The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 5, 1945 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
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Friday, January 5, 194,1 THE D AII.Y, C LI NT.ONIAN If 'age Two NAZI TRAWLER IS TRAPPED IN ARCTIC ICE FLOES get to understand one another's problems and get relief under these executive orders." Newport Couple Host to New Year's Eve Watch Party; Other News Notes Solid Farm Front Looms Against 2 Executive Orders WASHINGTON, D. C. Efforts to solidify farm-Btato senators a-gainut executive agency orders that farmei'H oppose loomed todtiy as a result of the live cattle price celling controversy and War Mobillzer .lames F. Byrnes' order to recheck draft deferments of farm youths. A new attempt to create a special committee to probe the effect of various agency orders was eretatn. It appeared likely that the committee resolution which died In the In Combination It if a good plan to use snap beans In combination with other vegetables occasionally. They can go ito scallop and baked dishes with cooked or canned tomatoes, carrots, wholt kernel corn, lima boans, onions, celery, or mushrooms. Combine the vegetables, put them together with well-seasoned sauce, top with crumbs and bake in a moderate oven Just until the mixture is thoroughly hcuted and the crumbs lightly browned. New Year guests at the liome of Mr. and Mrs. William Wiltermooil of Newport were: Mrs. Audia Houn-aliell and son, Terry Krlwln, nf Knn-toul, 111., Mrs. Charlie Harth and daughter, Lynda K. of Danville. III., and Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Oibson and children, Patricia L., Derrel and Handy of Kerituson, Mo. Terry E. Hounsliell of Hnntoul Is spending this week with his Kinml-irent, Mr. and Mrs. William Wlltermood. Mn. W. (1. Parreit of Newport J last congress, and which applied to uent New Year's Day Willi her v t; .v " " S .' i s ' - t - ; ; ( - . " r s a ''- i . ,V t ' , nf -! . .''. , r , 1 ' r ' ' 1 f r ' " y f , ' ; " ' i-. v v , "t T : ' - ''r: - A A v;,v - ; f , d-AJ-:' i . ' rfV ? ' - ' J daughter, Mrs. Carl V. Heel, .If., nnd family of I'rbonu, III. Rev. and Mrs. Hay Morford, of Newnort called on Mrs. A. .1. Wise family were the Friday evening dinner guests of Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Hawkins. Mm. Grace Park visited Mrs. A. J. Wise last week. of Newport had a watch parly ul Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hemsburg I heir home here Sunday night. Thirty-one guests were present. The evening was spent playing games and one contest which was wkii 1..V Mrs. Claire Smith and Miss Pauline Hoover. The host and hostess served refreshnu'iilss of pop corn and candy. Those who nllended the parly wen-. Leroy .Martin, Byron Vincent. Jack Burroughs, Herman and Ther-ninn Lewis. Kenneth Ilroady, Thomas Walthall Dmald Sullivan, Roger Keen, Baiion Richards. Bobby Smith, Delinar and Earl Robertson. Jlmnile Moore, .llmmie Dulgar, Jiin-mle and Ronnie Doty, Barbara, Jean. Joan mid Alice Remsburg, Norma Robertson, Doris Lewis. Martha Foreman, Mary Harrison, Evelyn Ry-ran, Betty Ann Hayworth, Pauline Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Doty. Mr. and Mrs. Claire Smith and Rev. and Mrs. Ray Morford. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gosnell and Miss Gloria Ann Ashury returned to their homes In Newport after visiting relatives in Pennsylvania. Barbara Holllngswortli and Beverly Arrasmilli spent Wednesday evening in Clinton. l! Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lee visited .Mr. Resembles Buzzard When grown and in flight, the con. dor, a very large American vulture, resembles a turkey vulture (or buzzard) in the fingering-out of ths feathers at the wing tips, but it can be distinguished trom the latter by the laroe white patch on the forepart of the under side of each wing, and by its enormous size. Its wing-spread ranges from 9 to 10 feet as contrasted with the vulture's 5V4 to 6 feet. Its head and neck are bald and reddish-orange ; the strength of its great beak is astonishing. Hud had prnyer Sunday afternoon. Members of the Woman's Society of Christian Service held their Christmas meeting at the Methodist Church last Thursday with Mrs. B. H. Nixon in charge. Mrs. W. C. Myers led in the de livestock, poultry and dairy products and feeds, would be broadened. It appeared also that there might be an effort to make the committee, If It is created, .a vehicle for a continuing watch-dog program on behalf of agriculture. It might become In effect a farm "bloc" though the farm state senators always have emphatically disclaimed that term as applied to their Joint efforts for agriculture. Sen Wherry (R) Neb., author of the special committee resolution in which 23 other senators joined, declared: ''Recent agency actions affecting agriculture demonstrate more than ever that northern, western and southern farmers must stick togeth- votional service of scripture reading ei"- J Wo nod to gilt members of both !j 'parties, ;'JJUo i, an integrated farm group," he said, adding that "the j1 ftpneial committee would bring all of "'them together. -. , ., I He voiced opposition to forming t "any kind of high pressure bloc." '( but declared farm-state senators ' from the different sections "must i : . . . . . Jap Language One barrier to understanding the Japs' language lies in the failure of some of the students to accept the Japanese way of saying things. Before one can speak fluently, it is necessary, in the linguistic sense, to think as the Japanese do. MAIHADBRICK IN STOMACH 10 YEARS One wan said for 10 years he felt like ho had a brick in his stomach. This was undigested food inside of lilm. He was headachy, swollen with gas, terribly constipated. He took EKD-HELI' and says the feeling like a' brick in his stomach disappeared, llowels regular now and headaches gone. a ERB-HEI.P contains, 12 Great Herbs; so don't go on suffering. Get this new medicine Whlte'B (Rex-all) Pharmacy. . , .. ill r in ..,n fniin V Cn.a cf finnrri r AiifiHT IM A DEATH TRAP between -grim ing ice noea, uub wrnmir howim m J tt . . , , "Sng 10 woo k b oi faotion thi fall that led to the capture of another newnemy tracer ; scuttling of a third, the capture of 60 Nazis and the destruction of two Gerrtian rad This ship was found deserted on Greenland's east coast Shown In the background ithe Combat Cut-' tMr Northland. This ie an official U. S. Coast Guard photo. -i ' (latexaatibnaj Soundphoto) Or. G. R. McGUIRE f'HIKOPRACTOB X-Bay 235V Blackman and :MrB.- Lao Dunlvan1 of Kingman former Newport residents, lust Sunday, r ' ' ' ) lV 5 '' i Miss Ruby Lee of Newport spent last" -week with' Iter' Blaer, '"Miss Leis Margaret Lee of Danville. III. Her sister returned home with her to spend the weekend here. Miss Millie Lou Sanders and Miss Frances James, both, of Cliuton spent Monday evening with Miss Mickey Van Sickle of Newport. Jacqueline Newkirk of Clinton spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Ralph Adams and family. Doris Balrd of Newport spent the weekend In Veedersburg visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Brannman and son. John. Miss Margaret Conley left Monday for Rosiclaire, III., where she is leaching school after spending the past week in Newport. Mrs. Mirl Thomas and son. Charles, attended u movie in Clinton Sunday. Mrs. Ralph Adams spent the pertaining to the birth of Christ, responsive reading and group singing. The Christmas program arraigned by Mrs. W. C. Wait and Mrs. J. C. l'tckell, included a playlet with Barbara Stewart, Barbara and Jam Adams, Marilyn Kersey, Ann McMas-ters, Anna Lou bury and I'eggy Foos taking part. They also sang. Other numbers on the program were piano solos by Anna Lou As-bury and Don McMasters: clarinet trio, Marilyn Kersey, Barbara Stewart and Barharn Adams: and vocal duet, Mrs. H. S. Hawkins and Mrs. J. C. Pickell accompanied by Mrs. Baymond Armstrong. Installation of officers was held with Bev. J. R. Walton acting as the installing officer. Birthdays of Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Wait. Mrs. Itoscoe 'Foos, Mrs. Omar McMasters and Miss Blanche Eggleston were observed with a party after the program. A cake with lighted candles centered the table. Coffee and cake was served to the 25 members and guests present. Mrs. Anna Reed of Hytnera, Ind., was an out-of-town guest. Mrs. Dora M. Harger, Mrs. H. H. Nixon and Mrs. Grace Place served on the refreshment committee. The Golden Rule Class of the Methodist Church of Hillsdale was entertained at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Paul Mack, Saturday evening, Dec. 23. Games, contests and a gift exchange were enjoyed by the youngsters. Mary Frances Heber was the winner in one of the contests. The hostess served refreshments later in the evening. Those present were Norma Her-rick, Donna Lohrman, Jimmy Wall, Polly Ponton, Mary Frances Heber, Norma Devlns, Mary Crawley, Hetty Wall, Billie Cross, Earl Lohrman and Homer Lohrman and the hostess, Mrs. Mack. Each of the members present have offices in the S. S. and are regular attendants of Sunday School. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Foos and Mr. : and Mrs. Claude Foos, all of New-1 FLATS See Peck's Texaco Sta. 120 m. Main St. 3 HERE IS PROPULSION UNIT OF V-2 ROCKET BOMB JOi'- XlA-3l- " y v v c ' . . - Ay .'-.. v l-i M -. J Need flats mended? Coming HERE, Is the quickest way to regain cheer, . For EVERY flat that WE repair, Is fixed to END your "flat-despair". PECK'S TEXACO STATION (iAS . OH, - OKRAHINU - VLIX'AMZKVtJ . BBCA1 weekend with Mis. Viola Eller of Clinton. Mrs. George MyerB of Montezuma. Ind., spent Sunday nnd Monday with I'JO !. .nam , T '1 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams. Mrs. Marion Ory spent Sunday and Monday with her sister, Mrs. (Uorge I'awley of Terre ilaule. Have Your Dry-Cleaning Done "THE MODEL WAY" Guy Barry of Indianapolis spent a few days with his wife, Mrs. Tlielma Barry, and daughter. Martha. Mrs. June Harrison and Mrs. Ruby Burroughs shopped in Clinton MAIN :-: PHONE 13 FOURTH :-: PHONE 55 Tuesday. 323 S. 536 S. MODEL CLEANERS As It Appears to Us . . . H- -if We make tilings as you well know, To help our Soldiers FKJHT THE K)fc, Wo dry-, lean OKTEN, Let I H l it, We BUUiantee you'll NEVKK 1U IT! PROPUiSION UNIT OF THE V-2 rocket robot bomb, latest terror weapon of the Nazis, is seen in this ntor. n. t . Ktin nr ri a. uniario. la iuuiuiij; ui. wc jc", . . ....... Headers are invited to contribute to this roluinn, but ench letter must be limited to words. .o contribution will he published unless it is signed, although die writer's, name will not be printed except by request. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The ('lilltouliin. BllOlO. (International Soundphoto) 1 '" States Simal Coirs radioi.lioto. I Throw Vtur bcrao Into th right! II' port entertained several of their friends at a chicken dinner at the home of the former last Monday evening. The dinner was served in the dining room with lighted candles and bells as center pieces. Those present at the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Cbancey Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mitchell, all of Ridgefarm, Mr. and Mrs. Omer McMasters. Mr. and Mrs. Ft. II. Nixon. Miss Esther Burke and Miss Peggy Ann Foob. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Younians and family and Mrs. Belle Younians nf Mecca, Ind., were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Younians of Newport Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Younians and CFZ'I ; llll x . i in --tWI emms CTAATS AUTO SUPPLV Recently, one Sunday afternoon. I, with a friend, visited the county home south of Newport and found it to be in "tipple-pie" order throughout the large building, it is efficiently managed by Mr. and 'Mrs. Vrne Aldorson who take pride' in their efforts to help and sympathi.e with, the thirty or more unfortunate and U 'THE PLACE TO BUY" CLINTON, IND. Phone 177 By HARRISON CAP.ROIL Kinv (Vatutrs S j n-.Iitate U'rilpr HOLLYWOOD One of the big Warner sound stugos miraculously has been' transformed into a ' Swampy clearing near the Teneru ' river in Guadal- . Main St. infirm people. There are four, women. Both the men and woniejij in ,11ib home seem to ,bo contented, some, of which help with the duties about the home both in the house and .outnide. Some, of course, are hot physically canal. The set I4 for 4 fi e Jiict 6 re, "This .Love of Oure." n4 Is a "AIR CHIEF" Auto. Air., HORNS ' Clamp On Type $2.95 ZER0NE : Antifreeze PRE-WAR MENTHANOL TYPE $1.00 Gal. replica of the spot where Ma The floors were spotless clean, the larder was full and the supper meal was on its way at 2 o'clock that afternoon. Every pot, pan, knife and you. And when you hit the dirt, really dig your faces into it." The charge fa brief but exciting. As the first howling Jap bursts out uf the reeds, Schmtd's machine gun si arts to. chatter, A Jap machine gun replies, and you can see the burst o flani&s from its barrel. The enemy conies on at a lurching run. Powder, charges are released in the water imitating mortar shells. Men fall into the muck, but others keep coming. "Okay, cut!" cries Daves. "Print that one. It was perfect." One of the "Japs," who hit the water a few yards in front of me, comes wading in toward the camera. He's a Vilipino. Some of the other Nips are Chinese, others Mexicans. 1 ask the Filipino what he makei as a Hollywood Jup soldier. "The basic pay is $1Q 50 a day he savs. "But in jungle warfare like Ihis, we get ?16 50 a day." That certainly brats the salary nf a real Jap soldier. He makes lesi than $1 per month. fir ".'jF r i n e S g t. A 1 Schniid, m a n- ning a machine gun nest, he- came one of the . this cheeso Ill I spoon was In its proper place. All this takes untiring effort. The taxpayers of Vermillion county should ho thankful for and proud of j such able management. The Baptist people of Dana, we were informed. held services occasionally In a apaet- out- room with chairs for all. a small food that's digestible great heroes of World War I) by wiping out 2"0 Xips before Harrison Carroll Compkte Set Of DEFROST FILMS Clamp-on Type SIDE AUTO DRIVING MIRRORS os milk itself! SPREADS! SLICES! TQASTZl ' MELTS PERFECTLY! r For Every Window In Your Car Easily Applied 50c $1.95 -r pulpit affair containing a large but old Bihle which was evidently a gill to the home. Songbooks were also available for those who desired to use diem during the services. A fin supper was given Thanks-;i iny for the pleasure of the inmates and we understood at the time, that the same courtesy and kindness would be shown for the Christmas Day meat. The borne should he visited more often, small inexpensive gifts taken by tht laymen of the churches, services given when possible by the pastors and other competent leaders. I believe we should "scatter" sunshine to those a tied persons. More power and good luck to you. Mr. and Mrs. Vorn Alderson. A taxpayer and a layman of Vermillion County. they blinded him with a hand grenade. Schniid Is portrayed In the picture by John ;nrrtell and, by lucky timing, I arrive on the sound stage just aa Garfield Is about to re-enact the famous slaughter of the Nips. This is an amazing set. The rum-era is on a hillside looking down on the machine Run nest where Garfield nnd Dane Clark, another of the Marines in the picture, art about to make their historic stand. The snout 1 their pun can sweep to cover the swampy flat with its stagnant pools, its hummocks of grass and its trees. In the distance is a line of reeds indicating the bank of the Teneru river. Actually, it was the Ilu, but the Marines didn't discover this until later. The Japs are hiding behind the1 reeds waiting for their attack. Behind the Japs is the river, with the towering coconut trees coming almost down to the opposite bank. It is supposed to be nipht. Just before they charge, the Japs will fill the darkness with blood-curdling howls and cries. "Okay." veils Director Delrrar Paves. "Let's take it! Now, you Drop over to the "Big Sleep" set to watch Lauren Bui a II and Humphrey Bogart do a scene in a gangster's hideout. Bogart is sitting on the floor in front of a couch, bound hand .and foot. He's been working that way for the better part of two days. Director Howard Hawks just now is getting to the scene where Bacalt cuts the ropes and sets him free. Kverybody seems to enjoy Bogey's discomfort. "We certainly have him where wo want him," says Bacall with a smile. "Yeah," says somebody else. "Let's not do this scene now, let's call lunch." "Why not?" pipes up another voice. "He could do a sack race to the commissary." Boey takes it all good-naturedly. He inspects the rope on his ' i. ' j i - AUTO RADIO AERIALS -r . . ; " $4.95 BALL AND SOCKET TRAILER HITCH $1.49 Sealed Beam Headlight Replacement Unit pair $9.00 SQUARE TYPE LANTERN BATTERIES 50c National Guaranteed SEALED BEAM Car Batteries $8.25 uP change-over Kits $6,95 p We Have the Right Type for Your Car Bethel Spiritualist Church Auditorium l;tlH X. Dili SI. rorni'r Tt li Avcmif TKKHK HAl'TK (CI in (on Hits pauses Chimh) Rev. Mary Rice, D. D. Bishop at Large, lTSA Church Services Sunday, Wednesday 7:45 p.m. Lc Cure and All Message Service. Tues., Thurs.f Fri. 8 p. m. sharp Developing Classes HKAL1NU Rev. Rice at Church Parsonage Daily After 9 A.M.-Phone Harrison 0:J3 Get to thw scrap! Gaskets, Valves, Rings, Ignition Parts, Fan Belts TO EASE MISERY OF CHILD'S COLD RUB ONIICRS ) WapoRub Hill wrists and looks at Hawks, who grins back at him. "So it's Weeding a little bit," says Hawks. "If it bleeds a Uttle, it's fellows playing Jans, run low, be cause machine gun bullets are sup posed to be culling the air above jail the better."

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