The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1945 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
Page 3
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ii-iaii Friday, January 194,1" 'T11E DAILT CLINTON I AN INVENTORY TIME" eBehind the Scenes THE DAILY CLIMOIYIAIN ml MafcUaked M The Weekly Obfantaa 1M Ife OttetoB PUIndealcr absorbed In 1MM rnbUlM Dally Kzaapt Saturday and Buadu ' Cterge L. Carey Editor and Publish. I at IU roatomea at uuncon, umaaa a iMwid rnaaa Mioir r IadJUuui RepnbUcaa Bdif.-tel At tfi0 Movie WAIUKH Friday and Mu4 unlay A new psychological mystery thriller, Columbia Pictures' "The Soul of a Monster'' with Kose Ho-liart, George Maeready. Jim Illinium, Jeanne Bales and F.rlk Itoli will open ill the Wabnsh Theatre tonight. It Is the lule of a sinister woman from nowhere who gives new life to a dying iniin. According to all advance reports. Western fans are In for some lightning gun-play and blazing action, when range law stut shootln' six-guns ride herd on big city crooks In Columbia Pictures' latest Charles Starred thriller, "Cowboy Froni: I.onesotnei Itiver," which Is opening at the Wabash Theatre tonight. Phont 83 Phone 32 atV BtpUMlCAH tDITDl V KiPUSUCAH 0IWKm J Assoanim A HALT TO DESTRUCTION. There is every indication that the present session of the Indiana State Legisla o 7 Vv ' ait- te ' iay do something to control tne wan t e ; ruction wrougni Dy strip mining iai,A( rc TlntrHtlay, lrhlay and HntiiiHluy The East Sldo Kida. those ruf-1'ians who are eternally popular anions movie audiences, have their rules. One is never to hit a lady. In "Bowery Champs" opening at !'n Palace Theatrn tonight their K.iu meets a test. They run into a lady who lakes advantage of the boys by socking them. "I'm . beginning to think you ain't no j lady," eays one of them after tho ' third wallop. It's a comedy-tlrania with no other punches - pulled. j Donald Barry co - stHrs with himself In Ills latent, picture for Republic Studio, "Fugitive From Sonora," currently showing at the Palace Theatre. He plays a dual j role, being both horq and villain Acohtental Deaths . Accidental deaths of children under five years In 1944 increased 13 per cent from 1042, the 5 to 14 o?e group rose 8 per cent. Young adult deat;-8 14 to 24 yean dropped 17 per cent and for persons 25 to 44 years decreased 10 per cent; increases for ages 45 to 64 years 4 per cent, and over' 64 ynsrs up 6 per cent.r Historical Landslide One o! the nor;: landslides on record occurred in a valley near I Goldau, Switzerland, in 1800, when ' a large section of Mount Ruffl sud-: denly came -tumbling down, bury-I lng five villages.' killing hundreds ol ' persons and spreading huge roaie5 of rock over 20 square miles. Churchill's Vftnston Churchill smoke s 6l) rei, Cigars, n laucy price m jd lur i . Smoke. Bui.' still. Cnlvin Onlidrt despite his - reputation .of bein; I I thrlfly. crniktd rtnllnr cienrs- Taking a Backward Glance t.i c.iu,: :':ile Indiana land, beveral i r .1 rru legislators are known to be in-( i c 1 i.r such a measure and one is now 1 eli;"- rtrc-ared. vlirtoii and Vermillion County at large ' jome such a law, for no section of l!" iaisuffering and stands to suffer .- present strip mining methods are rrdfc&d'ib continue. It is not much' of an c deration to say that within a decade C.iijpn may be almost surrounded by a wof-fhless desert of spoil banks. " t is not the intention of those who op-posevstrip mining as it is now carried on, to stop stripping entirely. This is not sary. With modern bulldozers it would be neither difficult nor expensive to level off the gvsi'.M after the coal has been removed.' O le Clinton resident, with years of experience moving earth, estimates that the cost would not exceed 1 cent per ton of coal removed. This would not seriously cripple the industry and still permit "strippers" to undersell deep shaft mines on the open market, but it would mean a return to productivity for the land after a few years had passed. Not only does strip mining completely destroy the value of the land, but it means the removal of such land from the tax rolls witha, cQtresponding increase in the tax burden on property still taxable. Of course the land is not actually taken off the tax duplicates, but who would pay taxes on spoil banks? Why Indiana has permitted thousands of acres of good land to be ruined for eternity in past years, it is difficult to understand. Other states have taken and are taking steps to halt this waste. Where leveling operations have been carried out, it has been found that "stripped" land makes ideal orchards and pastures. It is high time that Indiana locked the barn before its horse has been stolen. elietta, all or Clinton Township; I Harry Eaton, Dale Ellsbury Heni-I ley, Helt, Township; Haldon Jon- kins, Marvin Foster, Winlield Julian, Kuene Townshiji, and John I'ollard, Vermillion Township, i Members of the detachment yesterday were jrlven physical examinations at Term Haute, during which two other applicants worn disqualified. The group enl rained last night lor Camp Knox. li:deH'nclent linM-n-s To Discuss Sellpl TKN VKAHS A(f T(ll.lV in fninil) ll.v Kiimll in T( Twenty-stx Vi-rmillion County youths toduy are en route to Camp Knox, Ky., wheru they will begin in the Civilian Consprva-tlon Corps. Annouiicpnii'nt of tlic Humes or tlw successful .applicants Tor th county'R quota of enlistments was made by tile (lovenior's Commis sion- ou Unemployment Heller fieaili!iaiU'l's here' today. Tliuy are:' Jesse Hall, Thomas llicharil Jr.. Kdwurd ' KarriiiKton. Rayiuond Khiher, Clarence Hlue, .Mike Slipll-uliek, Willis Lore, Frederick nicks, (leorun Kile, Lawrence Street Is to be hostess for the Alpha Club meeting Tuesday afternoon In the place of Mrs. Pete Voto, whose father Is ill. Chester Poor, son or O. M, Poor and a student of Purdue University will resume his studies next week. I .Mr. and Airs. John Taylor of South Main Street will be the guests of Mrs. Taylor's aunt, Mrs. Morris Hrlndioy, and Air. Hrlnd-ley and .Mrs. Carrie All of Terre Haute tomorrow. They will be accompanied home by Mrs. Taylor's mother, Mrs. Oscar Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. IS. VV. Cordlngley and Mrs. Cordingley's mother, Airs, Florence Alters, have as their guests Airs. John Alters and baby and Airs. Kobi-rt Akers'of Wil-more, Ky., and Mrs. Frank Alartln of Finney, Ky. Mrs. Ilmcr Hnmm was surprfB-ed Wednesday evening with an oyster supper in honor of her birthday. Several friends from Paris were present. KM , Stand Crowding Carrots do not suiter from crowding as much as other root crops; so the young plants may be allowed" to grow to finger thickness and then pulled, leaving others spaced two or more inches apart to mature) They will grow well in fertile soil wher the mature roots ore close enough W IN M CLQTUIMG 0) j34S 8f author distributed by king matures syndicate, inc. a, HARRibON CARKOU HI lift IVatiirm titltnili' M riliT HOLLYWOOD - U'.i no -wnret that Dnp.idil O'f'nnnor, fnrmer I'til-ver.s:il star, has bfcn a very nick ltfiv at an Armv hiwitu!. Hi-n friemls will be gliul tu hnow that he wan well enough lo punio home for a Chri.-itniafl have nnd, on his return,' may be ready for reassignment. The Dennis Morgana are heartsick about that phoney war hero they took into their bntne. Harrison Carroll The fellow was supposed to have l"st a hand and a foot while winning the Congressional Medal of Honoii, He had one hanil bound up and a bis "lift" in one shoe to give him a limp. One of Dennis" kids was cutting up the "hero's" food and the star was making a big fuss about his gut walking seven steps a day. The blow-up between Starlet Anne Sterling and Millionaire im-my Warner, Jr., came at a Christmas party given by ont; of her friends. It was a pip. of a row. Anne has retained .lerry Gic.ler. If there is any immediate tulking tc be done, it will have to be before Warner leaves for New York and Chicago on a business trip. Awful scare for Lynn Bar! when she discovered that the property line on her new house ended in the middle of her driveway. Luckily, the former owner also has the place next door. He obligingly sold Lynn enough extra footage to cover the driveway. Lynn has been doing her own standing in on the Rickenback-er picture, "Captain Eddie." Lt. Carl Hcvland, husband of the star's regular standin, has just arrived from the Pacific and Lynn is giving him and his wife a break. The poor guy had never even seen his baby. Don't be surprised if Kay Ald-rldge and Arthur Cameron take the leap soon. . . . Gloria Jean's fever was 103 and she may be in the hospital by tho time you read this. . . . Friends sure would like to hear from Lt. Col. George Stevens and his gang. They've been doing a lot of work with General Hodges' First Army, which took the brunt of the German break-through. Bradley Kelly's bride, the former Abigail Adams Johnson, making a and nothing came out of that black and haunted meadow behind me. Then I was on the public road and I still had to circle (on the road now) around that awful meadow in order to reach the house. Well, I got to the gateposts which loomed in the dusk, I could then see the lights of the J rent house, glimmering through the trees. Soon I reached it. The door was unlocked. I Hung it open and fell into Hee- , vens arms. He caught me and his face seemed instantly to sharpen ... 1 knew I was talking, trying to tell him. He cried, "Dr. Chivery Dr. f'hivery !w .Someone else said, " Where! Where,"' and there was n flash of color as Alexia, in her long green tea gown, came hurrying from the door of the library. Nicky floated into my vision, too. Then Anna came from Humewhere, and screamed so sharply that Heevens turned to her and said in a voice of snarling authority, "Get back to the kitchen. Khut up!" Someone Nicky was helping me to a chair. Heevens ran to the telephone beyond the stairway and Alexia was telling him what to say, her pointed face a while, vehement mask. Then the trooper (Drue's guard) came running into the library, and wrested the telephone from Bee-vens' hand. "I heard you! I heard everything. Are you sure he's dead? What happened exactly? Operator, operator ..." The trooper jiggled the hook and filially got the police. "Where is Peter?" Alexia asked. "I don't know. Yes, I do. He took her home." "Took who home?" "Mrs. Chivery. They left me at the corner. Someone was on the meadow. Tell them that." The trooper was already shouting "Another murder! Dr. Chivery! In the north meadow down by the brook" presumably into Nu-gent's distant ear, "She doesn't know who did it . . . Just now, live minutes ago . . , rio, the Cable girl's still in her room . . ." Alexia looked at Nicky and Kicky looked at Alexia in utter silence. as if they didn't need wonts. The trooper said, "Okay okay okay,1 emerged into the hall again, "They'll be here right away. Don't leave the house, any of you!" He ran up to the landing where he stopped. It was evidently an order from Nugent and it was a fairly strategic spot, for he could aee the whole of the lower hall and part of the upper. Alexia looked at me, 'Do you know who did it?" . ",V. Sq . . Nicky said, almost dreamily, "Claud well, he must have got in somebody's way." Then he asked sharply, leaning over me, "What's she got on her hands?" I fell I told you over the body." I began jerkily. Alexia and Nicky drew a little together and just looked at me, so their faces, to alike, and the eyes shining from heiult.i 0-3 Ub 1W. CkUllC. big hit In Hollywood. . . . One of Kvelyn Keys' costumes for "A Thousand and One Nights" Is made up principally of gold chain links, and she has to bo welded Into it rncb morning. ... The Hollywood MnuloiMi'.l 1IMO ffnt a lOlTlflC kick when Ida I.upino, Sister Rita arid lull of Ida s Christmas guests, I InHii.llinr Atontv Woollcv. Helmut Dantine, Irving Rapper and Helen Morgan's daughter, Rena, arrived en masse to put on a show. . . When you come to think of It, how strange! A few years ago, Dick Haymes used to earn side money guiding tourists to the homes of movie stars. One he always pointed out was Betty Grahle's. Now,1 in "Diamond Horse-Shoe," Dick co-stars with Betty Grable. Pretty soon, Dana Andrews' whole family will be in the hospital. Hia wife just had a baby and now his 12-year-old son by a previous marriage went to the same hospital for an Infected foot. . If Twentieth Century-Fox wants material for a murder thriller, they should Interview Cameraman Leon, Shamroy, who'll photograph "State Fair." On the ship that carried Shamroy to Japan about 15 years ago. a crazed native murdered 38 people before he was captured. One of the victims was Shamroy'a steward, who was killed right outside the door. Incidentally, after he got to Ja- , pan, Shamroy photographed 100,-000 feet of film harbors and everything. The government, you may be sure, has given It the once-over. Lauren Bacall's Christmas-gift to Howard Hawks, who discovered her for the movies, was a pair of gold and amethyst cuff-links. Bacall pays a return trip to Broadway in February. She left there a photographer's model and a minor actress and returns a star. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Esther Williams is making a special movie to show the amphibious training forces at Camp Pierce, Fla the easiest way to swim the backstroke. . . . Two of those suits stolen from Bob Walker already had been established in M-O-M'a "Her Highness and the Boll-Boy,'.' and the studio Is going nerts. . . . Dan Duryea cut off that long hair and the next day was called back for re-takes on "Along Came Jones." Roy Del Ruth's son, Dick, out of the Army and resuming With Heiress Mury Lewis at Charley Foy's. . . . Al Barbee, the soft drink king, with Orchestra Leader. Dolores at Lyman's. ' . were almost as one face, seen 1ft duplicate, with one expression.: It was Beevens who came forward, clucked disapprovingly when ho saw my hands and said, "This way, Nurse. You'll want to wash them." I followed Beevens through the library and into the washroom adjoining it. I scrubbed my hands and then saw a small stain on the hem of my white skirt and I took that out with cold water, too. I'd lost my cap somewhere. Probably in the woodland and the police would find it and say I killed him. When I came back into the library Beevens was gone, and Alexia and Nicky were talking. "Beevens said Maud walked into town about three-thirty this afternoon ; she said she would wait here and come home with Claud after the inquest. The inquest took place in the hotel," Alexia was saying. "But she must have missed him," said Nicky. "Otherwise she and Claud would have come home together." He turned to me. "You said, didn't you, that Peter took her home in the car?" "Yes." I went to the couch to gather up my cape. "I rode into town with Mr. Huber; we went into the bar and Mrs. Chivery was there." 4 '.Ufi ltd!" gasped Alexia. "Claud must have walked rom tdwn," suggested Nicky. "He often does. And he must have intended to stop here; everybody takes the short cut through the meadow." Alexia said, "Somebody's got to tell Maud. I'll telephone." I said, "It's going to be a shock," and looked at her trailing green tea gown not a costume for walking in the meadow. Yet Chivery had been dead for some time when I found him, so she or anybody else would have had time to get home and change. Drue had an alibi; she'd been under police guard. I took a long and thankful breath. Alexia had reached the door when Nicky said, "You'd better let me do it. I'll have Peter bring her here. . . ." As Alexia paused, I walked past them toward the stairway. The trooper let me pass. Drue's door was unguarded and I wanted to go to her, but that would have to eome later. I hurried to Craig's room; he was sitting bolt upright, wrapped in a dressing gown, in the chair near the fireplace. His eyea biased; his face was stiff and white. He snapped, "Shut the door," which I did. "What are you doing out of bed? Who helped you?" "Come here. Sit down no, over here on the couch. Tell me about Claud. I heard the trooper at the telephone, and you when you came in the door. I know Claud was mur dered." "But you . . " - 1 "Listen." he said aavagely. "I'm up. it didn t hurt me to get vp. Nubudy let me; it Was my ewat idea. And as soon as you tell me everything about CJaud I'll go back to oed. not an instant sootier. rf '4 (To be continued) A meeting or ail independent grocers who' accept relief script has been called by John Valenle, president of the Independent Cro-cers Association. The meeling will be held at llie City Hall Monday evening at 7: HO o'clock. All independent grocers accepting llie script are urged to attend by .Mr. Valenle. Personal i Mrs. C. SI. kink of South Third -Hayes, Tele ciovanini, Woodrow Kaster, Stanley Ohara, Cecil 011-1 more, Hohert Kerr, Sumuel Alier-'nathy, Harold Kite, lirnest Mar- ZV7 YV' -yrJ 1- , V7? iC 1 I I 1 YA CHAPTER THHtTY "You're sure you don't mind ?" querii'd pctor politely and, when I had to Mil y I ditln'l, Maud said sud denly, "There's a short cut to the Iiouho through the meadow, just beyond the wall." So I (rot out nnd fftood there, weighed down with nickelf, watili-inp the red tait-li'ht of the ear disappear ftloni? the main road in the rlireclion of the f'hivery cottofre. And I rlidn't at all fancy the walk I had no airily undertaken, simply because I didn't want to refuse and then explain why. J didn't like the meadow and the shadowy patches of woodland and brush; j didn't like the dense strip cif brush and tree? outlining the little vnlley of the brook; I didn't j like the time. 1 remembered too j well the hunter of the previous night, and I still didn't think it was rabbits. . . . But in the end I scrambled over the wall and took the path. I guessed it would enme out somewhere about the parage and kitchen end of the Brent house. r Until I had got quite a distance into the meadow I didn't realize how dark it was. I went along hurriedly, my ill-gotten gams making a small chinking Bound in my pockets. I no a red the belt of woodland and the ptrip of Hark shadow which edged the brook. What, realty, had Anna run from, the night before? Once it ieemed to me there was a kind of crackle of twigs, but when I stopped to listen there was nothing. The path entered the strip of trees and sloped downward toward the brook. Then I stumbled. Something was in the path, In the middle of it. I fell on one knee, flinging out my hands to save self, my cape swirling around me. My hands encountered the obstacle. When I pulled them away, they were wet with a kind of stickiness.' I knew what was on them. I leaned over, trying not to touch the obstacle again. The twilight wai deep but I eould make out the outlines of Dr. Chi very face and popping eyes, for once fixed and direct. His throat had been cut. I Then I heard again a rustle and snapping of $w igs. This time it was dpar anH Hpfinit the soft sound of something moving in the dense brush beyond the brook, on the skpe between me and the Brent house As I listened it stopped. There was just silence and night so near and the bloody thing at my feet. I don't know how long I listened, ut it seemed all at once fully dark. There was no further sound from he thickets on the slope ahead. nd I had to get to the houe. I got awkwardly to my feet, tripling on my cape, spilling nickels. ( here was nothing anyone could do ior for Dr. Claud Chivery. All at once I started to run aek, along the way 1 had come, for I couldn't folhiw the path into those thadowy t:iirket where something lad moved. I ran as Anna hud run, rasping for breath, listening behind we. running. i I 1 ; I 1 llw7Iil 1 6 4' Si i-z ketto, Joe VlrotHko, and Joe lllan- CROSSWORD HOKIONTAI. 1 foreordain ft nirrh ((rough r, ;irtiiinid 1) hlfl.S.I lti l-fiy mountain 17 nolo in the sra I.-IS bnmbyclJ nmih 10 rriHHt 20 peu-hcl 31. i-ayh-3.;. 2.j. .limnuitivc l.r Allied 26. O-iiu s bi ol her 27 stiuil valU-y 23 nicitKiiiLiI plants 31 diversion 34. th-xiMe Uallv er thong 35. all chil.iu-n 3J tov. aid 37. in-ieii!,ite ai i iflo ;;; sin.x.r't tt S'lU ll 40. mi -in mine I n.-u'-r 44 tiiM'l 4U young hog 40 dnh u( h ecti-ne-J ennui) f.O new U2. weili .V; liap 54 ufilrs in musical monotone VERTICAL 1 split pulse 2. feminine name rJJ ;i il 1Z m il ii TT 7777 I' l I I I V"X 41 ' so- si Answer to P VIA Ll iV sIe.rie'LIi TlR'A PiTroEiTir Ra'tBR'A A D C aBII r Ail C lKiT rM i A i By Eugene Shejjer I i 3 small finch 4 croup of three 5 nutfxulme fi K'.in 7. diminutive for Edward 8. wan ft tear 10. hypothetical fill CO 11. Greek letter 12. prepare for publication lij rlver-iii1 ncaoti.' 2u u-ll.l 'l' i a i 21 Icuise i i. cavil intlic 20. charitabla gills 27. college official 2? poker stake 29 gmftcd pack :;2. pitfall ZZ. elet-trilieJ pitrticle 3S. loiter ,;9. lye 40- roiiE'loings 41. presently 1J. measure or flistani-e 43. nest of lacquer-.! boxes 45 bv 4j. t (.ik:n utrHit 4T. anl-tu ie 4S. i ivef in So. Alan i 49. lMMsi. of btii-ii.'n 51. S-.i.tht-i-i r-tHtl' i jWbr.) " i--i in Ihe r i 1C 1-2. , in.. tJ together to touch. t Accident Rate Accidental home death rate for children under live jumpc-d 13 pel cent last year and the death rate fur children in the 5 lo 14 age group rose U per cent. High rower Ka;io Many airplane engines are 'designed lo deliver one horsepower toy every pcund and a quarter of the: weight, ilie greatest industrial power ratio yet developed. Mew Greek Lector NICHOLAS PLASTIROS, above, 6U-var-ii(l Grecian general, has begun formation of a new Greek government acceptable to alt Greek parties in an attempt to end the current civil war. Plastl-ros led the 1922 Gr.ek revolution which misted Kins; Consrnntine, and he led a coup in 1 :i gainst the govt-rnment of Premier Tsla-daris, when he was forced to leave Uie country after being dictatoi for a day. He ha returned frorr u i -yt-HL-1 I'll? ,na r,ci IS 2 ..'v. . V '"Si.'.t r ' .... ' Washington : Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, Undersecretary of War Robert P. Patterson and WPB Chairman J. A. Kru, in joint appeal to war workers to workas usual on New Year's Day: "Our fighting men have a right to expect that all of, us will be on the job New Year's Day and every working day until victory is won. We must not fail them." .. ,j New VYork: John W. Davis, President Wilson's. Ambassador to the Court' of St. James, on world security plans: "The clouds 'of opposition to a world organization' are gathering rapidly and it will require the combined support of everyone who believes in international order to make successful current efforts." ! ..... 'Rome, Pope Pius XII: "The moment will come . . . when both sides realize that . . . there is only one way of getting out of the meshes into which war and hate have wrapped the world, namely a return to the solidarity . . . founded on the intimate connecting of the people's) destiny and rights which belong equally to both." Washington Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, predicts German breakthrough attempt on western front will end in Nazi disaster: "I am confident that we are winning and that time will reveal that this German throw of the dice will have disastrous consequences for him." NEW YORK Brig. Gen. Stewart E. Reimel ordnance district chief, on New Year's absenteeism and shutdowns at war plants: "I hope now that they have relaxed there will be a resurgence of efforts to produce what our fighting forces need so vitally." BASTOGNE, . Belgium Reply of Brig. Ga. Antheay.C. McAuliffe to Germans' surrender ultimatum before his sur-' rounded lOist IT. S. Airborne Division was rescued: "Nuls!" yesterday's puzzle. EjMPplNiE VElLnSON !N 'Elf eHlu )S.p i NYSNi;o.R U TiCiW-TIi iV tfl id5!ltl5lETfty6!L:g l.i Ki. rtslwi.

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