-itablo and fraternal organizations from payment of the State Intangibles Tax, Strategic Materials Charcoal is an important strateglft material as it helps make steel, munitions, guns, black powder, and chemicals used in the manufacture of rayon parachutes and tire cords, it also is used for water purification and goes into poultry and stock feeds and seed inoculants. It is also used in curing meat on the farm, and as fuel in heaters it protects perishable produce from freezing during railroad shipments. tonight and Huntingburg Saturday, j Central should prove the tougher foe, but basketball of the prep vari-' ety being what it Is, the Evansville lads might wear down the champs HELPS YOU RELAX KEEPS YOU IN TRIM. LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY cause it goes rlgnt to me seal oi inn trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulston with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. w to the size of the much-defeated Hunters. Elkhart has a heavy week-end al GREQMULS ON Classified Ads Sell Most Anvthit s for Couzhs. Chfii Colds, Bronchitis so, with the strongest ;foe coming first. It's Michigan City tonight and Warsaw tomorrow. The Anderson Indians, who slid from second to sixth on the ins rating because of two defeats in the Big Four tourney for which they were hosts, still is another double-biller tonight at Logansport and at home to Central of Fort Wayne tomorrow night. Victories over the Berries and Central would project the Indians upward once more. Kokomo, who knocked Anderson Newport Serjeant Reported Missing in Actiofl Overseas Sergeant John Hollingsworth, Jr., son of Mrs. Florence Hollingsworlh of Newport, is reported missing in action in Germany since Dec. 19 according to a telegram from t lie War Department received by his wife Tuesday night. Young Hollingsworth attended Newport schools and is well known in this community. He has been In tho service for two and a half years, spending a year of that time across seas. He was serving in the famed "Old Hickory" outfit the 119th Infantry, 30th division of the first army in Germany, when he was reported I : : 1 KFoesiVE ME-U)ILlVJ II'LL PO A LITTLE NECK-J I 0)!NI . I UJIN TOP HANP.'J , VOUBEMV QUESTS? STRETCHY MESELF yf ( NOOO VOL) GOTTA BE MV ( THO' UJE BOTH LOVE THIS 1 ITTLE tfy VOLCANO IS YOUR "CTC ZTWi T7 GUES TV Tl LI GIRL, I TRUST UJE CAN r 1 VOLCANO 1" (0( 5 pVJ; 1 Thimble ( still. befrienpsP pLfZ prjjy Krggfi&z popeye wi AWI Sm w AT FIRST use666 GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Cold Preparations as directed I ZZ ZZ IH - 1 ' tSSi I TIT I IF I IXES, HE OaRES FOR NOTHING I ILEOM BUMPEL SAID THAT, I TILL1E'. THIS IS RQ6ER J !i -ii f- BUT H o r- but it was pouan MS uoveu rvt GO AN i -y koSER FALLS I WEWIITH f'i S ART rJ -vj g OFFER OF ( glRLS JUSTT SV'LL INSPIRE LMJ J JsNRl fOH, ROGER 500 FOR J f rfTVV the "injl?- TSS J HEARD psyV DOESN'T VOnr'A Highest Ceiling Prices PAID FOR YOUR USED C ' SEE I'S BEFOUE YOU HKM.I loiLER:, r.f v-ht FJG i WILSON, JUSTICE snd OSELLA fUa S. 8rrl St. Al'TO SAI.UH II. ft it's GETTIN'LIOHT, ST PRETTY SOON.'Al INSIDE THE SWARTZ HOUSE I W IT'S DAN DUNN, TELL THE S WIN E TO BASECETB A J HAW START THROWIN'LEAD? THE ROAD J ST-c-fegi HOUSE IS SURROUNDED . TT1 t Ulll L J ' A, PHONING.' f$ rifim YET AND HE ORDERS fcZtfffA A i k KkV5?1 FRIDAY, JANUARY f. OUS vs. CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL .ife? Operative 1 OZ J GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. General Admission 35c Al AVh $ IfoRLCSM LITTLE UCSfiV.PLESIHG Fg:l '3 fTTX'-f Af"KI: O00 I - f jiTOI WW. HOPE TUEYRG ' Ul.M'- ' 31 U & I eeun w a ewe of Jrwics , tSf 4B0R6LARSJ tl1, V " Mm Mw abbSt W ?' '-A'' l- r,r l.iDi AT X BUSHES SMACK MO A LADDER ?. MUt JZTS L.VM : T t I I MM Ir&UM B4.SED 'HELVS C.i 'l ' & : tiASK - rt'-w!, i' iw wrs-mWi &jl "smmL.: vv3:ticT meads s ,v NEXT HOME CA Hi u rep-l i-lt-l . . . "7 . -Ww TUESDAY, JANUARY CHS vs. ATTICA 4 5

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